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Personality Profile

This Personality Profile uses your birth chart to paint a portrait of you -- your needs, strengths and challenges.
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Romantic Personality Profile

Your Romantic Personality Profile will reveal some of the secrets of your loving nature. It touches on the high points of your natal chart to tell you what you need in a lover.
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Monthly Astrology Forecast

Your Monthly Astrology Forecast is an astrological guide that will help you anticipate problems before they occur and help you look forward to the wonderful days ahead.
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Romantic Forecast

Your monthly Romantic Forecast is the ultimate personalized astrological love guide. Consult this guide to learn when to make your move and when to sit back and wait for the storm to pass.
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Solar Return

Your Solar Return forecast is a personal birthday guide providing insight and advice into the planetary influences that will be affecting your upcoming year.
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Relationship Remedy

Learn to break your negative romantic cycles. This report highlights the issues you’ve had in love and how to move forward into healthy relationships.
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