Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility:

The Drama Couple

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility (Scorpio dates: October 23 - November 21;   Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22)

Do Scorpio and Virgo make a good match? Earth signs and water signs like yourselves go together beautifully, fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces. You nourish and nurture each other, and bring out the inherent softness of your elements.

What the two of you really have in common is your immense powers of perception and intrusion. Both of you have a lot of space in your analytical minds, and together, you have power and deep insights. You love to talk and share information, as well as connecting emotionally. In fact, this analytical nature might be the very thing that is a strength as well as a weakness. Sometimes, you both have to know when to stop, too.

You also share a general timidness around people and can be home-loving introverts. You enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a delicious glass of wine, sharing the stories of your workday, all the things you achieved and what your goals are for the days ahead.

You’ll find, Scorpio, that your Virgo sweetheart is a really good, reliable person. They don’t make them this way so much anymore, so hold onto him or her. Virgo is the most reliable sign of the zodiac, and they are most certainly looking for the same kind of security that you are. This creates a sense of safety that you ultimately long for in your relationships.

There should also be a lovely, strong physical attraction between you, spurred on by the admiration and respect you have for each other’s intelligence. No one makes you laugh the way that the sarcastic and witty Virgo does, Scorpio. They know just how to lift you out of any mood!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Scorpio and Virgo Dating Compatibility:

Are Scorpio and Virgo Soulmates? You’re both a little too rational to buy into the concept of soulmates, but at the end of the day, you do have a mushy, romantic side. This relationship just makes sense on every level, and you know that, practically, you’re compatible.

You’ll try and play your games with Virgo, Scorpio, and perhaps they’ll respond on some level. However, games also stress the anxious Virgo out, so be gentle with them. You don’t have to put them through the tests of commitment – these are zodiac signs that want the same thing you do.

You’ll see on your dates that your Virgo crush is the type to think of every little detail. They have excellent taste in food, and they appreciate the beauty of nature. Hence they’ll try and combine both aesthetics and sensuality to make your days and nights ones to remember!

You’ll also find, Scorpio, that the talking never quite stops here. You have so much to share, so much to analyze, so much to learn or each other. You’re the types that have fields of information in your minds and a craving to understand the world and beyond. In that vein, you’ll find each other ultra-fascinating!

Scorpio and Virgo Marriage Compatibility:

Can Scorpio and Virgo marry? The honest, practical truth is that you should just marry and get it done, Scorpio. You make an excellent match, despite some of the more anxiety-driven moments between you. Virgo is so grounding, so calming, so nurturing. You can be emotionally dramatic, Scorpio, and tend to be the type that needs someone to hold space for you.

Once wed, you’ll find a good balance between you. Virgo never tries to compete with you, Scorpio, which helps to make you more of a team. Instead, they support and help you in the most practical of ways, wanting to be useful in your life.

This translates to also supporting your goals and ambitions, and making themselves available to assist you in achieving your dreams. What you give in return is your total devotion to the relationship, your loyalty, and your praise to protect them.

Although both of you may be slightly defensive or even argumentative at times, Over the years, you’ll see the roots of your behavior. Virgo is just someone that overthinks everything, whereas you’re someone, Scorpio, who can be riddled with fears around betrayal. Together, you dive deeply into that intimacy and be there for each other. There’s nothing you could hide from each other, even if you tried, so you’ll end up with all your cards on the table.

Just be careful Scorpio, that your occasional venom and the Virgo’s critical edge doesn’t cut deeper than it should. Be kind.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility in Bed:

Is there Virgo and Scorpio compatibility in the bedroom? There’s one word for your sexual connection, and it’s “wow!”. The shyness that the Virgo shows in public, Scorpio? It doesn’t show anymore behind closed doors with clothes off. Virgo is one of the most sensual, primal signs of the zodiac you could imagine, and they may even give you a bit of a run for your money!

Fortunately, they’re also open to trying out all of your stranger kinks and fantasies, Scorpio. They could even suggest a few of their own, which might surprise you. For a Virgo, there’s nothing more natural than the body-buddy game. They want to please you, and take care of every detail, ensuring that they satisfy you in the best way possible!

When Scorpio and Virgo Relationship Breaks up:

How does Scorpio and Virgo move on after a breakup? You seldom split up, and when you do, it’ll be fraught with strong feelings. Virgo may turn into a critical monster, overanalyzing everything, beating themselves up and beating you up, too.

You’re no perfect either, Scorpio. Rejection never comes easy to you, and your fears of abandonment rear up hugely in this ending. You may spit venom, too, and destroy any amicability between you. Do your best to part with the same respect you had when you were together. There’s no need to make this ugly, and over time, you may even want to be friends, you know.


Business Compatibility:

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility in Business:

Is there Virgo and Scorpio compatibility when it comes to work?  Absolutely! You have nothing but respect for the hardworking and meticulous Virgo, Scorpio. This is a zodiac sign that will go out of their way to be useful and to put in the hours needed. What’s more, they seldom compete with you, because they’re not looking for glory.

It’s great if you can somehow wangle it so that the Virgo is your right-hand woman or guy, Scorpio. They will help you climb that steep ladder all the way to the top, and feel good doing it. They also don’t mind taking direction – bonus!


Friendship Compatibility:

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Scorpio and Virgo good friends? You are wonderfully loyal friends, Scorpio! Virgo is the type of friend that will go out of their way to give you advice and support you in your darkest hour. They always seem to know the right thing to do, in any emotionally charged situation. Their rationality and intelligence – plus their wit – lift you up and make you feel ready to deal with the world again!

In return, you offer emotional support and empathy to your Virgo buddy. You help them process deep feelings and make sense of life. You’re there for them, through thick and thin, no matter how far apart you are or how long ago you saw each other.


Family Compatibility:

Scorpio Parent and Virgo Child Compatibility:

Is there Virgo and Scorpio compatibility when it comes to family? Virgo parents are strict but wonderful. They look out for you materially, financially as well as when it comes to your wellness and health. Yes, they are critical, which can make you sometimes feel less than good enough, but take it with a pinch of salt, Scorpio.

Your Virgo child is often a mini perfectionist. They love their schedules, plans and order in their routines. Upsetting that is tantamount to starting a war, and they can get very anxious when things are out of whack. Watch their food intake and levels of anxiety, Scorpio – they are usually connected.

Scorpio and Virgo Sibling Compatibility:

How do Scorpio and Virgo siblings match up in the family environment? You’ll definitely have your arguments! Virgo siblings are irritating know-it-all’s who seem to be goodie-goodies. They want to be teacher’s pet, which makes you want to rebel, Scorpio, and be the black sheep.

However, once you have space from each other’s sharp tongues, you’ll mature into friends and can always count on each other for excellent advice and insights. You will grow to respect each other and your achievements, and may even come to admire each other!

Scorpio and Virgo Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Scorpio human and a Virgo pet get along? Virgo pets are easily stressed and somewhat anxious, Scorpio. They need plenty of grounding routines and an excellent diet to keep them calm. Their diet, especially. Some Virgo lets have strange allergies and sensitives, and often can only the best of the best.

The upside of a Virgo pet is their loyalty and deep intuition. They always know what’s up with you, and they are remarkably intelligent, too. They’ll learn any trick you teach them, and never forget. They’re also loyal, just like you, Scorpio. Remember that nature is the healer of all Virgo pets. Having them in the garden, taking them for lovely forest walks and so on will be excellent for their happiness and calm.

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