Cancer Compatibility:

Love, Romance, Relationships and the Zodiac Signs

CANCER IN LOVE (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

Cancer in love is probably one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world – being loved by this zodiac sign is an experience everyone on this planet should have at least once. It’s softer than clouds. Gentle as the brush of a lover’s fingers. Sweeter than candy floss. As tender as a mother’s hug. Nurturing like a long swim in the salty ocean. Deeper than deep. It’s connected. It’s heaven on Earth – until you betray or hurt this sensitive sign. Then, baby, it’s hell on Earth. As a Cancer, you’ll be vicious in your pain, and as the one who hurts a Cancer, well, you’ll wish you hadn’t. No one carries wounds like this sign, because as deeply as they love, they hurt. And they don’t open up easily – they’re symbolized by the crab in their shell, after all. That shell is protective, because once you get under it, you’ll see the softness and vulnerability of their pudding hearts. Which is why, honey, don’t love a Cancer without intending to marry them. Be true to your sweetheart and they’ll love you harder than you have ever been loved.  Be false, and you’ll leave a scar on their souls that never really heals. It’s your choice. 

If You’re a Cancer:

Love is one of those things that as soon as you understood the basic concept, you craved it, dear Cancer. Man or woman, you're the sign who yearns for the fairy tale, who dreams of a perfect, sweet, tender romance where you can give your whole heart and soul. If you find that love, you’re as happy as can be. You do tend to search high and low, though, and many wounds are sustained along the way. You see, you're always changing. You have phases, just like your ruler the Moon, so your tastes in romance tend to shift as you shift. Which makes it really hard to create security in your relationships. The trick? Find someone who changes with you, who holds you and your phases, your moods, your ups and downs, your wackiness, your desire to mother them and all the bits in between. Find someone who makes you feel safe to be all of your crazy, loving, emotional, caring self. 

If You Love a Cancer: 

Being loved by this zodiac sign kind feels like being loved by your mother, your sister, your best friend and your lover, all in one. If you're comfortable with that, you’re going to receive the most love that you’ve ever had the pleasure of having, and you’re going to be more cared for than even your own mama cared for you. Cup of tea? It’s made. You’re cold? Here’s a fluffy blanket. Hungry? Your favorite home-cooked meal is on its way. You’re sad? Here’s a shoulder, an ear, and an endless patience and empathy. Feeling crazy? They’ve got you – a Cancer knows the cray-cray and gets the feels like no one else. Do you need space? Sorry honey, astrology tells us that ain’t in their skill set. The crab is attached, and needs you to be there, one hundred percent of the time, completely emotionally available. You can’t be one of those free spirits, you hear? You’ll just break their heart and this is not a sign that needs that to happen again. Be there, and be committed. Be the safe space. Hold the moods and don’t run away. You’ll be loved forever. 

Cancer and Aries Compatibility (Aries dates: March 20 - April 19)

Despite the drama, your two zodiac signs, Aries and Cancer, are drawn to each other like hungry moths to a flame – you fulfill something deep in each other that no one else can, and your relationship is passionate, powerful and, well, volatile. Cancer, you sense the vulnerability of Aries and just wanna take care of them.  They need you, it seems, especially when they repeatedly fall down and hurt themselves. Aries, you lap up the care and attention like a thirsty plant, and love the nurturing, but it does get a bit much when Cancer insists on clinging to you; you’ll tend to throw your independence around like a weapon of mass destruction. Careful, darlings. You may hurt each other more than you intended. 

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility (Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20)

This is the ideal relationship – a true match made in zodiac heaven, baby! Taurus, your patience, calm nature, steadiness and endless, steadfast commitment to the relationship makes Cancer feel as if they’ve truly found “the one,” and in many ways, they have. You’ve had the blessed luck to find each other, and you’re hella keen to snuggle down and get busy with the business of making lovely babies and building a nest. Taurus, Cancer loves your possessiveness and desire to make them all yours, and Cancer, you love how Taurus holds onto you just as tightly as you hold onto them. This relationship is a rare jewel, a once-in-a-lifetime kinda meeting of two souls who really just want to be together forever. And forever is yours, sweethearts. 

Cancer and Gemini Compatibility (Gemini dates: May 21- June 20)

The one thing that the two of you have got together is the fact that you both change – often. Cancer, your phases ain’t got nothing on Gemini’s ever-shifting 20 personalities, and together, you’re a startlingly adaptable pair, always willing to embrace variety. The thing is, Cancer, are you entirely comfortable with Gemini’s detachment, triggering you to feel all those niggling insecurities? Are you willing to release them to play? Gemini, can you truly handle the depth and power of Cancer's feels, and are you willing to stick around and not run for the hills when you feel the intensity of their emotional needs? You can teach each other a thing or two about balancing the emotional and the mental – if you’re willing, that is. 

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

Two happy crabs in a shell, that’s how this relationship looks. Shut away from the nasty world, Cancer times two is a force all on its own, and your favorite place is in each other's arms, under your favorite blankies, eating home-cooked meals and sobbing and/or laughing about the day you’ve had to endure out in the world. This relationship between two Cancers can work, but you’ll have to be oh-so-very careful about drowning in each other’s feels, indulging each other’s moods or downright wallowing in a bad mood. You affect each other a lot. and it can be hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. You’re mirrors of each other, and can be the sweetest of couples, but when you’re feeling off, you can be the worst of pairs too! 

Cancer and Leo Compatibility (Leo dates: July 22 - August 22)

Fiery Leo and Water sign Cancer compatibility may seem, initially, like a dodgy mix, but the fact is, you complement each other quite beautifully. Leo, your protective, loyal, generous nature is very well received by nurturing, caring, tender Cancer, and together you could create something quite idyllic – especially when it comes to creating a family. This is where you’re gonna find your strengths and your roles will balance with each other ever-so-sweetly. Cancer, you love being a mama (girl or not, this is your jam!), and Leo, you’re ready to go out there and provide, baby! Sure, there’s a bit of toe-stepping and hurt feelings sometimes, even drama. But on the whole, this has real potential to be really, really good. Just avoid the extra behavior – both of you. Got it? 

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22)

This secure, happy, loving relationship between two extremely caring people is sometimes going to be a competition of who can worry about each other – and everything else – the most. The thing is, you kinda like it. Cancer, you love how concerned and fussy your helpful Virgo is, how they always do all the lovely chores for you, and wanna go out of their way to help you. Virgo, no one makes you feel quite as supported as empathetic Cancer, no one listens to your (endless) stresses and helps you to feel better about things, as well as help you get out of your head. The best thing about this relationship is the feeling of security –you know you've got it good with each other. Cancer with Virgo? Bliss, really. 

Cancer and Libra Compatibility (Libra dates: September 23 - October 22)

Libra and Cancer really want to please each other – really, really. Libra, you’ll go out of your way to make your sensitive Cancer happy, but your flirty ways and tendency to be light and fluffy may trigger insecurities in your emotional bae. Cancer, you love the romantic energy of charming Libra, and how they’re always wanting to spend all their time with you, how important they make the relationship, how being together is a priority. However, you are water to their air, and water and air have an uneasy connection, to say the least. You are a feely, introverted human, Cancer, and Libra is a social, extroverted human. That’s not to say it won’t work – but it’ll take some effort. The trick? Balance. You both know how. 

Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility (Scorpio dates: October 23 - November 21)

Both of your symbols - the crab and the scorpion - have hard exoskeletons covering up a soft, vulnerable, inner softie. The key, Cancer and Scorpio, is to open up enough to get inside and under each other’s skin, so to speak. Because once you do, this relationship, darlings, is seriously high quality. It’s like you were made for each other, and you’ll have this deep, intense, powerful romantic passion for each other, a sort of “knowing” that you just can’t get from other relationships. You’re totally psychic with each other, and you can intuit each other's needs and desires sometimes before you even know yourself. So does this work? Hell yes! Cancer and Scorpio were created to love each other. Aren’t you the lucky ones? 

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20)

The trick with this tricky Cancer-Sagittarius relationship is to show balance the desire for home and security with the passion for adventure and freedom. Cancer, as much as you profess to be attached to your roots, the bigger part of you loves wandering – the crab carries its shell on its back, remember? The world is your family. Sagittarius, the Cancer may even outdo you at travel and adventure, but you’ll have to make them feel safe, heard, loved, nurtured and held. You can't just fire off that mouth at them – it hurts. Cancer, you gotta grow a thicker skin – Sagittarius didn’t mean to hurt you. They just can’t help blurting the truth out at the wrong times. Cut them a break, okay? And Cancer, try not to cling too hard to Sagittarius, because it  really will send them a-running. 

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility (Capricorn dates: December 21 - January 19)

Opposite signs always go for each other, and this relationship is no different, darlings! Cancer, you’re the home – holding a loving, safe space for your hardworking Capricorn to come to and collapse in your nurturing arms. Capricorn, you make Cancer feel provided for and protected, and your faithfulness, steadfast commitment and practicality are a haven for your sweet crab. However, you can be a lil’ - hard, and you’ll need to soften up a lot for your Cancer softie. Cancer, remember that even if Capricorn isn’t showing it, they are insecure too; maybe even more than you. Love that insecurity and vulnerability and be their healer. This is a relationship filled with constriction, and polarities, but also one that is filled with love, growth and understanding. 

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility (Aquarius dates: January 20 - February 17)

Despite what people may think, you two are a fantastically good match, even if you yourselves don’t see it right away. Why? You're nuts. Both of you. It’s hard to say who is the maddest of hatters in this relationship. Is it the zany, weirdo Aquarius or the lunatic Cancer? The Full Moon will reveal who (clue, it’s the Water sign) is the most cray cray, but it doesn't matter, really. You love each other's weirdness, and that's what makes this work. Cancer, you may sometimes feel insecure with the famous Aquarius detachment and coolness, but behind closed doors, you’ll soon see a very emotional person who just needs a bit of training to feel the feels. Aquarius, Cancer can teach you a thing or two and you can be the one to offer a helping hand when they need your rationality. It can work, you know.  

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility (Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

Oh, someone pass the bucket. This relationship is so sweet that it makes your friends and family want to puke. Gentle Pisces, your faithful support and compassion towards your sensitive Cancer bae is unbeatable in their eyes, and Cancer, you provide endless empathy for your vulnerable Pisces. You rescue each other from the world, and together, you can weave a magical bond of romance, passion and tenderness. The thing is, Pisces and Cancer, you’ll need to be ever-so-careful of enabling each other. Be vigilant of any codependency, victimizing each other or wallowing in each other’s feelings. Lacking boundaries brings you closer together than any other pair, but also can create confusion of who begins where. However long this lasts – and it may be forever – it’s a relationship that will leave its mark on both of your tender souls. 

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