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Yearly Horoscope

2020 Chinese Astrology

2020 Overview

2020 is bookended by two major conjunctions – a Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 and a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on December 21 – and between them, these two giant astrological events will shape the energy of these tumultuous twelve months.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs only once every 35 years or so; the last occurrence was in 1982. This is a powerful and really rather grave mix of energies, and it speaks of oppression, propaganda and forced action. This conjunction occurs in Capricorn, as part of a stellium which also involves the Sun, Mercury and Ceres. Business-like Capricorn relates to authority and leadership, so it’s likely that we will see movement on the world stage connected to this – perhaps antagonism between trading blocs or action by NATO. Capricorn is an Earth sign, so these energies may also relate to the growing threat of climate change, GMOs and other interference created by humans, with our planet.

Although this conjunction occurs in January, its effects will be felt throughout the year, which may make a year of mass protest, as people across the world rise up against what is being done in their name. In March, Saturn enters Aquarius, a sign known for its global consciousness and awareness – and also for high-tech methods of protest and disruption. The Mercury Retrograde period in February through March occurs in Pisces and Aquarius, so spiritual awareness may come together with more practical forms of protest then.

Between early June and early July, there are three Eclipses: A Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5, a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 21 and another Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 5. These influences, together with the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and a Venus Retrograde period in mid-June, suggest a destabilizing of government and perhaps a rise in a freedom movement of some kind. It’s notable that during July, the Sun makes a series of tense oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto linkup – power and control struggles seem to lie at the heart of these months.

Mercury turns Retrograde once more in October, this time in Scorpio, so there is a deepening sense of manipulative behavior or underhand strategies being deployed by those in charge. A Lunar Eclipse in communicative Gemini in late November hints that the media may be more than ever involved in shaping and creating the news rather than merely reporting it.

Your Revealing and Powerful Chinese Horoscope for 2020

The Year of the Metal Rat, sometimes called the Golden Rat, begins its festivities on Chinese New Year, January 25, 2020. Because the Rat is the first sign of the Chinese Zodiac, a Rat year is good for new beginnings. Plenty of opportunities will present themselves too – this is a year for striving toward happiness and well-being.

It will be prosperous for those in the real estate field, those starting a business, and those who make long-term investments in things like manufacturing or agriculture rather than quick turnarounds. There will be an increase in the activities of several industries: Machinery, IT, computers and high technology, cosmetics and fashion are a few of the examples. It is also likely that the health industry will be in the news, perhaps because of new discoveries.

As far as general advice goes, Chinese astrologers often recommend eating any kind of cheeses or nuts, unless you’re allergic, to keep the energy of the Rat nearby. Enjoy a few parties or do some fine dining this year, and always dress to the nines for any social occasions.
Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology. The method for calculating the 12 animal Chinese Zodiac signs is based on two calendars working together.

The Solar Calendar has 24 “solar terms” (half months), and is anchored on the shortest and longest days of the year and the two days when day and night are equal – the Solstices and Equinoxes.

The Lunar Calendar Year always starts at the second New Moon after the December 21 Solstice. Because the Lunations are shorter than calendar months, sometimes a “leap month” is added, and because of that, and other astronomical reasons, the date of the new year is different every year. In 2020, Chinese New Year falls on January 25.

Each of the months of the Lunar calendar starts on the New Moon. It’s more common to use the Lunar calendar to time events in a person’s current life and in the future. With its floating beginning and strict following of the Lunar cycle, it is very close to the natural experience of human beings. If you study these two systems, the Solar calendar seems to pertain to nature and the cycles in the environment, while the Lunar calendar pertains to the heart and the mind.

The Chinese Zodiac has very little to do with the Western zodiac. The 12 animal signs last for an entire year; in other words, every twelfth year begins a new cycle, instead of every 12 months. But that’s not all, because each of the five elements express themselves through 12 animals. This gives a cycle of 60 years, and each of the 12 animals are in one of its five phases or elements – Fire, Earth, Wood, Metal and Water. So a person born in a Rat Year could be a Fire Rat, or Metal Rat and so on, and each of the Rats has specific differences from the others.

This is what really determines compatibility, and how you get by in the different months, days and years of the Lunisolar calendar. You’ll notice that Chinese astrology follows the same structural rules as the I-Ching, Feng Shui, and some aspects of Chinese traditional medicine. That’s because the underlying system of Chinese metaphysics is consistent and airtight, like a good “theory of everything” should be. We just watch modern life, technology and politics adapt to it – there is nothing new under the Sun.

The long psychological astrological analysis we read in modern Western astrology was unknown to the practitioners of the Chinese Horoscope method until the 20th century, but compromises have been made and now many Chinese Horoscope booklets and websites contain material about the personality of the 12 signs. But outside of that, your Chinese Horoscope is all about Luck.

There are several types of Luck that are constantly mentioned in the almanacs and textbooks. 

Career Luck concerns relationships with co-workers and the hierarchy of the organization, the recognition you receive for your work, client relationships if you’re in business for yourself, and whether the organization or business thrives during the year.

Wealth Luck or Money Luck concerns income, windfalls, returns on investment and your cash flow in general. Career Luck may reveal a promotion or award, but without Wealth Luck the move might bring prestige, but may not mean a raise.

Family Luck has to do with your family but in modern times in the west, it may also concern people you live with or are close to on a regular basis. Any type of committed relationship is part of this category. This Luck probably has the greatest amount of words written about it, because this is one of the main subjects covered in the old days.

Health Luck obviously concerns wellness, which flows as part of the cycles of energy within the world. Some years are better, and some are not so good. Acupuncturists consult a patient’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart (believed to characterize a person's path through life, based on the year, month, day, and hour of birth) to determine the best treatment according to your natural constitution.

Although not a form of Luck, there is also an item called “Peach Blossom” which essentially means the temptations of sex, gambling, drinking, parties, and the like. Most of the time this is only mentioned when it can possibly cause a problem.

Look below to find your Chinese zodiac sign. A different metal is assigned depending on the year, and you’ll find that in the horoscope for your sign.

Rat – 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

Ox –1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Tiger – 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022

Rabbit – 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

Dragon – 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Snake – 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Horse – 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026

Goat – 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Monkey – 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

Rooster –1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029

Dog – 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

Pig – 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Now let’s take a look at your Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Metal Rat, 2020. After each horoscope, you’ll see your lucky numbers, colors and directions. The use of the color and number information is obvious, but how do you use the directions? When you sleep, sit or work, facing your lucky directions, Chinese astrology says you will be blessed with Luck in all parts of your life.

Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

This Year
Chinese Astrology

Aries (March 20 - April 19)


Get ready for a shakeup in 2020, Aries. Everything you thought you knew about your long-term goals and your life strategy is up for questioning now, as profound influences challenge your direction and your goals.

The year gets underway with a Lunar Eclipse in your roots zone early in January, warning that your stable foundations are about to shift. This is swiftly followed by the year’s main dish: The rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. You’ll feel this aspect across the year and for you, this manifests as great opportunity, but potentially at great cost. This conjunction occurs in your career and ambition zone, potentially pitting you against powerful authority figures, or challenging you to stand up for what’s right, even at personal cost to your own future advancement.

Late February through May give you a chance to marshal your forces and to get to work in earnest. Mars journeys through your ambitions zone and your social zone, so you should find it easy to rally others to your cause and to get to know the right people for where you want to head. Venus trips through your image and money zones during this time, Aries, so put your game face on – not that you ever leave it off – and gather both the support and the resources you will need for the rest of the year. During late April, the astrology hints at challenge ahead, Aries, as Pluto turns Retrograde in your career zone and you’re forced to dig deep to get rid of the baggage you’ve been dragging around far too long.

The Lunar Eclipse in early June shows you how far the balance has shifted in the first half of the year, and June’s Mercury Retrograde encourages you to heal any family rifts. Through July, the Sun opposes a loose conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and this powerful energy may force you to make sacrifices in either your career or your family life to keep the wheels turning. The swiftly-following Lunar Eclipse in your career zone offers the promise of new opportunities to come, and your confidence will grow once Mars arrives in your zodiac sign of Aries, where it’s set to stay for the rest of the year.

The last few months of 2020 are the most promising for your love life, Aries, with Venus transiting your dating zone in September and your relationship zone in October and November. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in your intimacy zone in mid-October could make communication in love difficult, but if you speak from the heart you won’t go far wrong. Aries, yours is an impatient astrological sign but slow it down a little.

As Jupiter shifts into your community zone in December, it forms a powerful conjunction with Saturn, asking you to seek your calling in society. This message is reinforced by a Solar Eclipse in your adventure zone, and the arrival of Venus into that zone too – you’ve been forced to look inwards for much of 2020, but you face 2021 in a much more outward looking frame of mind.

Love and Romance

You may face a struggle throughout 2020 to keep your love life safe from the storms that might wash through your career and working life. There are strong indications that your sweetheart and your family may come into conflict too, so you’ll need to be strong, Aries, in defending your lover and shoring up your commitment.

January’s Lunar Eclipse in your family zone could mark the beginning of some bad blood between your relatives and your partner but try not to lose your temper. Keeping your cool will help things to settle down much faster. If you’re single, as 2020 gets underway, look to early March and the Venus-Uranus conjunction for a surprising new connection with someone who challenges your values. Opposites may attract at this time!

Watch your words in the early months of the year, Aries, especially once Venus turns Retrograde in your communication zone just before mid-May. You may find it difficult to make yourself understood, so try to be honest, open and direct with your lover in order to avoid misunderstandings. This will be important starting at the end of June too, when your ruling planet Mars moves into Aries and increases your aggression. What you think is assertiveness may come across much harsher to those you love.

July could be the most challenging period for your relationship, as the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto pits your home life against your working life, requiring a lot of patience from your sweetheart. The best way to handle this is to be upfront about how much time you’re going to have to spend at work. Aries, yours is an honest zodiac sign, so don’t make false promises only let down your family and sweetheart.

Fortunately, Venus shifts into your fun zone in September and the pressure eases a little. The astrology shows that this is the best time of year for a second honeymoon, a romantic break or a big love treat to say thank you to your partner for what they’ve endured so far this year. October’s trines between Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio are promising too, suggesting that your sweetheart may be able to help you on a practical level at work, so they can feel more involved and less neglected.

Don’t take this new cooperation for granted, however. During November, Venus transits your intimacy zone, but work concerns are once again taking up your time. Now there are difficult squares between Venus and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto which could suggest power struggles in your love life, so try to ensure that you do set aside some couple time as the year starts to wind down.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December could be seen as a karmic and spiritual moment for your relationship, Aries. This occurs in your community zone, so it may be wise to spend some more time late in the year socializing with your sweetheart and working together on a charity or community project that has captured your hearts and your attention.

Money and Career

2020’s major astrological news story, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, occurs in your career zone on January 12, but its effects will last for much of the year, and this will dominate your career direction. There’s an element of oppression or even force here, so you may find that your working conditions become quite difficult or stressful at various points. However, there’s also opportunity here, Aries, to find your voice and to take a stand once and for all. This takes a great deal of courage, but if you Aries are known for anything, it’s bravery!

Expect the first phase of this energy to play out across the early months of 2020, particularly once Mars, your ruling planet, shifts into your career zone in February. In late March, Mars makes a series of conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, suggesting that this is a key time for you, Aries. At this time, you’ll learn how to channel your anger and your assertive power into changing what you don’t like and don’t agree with – even if that means changing your entire career path.

Venus, a planet closely connected to finance, moves into your money zone in March and this, together with an interesting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in early April suggests that you may discover some alternative revenue streams – if you’re willing to take a leap of faith and try something new.

In July, a backdrop of the Sun in opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio makes life difficult for your work-life balance, again. Things are still tense in August too, as Mars squares up against Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in turn, in Aries: This is where you may feel the effects of this energy very personally. Perhaps your reputation is under threat, Aries, or perhaps you’re being wrongly blamed for a mishap at work. Whatever it is, you’ll want to act, but you should guard against being too impulsive, especially once Mars turns Retrograde in September. Hold your fire.

During October, a tricky Mercury Retrograde in your resources zone will need careful handling, especially if you’re dealing with creditors. Get expert advice when handling large sums of money or potential legal matters.

Once Venus shifts into your resource zone in late November, and the Mars Retrograde period ends, you’ll finally be free to take the action you wanted to take earlier in September. This is time to make a major career move, Aries, if that’s what you want. December’s powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is supportive of this – falling in your community zone, it shows that you will have or can garner support for a new venture or a new career, especially if you opt for one that’s meaningful and can make a difference in the world.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


2020 is shaping up to be something of an intellectual and ideological battleground for you, Taurus. A major Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in your philosophy zone on January 12, but this influence will remain in play for much of the year, challenging you to move beyond the truths you currently hold and into uncharted territory. This could be quite an uncomfortable experience at times, as you’ll find your ideas being questioned and your principles mocked, which is not something Taurus ever enjoys. This energy is about dealing with criticism and using it to grow, rather than being diminished by it – but that’s easier said than done, of course!

Don’t be surprised if you feel an urge to go back to school early in 2020. A Lunar Eclipse in your learning zone early in January is followed by a tricky Mercury Retrograde in your social zone in February, and the influence of these two energies, combined with the Saturn-Pluto linkup, could leave you feeling like you’re not as smart as those around you. You most certainly are, but your intellectual confidence may be fragile.

Education or training could become key at work too, during the first half of 2020. In March, taskmaster Saturn changes sign and shifts into your career zone, so you’ll likely feel tested and under pressure at work. Fortunately, Mars also moves into your ambitions zone, so you’ll have the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to meet this challenge head-on.

Astrology shows that spiritual challenges are likely to develop during April and May, when both Pluto and Jupiter turn Retrograde in your philosophy zone, leaving you with far more questions than answers. This is a good time to develop meditation skills, or to focus on a prayerful practice of some kind. Taurus, you’ll relish the privacy you have at this time of year, so make the most of the quieter period while you can. Once Mars shifts into your spiritual zone in June, you’ll be highly motivated to learn and develop new metaphysical skills – but you’ll also feel threatened by someone’s scrutiny of your spirituality.

June also marks a return to the theme of criticism against your ideas or your abilities; a Solar Eclipse falls in your skills zone and so does a Mercury Retrograde period, so you again may feel that you’re not quite reaching the mark. This waver in your confidence level isn’t helped through July, when the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, once again disrupting your intellectual confidence and making you second guess your capabilities.

Fortunately, the second half of the year is much brighter, and you should feel your confidence return from August onward. In September, Saturn and Jupiter end their Retrograde motion and you should feel able to move forward in education, training and your career. The major Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December provides a very positive boost for your working life, Taurus, giving you the chance to solidify and consolidate career progress toward a personally meaningful goal. Wrestling with the criticism and the self-doubt in the first half of the year won’t be easy, but you’ll emerge from 2020 as a much stronger person.

Love and Romance

2020 gets underway with a sense of passion and intrigue in your love life. With Mars transiting your intimacy zone, there should be plenty of memorable moments early in the year – but watch out for jealousy there too; Taurus can be a very possessive zodiac sign. When Venus transits your spiritual zone starting in late June, you’ll have the chance to deepen the karmic connection between you and your lover. This might be a good time to look into joint regression therapy or perhaps some other means of exploring your past life links to one another.

There’s a sense that something hidden may come to light which will help you both to play a stronger part in each other’s journey, especially when Venus squares up to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio in February and March. Venus conjuncts Uranus, the planet of surprises, early in March too, so that’s definitely a potential standout moment for your love life, Taurus.

Watch out for the Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in early June. This could prompt a mini crisis, especially if your relationship has become tired or jaded. This astrological energy is about finding ways to keep the magic alive, no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together.

Venus transits your family zone in September, so this would be a good month to express togetherness within the family – or even to welcome a new family member! If you’re not having a baby, maybe you might consider adding a new pet to the family. There’s certainly more than enough love to go around, and this period should prove to be a very contented time for you in your personal relationships.

If you’re single and looking, astrology suggests that October is the most promising month of the year, as Venus transits your dating zone. In October, this romantic planet also trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto combination, suggesting that you may meet someone magnetic or destined for you in some way, especially if you’re traveling or taking part in something which is very out of your comfort zone. These are all good reasons to abandon caution in October and look for adventure!

The end of 2020 looks set to have some lovely romantic influences for you too, Taurus. During November and December, Venus transits your love zone, so this is the perfect time for a romantic break, a wedding or for renewing a long-term commitment. In mid-December, another Eclipse rocks your intimacy zone – a Solar Eclipse. If you look back to the Eclipse in June, however, you should be able to see that you’ve made huge progress with your sweetheart on an issue since then. The December eclipse is a reminder to keep on keeping on – and the arrival of Venus into your passion zone the following day will certainly help!

Money and Career

2020 is almost flanked by two major planetary sign changes, both of which look likely to have a significant and positive effect on your career, Taurus. To begin with, Saturn moves into your career zone in March, and then in late December Jupiter joins Saturn there. Having these heavyweight planets in your career zone is a definite blessing, but it does mean that you’ll need to focus some major energy into work this year if you want to maximize the possibilities. You’re a hard-working Taurus, though, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Early in 2020, the focus seems to be on increasing your income . With Mars moving into your resources zone in January, you’ll be motivated to stand on your own two feet – whatever that means to you – without relying on anyone’s financial or material support. Once Saturn moves into your career zone in March, you’ll no doubt shoulder more responsibilities at work. This does mean increasing pressure, but with Mars also moving into this zone in April, you’ll have the energy to meet any challenges.

With more work and greater responsibility comes a higher reward, of course, and April sees luxury-loving Venus shifting into your money zone. Venus attracts extra income but spends it too! Be careful, Taurus, that you don’t fritter away the extra money a promotion or a new contract may bring.

May could be a tricky month, with both Venus and Saturn turning Retrograde, in your money and career zones. Tighten your belt and hold your nerve. Use that financial caution that Taurus is famous for. This could be a temporary setback, so stay calm and just keep working your way through. A Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone in June could indicate that you have to suddenly repay a debt, or that you lose a client, or lose financial support in some way; again, this could lead to some difficult moments later in the year but keep the faith.

In late September, Saturn ends its Retrograde period and you can start to breathe easy again. Once Venus moves into your everyday work zone in late October, it will be much easier to see your way ahead and you’ll start to enjoy your job again instead of considering it a necessary chore. So much so, in fact, that the Lunar Eclipse in your money zone at the end of November probably won’t bother you all that much. It may make you realize how fortunate you are, Taurus, or how much your money management has improved, but it shouldn’t suggest a crisis – nor will its accompanying Solar Eclipse in your money zone in mid-December.

In fact, Venus arrives in your resources zone in December, so you won’t feel restricted during the holiday season. Bountiful Jupiter makes the move into your career zone later in the month, and this should open up the gateway to abundance. An extremely fortuitous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also occurs in your career zone, so the astrology suggests that your hard work blends with a stroke of luck to manifest a fantastic opportunity for 2021.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


It would be fair to say that in 2020 you won’t always have the full picture, Gemini. The rare and powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in one of the most mysterious and complex zones of your chart, and this conjunction faces a series of challenges from other planets throughout the year. As a result, you may often feel as though you’re swimming in the dark, so trust will be very important. Trust in yourself, trust in the eventual outcome, and trust in those you love.

2020 will also be a year when your values are challenged and perhaps sometimes broken. Moments of astrological drama or crisis may force you to act differently than how you imagined you would, and you may resent letting yourself down. Here, forgiveness is key. Walk on a path which upholds your true values, Gemini, but recognize that you’re not perfect and you can’t always be right.

The year begins with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction settling into place in January, along with a Lunar Eclipse in your values zone and warrior planet Mars transiting your relationship zone. A rocky beginning indeed, perhaps with plenty of angry outbursts.

With Mars putting you on war footing in February, Venus shifting into your privacy zone in March and Pluto turning Retrograde in your mysteries zone in April, this period is likely to be a heated and a somewhat tense time. You’ll need to enjoy quiet moments when you can, and to find peace and solace in nature if nowhere else. Gemini needs downtime, now more than ever. May continues this theme a bit, with Venus turning Retrograde in your own sign, damping down your natural sunniness, and Jupiter turning Retrograde in your mysteries zone, adding yet more intrigue and drama to the background undercurrent.

June could be make-or-break time for a loving relationship, Gemini, which is challenged by two eclipses: A Solar Eclipse in your values zone and a Lunar Eclipse in your love zone. A tense July sees something of a stand-off in your personal life, as the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, bringing your values and your love life into conflict once again, backed by another Lunar Eclipse.

Hang in there, Gemini. From August onward, the tension will ease as sunny Venus slips into your values zone and spreads some calming, soothing balm. Astrology shows that communication gets a lot easier in September, and in October Venus lends her light to your family zone, surrounding you with comfort and love.

2020 isn’t over yet, however, and a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini in November challenges you to remember who you are and what you stand for. Your relationships are in the spotlight again in December, with a Solar Eclipse in your love zone. Once Jupiter shifts into your adventure zone in late December, a breath of fresh air enters your life. The rather wonderful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your adventure zone as the year ends suggests that new horizons are just around the corner for you. 2020 is a tough ride at times, but you’ll end the year more certain than ever of what you value, and why.

Love and Romance

The mysteries zone of your birth chart, where the important Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reigns all year, is also associated with sex, intimacy and passion, so Gemini, your love life in 2020 looks set to see some drama. Indeed, you may start the year on an argumentative note, as Mars transits your love zone. A lack of patience with your sweetheart is likely to lead to heated arguments and misunderstandings in January, but once Mars shifts into your intimacy zone in February, intense jealousy could become a problem too. Relationships at this time could easily swing from one extreme to another, or you may find yourself in an intoxicating – but ultimately toxic – situation.

In March, Venus makes a series of trines to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which highlight the mysterious and somewhat otherworldly nature of your relationships. Expect to feel a psychic connection to your partner, or perhaps to uncover hidden information about them, which will set your Gemini curiosity on fire. This is neither good nor bad in itself; how you react to it will be key.

Pluto turns Retrograde in your intimacy zone in April, but Venus arrives in your own zodiac sign. The net effect is that you’re able to put a brave face on a tense love situation, but deep down, you’re worried. When Venus also turns Retrograde in May, you may struggle to maintain your composure or be easily upset. It’s important to keep talking throughout this period. It’s only as much of a crisis as you allow it to become, Gemini. Indeed, the Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in June could be a healing event; it does not necessarily suggest the beginning of a problem.

There is likely to be undeniable tension in your relationship through July, however. Astrology suggests that this is because the Sun forms a series of oppositions to the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto linkup, pitting your own deeply-held values against your love life. It could be that you’re involved in something illicit and you feel guilty about it, or perhaps you know that you’re being overly suspicious or overbearing with your partner – but you just can’t help it. A Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in July suggests someone is being under-handed. Tread carefully at this time.

So, a somewhat tense start to the year it may be, but the last quarter of 2020 holds promising news for your love life, Gemini. In mid-October, Venus trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio, suggesting that warmth and love from a family vibe will trump any underhanded nastiness, interference from others or misplaced jealousy. Once Venus shifts into your fun zone in late October, you should be feeling much happier – and this is the perfect time for dating someone new if you’re single, or for just having fun, Gemini style.

There is one last challenge on the horizon, in the shape of a Solar Eclipse in your love zone in December. However, Venus at this point is smoothly sailing through the same area, so you should be able to end 2020 on a romantic high.

Money and Career

Because the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction falls in an area of your chart often associated with money, there will be inevitable financial changes along the way in 2020. You’ll get a taste of this straight away, with a Lunar Eclipse in your money zone in early January. A shock bill or a sudden expense may take you from feeling comfortable and secure to suddenly feeling rather vulnerable. It’s a timely reminder, Gemini, to not take too much for granted in this complex year.

Elsewhere, however, the signs are good that you start the year on a confident note in our professional life. Venus is in your career zone, so you’re making a good impression at work and you’re able to do well in sales, marketing or anything which requires persuasion – always a Gemini strength. Watch out for Mercury turning Retrograde here in February – keep your actions above-board and don’t be tempted to get involved in anything underhand. Mars moves into your resources zone, urging you to make more money, but how you make it will truly matter.

May could see a decline in your income for a period, as bountiful Jupiter turns Retrograde in your resources zone. However, ambitious Mars arrives in your career zone – you may be working harder, but for less financial reward. Does that matter? Not necessarily, if the emotional or spiritual rewards are good enough for you.

A slightly trickier time comes in June, with an intense Solar Eclipse in your money zone and a Mercury Retrograde in there too. With the Sun opposing the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio through July, there is clear astrological tension between your money zone and your resource zone, or to put it another way, between your material values and less tangible values. There’s a Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone in July too. Taken together, these energies are about the morality of how you make your living. Gemini, you’ll need to balance your desire to make money with your desire to do good. Not always easy by any means.

Financial pressure may ease during August, when luxury-loving Venus moves into your money zone, although that probably means you’ll be over-spending again. Try to reign it in, especially ahead of the Venus-Jupiter opposition at the end of August. You don’t have to spend like crazy in order to invite abundance into your life!

During the second half of 2020, the key message is to avoid financial risks. Financial matters should be relatively steady until the end of the year from this point, but bad decision making, or an irrational risk could land you in trouble again, Gemini, especially when the Sun squares the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio in October. The key to ending 2020 on a financially secure basis is to consolidate what you have instead of demanding more.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 21)


2020 may be a year of profound and transformative change in your love life or in your closest personal relationships. The year’s major astrological event, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, takes place on January 12 in your love zone, Cancer, and its effects will be felt there for most of the rest of the year. This conjunction is all about protest, force and propaganda – on a personal level, this energy could be tumultuous indeed, and it speaks of uneven power dynamics within a relationship which you’ll need to address.

Although that may sound grim, it’s important to note that Saturn and Pluto are both celestial karmic teachers in astrology; whenever these planets end or tear down something, it’s only so that something better can grow in its place. Relationships that survive this process will be strengthened immeasurably; those that don’t will leave you feeling a sense of freedom and renewal.

Two days before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, there’s a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, setting the scene very early in 2020 for dramatic change. Given that argumentative Mars moves into your love zone in February, and taskmaster Saturn shifts into your intimacy zone in March – where he is later joined by Mars – it seems clear that the first three months of 2020 will be a testing time for love and there could be a lot of anger and bitterness on the scene.

During April, May and June, a more reflective period gives you time to catch your breath. Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus all Retrograde at some point during this period, urging you to collect your thoughts and to plan your strategy for the rest of the year. If the first three months have been tough, this second quarter is a time to lick your wounds, apply some healing balm and get your head back in order. A Solar Eclipse in your sign in June will help you to understand what’s truly important to you, Cancer, and how you want to assert your identity moving forwards.

July may be an astrological crunch point in relationship issues, as the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto line-up, forcing you to choose between what’s best for you versus what’s best for your relationship. However, once Venus arrives in Cancer in August, you’ll feel more at peace and more confident in the choices you’re making.

Toward the end of 2020, the focus shifts to your working life. Mars turns Retrograde in your career zone in September, so this is a good time to re-assess your professional progress and to think about where you want to head next. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in October warns you not to make promises you can’t keep nor take uncalculated risks in love or money. December’s astrology, however, sees a very fortunate Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the area of your birth chart that deals with passion and intimacy as well as resources and finances – with bountiful Jupiter set to remain there for some time, 2021 looks set to be a much less stressful year with good promise for your finances and your love life.

Love and Romance

As mentioned, there are challenges throughout 2020 in your romantic life, most of which come courtesy of the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early January. If you’re in an established relationship, it is likely to be heavily tested this year. If you’re single, you may enter a new relationship, but one which is very unevenly balanced, perhaps with one partner much more powerful than the other – physically, emotionally, financially or socially. Alternatively, a new relationship may be more of a convenience match than a love match. Either way, don’t expect dating to be plain sailing this year – and whatever you do, Cancer, don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Things get off to a rocky start straight away with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becoming exact on January 12. Venus squares up to this alliance in late February, so your attempts to smooth things over may be unsuccessful then, especially since warrior planet Mars is also transiting your love zone, stirring things up and raising tempers.

Saturn shifts into your intimacy zone in March, bringing a certain aloofness or coldness into play, and in late April, manipulative Pluto turns Retrograde in your love zone. During this period, astrology suggests that relationships may be characterized by power plays, jealousy and the giving or withholding of intimacy as some kind of reward or punishment. Not a very healthy vibe! If you’re single, early March brings the chance of a surprise encounter which could lead to who-knows-what, as Venus conjuncts Uranus in your social zone.

Late March brings signs of relief from the relationship pressure, as Venus is in trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This suggests that friends may step in to help or support you, or that romantic interest may come from someone who is ‘just a friend’. Don’t rush into anything; allow any new feelings time to grow and develop during April. In May, when Jupiter and Saturn turn Retrograde in your love and intimacy zones respectively, Venus also turns Retrograde, but in your spiritual zone. Someone you feel a karmic connection with could turn out to be very important in this mix.

It’s in July when the clearest indications of relationship trouble arise, as the Sun opposes the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto mix, urging you to put your own interests first, ahead of your joint relationship interests. Something has to give, so your relationship, by the end of July is unlikely to look the same as it did at the beginning of the year, especially following July’s Lunar Eclipse in your love zone.

You can catch your breath from August onwards, Cancer. Venus shifts into Cancer and in late October, Venus once again trines the difficult Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, this time helping to ease communication and understanding. Venus arrives in your playful zone in November, lightening the atmosphere still further –there is light at the end of this long, long tunnel. The feel-good Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December occurs in your intimacy zone, so this should finally allow you to start to move forward more positively.

Money and Career

Although your year is likely to be dominated by relationship issues, there are some very positive signs that your financial situation and your career can make good progress throughout 2020.

You start the year with ambitious Mars shifting into your everyday work zone. This will help you get a lot done, regardless of your emotional state. In fact, focusing on work will be helpful to you if other areas of your life are in a state of flux, so throw yourself into getting the job done and doing it to the best of your ability. Venus moves into your career zone in February, which suggests that you’ll make a good professional impression when and where it counts. This also hints at an increase in income, or at least an ability to spend more on life’s luxuries. Don’t hesitate to spoil yourself, Cancer!

Once Mars moves into your resources zone in March, you’ll be driven to pay off debts or reduce credit card balances. Watch out for trouble in a business partnership or financial relationship in April, though, when Pluto turns Retrograde in your investment zone. Negotiate carefully and be aware of someone else’s power over your business or your career.

Venus goes Retrograde in your secrets zone in May; this astrological energy can suggest a lot of emotionally based comfort spending, so if other areas of your life are stressful at this time, try not to let that lead you to blowing your budget.

June is a definite high point in your professional life this year, Cancer, with energetic, driven Mars arriving in your career zone, and staying put for the rest of the year. There could be a bit of a false start during the middle or late part of the year, however, especially if you’re starting a new job or a new business. Mars turns Retrograde in your career zone in September, so you may need to do a bit of a rethink, but your overall direction is good and positive. Venus also arrives in your money zone in September, promising an increase in your income.

Work may become entangled with your private life at some point in late September when a difficult square aspect between Mars and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium suggests that your career and your relationship are antagonizing each other. Getting the balance right will be difficult, but it can be done.

Heading into December, we find a Solar Eclipse in your everyday work zone. This could be a wakeup call for you, Cancer, if you’ve been putting in too many hours – your stress levels could be through the roof. Take a look at how you can work toward your ambitions without compromising your health.

Jupiter shifts into your resources zone in late December, which is good news indeed. This bountiful planet makes a very helpful conjunction to Saturn too, which suggests a combination of stability and growth in your income during 2021 – so after a good year in which you’ve made progress, you can expect to grow further in the following twelve months.

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Leo (July 22 - August 22)


As a Fixed sign, Leo, you tend to like your routines – but 2020 will be dominated by a shift in your attitude toward routines, daily life, and the stress of feeling hemmed in. The year’s major astrological event, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, occurs in your health and everyday work zone, suggesting that pressure is mounting and that something has to give. During 2020, you’re likely to discover that no, you can’t do it all, have it all, succeed in it all. You’ll learn to re-assess your priorities and to shift your energies into better balance – but it won’t be an easy ride.

The year starts as it means to go on, with a Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone, underlining that you’re tired, jaded and unsure where to go next. Shortly thereafter, on January 12, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becomes exact. Its effects will linger through the year, but in mid-January you can expect the first of your wakeup calls, possibly health related.

During February, Mercury turns Retrograde in one of the deepest psychological parts of your chart, so this is a good time to start mental health therapy. At the same time, Mars shifts into your health and everyday work zone, which should bring two things: A boost to your vitality and an increasing urge to work even harder. Don’t allow the second to sabotage the first.

March’s astrology brings stability to your closest relationship, as Saturn shifts into your love zone, but in April and May Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all turn Retrograde. These energies will give you a chance to reflect on your work and your relationship, and perhaps to start removing things which are causing angst but no reward. However, be careful – don’t allow anger or resentment to cloud your judgement, Leo, especially once Mars arrives in your intimacy zone in May.

A Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in June highlights once again the need to escape from the pressures of everyday life. During July, the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, neatly symbolizing the tug of war between your desire for peace and quiet versus the tumult in your busy day-to-day life. A Lunar Eclipse in your health zone in July could be another turning point, proving to you that something simply has got to give.

August and September are months when you can start again from a more peaceful and stable base; perhaps getting accustomed to new and less stressful routines or necessary health adjustments. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in your family zone in October needs careful handling, and there could be some family secrets emerging at this time – but overall the last few months of 2020’s astrology brings a stable time for you, when you’ll start to feel more settled and confident.

In December, bountiful Jupiter shifts into your love zone, while a Solar Eclipse in your dating zone and the arrival of Venus suggests a much more fun approach to your love life. The well-meaning Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in your love zone in late December also suggests that 2020 ends on a romantic high.

Love and Romance

Your love life gets off to a good start in January, with Venus transiting your relationship and then passion zone, while energetic Mars is in your dating and fun zone. However, your love life may be overshadowed by high-pressure events in your health or your everyday stress levels. So, make the most of loving interludes while you can, Leo, as the joy you’ll get from your love life will help you to face anything else life throws at you.

March is a standout month for romance, with the arrival of stabilizing Saturn in your love zone, shortly to be joined by amorous Mars. This is an excellent month for a wedding, engagement or other long-term commitment, although do be aware that Mars can bring anger as well as passion!

If you’re single and looking, April looks like a good month for meeting someone new, with Venus shifting into your social zone. Someone you previously considered a friend could reveal they feel something more intense – whether that feeling is mutual is another matter. With Venus turning Retrograde in your social zone in May, and Saturn similarly turning Retrograde in your love zone, astrology suggests you’ll have some careful thinking to do about whether or not you want to rock the boat for the sake of a new love.

With Mars shifting into your passion zone, impulsive decisions may seem almost irresistible, but they inevitably come with a cost. This may be sharply illustrated by the Lunar Eclipse in your risk zone in June. Whatever you do or choose not to do, Leo, make sure it’s an informed and well thought out choice, as the repercussions – either way – are likely to last for months, until Venus settles into your spiritual zone in August. There, Venus will give you a break from intensity, and will allow you to take a more spiritual view of your relationships, perhaps strengthening a karmic bond.

In September, Venus arrives in Leo, and this month should see you at your gregarious and lively best, especially in romance. If you’re dating, this is the time to go full-on Leo, which is likely to charm just about anyone!

In October, the focus shifts slightly away from your love life and toward your family life. Mercury Retrograde occurs in your family zone, so communication within the clan could be tricky at this time – especially between you and your kids, or between you and the older generation. Dig deep to find some tact and patience. Once Venus arrives in your family zone in November, the worst of that episode will have passed.

Romantically, December is the highlight of 2020, Leo, as generous, warm-hearted Jupiter arrives in your love zone. This month also sees a Solar Eclipse in your dating and fun zone, and the arrival of Venus in that area too – so perhaps someone new on the scene sweeps you off your feet. Once Jupiter conjuncts Saturn late in the month, something highly significant to your love life takes shape, and it will be a very positive landmark, too – what’s not to love about that?

Money and Career

As mentioned, Leo, the major planetary energies during 2020 are focused on your daily working life and the stresses and pressures that may inflict upon your health. It’s vital, starting at the very beginning of the year, that you pay attention to how your work and your health are linked, and that you make the right choices when it comes to prioritizing your career or your wellbeing – because the astrological line-up this year suggests that the one will, temporarily at least, have to come at the expense of the other.

With Mars in your risk zone in January and then pushing into your everyday work zone in February, you may start the year with a somewhat cavalier attitude toward all this, despite some potential health-related shocks in January. Venus spends this time in your resources zone, so financially, all seems well – but if you have ignored January’s warning signs, a tense opposition between Mars and the Jupiter-Pluto alignment in late March could bring yet another work and stress-related shock. Venus moves into your career zone in March, so use her astrological energies to try to create less stressful, kinder, more pleasant working conditions for yourself.

Pluto turns Retrograde in your health and work zone in April, as does Jupiter in May. These months are a time to carefully consider your routine and the demands you place on yourself. Cut out things which don’t serve you and demand fair treatment at work. If you’re being put upon by others, that is not sustainable. You have more power than you think in this situation, Leo, and you can negotiate a better solution.

Financially, Mars’ arrival in your resources zone in May is a positive astrological sign that your income can increase, or at the very least that your debts can fall. The Lunar Eclipse in your risk zone in June, however, warns against taking any kind of risk with money then. Play it safe and seek expert financial advice if you’re investing or spending large amounts of money.

During July, the major tensions between your health and your work are revealed yet again, as the Sun makes a series of opposition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, coupled with a Lunar Eclipse in your health zone. This could be your final opportunity to turn things around, so do not ignore the signs that you’re still taking on too much. You may fear that cutting back on work will adversely affect your income, but the financial signs remain positive.

Indeed, in October, Venus moves into your money zone, which is usually a good sign of increased wealth – and spending to match. Late in October, Venus trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio, suggesting that increasing income is linked to decreasing stress, which would certainly be a win-win!

As the year draws to a close, watch out for a Solar Eclipse in your risk zone on December 25. Venus moves into your fun zone around this time, suggesting that over-spending could be an issue, Leo. Avoid splashing out more than you can afford or getting caught up in holiday buying madness.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


This year’s major astrological news – the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction – occurs in your fun zone but frankly, Virgo, this is not a fun vibe. During 2020, you’ll need to think seriously about your responsibilities and perhaps ditch some of your hobbies or more pleasurable pursuits in favor of very grown-up stuff.

January begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your social zone, swiftly followed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so it seems that friends may be letting you down as the year begins. With Mars transiting your family zone now, there could be hot tempers at home, too. During February, a tricky Mercury Retrograde occurs in your love zone, around the same time as argumentative Mars shifts into your creativity zone – perhaps your partner doesn’t understand your hobby or wants you to spend less time or money enjoying yourself.

It’s when serious and sober Saturn shifts into your everyday life zone in March that responsibilities really start to weigh heavily on your life. Mars arrives too, highlighting the frustration you’ll probably feel when duty calls and everything else has to take a backseat. When Pluto turns Retrograde in your creative zone in April, it’s a chance to get back to basics and to rethink what you’re trying to create, and why. Jupiter joins Pluto in Retrograde during May, while Saturn also turns Retrograde in your everyday duties zone – so while your leisure time is hampered, Virgo, your responsibilities are growing. Mars shifts into your love zone during this period, so it wouldn’t be surprising if astrological tensions spilled over into your relationship during this time.

June sees a Solar Eclipse in your social zone, plus a Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, so your place in the world is really being tested. You may feel that you can’t do anything right, as friends, family, and your partner all demand different things from you. Fortunately, Mars shifts into your resources zone in June, so you’ll be able to dig deep to find the strength you need. As a Virgo, you’re nothing if not resourceful. In July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto combo which again reinforces the need to give up some leisure activities to make room for obligations, and another Lunar Eclipse in early July backs this up.

Things look brighter as Venus shifts into your spirituality zone in September, giving you some peace of mind and a valuable period of quiet. Mercury Retrograde in your communication zone in October is a challenge, but not one you can’t meet. Toward the end of the year, it’s time to think about how your work-life-family balance can be improved – especially following the Lunar Eclipse in your career zone in November, and a Solar Eclipse in your family zone in December. Fortunately, Jupiter arrives in your responsibilities zone in December, and makes a very constructive conjunction to Saturn, astrologically lightening your load, sharing out the responsibility and freeing up some more of your valuable time.

Love and Romance

In 2020, Virgo, your love life looks to be relatively pain-free if you’re already in an existing relationship, with several sweet periods. If you’re dating, however, be aware that the zone highlighted by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January also rules dating in astrology – so if you do meet someone new, they could be quite compelling, but ultimately rather karmic for you. Still, intrigue and passion are a volatile mix, Virgo, and any new romances begun this year are likely to be quite intoxicating.

Venus moves into your love zone in January, and then into your passion zone in February, so the year starts well enough in terms of love. Late February is an interesting time to be a single Virgo, as Mars arrives in your dating zone, while Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction – this suggests that risk-taking in love could feel irresistible. That theme continues through March too, with Venus trine to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio in March suggesting that an impulsive trip or journey could well lead to love. Try to avoid acting too impulsively in April and May, however, as Pluto turns Retrograde in your risk zone, as does Jupiter. Meanwhile, Venus Retrogrades in your career zone, so any wild card choices in romance could impact up on your working life.

Mars moves into your love zone in May, which could prompt arguments over selfishness; when Mars moves on to your intimacy zone in June, this could bring either increased passion or increased anger – or both, with a side-helping of jealousy, too. In July, the increasing sense of duty you feel – illustrated by the Sun’s opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto combination – may quell any feelings of romance and leave you with little time for love. A Lunar Eclipse in your dating zone in early July could suggest an out-of-the-blue encounter, but don’t expect it to last.

The tone lightens during August, when Venus moves into your social zone. Whether or not you’re in a relationship, Virgo, this looks set to be a very good month for mingling and having some long-overdue fun; don’t allow your serious Virgo nature to drag you down. Jealousy could become an issue again in September, when Mars turns Retrograde in your passion zone. Avoid anything underhand during this period, as the truth will win out.

During October, Venus moves into Virgo, helping you to feel both more confident and more aware of what you need from a relationship. In late October in particular, Venus trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto blend, suggesting an increased sense of self-esteem, especially in dating or a new relationship. As 2020 draws to a close, the Solar Eclipse in your family zone in December could suggest disapproval of your love life – but Venus is transiting the same area at this time as well, and will help smooth over any cracks.

Money and Career

You look set to have an on-off relationship with risk and finances during 2020. As a Virgo, you’re normally cautious with money, but the Saturn-Pluto conjunction does shake things up a bit and you’re even more unlikely to take a risk than ever before. This is especially true in January, when that rare conjunction occurs. In March, Saturn’s arrival in your astrological everyday work zone signifies that your job could become hard work, with plenty of pressure and deadlines, but as Mars comes together with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, you have all the determination you need to be successful.

April is an interesting month for money. Pluto turns Retrograde in your risk zone, but Venus moves into your status zone, so you’ll probably want to be seen to spend money or to keep up with the neighbors. Avoid spending simply for status, especially once Venus turns Retrograde in May, with Jupiter also turning Retrograde in your risk zone around that time.

Astrology suggests that June is a good month for consolidating your finances and finding new income streams. With Mars moving into your resources zone, you’ll be adept at monetizing a hobby or finding a side hustle, driven by a desire to pay off debts or to accumulate wealth. July is a major period when risk and responsibility play off each other, due to the Sun’s opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio. A Lunar Eclipse early in the month in your risk zone means it’s especially important to keep a sharp eye out in July, Virgo, and to seek expert advice when you need it.

Your income may falter a little in September, while Mars is Retrograde in your resources zone. Mid-October is a danger point for losing money. As the Sun squares up to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, beware of scams and get-rich-quick schemes. Venus follows suit, making the same square aspects in mid-November, when there’s also a Lunar Eclipse in your status zone – another warning against spending money you don’t really have in an attempt to look good. Nobody is fooled, Virgo.

There is plenty of good news to end the year with. In December, bountiful Jupiter moves into your everyday work zone, promising easier relationships with colleagues, more respect for what you do, and greater freedom at work. Late in the month, a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn suggests big changes are on the way at work, and these will be very beneficial. If you’ve successfully navigated the balance between leisure and responsibility during the year, it’s in December that you’ll find the ties loosening, so you can start once again to enjoy your free time without so many restrictions.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)


How stable are you feeling, Libra? Nice and secure? Good. But prepare to have that challenged to its core in 2020. The year’s major astrological event, a rare conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, rocks your home and family zone, signifying that big changes are on the way: Where you live, how you live, or the way your family dynamics operate. Ultimately these astrological changes will be positive, but it may not feel that way as they unfold, so you may be in for a bumpy ride.

The changes in your family life may find a root cause in career changes, as suggested by the Lunar Eclipse in January in your career zone, which is swiftly followed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becoming exact. Once Mercury turns Retrograde in your routines zone in February, and combative Mars arrives in your home zone, you may start to feel that change is inevitable.

In March, Saturn moves into your play zone, but so does Mars, and the conflict between seriousness versus impulsivity may underline that creatively, as well as in your leisure time, everything is being squeezed. Pluto turns Retrograde in your home zone in April, while Venus shifts into your adventure zone, so, Libra, it seems this is definitely a time to reconsider your home base – whether that’s moving home, renovating or simply seeking new pastures. You may find that your initial efforts are blocked, though, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all turning Retrograde in May. It may not be until a Solar Eclipse in your career zone in June that your astrological path becomes clear. If this does turn out to be a move or a shift in family dynamics connected to your career, it may get off to a rather sudden and rocky start.

Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio, highlighting conflict between your family life and your working life. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, so dramatic action may be required. In August, Venus shifts into your career zone, so you seem to have made your choice and prioritized your work life at that point – and once the choice is made, the uneasiness around your home life will start to settle down. Much to your relief, no doubt, as Libra doesn’t do conflict!

September’s astrology shows that it takes a while for new routines to become comfortable, with Mars turning Retrograde in your relationships zone, but with Venus in your social zone it’s a light-hearted time, following the stress of the past few months. Don’t be surprised if you still feel itchy feet though, even if you have already moved home, or are planning to – especially in November, when a Lunar Eclipse in your adventure zone urges you to see more of the world.

As 2020 draws to a close, Jupiter moves into your play zone and the stress starts to melt away. A promising Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in this area in late December sets you up to strongly enter 2021 from a more stable and secure base, and with a smile on your face.

Love and Romance

The expected upheaval in your family or home life will obviously have repercussions and reflections in your love life too, Libra. If you’re already in a relationship, the good news is that it appears to be strong enough to weather this storm. Despite the Saturn-Pluto conjunction already in force by mid-January, you start the year in a loving mood, and when Venus arrives in your relationships zone in February, that only gets stronger. Be careful that you address issues as they come up though, instead of glossing over them. A tricky square from Venus to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late February hints that undercurrents of tension do exist.

If you’re single, the early part of the year is not an ideal time for meeting a new partner. With Saturn shifting into your dating zone in March, you may find that your social time is somewhat limited, in any case. In an established relationship, however, Venus’s arrival in your passion zone in March, and Mars’ entrance to your fun zone, suggest that a loving relationship is still going well, despite time constraints and external stress.

It’s probably during May, June and July that your love life will feel most of the tension. When Saturn turns Retrograde in your fun zone in May, love suddenly feels an awful lot like hard work, Libra. In June, Mars moves into your love zone, where it will stay for the rest of the year – this brings passion, but also temper and anger, so it’s a difficult transit to manage. The Sun’s opposition to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in July will further inflame tensions, as will July’s Lunar Eclipse in your family zone.

You may feel that you need to prioritize your job over your family life, especially in August, when Venus shifts into your career zone. To keep your sweetheart on board with this, Libra, be super-clear about why you’re doing it, and what benefits it will ultimately bring to you both. Venus opposes the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio during August, so good communication is definitely needed in order to keep things on an even keel.

The good news is that any tension in your love life should evaporate in September, when light-hearted and sociable Venus transits your social zone – it’s a great time for going out with friends and other couples or for getting involved in a joint community project. If you’re single, September is also one of the better months for seeking new love. Venus transits your spiritual zone in October, so it’s a quiet period of reflection, before arriving in your zodiac sign in late October, highlighting your romantic and sociable qualities.

There could be an astrological blip in mid-November when Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto mix once more, and accusations of selfishness may fly. However, the arrival of Jupiter in your fun zone in December will do a huge amount of good for your relationship and will help you to rediscover where the magic lies.

Money and Career

At various points in 2020, the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your home zone is opposed by planets transiting your career zone, so big career changes this year look likely to impact upon your home life – and vice versa. It all kicks off very early in the year with a Lunar Eclipse in your career zone in January, which probably starts you off asking questions about where you’re going and where you really ought to be heading, Libra.

Colleagues and/or your working conditions could become troublesome in February, and with Mercury Retrograde in your everyday work zone at that time, you’ll struggle to keep your temper or to assert yourself in getting what you need at work. When Saturn, together with Mars, moves into your risk zone in March, frustrations at work could easily boil over into other areas of your life. It’s as if you’re pushing to get ahead, but something else is pulling you back and preventing your progress. The astrology suggests that what’s needed is a complete rethink.

It’s in May, when Mars arrives in your everyday work zone, that you’ll find the energy and the motivation to start making necessary changes in your working life. A Solar Eclipse in June in your career zone may prompt dramatic or sudden action, but with Mercury Retrograde in your career zone then, you’ll need to think very carefully before making any major decisions. A Lunar Eclipse in your communication zone in June doesn’t help, so ensure that you’re very clear in what you say on this topic.

Conflict between your career and your family life is rife during July, when the Sun opposes the Saturn-Pluto combination and highlights your competing priorities. Libra hates conflict of any kind, but when Venus arrives in your career zone in August, you’ll find progress at work much easier – and the easier you can move ahead, the more the tension at home will drain away, so hang on in there.

Mercury turns Retrograde in your money and work zone in October, so there is still some frustration there on a day-to-day basis, but overall, the direction of your working life is solid. Watch out for some possible shady dealings though; seek expert advice before investing. Venus moves into your money zone in November, upping your love of luxury and encouraging quite a bit of spending – great if you can afford it, Libra, but avoid going into debt with holiday-related blowouts.

As 2020 draws to a close, your creativity is highlighted, and there are suggestions that you could make a move into a new, more creative career, or perhaps use some of your existing skills to create an exciting side hustle. Jupiter’s arrival in your creativity zone is what makes this possible in mid-December – potentially something very positive to explore in 2021.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


Your challenge during 2020, Scorpio, is likely to be learning to switch focus between details and the bigger picture. You like to obsessively plan and to stay in control, but this year’s astrological events will challenge that, principally through the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurs in your intellectual zone. You’ll need to learn the difference between what you can control and what you can’t, and you’ll also want to rethink your strategy for short-term and long-term planning.

Your beliefs and principles may be challenged too, as suggested by the Lunar Eclipse in your philosophy zone as 2020 gets underway. This is followed, just a couple of days later, by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, which rocks what you think you know. Your normally strong communicative skills may be undermined in February when Mercury turns Retrograde in your risk zone, and with Mars arriving in your intellectual zone, your mind may be racing but your words aren’t keeping up!

The good news is that your home and family life look secure and settled this year, according to the astrology, so this provides a solid base from which you can address this existential, intellectual, philosophical crisis. Saturn moves into your family zone in March, keeping things on a steady and even keel there, while Venus transits your love zone, bringing harmony and peace.

It may briefly be a different story in April and May, however, when Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all Retrograde, bringing jealousies or anger to the fore, especially once Mars moves into your risk zone in May. A lot of this may be connected to the intellectual hoops you’re having to jump through, Scorpio, perhaps your partner isn’t fully on board with your urge for self-exploration this year, or with your many changes of mind and principle.

A Solar Eclipse in your philosophy zone in June finds you having to defend your beliefs, which you’ll do with typical Scorpio passion, but with Mercury Retrograde in the same zone, you’ll find it tricky. Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so your conflicts between detail and scope, ideas and reality, and ethics and principles will intensify until your head is spinning. July and August is a very good time for a spiritual or philosophical getaway if you can manage it. A week or two in a retreat would be the ideal way to sort your head out, especially once Venus moves into your travel zone in August.

There’s a reflective theme to early fall too, with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in October, and Venus transiting your spiritual zone before arriving in Scorpio in November. A Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in November suggests a sudden relationship issue which will need careful attention – however, once Jupiter moves into your family zone in December, you should find that your stress eases and your intellectual gymnastics can calm down too. You’ll end 2020 with very different ideas and beliefs than how you started, but that’s good for your growth.

Love and Romance

2020’s astrology looks set to be relatively quiet for your love life, Scorpio. If you’re in a relationship, and you’re happy, you’ll most likely stay that way. Troubled relationships may stumble along too, as you’ll lack the motivation or drive to really address these issues head-on for the time being. If you’re single, the year is not a hotbed of romance, but it’s not completely bare of love – January and February are probably the best months for dating.

Venus transits your dating zone in January, so this is a good time to either meet someone new or to refresh the magic in an existing relationship. Watch out for Mercury turning Retrograde in this zone during February, though. It’s still a good time for meeting new people, but you can’t quite control your personal image as well as you’d like to.

March is an important month for an established relationship, as Saturn arrives in your family zone, providing a boost to stability and security. At the same time, Venus moves into your love zone and conjuncts Uranus, the planet of surprises – this is a very healthy influence that could help a jaded relationship get out of a rut and back to full vitality. There’s an increase in astrological passion during April, Scorpio, when Venus moves into your intimacy zone, but Venus’ Retrograde motion here during May could stir up long-dormant jealousies. May is not a great time for dating, because with Mars transiting your dating zone, you’re likely to come across as simply too much for a new person to handle!

A quiet mid-year on the romantic front gives you plenty of time to deepen your bond with your partner or to find love and affection from friends, family and cherished pets if you’re single. In August, when Venus moves into your travel and adventure zone, the astrology suggests that an all-action romantic getaway would be ideal. If you’re single, you may meet someone new while traveling, or perhaps in an adventurous or high-risk situation. In September, Venus moves on to your career zone, so single Scorpios may begin a workplace romance.

Mercury Retrograde occurs in Scorpio in October, which could make you somewhat less charming or eloquent than normal, so watch out for blunt responses which could upset people. Later in October and through mid-November, Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from your spiritual zone, so a karmic mismatch in your love life may make itself known, and you’ll have to do some work to get things back onto an even kilter.

This culminates in a Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in November, and the arrival of Venus in Scorpio. If you’re willing to put in the effort, this is nothing that should rock a stable relationship too much – it’s just a warning to pay attention to the dynamics of your love. As 2020 draws to a close, the arrival of Jupiter in your family zone is a very welcome sight, suggesting joy, harmony and generosity of spirit at home – certainly a very good way to end the year.

Money and Career

There doesn’t look to be any major astrological upheavals in your career or your financial life during 2020, so it’s a good time to consolidate the progress you’ve already made. Watch out for over-spending as the year begins, however, with Venus transiting your risk zone and Mars transiting your financial zone. A desire to buy things could become overwhelming at points, so it’s important to set a budget if you can. In February, Mercury turns Retrograde in your risk zone, so at that time in particular don’t make major investments or purchases without expert advice first, Scorpio.

During February, Venus moves into your everyday work zone, so you’ll want to make changes at work that make life easier for you. Re-organize your office or tighten up your schedule to create more free time. You also might think about brightening up your work environment with homely or comfortable touches too – anything that helps you focus or inspires you. Maybe Feng Shui would help. In late February, Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto combination, however, so don’t spend too much money on your immediate surroundings if it would be better spent elsewhere.

April’s astrology is useful for seeking investment or financial assistance. Venus moves into your resources zone, so you’ll be able to make a very good impression on others. Once Venus turns Retrograde in this zone in May, focus on paying off or consolidating debts, or shopping around to get a better, savvier deal. Mars moves into your creativity zone in May, so it’s also a good time to look at building a creative side hustle of some kind, using your artistic or craft skills.

A Lunar Eclipse in your money zone in June could bring a shock, but at worst it will teach you the value of saving money for a rainy day, Scorpio. With Mars in your everyday work zone at this time, you should be able to weather any financial problems without too much difficulty, so you can spend the following few months increasing your income if necessary.

Come September, Mars turns Retrograde in your everyday work zone, however, and this could bring some confusion at work. Lost paperwork, misplaced payments or mistakes made in haste – these things will try your patience, but if you slow down, they are easy enough to correct. Venus moves into your career zone in September, so you may be thinking of seeking a promotion or looking for a better paid job. Interviews are best avoided during the Mercury Retrograde period in October, however, as this occurs in Scorpio and could hamper the impression you give.

As the year ends, two eclipses – a Lunar Eclipse in November and a Solar Eclipse in December – may challenge your financial beliefs, asking you to think carefully about what you truly value. With Venus in your money zone in December, you’ll also need to guard against overspending during the holiday period.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)


A major theme through 2020 is likely to be your changing relationship with money, Sagittarius. The biggest astrological event of the year, the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction, takes place January 12 in your money zone, and the effects of this will be felt on and off throughout the rest of 2020. When Saturn and Pluto join forces, the resulting energy is compulsive, protesting and somewhat forced. The changes which come to your finances this year are unlikely to be welcome, at least initially. Bear in mind, however, that all of these changes will be for the good in the long run – but it may not seem that way when you’re caught in the maelstrom.

The year begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone, swiftly followed days later by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so straight away you’re likely to find that a debt must be repaid or that a source of funding is cut off. January and February may also bring astrological tumult in your love life, Sagittarius, with passionate Mars stirring up intrigue, Venus shifting into your risk zone in February and a Mercury Retrograde in your family zone suggesting that it’s hard to tell the truth to your loved ones about what exactly may be going on.

During the early months of the year, potential conflict in love continues. Although Venus arrives in your love zone in April, offering some calmer waters, the romance planet soon turns Retrograde in May, leaving you questioning exactly where your relationship may be heading. At the same time, Mars arrives in your family zone, so tensions at home may be on the rise. This is likely to come to a head in June, when a Lunar Eclipse in your own sign is followed by a Solar Eclipse in your passion zone. However, Mars’ arrival in your fun zone helps you to re-find the joy and the magic which brought you and your lover together. If you’re single, Sagittarius, the best time for dating is from June onwards, when your happy-go-lucky nature will prove very attractive.

During July, looming financial issues rear up again, as the Sun makes a series of tense oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Credit may be refused, debts are being chased, and you may not know where your next penny is coming from. The key is to shift your attitude toward money. Instead of worrying about what you haven’t got, be grateful for what you have. In August, once Venus arrives in your resource zone, you’ll be able to rethink what you value, and you’ll figure out that some things in life matter far more than money.

In September, Mars Retrogrades in your fun zone, so be careful not to take leisure pursuits to extremes – stay away from dangerous sports, for instance! Venus moves into your travel zone, so the astrology this month is ideal for a romantic getaway. The last quarter of the year sees a focus on reflection, as you get to grips with a difficult previous nine months. Mercury Retrograde in your privacy zone will help with this. A Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December is a sign of a fresh start, and a new understanding as you move into 2021.

Love and Romance

The first six months of 2020 could be tricky for an established relationship, Sagittarius with indications of potential illicit love affairs or something underhand going on. January’s Lunar Eclipse in your passion zone is the first hint of something hidden, and with Mars in your zodiac sign, there may be a highly intense and passionate, but ultimately risky, encounter. As much as you may want to be honest about something, Mercury’s Retrograde period in February falls in your family zone, and you may decide that silence is the best policy, even as Venus moves into your risk zone and ups the stakes still further.

Of course, you may not be doing anything illicit at all – but the planetary activity suggests that either the temptation (for you) or the suspicion (toward your partner) will be an issue. Take the opportunity in April to try to smooth things over a little, as Venus arrives in your love zone. This is important, because in May, Venus turns Retrograde, leaving words unspoken and feelings unexplored. At the same time, aggressive Mars shifts into your family zone, so any secrets could prove damaging.

Two eclipses in June signal a potential turning point in a relationship: The Lunar Eclipse is in your astrological sign, and deals with asserting your independence and identity, while the Solar Eclipse is in your passion zone – passion may be blinding you to reality. However, once Mars shifts into your dating and pleasure zone – where it’s set to stay for the rest of the year – you’ll start to breathe a sigh of relief. If you want to salvage an existing relationship, you can do so by rediscovering how you fell in love in the first place. If you don’t want to, or if you’re single, the astrology from this point onwards signifies plenty of potential for new love entering your life.

The middle part of the year is mostly dominated by financial concerns, but September finds Mars turning Retrograde in your dating zone. If you’re looking for love try not to look too hard – over eagerness will come across as desperation, which is so not a good look, Sagittarius! In an established relationship, September looks like a good time for a mini honeymoon or a romantic vacation, with Venus shifting into your travel zone.

During November, a Lunar Eclipse occurs in your love zone, and you may find this illuminating – after all you’ve been through this year, that could be the moment where you realize how much you’re in love after all. With Venus moving into your spiritual zone, this would be a good time to explore karmic and past life links with your lover.

The year draws to a close with a Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign in December, which is a very positive sign of a brand-new beginning, in love as in other areas of life. You’re much clearer about who you are now, and with Venus moving into your own sign too, you’re very clear indeed about what you want from a lover and what you can offer in return.

Money and Career

The major Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 aims to get you to rethink your relationship with money, Sagittarius. Expect to find yourself challenged financially, but this challenge should lead to a new understanding about how much money you do and don’t need, and how much intangible value other things in your life have.

You can expect the financial high jinks to get underway promptly, with a Lunar Eclipse in your resource zone in January, followed immediately by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. A sudden unexpected bill could cause problems, or perhaps you’ve run out of time to pay off a debt. This is a highly stressful moment, Sagittarius, but it’s important to keep calm and get professional advice about your options. With Mars in your own sign, you’re driven to find a solution, which is great – but don’t overcomplicate it.

During February, Mars moves into your money zone, so you should find it relatively easy to increase your income to compensate for any problems – perhaps through lucrative side hustles, overtime or even taking another job. You have energy aplenty and you’re focusing on making cash – but during March, Mars conjuncts the Saturn-Pluto linkup, potentially with explosive results. Don’t allow your frustration to lead you into drastic action.

During April and May, first Pluto and then Jupiter turn Retrograde in your money zone, and this is when you’ll start to think about your finances in a more abstract way. Shift away from trying to get as much income as possible and think more about cutting back on needless expense or downsizing. In June, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, and a Solar Eclipse in your resources zone will help you undertake a shift in lifestyle with less emphasis on materialism and consumerism. Mars arrives in your creativity zone in June and stays there for the rest of the year, so if you’ve always wanted to launch a creative business but have held back for fear of losing money, now is your chance to reassess your priorities and go for it.

During July, a series of oppositions from the Sun to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction make for difficult financial news, and you may struggle to make ends meet. However, astrology suggests that once Venus moves into your resources zone in August, you’ll have successfully taken a different approach and attitude toward money which will help a great deal. Avoid taking financial risks during August, though, as Mars is in square aspect to Saturn and Pluto. During the Mars Retrograde period starting in early September, you’ll learn that what you thought was a risk – taking a leap into a new business, for example – turns out to be much less perilous than keeping your old mindset would have been.

October and November are ambitious months in your career, Sagittarius, and you should be able to make progress toward an ultimate goal. And December’s Solar Eclipse in your own sign really sends you down a new road. With Jupiter arriving in your communication zone, your talents in sales, marketing, persuasion and PR could prove very lucrative for a new direction in 2021.

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Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)


2020 looks set to be a milestone year for you, Capricorn – the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in your sign on January 12, and its effects will be felt throughout the year. When Saturn and Pluto join forces, the result can be manipulative, forceful and explosive, but in your case, with Saturn as your ruling planet, this is your ticket to break free of restrictions and to come into your own long-term identity once and for all.

This astrological process of transformation begins almost immediately with a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership zone in early January. Because who you are is intimately connected with who you choose to have around you, your personal growth this year will impact your closest relationships. Others will have to adapt to the changing Capricorn identity, whether they like it or not. Once the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becomes exact, the starting gun has been fired.

At first, you may struggle to make your changing desires and needs understood, especially in February when Mercury turns Retrograde in your communication zone. With Mars in your own sign at the same time, your frustration could come across by you being brusquer and less patient than usual.

March astrology suggests an interesting month for your finances, as stabilizing Saturn takes up residence in your money zone and is joined by dynamic Mars. However, this zone also rules your values in life, and may suggest that a new set of principles and ethics are starting to emerge with your new identity. This will take some refining, and during April, when Pluto turns Retrograde in your own sign, you’ll take some time to reflect on where you’re heading.

Astrology suggests that the time to really go for it comes in June. A Solar Eclipse in your partnership zone highlights how others may not be entirely on board with your plans, Capricorn, but a Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone confirms that you’re doing the right thing for you. You can expect some arguments and battles, both with others and with yourself – especially in July, when the Sun, which represents your ego, opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Lunar Eclipse in your sign raises some questions.

Love comes to the rescue in August, with Venus arriving in your romance zone before moving onto your passion zone in September, so it looks like your relationship will have weathered the storm by then. In October, it could be your friends turn to get on board with the new you, although the Mercury Retrograde in your social zone shows a few hiccups along the way.

As the year draws to a close, a Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in December will underline exactly how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown this year. When Jupiter shifts into your money zone in late December, and then forms a very fortunate conjunction with Saturn there, you’ll be all set to reach out into the world and start creating success in 2021.

Love and Romance

With you now emerging from the shadows and taking on a period of great spiritual and personal growth, Capricorn, there’s a lot of adapting for your partner and loved ones to do. If you’re in a relationship, there will be some testing times in 2020 as your lover gets used to the new you. If you’re single, you may want to hold back from dating until you’ve gotten your head in order – your zodiac sign is not one to rush into these things.

A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in early January is swiftly followed by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 in your own sign, and this is where change begins. Mars transits your sign during February, so your confidence and self-discipline will be growing, and you can start to move into your own skin. This confidence is catching, so the more confident you are, the easier your sweetheart will find it to adapt. March looks like a positive month, with Venus in your fun zone making a trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Shake off your serious image and embrace your inner kid, Capricorn – and take your partner with you for the ride!

Mid 2020 brings a series of eclipses that impact your love life and your sense of identity as well. In June, the Solar Eclipse in your love zone co-exists with the Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone. In terms of romance, the astrology suggests some conflict in your relationship, but you can also find comfort through exploring your spiritual and karmic links to your lover. Mercury Retrogrades in your love zone at this time, so communication won’t be all that easy, but if you maintain an open heart you can grow closer.

During July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, so there are still some ongoing struggles and resistance from your partner about where your life is going. A Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn suggests that you must make a choice between pleasing yourself or pleasing others – choose yourself, Capricorn. You’ll quickly find people will come on board once they realize you’re serious.

By the time the romance planet Venus moves into your love zone in August, your relationship should have settled down once again – or, if you’re single, you may well have your eye on someone new. August is a good month for dating, and so is September, when Venus moves into your passion zone.

During the last months of 2020, you’ll enjoy a stable period in your love life, and perhaps renewed strength in an existing relationship which has survived the earlier part of the year. As 2020 draws to a close, Venus moves into your spiritual zone, so December is a very good month for understanding the journey you’ve taken and how it has impacted positively upon your relationships with others.

Money and Career

For you, Capricorn, the overall theme of the year is this change of identity or renewed personal identity, courtesy of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. For your finances and your career, this is likely to manifest in an increasing confidence at work, and in increasing abundance, too. None of this will happen without hard work, Capricorn, so it’s important that you don’t take your eye off the ball.

February is when your confidence and self-discipline really starts to surge, as Mars transits Capricorn, so this is an excellent period for asking for a promotion, or for seeking a new job if you so wish.

March is a healthy and happy time for your bank balance, with Saturn’s stabilizing influence arriving in your money zone. Energizing planet Mars transits this zone too, so this is an interesting month if you’re motivated to try out new business ideas, side hustles or ways of generating extra income. Enjoy a lucrative few months while it lasts, but don’t overspend – in May, astrology suggests you may have to tighten your belt a bit while Saturn Retrogrades in your money zone and bountiful Jupiter Retrogrades in your own sign.

Mid-year is relatively quiet on the astrological money and career front, although your long-term personal growth agenda is still going strong. You may want to be careful in August that you don’t rock the boat too much at home with changing ambitions at work – Mars squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, suggesting that work and family come into conflict. It’s important to balance what you want to do, Capricorn, against what you must do for your family – while maturing and taking on responsibility for your own life, don’t forget your obligations to others.

Venus moves into your career zone in late October, when you’ll find it easy to charm others into supporting you. This is another good period for job hunting, as you’re making a fantastic first impression. The Sun is in square aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in October, though, so there could be another difficult choice to make about whether to pursue an opportunity that is true to your inner self, but perhaps less financially rewarding than other options. Capricorn as a zodiac sign is careful with money, so this is potentially awkward.

November brings a Lunar Eclipse in your everyday work zone, which suggest that your routines are about to change significantly, perhaps with a move toward remote employment. If that sounds too good to be true, just wait until late December, when bountiful and generous Jupiter moves into your money zone. A very helpful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction suggests that increasing financial abundance is here to stay for a while – you may well end 2020 feeling that, with work at least, you’re indeed able to have it all.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)


Your challenge this year, Aquarius, will be to let go of the order and structure you so enjoy as Fixed sign – and to embrace chaos. The year’s major astrological event – a rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction – occurs in your spiritual zone and gets to the heart of this matter. These energies will force you to confront the infinite, the cosmos and your own spirituality, even while you try to hold onto to the everyday, the mundane and the routine. A lot of this year is about knowing how and when to let go of control.

The year starts as it means to go on, with an early January Lunar Eclipse in your everyday zone, which is your first hint that routines no longer hold the security they used to. A couple of days later, the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction gives you your first glimpse of the scary but magnetically appealing unknown that will consume you during 2020.

Don’t be surprised if you struggle to put any of this into words, especially once Mercury turns Retrograde in your values zone in February. This can feel rather unsettling, so in many ways the arrival of Saturn in your sign in March will be a welcome stabilizing influence. With Mars also entering Aquarius, however, you may struggle with some unusually impulsive astrological influences – almost as if you’re daring yourself to walk on the wild side.

During April and May, Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all turn Retrograde, bringing you plenty of opportunities for quiet reflection, prayer and more spiritual exploration. Watch out for a blow to your confidence, however, as Saturn’s apparent backwards motion can play havoc with your self-esteem.

During June, a Solar Eclipse in your everyday routines zone further underlines that the things you’ve always taken for granted are being shaken up. A Lunar Eclipse in your objectives zone highlights the need to relinquish control and to allow the cosmic cards to fall where they may. You cannot control this process, or its astrology, but you can control your own emotional reaction to it. Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction, and this finds you struggling still with knowing when to let go and when to try to intervene in life’s energies. If you will only listen, a Lunar Eclipse should bring you answers and insight, Aquarius.

Things may start to settle down in August and September, as gentle Venus transits first your everyday routines zone and then your love zone. By the time the November Lunar Eclipse stimulates your risk zone, you’ll have learned to roll with the punches, and you should be able to embrace this eclipse’s creative potential – take a chance and run with it!

As 2020 draws to a close, a total Solar Eclipse in your objectives zone reminds you not to take life for granted or to make plans that are set in stone. This time around, however, you’re able to smile at the ensuing chaos and you should be feeling much more at ease. The year ends with the arrival of Jupiter in your sign, bringing opportunities aplenty for 2021.

Love and Romance

With so much emphasis on your spiritual and psychological development, 2020 looks set to be a relatively peaceful and stable year for your love life, Aquarius. There are no major drama points and it’s likely that if you’re in a happy relationship, it will stay that way. If you’re single, the last quarter of the year seems to be the most promising time for dating and meeting someone new.

In January, Venus is transiting your values zone, so this is a good time to work with your sweetheart for a good cause or a charity you both want to support. It’s a gentle time in love, and as March finds Venus moving into your family zone, it could also be time to welcome a new family member, even if it’s a furry or four legged one.

With Mars arriving in Aquarius at the end of March, your confidence is boosted and you’re more likely to make the first move if you’re dating someone new. Venus shifts into your fun zone around this time, so don’t take any new romance too seriously – just enjoy your time together and don’t jump the gun toward a lifelong commitment. This is important, because when Venus and Saturn both turn Retrograde in May, you may feel very differently about someone you recently met.

After a mid-year for love, Venus moves into your romance zone in September, which would be a very good month for a wedding or engagement. Next up, Venus transits your passion zone in October – for an established relationship, this is a brilliant chance to reignite the magic which first brought you together.

If you’re single and looking for love, Aquarius, October onward is the most likely time for finding a long-term partner. In November, a Lunar Eclipse in your dating zone could mark a highly significant meeting, but don’t be surprised if this turns out to be with someone you don’t initially like. If there is a romance here, astrology suggests that it may well begin with tempers, tantrums and irritations before you discover something more.

Jupiter arrives in your sign in December, and this could be key to your romantic prospects too. Once Jupiter lends you his good humor and generosity of spirit, you’ll feel much happier in yourself – this will make you seem less serious to others, which could lead to more interest romantically. Previously, you may have been inadvertently scaring off some potential partners by wanting too much too soon, so Jupiter’s laid-back vibe could be just what you need. If you do meet someone new in the run up to the festive season, a very special Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21 could hint that this particular relationship is in it for the long-term.

Money and Career

Your career is likely to undergo some transformation this year, Aquarius, in line with your need to deal better with chaos – perhaps your clearly-defined career path will change, or you may want to wander off that direction and try something new. The key is that this will be through your own choice – if you’re happy where you are, you can stay there.

Expect some unsettling feelings early in January, following a Lunar Eclipse in your routines zone, followed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your spiritual zone. Venus is transiting your money zone, so you’ll be keen to spend quite extravagantly – but something may happen which prompts you to question your own materialism, particularly once Mercury turns Retrograde in your money zone in February.

March brings both stability and recklessness, in an astrological odd mixture. Saturn arrives in your sign to encourage you to stay put and to work toward the tried and tested. However, Mars in your sign says the opposite, so you may struggle to reconcile your desire for a change with your need for stability. Your inner rebel may win out, especially once Venus transits your risk zone in April.

If you do take chances with your career, Aquarius, think carefully about the timing. During May, both Venus and Saturn turn Retrograde, which may hamper your confidence. However, Mars pushes into your money zone, encouraging you to increase your income and to drive via new ideas, new business, new prosperity.

Mid-year could be when you see the most change in your career. June’s Solar Eclipse in your routine zone is a definite indicator that something’s afoot, although with Mercury Retrograde in this area too, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss out on opportunities through fear. During July, as the Sun opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, you’ll have many chances to embrace change – but will you? It may take the events of the Lunar Eclipse in July to show you exactly how necessary change is, and to encourage you to allow life to unfurl around you. Whatever happens, you can expect it to have settled down again in August, when Venus transits your routine zone, bringing calm and some much-needed serenity.

If you’re looking for work, Aquarius, be careful during the Mercury Retrograde period in October, which impacts upon your career zone. You won’t make your best impression at this time, so try to schedule interviews or presentations around it where you can. A much better astrological bet would be November, when Venus moves into your career zone and helps you turn on the charm.

The arrival of bountiful Jupiter in your sign in December is highly significant for your career and your material security. This should find you bursting with confidence and fully ready to embrace change and challenge. Taking these energies forward into 2021, you should be well-placed to start a new business, a new job or even a new career path altogether.

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Pisces (February 18 - March 19)


During 2020, you’ll be called upon to work behind the scenes in many ways, Pisces. This could mean becoming less visible in your job. The major astrological event of the year, the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction, highlights the need to step back from the limelight to be of service in a more indirect way.

You will see this starting to happen almost immediately, with a Lunar Eclipse in your ego zone in January, swiftly followed by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your impersonal zone. Mars is transiting your career area at this time, so it may come as something of a shock if you find your glory being stolen.

You may find this difficult to handle at first, and with February’s Mercury Retrograde in your sign, talking about your feelings won’t be easy, either. But in March, Saturn arrives in your privacy zone, so you’ll be quite glad of the chance to lead a slightly less public life. Mars arrives here too and impacts upon your spirituality, driving you to seek some answers. You can learn a lot through prayer or meditation during the first half of 2020.

Busy yourself with your family life in April and May, as Venus transits this area before turning Retrograde there. With Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn also Retrograde, it’s the ideal astrological chance to reflect and heal, instead of having to rush around leading a high-voltage lifestyle.

The quiet starts to evaporate once Mars arrives in Pisces, and the Solar Eclipse in June in your ego zone probably doesn’t pass off quietly. Mercury is Retrograde here too, so you may struggle to react to a snub or a work-related move with dignity. Hang in there, because a Lunar Eclipse in your public zone will shed more light on why it’s necessary for you to take a back seat. You will eventually understand. During July, though, you can expect to have a few angry or resentful moments as you settle into your new role – the Sun forms a series of oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that month, so anger is never far from the surface, especially around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in your impersonal zone.

September is when you’ll learn to value yourself for more than just your public role, Pisces, as indicated by Mars turning Retrograde in your values zone. At the same time, gentle Venus transits your everyday routine zone, helping you to settle down again. Expect a minor blip in November, during a Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, but it’s in December that the entire point of the year is really revealed: A Solar Eclipse in your career zone points toward a surprising or shocking new beginning. Unbeknownst to you, the energies of the year so far have been preparing you for this point. Jupiter is about to shift into your spiritual zone, so astrology suggests that you’ll come to understand that following a calling or a vocation is far more important than working in a role where there’s constant recognition and praise.

Love and Romance

Love mixes a lot with friendship this year, Pisces, whether that’s just you and your lover enjoying your social life, or a friend turning into something more special if you’re single. It could be a bumpy start to the year, though, with an early January Lunar Eclipse in your pleasure zone. If your relationship has become stale and boring, this could be the jolt you need to do something about it.

In February, passionate Mars moves into your social zone. If you’re single, start by looking for new friends rather than a new lover. This energy is all about shared interests and shared purpose, so you may meet someone at a political rally, a charity event or even a church.

May could be a tricky period for romance, with Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all Retrograde. With Mars in your sign, you’re probably coming across as more assertive or aggressive than normal, so watch out for arguments that don’t need to happen. This is especially likely in a new relationship, but an established one could go through a rocky and argumentative phase too.

Expect the unexpected in June, with a Solar Eclipse in your dating zone and Mercury Retrograde in that area too. Miscommunication is highly likely if you’re dating; if you’re in an established relationship, astrology suggests that you may be tempted to stray on the spur of the moment. Although it’s mostly related to your move into the background, July’s oppositions between the Sun and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction may also impact on your love life and your social life. There could be bad feelings if a friend does declare their love, but you’re not interested, so it’s very important to be tactful and respectful.

The tension doesn’t last long, and by August, Venus is transiting your pleasure zone, Pisces, promising many memorable moments in a relationship no matter if it’s old or new. This is the ideal time to have some fun!

October finds Venus in your romance zone and intriguingly, making a trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which sits in your impersonal zone. This could be another moment where love and friendship collide, although this time with a much happier outcome.

In an established relationship, December could be a very meaningful month. With Jupiter moving into your spiritual zone, you may feel driven to examine the karmic links between you and your lover – this could be very illuminating and will take your relationship to the next level for sure. If you meet someone new in December, it will most likely be through an unexpected coincidence, or a happy accident of some kind. Once you have met, you may feel as though you’re linked through previous lives – and yes, Pisces, you could well be right!

Money and Career

2020 is a year when you’ll seem to be moving into the background, away from the acclaim that your current job offers and into more of a supporting role. However, this is not a step backwards, Pisces – far from it – and this year’s energies may well be about helping you find your true vocation.

You start the year with Mars transiting your career zone, so your ambition is strong, and you probably can’t imagine that changing. However, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your impersonal zone is starting to take effect. So, during February, as Venus moves through your values zone, you’ll probably find yourself questioning the purpose of what you do for a living.

In March, Saturn arrives in your spiritual zone and so does Mars. Another term for this astrology zone of your chart is the sacrifice zone, and that’s a hint about where your work life may be heading. Follow up any instincts you have for a caring, more altruistic role. Mars moves into your own sign in May, and so your ambitions will return, but most likely heading in this new direction.

During June, a Solar Eclipse in your ego zone and a Lunar Eclipse in your career zone both point toward this subtle shift of career interests – away from something individualistic and into a more demanding but arguably more important and satisfying role behind the scenes or in a support or caregiving role. This may even mean a temporary fall in income, but with Mars arriving in your money zone at the end of the month, you’ll be highly motivated to make up any shortfall through creative and ingenious side hustles.

Don’t be surprised if friends and family are not initially on board with a new career direction, especially in July. It really isn’t up to them, so don’t take criticism to heart. You may well not be fully convinced yourself, but it’s important to remember that it’s your decision alone, even if you feel that you have been semi-forced into this situation. Mars squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in August, so one friend in particular may be heavily advising against where you’re headed. Follow your heart, Pisces.

Through fall (or spring – depending on your hemisphere) Mars spends some time Retrograde in your money zone, which is another indicator that your plans may lead to an income drop. However, in December, the Solar Eclipse in your career zone shows once and for all that you’re making the right decision. With Venus moving into your career zone and smoothing over any blips, things will go well. And as the year ends, Jupiter, the astrological bringer of good fortune, moves into your spiritual and sacrifice zone. If you do end up moving into a more vocation-like career, the signs are excellent that 2021 will bring you major satisfaction.

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If you were born in a Year of the Rat

Since you’re born under the sign of the Rat, success comes to you through hard work, courage, a strong desire to finish what you start, and your independent nature. You tend to be loyal and protective toward your friends and you might be something of a perfectionist. Your friends don’t see your stubborn or aggressive behaviors in the same way that other people do, because they understand that you need to dance to the beat of your own drum.

During the Golden Rat Year, try not to be too hard on yourself when little things go wrong, because the big picture shows this is a time of generally good fortune when things will move forward. If you resolve to fix old problems, opportunities will come. You should remember that there are things more important than financial worries, and this year, as long as you consider debt and bills an old problem and sacrifice some extras in order to take care of them, you’ll be able to break the pattern and develop a more practical attitude toward money that improves your prosperity.

Do not be overconfident, especially with exercise, because too much exertion and effort may be a source of discomfort this year.

Your most compatible signs are Rabbit, Rooster and Pig.
Here are your lucky colors, numbers and directions:
Lucky Colors: blue and pink
Lucky Numbers: 5, 8
Lucky Directions: Southeast and northeast

The horoscopes for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Pig, not the Rat.

Wood Rat (Born between 2/2/1984 and 2/18/1985)
Business is good, and it’s a good year for love and romance as well. Hard work and trust in yourself will be your friends, while pride in your accomplishments will become your worst enemy.

Water Rat (Born between 2/15/1972 and 2/2/1973)
Good luck will act as an ally for you in all things regarding your career. Work and business done in partnership with another will fare better than solo ventures.

Metal Rat (Born between 1/28/1960 and 2/14/1961)
Hard work brings excellent results and popularity. Wealth Luck is good, but you’ll need to maintain good relations with family members to keep things running smoothly. 

Earth Rat (Born between 2/10/1948 and 1/28/1949) Also (Born between 2/6/2008 and 1/25/2009)
The Golden Rat Year needs you to maintain a calm and happy mood as much as possible. Try to avoid salt, spices, too much seafood, over-exertion, and scheming.

Fire Rat (Born between 2/19/1996 and 2/6/1997)
This is a good year for studies and competition. Praise from those in authority. A chance of increase in income, but be very careful when signing contracts. Stay in contact with friends.

If you were born in a Year of the Ox

Because you’re born under the sign of the Ox, your Chinese Horoscope forecasts that you can increase the positive qualities of the Golden Rat year and diminish the less pleasant ones. In order to do this, strict self-examination regarding your situation in life and what needs to improve is required to open the door to new projects. Your forethought and observational skills will make discovering opportunities easy, but stubbornness and unconscious biases can be your worst enemy.

Others will think of you as fair, responsible, trustworthy, and a friend well worth having. By standing up for yourself and following an honest and upright way of life, you’ll never have cause for regret. This year, your luck comes from self-confidence. Present yourself in a way that proves you have something to bring to the table

You should know that if you don’t make any efforts to alter what isn’t working for you, Luck may abandon you until you make working toward the change you need your top priority. One old prediction says that you may encounter “the unknown” in a way that brings drastic change yet fortunate results into your life.

Be careful with your investments because of coming economic uncertainty. Do more saving than spending. If you can be more tolerant and willing to trust, you should be able to keep things under control.

Your most compatible signs are Rat, Snake and Rooster.
Lucky Colors: purple and green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9
Lucky Directions: Southeast, south and north

The horoscopes for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years . If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Rat, not the Ox.

Wood Ox (Born between 2/20/1985 and 2/8/1986)
Building solid relationships with colleagues and co-workers brings good fortune. Luck may diminish during the middle of the year, so avoid legal issues if possible.

Water Ox (Born between 2/3/1973 and 1/22/1974)
This isn’t a good year for love affairs unless they are already established. Be careful not to get too distracted by partying and other fun. Help may come to you through authority figures.

Metal Ox (Born between 2/15/1961 and 2/4/1962)
Don’t get involved in all the gossip; keep your own counsel. Be very careful of signing contracts. As your good deed for the year, try to keep the peace among friends and family.

Earth Ox (Born between 1/29/1949 and 2/16/1950) or (Born between 1/26/2009 and 2/13/2010)
Wealth Luck is good – unexpected money from sources other than your work can come in. Beware of theft and avoid quarrels to pacify issues that may cause losses.

Fire Ox (Born between 2/7/1997 and 1/27/1998)
Professional life is generally favorable. Possible attachment to new partners. Try to avoid social media as much as possible this year, because it can create problems for you. Drive carefully.

If you were born in a Year of the Tiger

Since you’re born under the sign of the Tiger, you may already know that it’s one of courage and authority. You tend to do better under pressure than most people, but you usually like to do things on your own. While your charisma may find you in a leadership position, your passionate and sometimes unpredictable overconfidence can cause you to make errors in judgment. And, don’t let doubts get in the way of seizing opportunities.

The energy of the Golden Rat Chinese Horoscope year meshes well with Tiger people, so this will generally be a fortunate year for you. It is not a great year for investing in the markets because of volatility and your natural impatience. If you’re worried about financial growth, it can happen through a source of income other than your current one, but luck will have little to do with it. If you can be flexible and adaptable enough to add a second source of income, this will eliminate any coming hardships, and make it possible for you to put some money away. Some of the plans you have that aren’t connected with your work or business may need to be put on the back burner this year.

Try to tone down your tendency to take an aggressive approach to things. Avoid getting caught up in gossip or social media drama, and this can be an excellent year, despite its challenges.

Your most compatible signs are Dog and Horse.
Lucky Colors: grey, white and pink
Lucky Numbers: 4,7
Lucky Directions: Southeast, south and east

The horoscopes below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Ox, not the Tiger.

Wood Tiger (Born between 2/20/1985 and 2/8/1986)
Luck is helpful in money and career matters; you will receive praise and respect. There may be troublemakers around. Try to solve relationship issues immediately.

Water Tiger (Born between 2/3/1973 and 1/22/1974)
This is a good year to start a new business, but a bad year for gambling. You will receive help from those in authority. Avoid stress from overwork. Good luck comes from being charitable.

Metal Tiger (Born between 2/15/1961 and 2/4/1962)
You will benefit financially from hard work, but you need to be really careful about investments, and secure your home or your money against theft or loss. Young people will be helpful.

Earth Tiger (Born between 1/29/1949 and 2/16/1950) or (Born between 1/26/2009 and 2/13/2010)
Don’t be too impulsive this year, even when you think that that your goals are in sight. Be more picky than usual about your choice of friends as well as your choices of food.

Fire Tiger (Born between 2/7/1997 and 1/27/1998)
Career and work issues are blessed with luck during this year of the Rat. It is important to handle money matters carefully, but do your best not to get caught up in love affairs for now.

If you were born in a Year of the Rabbit

Those born under the sign of the Rabbit, are known for their kind and gracious nature, but most of them probably aren’t aware that you’re always on the alert for possible danger. You like things to move smoothly in your generally traditional way of life. You may be more emotionally sensitive than your friends and can be pessimistic from time to time, but the people in your life usually think of you in terms of your love for home, family and home-cooked meals. You will always seek stability and tranquility in life.

Your horoscope for the Year of the Metal Rat predicts an overall positive experience spotted with some challenging situations. They may not be hard to deal with when they come, but they’re upsetting, so it’s important for you to maintain your serenity.

Practices such as Yoga, Qi Gong or Meditation are excellent methods of maintaining serenity and improving your Luck, but only if you stick with them and do them regularly. Once or twice will do nothing for you. Make sure you adapt a well-regulated lifestyle; avoid overwork and drama, get plenty of rest, and plenty of fresh air. Be very careful about your diet. Above all, you should remember during this year that nothing lasts forever – neither the good nor the bad. This is going to be a see-saw of a year, to say the least.

Your most compatible signs are Pig and Dragon.
Lucky Colors: blue, pink and yellow
Lucky Numbers: 4, 9
Lucky Directions: Southeast, south and east

The horoscopes below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Tiger, not the Rabbit.

Wood Rabbit (Born between 2/11/1975 and 1/30/1976) 
Don’t let yourself become disappointed if things aren’t going well; remember the old prediction is “failure is followed by success.” Be careful who you trust and avoid shortcuts.

Water Rabbit (Born between 1/25/1963 and 1/12/1964)
Financial business will go very well, but you’ll be the target of jealous gossip. So when people tell you it’s lonely at the top, you need to remember that it’s just more crowded at the bottom.

Metal Rabbit (Born between 2/6/1951 and 1/26/1952) Or (2/3/2011 and 1/22/2012)
This will be a year of increased cash flow, but you have to be careful with your money so it doesn’t flow out faster than it flows in. Be willing to compromise with friends and loved ones.

Earth Rabbit (Born between 2/16/1999 and 2/4/2000)
New relationships may not last long this year. It is a good time for study, learning new skills and taking advice from respected elders. Be careful when doing outdoor activities.

Fire Rabbit (Born between 1/29/1987 and 2/16/1988)
This is an especially good year for starting a business, especially if you have a partner you can really trust. Don’t be too generous: Avoid lending money or speculation during this year.

If you were born in a Year of the Dragon

Because you’re born under the sign of the Dragon, you could already know that the Dragon represents authority and strength. You’re born into a dynamic, passionate, and determined sign. You tend to be popular and generally successful, but some may recognize your perfectionist streak. When your idealism combines with your nit-picking tendencies, you can become dissatisfied with your own abilities. And when your imagination and your idealism combine, you’ll tend to make unrealistic plans, and become overconfident.

The Dragon also loves a challenge and is not easily intimidated. There are times when you can become impatient, lose your temper or jump to conclusions, usually causing problems for yourself. Although you’re strong by nature, you need to act less on impulse and more on forethought and reason.

The Year of the Metal Rat can bring you success, because popularity and good fortune are headed your way. However, you may face some conflicts of interest or other stress in your connections with groups, friends, or partners – be careful not to carry unrealistic expectations of others; they could make life more complicated than you would like. Whatever sacrifices you make to achieve something will be worth it. Be as cooperative as possible with other people, and Luck will serve you.

Your most compatible signs are Goat, Dragon and Monkey.
Here are your lucky colors, numbers and directions:
Lucky Colors: Red, gold and silver
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 6
Lucky Directions: West, north, northwest

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Rabbit, not the Dragon.

Fire Dragon (Born between 1/31/1976 and 2/17/1977)
Luck is excellent in career, business and reputation this year. There will be lots of temptation focusing on the love life, but do not upset established relationships. Control your temper.

Wood Dragon (Born between 2/13/1964 and 2/1/1965)
Success comes from caution in money matters, so avoid getting entangled with others financially. Be careful while traveling and try not to get into arguments with people you don’t know.

Water Dragon (Born between 1/27/1952 and 2/13/1953) Or (1/23/2012 – 2/9/2013)
Light exercise is recommended for you in this health-oriented year. Overseas vacations are not recommended. Protect yourself from theft or loss and ignore all gossip.

Metal Dragon (Born between 2/5/2000 and 1/23/2001)
Dragon teenagers must be careful to control their tempers, and should focus on study and job training. It’s important for all Dragons to manage your money carefully this year.

Earth Dragon (Born between 2/17/1988 and 2/5/1989)
The Metal Rat year puts you in a favorable position to receive good fortune from bosses, parents and other authority figures. You will gain praise and respect this year.

If you were born in a Year of the Snake

The Snake is a mysterious, influential and charismatic person, with a soft-spoken nature and good manners. This sign is known to be positive and willing to take on whatever challenges they encounter. There is usually some beauty to a snake person, and magnetism is a natural trait of the Snake. But there is also a tendency to be lazy, which is compensated for by your desire to help your friends. With your graceful and charming ways, you’re likely to attract attention that may be a bit more than you require.

The Golden Rat predicts that spirituality, metaphysics and your personal growth and evolution will probably be the focus of the year. It’s likely that you’ll discover new interests and pursue them passionately. Helping others may be a priority for you and could affect career decisions or other important choices you make. Watch out for possible troubles in your everyday activities, even when things are running in a normal, routine fashion. Don’t lower your guard, and be careful when dealing with friends or family members. This is a good year, but one in which good fortune comes from a calm attitude.

Your most compatible signs are Ox, Rooster and Monkey.
Here are your lucky colors, numbers and directions:
Lucky Colors: Pink, black and green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 8
Lucky Directions: Northeast, southwest, south

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Dragon, not the Snake.

Fire Snake (Born between 2/18/1977 and 2/6/1978)
Make lists and stick to your budget, because this is a year when good money management will make all the difference. You can expect this to be a very busy year.

Wood Snake (Born between 2/2/1965 and 1/20/1966)
This will be a good year for finances with new opportunities to gain money. Relationships may be more difficult than they have been. Be more cooperative and willing to give in.

Water Snake (Born between 1/14/1953 and 2/2/1954) Or (2/10/2013 – 1/30/2014)
This is not a lucky year for investments or gambling, and there may be a disturbance in your income. Be careful with money and watch your diet. Find a lucky piece or amulet for everyday use.

Metal Snake (Born between 1/24/2001 and 2/11/2002)
It’s important to reduce stress by remaining calm, breathing properly and taking a little light exercise. Maintaining harmony in your family and among your friends brings Luck.

Earth Snake (Born between 2/6/1989 and 1/26/1990)
This is an excellent year for students, academic or otherwise, but don’t become prideful or arrogant about your accomplishments. Do not over-exert yourself; the Metal Rat year is better for rest.

If you were born in a Year of the Horse

In Chinese Astrology, the Horse is considered to be the most independent of all signs. It gives you a perceptive and quick-witted nature and enables you to act immediately in clever ways when opportunity presents itself. You probably made decisions about what you wanted to do with your life when you were very young.

Almost all Chinese Astrology manuals and almanacs say that those born under the sign of the Horse have a talent for working with money and finance. You may sometimes not be in control of your temper and make rash decisions, but on the other hand, you have an ability to make sudden decisions that turn out to be beneficial for you. Your level of attention is what makes the difference – don’t make any important decisions while angry.

Your horoscope for the year of the Golden Rat shows that this is a year when important or major surprises should be expected. It will always be in your best interest to act immediately when your plans or routines are disturbed, rather than getting upset over an encounter with the unexpected. Don’t make plans to do things that could be dangerous, and you should definitely weigh luck in as a factor in decision making; there is such a thing as pushing your luck. Doubting your talents and skills will only delay your success. The resources you need will be easily available to you during the Rat Year.

Your most compatible signs are Tiger, Goat and Dog.
Lucky Colors: Purple, green, yellow
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
Lucky Directions: Northeast, southwest, south

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years . If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Snake, not the Horse.

Metal Horse (Born Between 1/27/1990 and 2/14/1991)
In the Golden Rat year you have Money Luck. Career elevation or new work is possible. Make sure to be on the lookout for people who are offering opportunities that will not benefit you.

Earth Horse (Born Between 2/7/1978 and 1/27/1979)
This is an especially good year for career and business. Be very careful of business partners, they could cause financial distress. Do not put work ahead of family.

Fire Horse Born Between 1/21/1966 and 2/8/1967)
This year your work schedule will be very busy but you’ll reap great rewards. Good fortune from foreign contacts or business associates. Avoid overdoing it while partying.

Wood Horse (Born Between 1/31/1954 and 2/17/1955 Or 1/31/2014 and 2/18/2015)
This is a good year for career and gaining support for those in authority. Be careful about contracts and documents – being in too much of a hurry will cause losses. Monitor your health closely.

Water Horse (Born Between 2/12/2002 and 1/31/2003)
This is a good year for students and scholars; if you work hard, you will gain praise and respect from family, friends and teachers. Avoid being stubborn because it will only cause trouble.

If you were born in a Year of the Goat

Also called the Sheep or the Ram, the Goat is a caring and nurturing sign, that likes to take care of the home, but is noted for their good manners. You’re probably aware of how watchful you can be, because you will keep a lookout for opportunities to do good deeds. You’re the kind of person who is empathic and compassionate and finds it easy to tolerate the faults of others. At the same time, the Goat is one of the most introverted signs, yet has many insecurities about loneliness. The worst fault of your sign is that you can be indecisive and prone to worrying about things that don’t really matter. Friends from your most compatible signs can help you work through self-doubt.

The Metal Rat Year will bring many positive and beneficial surprises, but it also brings challenges, mostly concerning personal wellness. Make your physical health your top priority this year, and your career and social life will improve. The year is favorable for promotion, but not for changing jobs. Take a preventative approach to your overall health and you can expect prosperity and popularity to come your way. The main rule for happiness this year is to maintain a regular schedule and be willing to work on your diet. Herbal medicines will work wonders this year.

Your most compatible signs are Horse, Rabbit and Pig.
Lucky Colors: Blue, white, red
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 8
Lucky Directions: East, southeast, south

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Horse, not the Goat.

Earth Goat (Born Between 1/28/1979 and 2/15/1980)
Luck will wax and wane for you, so don’t expect ways to make a fast profit work for you. You need to be extremely cautious with all financial transactions this year.

Metal Goat (Born Between 2/15/1991 and 2/3/1992) 
Your efforts in almost all things will be successful during the Metal Rat Year because you have Career Luck. You will receive praise and popularity. Avoid financial risks.

Water Goat (Born Between 2/1/2003 and 1/21/2004)
There may be unexpected money coming your way from various sources, because it is a lucky financial year, but you need to be very careful with any health matters that come up.

Wood Goat (Born Between 1/24/1955 and 2/11/1956, Or 2/1/2015 and 1/21/2016)
Do your best to stay away from gossip and social media, since putting more effort into work will benefit you greatly. Don’t worry about disputes; others will handle them quickly.

Fire Goat (Born Between 2/9/1967 and 1/29/1968)
This is a year in which Money Luck can be injured by love affairs and too much social activity. Even though money is not so bad, you need to live moderately to keep things running smoothly.

If you were born in a Year of the Monkey

The Monkey is known to be intelligent, enthusiastic, clever, charming and quick-witted. You can be quite competitive when you need to be, and you will use every trick in the book to overcome your opponents. You can thrive in challenging situations, as long as you keep your sense of humor and your innovative thinking in the foreground of your life.

Suspicious people can be frustrating, but you’re really annoyed by those who think you’re unreliable. Calm them both by just tuning down the fun a bit so they can recognize your communication and problem-solving skills. Although you’re tolerant of others, you might find that your luck improves if you can express your empathy more often. You must never give up, even if you feel like you’re wasting your time.

The Monkey horoscope predicts that during the Metal Rat Year, you’ll need to really be persistent and diligent to get what you desire. There may be important changes happening around you, but you must stay centered and grounded. If you can take action without being desperate, you will do well, but there may be frequent bouts of being over-excited this year. If you set your mind to looking for opportunities, you’ll find them in chaos and upheavals. Your sense of humor can help solve most problems.

Your most compatible signs are Rat and Dragon.
Lucky Colors: Gray, Silver, Gold
Lucky Numbers: 1, 5, 7
Lucky Directions: North, northwest, west

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new years. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Goat, not the Monkey.

Metal Monkey (Born Between 2/16/1980 and 2/4/1981)
Overwork can have a negative impact on personal wellness this year, but for those in business, profits will come in easily. You must protect yourself against theft and loss.

Water Monkey (Born Between 2/1/2003 and 1/21/2004)
This is an excellent year for starting a business, carrying out your plans, or advancing your education. Authorities will favor your efforts. You have both love and career luck this year.

Fire Monkey (Born Between 2/12/1956 and 1/30/1957)
This is a year in which cash flow will increase in both directions, so handle money carefully and prepare for the unexpected. Don’t entangle your friends and your money; you might lose both.

Earth Monkey (Born Between 1/30/1968 and 2/16/1969)
This is a fortunate year for career, business and money. It also favors travel, but you do need to be careful and avoid dangerous outdoor activities, especially around water.

Wood Monkey (Born Between 1/22/2004 and 2/8/2005)
This is a year that will increase both income and expenses, so the most important thing to do is to keep a close watch on your money. Travel to somewhere you’ve never been is favored.

If you were born in a Year of the Rooster

The Rooster represents punctuality for obvious reasons, but also represents a hard-working, independent and trustworthy qualities that others envy. As a Rooster, you tend to be passionate in all things you do, but sometimes this passion turns to envy, anger or other emotions that undermine your natural decisiveness or practical nature

Being magnetic and self-confident, you may seem old-fashioned to others, even though your posture and appearance always draws attention. Sometimes you can be argumentative and critical, even toward your friends and loved ones. Your pride is probably more important than money is, but you have solid goals and management skills, and work hard to support your progress toward them.

Your Chinese Zodiac horoscope predicts that much of your activity will center on your connections with other people, including family, friends, associates, and people in authority. You’ll need to listen to both sides of the story so you can make a fair and balanced judgement. Some Roosters may receive startling news, so you need to prepare for the unexpected regarding your loved ones. Some news about the economy may cause you to re-think your plans for your own economic future. If you invest, but make sure you save enough for your own basic needs. Avoid spending on unnecessary items. Worry will increase stress but understanding will reduce it.

Your most compatible signs are Ox and Snake.
Lucky Colors: Gold, Brown, Black
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 8
Lucky Directions: Southwest, Northeast, West

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new year and the next new year. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Monkey, not the Rooster.

Metal Rooster (Born Between 2/5/1981 and 1/24/1982)
If you’re thinking about starting a new business, the Year of the Rat is the best time. Do your planning right after Chinese New Year and carry it forward in the middle of the year.

Earth Rooster (Born Between 2/17/1969 and 2/5/1970)
Building solid relationships with colleagues will support your career, money and business Luck. Avoid too much partying and sex, because your Luck will get thrown in too many directions.

Fire Rooster (Born Between 1/31/1957 and 2/17/1958)
This year you must overcome obstacles, such as rivals, competitors in business, and jealous people. Be careful with food and medicine, You may get help from authority figures.

Wood Rooster (Born Between 2/9/2005 and 1/28/2006)
You’re lucky with finances and money this year, but wellness may be an issue, so make sure to get check-ups. Avoid visiting hospitals and going to funerals; they will diminish health Luck.

Water Rooster (Born Between 1/23/1993 and 2/9/1994)
You will be praised by colleagues and higher-ups. Travel overseas is favorable for studies and business. Watch out for romantic rivals; they can interfere with your relationships this year.

If you were born in a Year of the Dog

In China, the Dog symbolizes loyalty, intelligence and honesty. Your Chinese Horoscope marks you as being friendly, straightforward, responsible and possessed of a strong desire for justice. You probably try and right the wrongs in the world, and if the wrong is too big for you to handle, you easily find people who are on your side and help. At the same time, your anger can flare up suddenly when you’re misunderstood or feel threatened, because you tend to borrow trouble from your friends, the world and the future, which may be the effect of your protective instincts.

Your Chinese Horoscope for the Metal Rat Year predicts that almost area of your life will be touched by Luck. Naturally, there will be troubles that arise. You may have recently escaped from a financial crisis, but don’t forget that although that it would be ideal for things to be great forever, use this fortunate year to plan what you have to do to secure your comforts in the future. Most of the challenges you face can be resolved by taking others into consideration. That may seem simple, but you will need to focus on negotiating skills to improve your choices, relationships and your overall Luck. You may enjoy the support and protection of authority figures during the year, including elders and officials.

Your most compatible signs are Tiger, Rabbit and Horse.
Lucky Colors: Orange, Red, Pink
Lucky Numbers: 2,6, 8
Lucky Directions: East, Southeast, South

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new year and the next new year. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Rooster, not the Dog.

Water Dog (Born Between 1/25/1982 and 2/12/1983)
Money, career and business Luck us good, but that is not a reason to spend too much on parties and social life. Health is also good, but there may be accidents on the road.

Metal Dog (Born Between 2/6/1970 and 1/26/1971)
This is an especially good year for career, money and any business you participate in. Be careful of so-called “experts” when it comes to money and investments. Also watch out for rivals.

Fire Dog (Born Between 1/29/2006 and 2/17/2007)
During the Metal Rat Year, Wealth Luck is good, but obstacles may appear in wellness or family matters. Help will come from officials and authority figures, not your casual friends.

Earth Dog (Born Between 2/18/1958 and 2/7/1959)
Your Money Luck is in top form this year, but cash may try to flow out faster than in. Build confidence in your relationships and remember wealth is what you save, not what you earn.

Wood Dog (Born Between 2/10/1994 and 1/30/1995)
Students need to focus on their work to gain the Luck available. Wealth and Career Luck are excellent, and if you manage your finances well, officials and people in authority will help.

If you were born in a Year of the Pig

In Chinese Astrology, the Pig is a lucky animal that thrives on fun and enjoyable times, yet is the most domestic of the 12 signs, loving comfort and hating quarrels. This means you’ll tend to be happy and easygoing and won’t deny yourself education, even if you’re your own teacher.

Others see you as being tolerant and trusting, and with the high value you place on friendship, it’s easy for you to become popular. Being helpful and sharing in nature, your friends know that you will assist if you can. But when your good deeds are not returned, you can become overly self-indulgent, materialistic and develop a short temper. The biggest problem that Pig people suffer from is the willingness to trust others, which can result in following a path that does not benefit them. Consequently, they suffer from things like office politics and gossip, and are better for variety and travel.

Your horoscope for the Year of the Metal Rat predicts that many new opportunities will appear this year. Past efforts are bringing good results now, and there will be slow but steady improvement in your Luck and in wellness. This is not a good year for business expansion or for family business, because things you have no control over will cause changes in some of the patterns that you’re used to, but if things are rough, good luck comes from finding an alternate route to success.

Your most compatible signs are Tiger, Rabbit and Goat.
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Grey, Brown, Gold
Lucky Numbers: 1,5, 9
Lucky Directions: Northeast, Southeast

The listings below for the five elemental types show the dates of the new year and the next new year. If you were born before the new year’s date but in the same calendar year, then you were born in a year of the Dog, not the Pig.

Water Pig (Born Between 2/13/1983 and 2/1/1984)
Approach everything in a by-the-book fashion; don’t be impatient. A happy occasion will bring opportunity and money. Make sure to get plenty of rest.

Metal Pig (Born Between 1/27/1971 – 2/24/1972)
Career Luck is good enough to promise promotion, popularity and prosperity. You will draw bad feelings from others if you brag about your business successes, so keep them to yourself.

Earth Pig (Born Between 2/8/1959 and 1/27/1960)
Careful planning will bring good fortune. You’ll have to deal with unexpected expenses, so don’t loan money and manage it carefully. Be very careful about what you eat this year.

Fire Pig (Born Between 2/18/2007 and 2/6/2008)
This is a year with challenging family activity. You should start doing things you haven’t had a chance to. Get in the habit of taking a walk in the morning to increase your energy.

Wood Pig (Born Between 1/31/1995 and 2/18/1996)
Career and Money Luck will find you if you work hard to upgrade your skills at every level. There is serious work ahead for both career and finance, so don’t fall for the distractions of others.


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