Love, Romance and Commitment According to the Zodiac Signs

The heart tells many tales. When we think of love and commitment, some prefer distance while others long to submerge themselves into the depths of their significant other’s soul−even if it’s on the first date! From our formative years to old age, one thing is for certain−we are not the same when it comes to our needs in a relationship. The signs of the zodiac illustrate a cosmic version of ourselves. Have you ever wondered about what your crush thinks of you? Have you ever tried to figure out how even your ideal partner would show themselves to you? Whether you’re longing for the love of a lifetime or an adventurous friend with steamy attributes, it’s important to know zodiac sign compatibility and how it plays a very intimate role in your intimate lifestyle!

Aries: (Aries Dates: March 20th – April 19th)

While the fun and rambunctious Aries personality is far from submissive, it’s a bit unfair to completely write them off as being untamable or non-committal in a relationship. Ruled by Mars, the Ram tends to play the field, as fire signs do, but when they meet the “one”, they usually fall fast. Their fiery nature is undeniable, and they will do anything for the one that they love. Once committed, Aries as a zodiac sign is truly loyal and loves to be nurtured. Aries lovers will, in turn, nurture their mate as well. The cardinal soul of the Ram is “I Am”: they embody a child-like spirit that loves to be adored. They love independence, however, so don’t cling on so tightly that you end up alienating them. This sign lives life in a rush, so your zodiac compatibility with an Aries depends on your ability to keep up.

Taurus: (Taurus Dates: April 20th – May 20th)

Taurus, The Bull, loves decadence and comfort. As an Earth sign, they tend to sometimes be steadfast in their routines and unmoved when it comes to change. However, when they meet the person of their dreams, they try their best to put everything aside and allow that special person and that special relationship to thrive Taurus is a star sign that works hard and provides comforts for loved ones. What may across as stubbornness is actually patience. This is the karmic lesson of this Fixed sun sign. “I have” is the mantra of this zodiac sign. If you’re looking for a dependable, practical life partner with a sensual side and a very loyal attitude, Taurus could well be compatible with you.

Gemini: (Gemini Dates: May 21st – June 20th)

“I think” is the mantra of the Gemini zodiac personality. While they aren’t rigorously analytical, their wave of thought is both stimulating and vibrant. This makes them very attractive to intellectuals and philosophers alike! Gemini people don’t obsess over love, but they do enjoy connection and friendship. They constantly seek adventure and fun. Ruled by Mercury, this Mutable sign is curious, talkative, and restless. Gemini has a reputation as being “two-faced”, but in truth this sign is simply indecisive and a little restless. Ever cheerful and lively, Gemini lovers are first and foremost fun to be around. They like anything new and exciting. Their child-like attitude makes them great parents as well, but this air sign bores very easily. To be compatible with a Gemini, you have to be able to re-invent yourself and the relationship now and then.

Cancer: (Cancer Dates: June 21st – July 21st)

Like the watery waves that flood a water sign, Cancerians are feelers and intuitive lovers. Their mantra is “I feel”, and they fall in love both to protect themselves and to free themselves. The Crab longs for commitment and companionship. This zodiac sign is very family oriented, so children or pets will quickly be on the agenda once you settle down. At its heart, the c Cancer personality is nurturing, tender, and cautious. They are fierce protectors of their children, doting on them and fulfilling their needs. However, they’ll do the same to you – love compatibility with a Cancer means accepting that you may sometimes feel smothered by love. This is a cardinal sign, so Cancer people are not slow to act when their security feels threatened – you won’t get many second chances if you hurt this loving person. They don’t like chaotic lovers; they do like honesty and transparency.

Leo (Leo Dates: July 22nd – August 22nd)

Fiery and proud, Leo lovers have the drive of a lion. If you’re in a relationship with a Leo, you will quickly learn that their mantra is “I will”. Like the other fire signs, Leo’s strength of purpose is not in doubt. Creative and playful, Leo lovers have a love of children, and they may act like a child at times. You’re more likely to be compatible with a Leo if you don’t mind lavishing attention on someone and letting them take the limelight. They love tons of praise. Ruled by the Sun, Leos live for the party and love to have all eyes on them. This fixed fire sign is dramatic, with the temper of a brewing storm, but they are also romantic, warm-hearted and extremely loyal You can expect to be wined and dined too, as this generous sign loves to treat their lover like royalty.

Virgo (Virgo Dates: August 23rd – September 22nd)

The Virgin takes their time in love. As a zodiac sign, Virgo is very analytical and will make a rational judgement about whether or not to fall in love with you, if that’s even possible. Virgos don’t act on impulse and their relationships are not accidental. Once in love, Virgo aims to serve their partner. Virgos are in fact perfectionists, and they want the ideal partner to take the hassle out of endless searching. If you don’t match up to their standards, you’ll receive lots of gentle and not-so-gentle hints for your “improvement”. Virgos can be fun romantic partners, trying out new things both intellectual and sexual. Ruled by Mercury, however, these Earthy individuals try their best to navigate the world in a pragmatic manner. They’re hard workers when it comes to their relationships and careers. The Virgo has a mantra of “I analyze”, so your compatibility with Virgo depends on your willingness to withstand their constant scrutiny.

Libra (Libra Dates: September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra’s symbol is the scales, which gives you a clue to this air sign’s attitude towards love – they seek harmony, at all times and almost at all costs. “I balance” is the Libra mantra. This means that in the early stages of a relationship, Libra may come off aloof and completely unaware. They prefer the neutral approach before making a final judgment. Ruled by Venus, Libra people are generally calm and placid, only having argumentative tendencies when they’re feeling moody. Libra traits are gentle, charming, and intelligent. They love art and all things beautiful. In love with the concept of love, Libras need a relationship in order to feel whole – but the danger there is that they can quickly lose their own identity within a partnership. If you are compatible with this zodiac sign, you’ll know how important it is to encourage independence in your Libra lover.

Scorpio (Scorpio Dates: October 23rd – November 21st)

Dark and brooding, the Scorpio in love is a complex partner. Their passion runs as deep as their scorn; this is not a zodiac sign which does things by halves. Highly sexual, Scorpio people are deep and intense in their relationships – and sometimes manipulative. Fascinated by the karmic mysteries of love, “I desire” is the mantra of these Scorpions. Ruled by Pluto, they seek the underbelly of any romantic situation. They are loyal and mysterious. This Fixed sign hides their true feelings. Compatibility with a Scorpio means putting up with jealousy and possessiveness from your partner and being prepared to go along with the lows as well as the highs. It may not always be an easy experience but falling in love with a Scorpio can be transformative, one way or another.

Sagittarius (Sagittarius Dates: November 22nd – December 20th)

Sagittarians love knowledge and philosophy. Ruled by Jupiter, the Archer lives exuberantly. The energetic sun sign is optimistic, curious, and daring. Sometimes clumsy and embarrassingly blunt, the Sagittarius juggles their unconventional humor with the uncertainty of the world. ”I See” is their mantra. Knowledge is sought after, and they look for open-minded people to share books and travels with. The Archer wants to experience. This can make them slightly non-committal. If the relationship breaks down, this zodiac sign will want to remain friends, and does not bear a grudge.. Sagittarius is a mutable sign, largely adaptable to their lover’s needs and not difficult or demanding. At their core, they are on a spiritual and philosophical quest. If you too are looking for truth and ready to take a walk on the wild side to find it, you could be compatible with Sagittarius.

Capricorn (Capricorn Dates: December 21st – January 19th)

Capricorn people are natural leaders, and this is true in their relationships too. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is keen on achievement and success, so this cardinal sign sometimes leaves it late to find a partner, having been busy with a career first. Being compatible with a Capricorn means understanding that underneath this somewhat business-like shell there is a person who needs to be encouraged and supported emotionally. The Cardinal Capricorn personality is dependable, determined, and always introspective. They seek stability. They are true diamonds in the rough. With a strong sense of duty, “I Use” is the mantra of this earth sign, but prospective partner will find Capricorn to be a fascinating date, with a dry sense of humor and a yearning to commit.

Aquarius (Aquarius Dates: January 20th – February 17th)

Focused on the future, the Water Bearer is electric with innovation. As a Fixed Air sign, they tend to zoom through life. Freedom is hugely important to this zodiac sign, and they have a stubborn stranglehold on maintaining their independence. When it comes to love, however, Aquarius can be romantic and willing to settle down if they feel it’s time. If the time isn’t right for them, they are at least honest with their intentions, leaving little to no doubt if they’re not interested. Once you’ve won the heart of an Aquarius though, they are kind and demonstrative. ”I Know” is their mantra. Looking for an internal bond like no other, the water bearer wants a stimulating partner. This Uranus-ruled sign loves change and revolution. They seek a relationship that’s out of this world.

Pisces (Pisces Dates: February 18th – March 19th)

Pisces, The Fish, marks the end of the astrological karmic cycle. The Pisces personality radiates humility, generosity, and sensitivity. True lovers of humanity, this zodiac sign can be shockingly intuitive and into the spiritual side of things. Ruled by Neptune, the Fish goes through life swimming in the depths of the soul, affirming “I Believe”. Some Pisces people can be a little shy, and their incredible insight into your soul can feel unnerving to begin with. Don’t be too surprised if they’re completely into you and you don’t even know it! This water sign is extremely creative and romantic, but very, very easily hurt. In a relationship, Pisces gives absolutely everything and this can sometimes feel suffocating or clingy to a more freedom loving sign. Compatibility with this gentle zodiac sign requires sincerity and a sense of responsibility for this fragile heart – which will give you so much in return.

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