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PISCES IN LOVE (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

Oh, a Pisces in love – was there ever a more beautiful romance, a more perfect love story? As a Pisces, you believe in the age-old “happily ever after” ending, and if you love one of these sensitive souls, they’ll be sure to create this fairy tale-like affair with you, their chosen beloved. Pisces are as soppy and mushy as it gets – they fall in love fast and hard, and believe that each and every person they meet is “The One.”

Pisces can’t resist rescuing a wounded soul, be it a puppy, homeless person or you. The more you need love and care, the more they’ll lavish on you, so do make sure you don’t take advantage of them! If you’re the Pisces in question, you know that you can struggle with forming boundaries and after a few hard knocks in the pursuit of perfection, you realize that love isn’t always a fairy tale, and not everyone deserves to be rescued. Despite that, you’re still the type of lover that always keeps their heart and soul wide open, meeting every possibility of your forever partner with aching vulnerability and soaring hopes. Which is what makes loving you that much more special.

If You’re a Pisces:

Love can be a many-faceted, sometimes seemingly unreachable dream for you, Pisces. Even when you’re in a happy relationship, you might catch yourself fantasizing about some other hero or maiden who needs your help, and your challenge is to take off those pretty rose-colored glasses and find the balance of reality and fantasy. You’re a total dream to love and be with for someone who appreciates being supported wholeheartedly, loved unconditionally, and wants a spiritual, sweet partner who will go to the ends of the earth for them. You’re that bae, Pisces, though you do need to practice a lil’ discernment. Like, no more lovers who take advantage of your kindness, and definitely no more struggling artists, no matter how woke they are. Make sure you choose someone who takes as good care of you, as you do of them. And even if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to commit yourself 100%. That safety and security will do wonders for your sweet soul.

If You Love a Pisces:

It will do you the world of good to remember that the zodiac sign of Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, yet bound together. That’s your lover in a nutshell – they wanna go left, but they also wanna go right and as a result, they kind of just hang out in the middle, not entirely sure where they’re going. That’s precisely why these otherworldly signs need you to ground and hold them safely so they can swim happily around in different directions without losing their phone, car, and insurance number every few days. In return, you’ll have the sweetest, most loving, caring and empathetic bae around, someone who will read you like a book and anticipate your needs before you even knew you had them. You’ll have someone who will avoid conflict and drama, and try their best to please you and make you happy – they’ll rescue you from any bad situation, help you when you need it the most, and give you the freedom you crave. There’s very little not to love here.

Pisces and Aries Compatibility (Aries dates: March 20 - April 19)

This is a connection that is often touted the “Romeo and Juliet” of astrology. Aries, there’s nothing quite like someone in need of your heroic rescuing – be it a Pisces girl or guy you’re into, there’s something attractively vulnerable that gets your engine running like nothing else! The question is, can you accept that your Pisces is gonna rely on your heroism 100 percent of the time? Are you okay to be the fighter, the warrior? Pisces, your Aries will tread on your sensitive toes at times and try and put a sword in your hands that you just don’t want. You’ll have to grow a thicker skin if you wanna protect your tender heart, but at the same time, both of you tend to show all your cards – you’re each hopelessly trusting and wholly idealistic, which is the best thing about your relationship.

Pisces and Taurus Compatibility (Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20)

Out of all the Earth signs, Taurus is your best match, sweet Pisces. They’re about as romantic as you are, and they make you feel ever so safe and held with their love for routine and security. Your Taurus will spoil you to death, and you’ll handle their stubbornness with gentle flexibility, easily adapting to their strong wills. This relationship is sensual heaven, and Taurus, your Pisces will show you a spiritual side of life, a creative side of life that you really, really need and admire. Together, you’re woke and realistic – which is a hella rare combination to have in any relationship. Pisces, Taurus makes you feel like you wanna commit, and will will be endlessly patient with your moods, whereas you never push them harder than they’re ready for. Just get married already!

Pisces and Gemini Compatibility (Gemini dates: May 21- June 20)

The honest truth is that Air signs need Water signs, and vise versa – even if Pisces thinks that Gemini is an insensitive robot, and Gemini sees Pisces as a crybaby. As you adapt to each other – which you will – you’ll see that a certain amount of rationality and a healthy dose of empathy is just what the doctor ordered! Gemini, without Pisces, you’d seldom get in touch with your heart and feelings, and Pisces, without Gemini fishing you out of your emotional depths, you may find yourself drowning. The key here is compromise, even if you seem so hella different at times. On your good days, you’ll make each other laugh helplessly, and on bad days, you’ll step on each other’s toes. As long you take a moment to make your commitment, you’ll have more good than bad.

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

Oh, the feels! So many feels! The struggle can feel real at times, with your two watery zodiac signs struggling to swim to the top, but most days, you’re madly, deeply, sickeningly in love with each other. Cuddles abound and kisses rain down as the two of you potentially dance the most romantic dance you’ve ever danced. One thing is for sure – this relationship has immense depths, richness of emotion and will create intense emotional attachment for both of you – no question. Letting go is just not an option for either Pisces or Cancer, and unless a tsunami sweeps through your relationship, you’ll seldom want to. A word of caution – if you’re both being extra, no problems can be solved – one of you has to be the one to hold the space. Take turns.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility with Leo (Leo dates: July 22 - August 22)

Here’s an astrology secret – your two zodiac signs were made for each other! Did you know that? Leo, you proudly defend, protect and provide for your sweet Pisces, and in your eyes there’s just nothing they can do wrong. Their vulnerability demands your protection, and Pisces, for you, it’s downright thrilling to have such a warrior, such a lion(ess) in your corner. Leo will happily take control while you potter on with your hobbies, and they’ll get your drama, just as you get theirs. Leo will carry the load when you can’t – and will be happy to do it. In return, you’ll make Leo feel like the King or Queen they are with your endless support and sweet empathy. This is a dynamic that works and flourishes the more you get to know each other. Bask, baby, bask!

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22)

This connection is often known as the “healer” relationship. Which if you may be doing the healing, you ask? Both. It’s both of you. Pisces, you heal from the heart, and your empathy and compassion help critical Virgo to be that much less hard on themselves. Virgo, your job – and you happily take it on – is to help Pisces with the day-to-day of life, because the truth is, they have no idea how, and they’d rather meditate than write a to-do list. And even if you get irritated with each other – as all opposite zodiac signs do – you’ll quickly learn to appreciate the absolute, perfect balance you bring to each other’s lives. You’re like two halves of a whole, and you’ll soon wonder how in the hell you ever lived without each other. Truth.

Pisces and Libra Compatibility (Libra dates: September 23 - October 22)

One thing is certain in this relationship between passive Pisces and composing Libra – you’ll basically never fight. Ever. If you’re woke, you’ll realize that this isn’t always the healthiest thing, and that sometimes you just need to let it all out, however negative the feels may be. It’s not that scary, and can be pretty refreshing. Plus, your romantic natures will quickly fix the issue and make it right. But do take the bull by the horns, or else you’ll find yourselves sweeping way too much under the proverbial rug. Your shared willingness to please makes your relationship a sweet, sweet one, and you’ll find that balance that both of you – especially Libra – always wants. This has all the potential in the world to be a match in astrology heaven, baby!

Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility (Scorpio dates: October 23 - November 21)

Even when this love hurts, it hurts in the best way for both of you – and Pisces, as soon as you get past the Scorpio’s amazingly constructed defense systems, you’ll find the softest of underbellies, the most vulnerable of souls. Sure, that tail will come out to sting at times, and it’s best you commit one hundred percent, Pisces, because if you leave or betray your Scorpio, you’ll be as good as dead to them. Scorpio takes love seriously, and they’ll hold back a lil’ - just as you free-fall - though once they trust you, they’ll love you forever and a day! Scorpio, it’s important to honor your tender Pisces lover’s sensitivity and be kinder – they may not always be as worldly-wise a you are, but they’ll show you a way into another, more compassionate world.

Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20)

The main thing your two zodiac signs have in common is not your elements - Fire and Water usually just don’t go, honey – but rather, that you both tend to love growth, travel, spirituality and anything that helps you to explore new horizons. You’re also both free spirits (translation – you don’t like commitment), which can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker. Sagittarius, that tongue of yours may need some taming to be with a sensitive, easily-hurt Pisces, and as annoyed as you get at their feels, it’s a pretty good lesson in learning to put a filter on it. Pisces, it’s time to grow a thicker skin – Sagittarius won’t rescue you or sugar coat their words – in fact, they’ll tell you the truth, no matter how it hurts. Go with it or go your own way – it’s your choice.

Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility (Capricorn dates: December 21 - January 19)

Sometimes, Pisces, it can feel like your practical Capricorn is raining on your fantasy parade. They often drag you back to reality, kicking and screaming,. But Capricorn also takes care of you, grounds you, reminds you to live in the world as well as in fairyland, and that there is a balance to be had. In turn, Capricorn, Pisces reminds you of all the magic that’s out there, helps you to let go for a change, be a little less in control, and a little more in the flow. You’re both woke AF – when you tune in – and together, you can grow and stretch your own limits and support each other in the best way possible. Avoid playing mommy and daddy to each other and you’ll do wonderfully well as a couple.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility (Aquarius dates: January 20 - February 17)

This can be the most humanitarian, world-changing, empathetic, helpful combination of them all. Sure, it can be tricky for Aquarius to navigate the changing, roiling waters of the Pisces’ moods, but guess what, Aquarius? You’ll learn the fine art of true emotional empathy and finally let yourself express the feels that live inside you. Pisces, Aquarius wants nothing more than to help you, but you gotta give them space. This zodiac sign needs total freedom, and when they have it, they’ll be devoted to you and show you the wonders of their brilliant minds – often fishing you out of the confusing waters of emotion. When you combine forces to help the world – animals, children, women, or any other cause – you’ll find your greatest strength and calling as a couple. Woke doesn’t even come close to what you could be together.

Pisces and Pisces Compatibility (Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

First of all, who’s making the decisions here? Anyone? Are you even two people anymore? Merging is what your zodiac sign does best, and that’s exactly what’s going on here. Boundaries don’t exist, time doesn’t exist and the dishes haven’t been washed in a week. Once again, someone’s got to be the one calling the shots and making sure you’ve got at least two of your combined four feet in the “real” world. Either that, or you have to buy a boat and sail around the world, surfing and singing for your supper. This relationship can be spiritual AF – or a dangerously codependent rescue situation. It all depends on how conscious you are, how willing you are to draw a boundary and how you deal with reality. Finding healthy escapes that aren’t each other  is key for your relationship survival.

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