The Secret to Making Your Date Fall Deeply in Love – Tips from the Zodiac

When you’re getting to know someone, it can take months to understand what makes them tick. Luckily, Sun sign astrology can give you a foundation about what your sweetheart is like and your love compatibility with them. When you know the basic astrological characteristics of your crush’s personality, it’ll help you plan dates that’ll bring out their best qualities! Keeping up with romance also means keeping up with astrology, as it’ll help guide you to foster deeper connections and long-term relationship potential. Find your sweetheart’s Sun sign below to find out how to make them fall in love with you, according to the zodiac.

Aries Love Tips (Aries dates: March 20th-April 19th)

People with Aries as their Sun signs are assertive, active, and competitive. They love the thrill of exerting their physical bodies and find excitement in romantic chases. One of their character flaws, however, is that they struggle maintaining their dynamic energy. This zodiac sign can be a short-burning fuse, so it’s essential to plan dates for your Aries crush that activate their creative and passionate temper. If you want to keep a self-assured Aries interested in you, be sure to not make yourself too available; romantic pursuits fire up this bold and courageous sign. Once they catch up with you though, the key to true compatibility is to make sure you can keep up with them!

Taurus Love Tips (Taurus dates: April 20th-May 20th)

A cautious Taurus doesn’t kiss and tell so reading a crush with this zodiac sign can be difficult. Their determined and patient manner means they’re willing to work and wait for the right kind of lover to be in a relationship with. Their connections and compatibility are built on a solid foundation of trust, so your persistence in getting to know them is key. This isn’t a flashy sign, but they do enjoy small gestures that prioritize their comfort. The Taurus individual appreciates the classic gestures of romance; they love chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, stuffed animals, and roses. Appeal to their sensual pleasures and their affection will surely be yours.

Gemini Love Tips (Gemini dates: May 21st-June 20th)

An intellectual Gemini loves a good conversation, or argument! Wooing this zodiac sign depends on what you say and how you say it, as they’re ruled by planet Mercury, the deity of communication. Their flexible approach to language and understanding means they’re hard to keep up with, as their opinions quickly shift. But if you’re versatile as well, Gemini will notice the effort. Getting this Astrology Sun sign to fall in love with you requires quick wit and lively conversation. If you can survive a whirlwind of words and emotions, you’ll be blessed with the devotion of an excellent conversationalist and true compatibility.

Cancer Love Tips (Cancer dates: June 21st-July 21st)

People born under the Sun in Cancer are calm, protective, and sympathetic. Their imaginative nature often means they’re blessed with creative and healing gifts. Appealing to a sensitive Cancer requires immense devotion; they notice small gestures and appreciate thoughtful gifts. They’re moved by the motive behind your actions. When you show up for them out of pure consideration, they take mental notes of your reliability. According to Astrology, Cancers can be moody individuals who suffer from bouts of sulky behavior. Sometimes, it’s impossible to help them out of this state. But your presence alone and willingness to talk about it afterwards assures them that you care and will give them the confidence of your compatibility.

Leo Love Tips (Leo dates: July 22nd-August 22nd)

Appealing to a confident Leo requires a flare of drama. Capturing the devotion of this Astrology sign requires work. Whether that means complimenting them profusely on their physical appearance and taking note of their immense creativity, a fire sign Leo wants to be adored. While they project an extroverted and confident demeanor, they’re a sensitive sign that craves validation, especially from their lover. Leos love when you’re attentive to both what makes them sparkle as well as their fierce heart. The lion is their archetype, which means they’re prideful people who expect honor from those they love.

Virgo Love Tips (Virgo dates: August 23rd-September 22nd)

An analytic Virgo earth sign is particular when it comes to choosing their romantic partners. Their ability to discern people’s true characters weeds out those who won’t suit their needs. If a Virgo likes you, it’s obvious. They’ll include you in their day-to-day routine, decision-making processes, and even their supreme methods of organizing. Wooing this sign requires practicality and precision; make your moves wisely. Pay attention to the details and point them out, whether it’s the cologne they’re wearing or the color-coordination of their date night outfit. A Virgo puts tremendous energy into achieving perfection and honoring this is a sure path to their heart.

Libra Love Tips (Libra dates: September 23rd-October 22nd)

Charming a gracious and sociable Libra may seem daunting, as they tend to be the flirtatious one! Their refined palate and adoration of all things aesthetic reveals hints about what makes them tick. According to Astrology, a Libra prefers quality over quantity, so pay attention to the details of your romantic evenings. Flirting with a Libra is akin to the romances of royal courts; more like a dance than a straight-forward declaration. This air sign’s tendency to be indecisive means their process for choosing a mate can be a little confusing. It’s not so much about convincing them that you’re the best match, as it is appreciating their idealistic and sometimes fickle nature.

Scorpio Love Tips (Scorpio dates: October 23rd-November 21st)

People with Scorpio as their Astrology sign are intense, compelling, and mysterious. Their intriguing aura comes from their secretive water sign nature, so wooing this sign is a time-commitment. The resourceful Scorpio is introverted to protect of their emotions. They may come off as aloof, but these aren’t qualities inherent to their character. Allow your crush to get to know you first, as they’ll be full of questions about your life. You’ll notice that they tend to deflect your questions, but it’s only because they’re still figuring out if they can trust you. Respect their need for privacy, for when they decide to invest into a relationship with you, they’re unlikely to change their mind.

Sagittarius Love Tips (Sagittarius dates: November 22nd-December 20th)

Outspoken and enthusiastic, the Sagittarius individual has boundless passion for life and adventures. Convincing this free-spirit to fall in love with you isn’t hard; they have a tendency to fall in love with everyone! Getting a Sagittarius to commit to monogamy requires an open-mind and taste for thrill. They’re a restless sign, which means you’ll put a lot of effort into engaging and entertaining them. Reflect their casual and idealistic attitude, as dating someone with this Astrology sign is thrilling within itself. Open yourself up to possibility, and in return, a Sagittarius will open themselves to you.

Capricorn Love Tips (Capricorn dates: December 21st-January 19th)

Impressing a serious-minded Capricorn requires some ambition. Whether it’s related to your career, finances, or just your lifestyle, people with this Star Sign want to know where you’re headed. Capricorns value discipline and structure, and even their love life can reflect this. When choosing a partner, they value the logistics just as much as their emotional and romantic attachment. They want to make sure you fit into their 5-year-plan before allowing themselves to get swept off their feet and into a long-term relationship. Will you take care of them? Will you support their goals? If you’re answer is yes, then a Capricorn will be faithfully yours.

Aquarius Love Tips (Aquarius dates: January 20th-February 17th)

The individualistic Aquarius is nobody’s baby; they’re the epitome of a free-spirit, and no one can tell them what to do. That doesn’t mean they don’t need some good loving in their life. In fact, Aquarius craves deep connections. They’re fascinated by intellectual capacities, so show up to your date ready to argue. Intellectual debates are just one of the ways they express their logical and unpredictable behavior. Wooing this sign will throw you lots of curve balls, but that’s part of the excitement! The rebellious Aquarius refuses to conform to anyone’s ideals except their own; and if you accept and encourage this, then their heart will rarely stray when you're in a relationship with them.

Pisces Love Tips (Pisces dates: February 18th-March 19th)

Loving an imaginative and mystical Pisces is like a dream. People born under this zodiac sign’s influence are idealistic, introverted, and a bit escapist. They flow through life, like their fish archetype floats down a river. While not always the most organized or put-together sign, they make up for what they lack with their whimsical perspective of the world. They see the magic in everything, even the mundane, so appealing to this quality is key to win a Pisces’ heart and hence a long-term relationship. Whether it’s a date that consists of craft making or a day trip to a mysterious nature reserve, indulging the fantasy of romance will captivate their affections.

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