How Do I Ask Someone Out? Tips from the Zodiac

Asking someone out is easy, right? You flirt a little, gauge the situation and then get the courage to ask them to hang out – all the while trying to pretend that you’re not “too keen”, and on top of that, figuring out what this person could like on a date, their personality and what they consider romantic. Perhaps not so easy, right? Although there are many guidebooks to dating out there, they’re still not really going to say what you can especially do to please the specific one you want to be with or how to keep your sweetheart happy once you’ve gotten them into a relationship.

Cue astrology and the zodiac. Simply knowing someone’s basic personality traits, likes and dislikes, can open doors up for opportunity to romance and attract them in the right way. Yours and someone else’s Sun sign - also known as your star sign or zodiac sign is a symbol of the sense of personal identity, and although doesn’t tell the full picture, can give you a pretty clear indication of what’s going to float their boat and what will rub them up the wrong way.

And so, check out some useful astrological tips and some do’s and don’ts, as to how to figure out this dating thing and make take that special someone from a casual bae to your full-on SO.

ARIES DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Aries dates: March 20 - April 19)

When it comes to wooing an Aries, you’re going to have to learn to walk a fine line between being super-keen and totally casual and maybe allow them to make the first move. They are an active, athletic sign who get off on a good sweat, so suggesting a run or a rock-climbing mission together, or a challenging mountain hike will get their blood roaring for you. Aries is crazy for adventure and risk-taking, so a perfect date may entail paragliding off a mountain, bungee jumping or even just being completely spontaneous in the moment by, for example, having an impromptu road trip. Surprising your Aries with something new and a bit risky each time you plan a date will keep this sign interested, for years to come.

TAURUS DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20)

Taurus is bred for love, romance and dating. You can go to town with them, and nothing is too cliched for these gentle lovers. In fact, you’ll have to go to town with them, as they expect luxury and want all their powerful senses engaged, at least in the beginning of your romance. Later on, they’re quite happy for Netflix and chill with their favorite pizza and comfiest pajamas, arms snuggled around you. However, in the dating stage, do buy them beautiful gifts and fine wine, tantalize their taste buds with quality meals and be sure to treat them with respect, never rushing them or pushing them faster than they want to go, perhaps even letting them suggest their favorite places to go.

GEMINI DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Gemini dates: May 21 - June 20)

Variety is the spice of life for a Gemini, and you’ll need to keep things very interesting to attract and keep these flighty and flirty folks around. No date can ever be the same, and life will be a constant series of exciting encounters when you’re with this airy and clever zodiac sign. Gemini needs their mind constantly stimulated, so you can pretty much go anywhere where there’s opportunity for lively conversation and mental stimulation – they’ll adore a board games evening, a local talk, visit to an art gallery or watching a new band they’ve never heard of. Don’t tie Gemini in with too much commitment (especially on a first date) and they’ll be happy to be your lifelong lover.

CANCER DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Cancer dates: June 21 - July 21)

Cancers live and breathe romance, and on a first date they’ll be only too happy to be wined and dined. That said, they’ll often be the ones to offer to cook their mama’s favorite bolognaise recipe for you in their comfortable and well kitted-out kitchens. Let these empathetic and nurturing signs take care of you but be sure to treat them too – making it personal is key and they’ll love it when you use your imagination. Cancer people adore water, so you can take them for a sunset stroll on the beach any day – they’ll be thrilled at your sensitivity to their love for the ocean and reciprocate by loving you like no other. Best of all, take them on a date to meet your family – this will put the stars in their eyes when they’re welcomed into your den of loved ones.

LEO DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Leo dates: July 22 - August 22)

A proud and affectionate Leo needs the royal treatment when it comes to dating and romance, so make sure to roll out the red carpet specially on a first date. Be as generous with them as they will be with you. Fine dining, grand gestures and expensive gifts are a sure-fire way to these loving creatures’ big hearts, and they’ll bloom and flourish under your special attention and care. Compliment them on their clothing, admire their hair and praise their talents – the Leo will be purring under your ministrations in no time, and shower you with their undying loyalty and unerring devotion in return. Leos love a touch of glamour, so taking them to a gala, a theatre or a show will have them lapping out of your hands.

VIRGO DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22)

A Virgo likes good taste, both figuratively and metaphorically. They are woke AF and are not ones for over-the-top gestures when it comes to dating – they will appreciate a quiet, calm walk in the forest over an expensive and flashy restaurant any day. Virgos are picky about their food, and so you’ll need to ensure that wherever you go and whatever you choose, food-wise, is organically sourced and sustainably produced. These signs will notice all the fine details you have put into your dates – so be sure to think of the little things as well as the bigger picture! An ideal date may involve a deep, interesting conversation in a natural setting with simple, healthy snacks and organic wine.

LIBRA DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Libra dates: September 23 - October 22)

A Libra will love doing absolutely everything with you – as long as they can share an experience, they are as happy as can be. From an interesting one-on-one debate around your kitchen table, wine in hand, to a stunning hike in a forest, a delicious restaurant date or an adventurous experience, a Libra will be your perfect partner in crime, and make you forget any other bae you ever had before. Come up with your dating ideas together, as they love to be involved, although you can surprise them every now and then with a romantic weekend away (which they’ll love) or a ticket to a local art gallery opening (even better).

SCORPIO DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Scorpio dates: October 23 - November 21)

First of all, take your time. These deep and mysterious signs are a tough nut to crack, and it’ll be a while before they warm up to you. They love nightlife and so taking them anywhere with dark corners to drink a lovely bottle of wine and exchange your secrets will thrill a typical Scorpio. This intense zodiac sign does expect romance, so you can pull out the stops when it comes to fine dining and flowers – be sure to dress to kill, and wear your favorite lingerie or muscle-defining shirt. Scorpio is all about the sexual desire that underscores the dating phase, and they’ll want to make sure your physical chemistry is a match for their appetites.

SAGITTARIUS DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20)

Sagittarius people like a date that is carefree, footloose and completely spontaneous. Create a sense of adventure when taking this sign out and make it fun – they’ll be quickly bored of the same routine or cliched flowers and dinner and will run a mile if you try and get them to stare at the sunset or wax poetic about their feelings. A Sagittarius will far more prefer a festival where they can dance and enjoy themselves, such as a music concert or a club where they can have a few drinks and let their hair down with you. They love to get active, so a date involving something like horseback-riding or hiking will keep this sign coming back for more.

CAPRICORN DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Capricorn dates: December 21 - January 19)

Capricorn has a very particular expectation and is classy to the highest degree when it comes to dating and romance. They’ll expect you to be able to foot the bill and be happy to do it, just as they would do for you. A Capricorn loves giving and receiving tasteful, expensive gifts and will notice your refined tastes. Too-showy gestures and tacky restaurants will put them off – rather save up for a fine-dining experience and take them to town or invite them to your work functions where they can see how influential and powerful you are in a professional environment. Capricorn likes a touch of the traditional, so play to your gender role and make sure you keep things stylish and elegant.

AQUARIUS DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Aquarius dates: January 20 - February 17)

An Aquarius wants to hang out with their best friend, and so may find the whole dating thing a little off-putting, to say the least. They don’t like mushiness and will feel completely embarrassed by sunsets and flowers. Keep it light and chilled by going somewhere where you can talk and share ideas, or even better, find a date that your Aquarius and you can learn something new together, whether it’s an interesting language or a philosophy course. A typical Aquarius is a sucker for technology, so a virtual reality experience or a night in with a PlayStation is perfect for this casual sign.

PISCES DATING & ROMANCE TIPS (Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

Pisces people expect to be swept off their feet, especially the women, so you’ll have put on your shining armor or your best dress and show this water sign how romantic you can be. Sweet sunset walks, splashes in the ocean that they so love and escapes to tranquil forests are all balms for the soul of these special people, and they’ll love a date where you can exit reality together. This sign will love watching an epic and imaginative movie with you and may unexpectedly enjoy playing fun and playful games together. Pisces people also love a date where they can listen to music and dance the night away with you by their side.

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How Do I Ask Someone Out? Tips from the Zodiac


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