The Silver Circle:

An Astrology Masterclass With Kelli Fox

To anyone who, after spending their lives looking after everyone else, have realized their time is NOW…


Are You Ready For




Discover how to finally unlock your potential through 1:1 conversations with

one of the world’s greatest astrologers…


Let me ask you a question…


Can you tell me the ONE difference between the person who walks with confidence and purpose, living life EXACTLY as she wants—and the person who struggles to find her true place and potential in the world?


If you guessed, “she is lucky,” you’d be wrong…


If you are thinking, “she has zero money problems,” you’d be wrong again…


If you say, “she has a supportive partner and family,” you would also be oh so very wrong


Because here’s the deal…


The secret to happiness is not about luck or money or being in the right relationship.




It’s about fully understanding yourself and your place in the universe.

Deep self-understanding gives you a unique advantage…


It gives you the gift of confidence, compassion, and clarity so you can live the life of your dreams.


In a minute, I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.


But first, let’s talk a bit about where you are RIGHT NOW.


Ever had these doubts?


Ever stayed up late at night, wondering if you’ve really made the most of your life?


Do you sometimes ask yourself “Is this all there is?”


Do you yearn to live a deeper, richer life…but can’t figure out HOW?


Outside you smile.


Inside you’re a bit sad…


Secretly worried that life might be passing you by…


Sound familiar?


Well, I have GOOD NEWS.


No matter who you are--no matter your circumstance--there IS more.


You have gifts and riches inside you that are begging to get out.


This is YOUR time to do all the things you’ve always wanted.


You just need the key that will open the door…


The Universe is Whispering To You

(Can you hear what it’s saying?)


So, what is the secret to getting the life you want?


It’s actually very simple.


All you need to reclaim power over your life is to tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology.


Astrology, and its deep well of wisdom, has been part of our collective humanity for centuries…


Connected with Mother Nature, the earth, and the cycles of the planets, astrology connects us to the natural rhythms of life.


The study of the stars allows us to return to our truth, far from the stressful, processed world of daily life.


As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.”


So, Who the Heck am I to Tell You All of this?

Hi! I’m Kelli Fox and I’m glad you’ve stopped by. Kelli Fox the Astrologer from Astrology.TV

As an accredited professional astrologer, I have devoted my life to the study of astrology.

My fascination with the stars began when I was a child growing up in Sydney Australia. By the age of 8, I was already recording birth dates and sun signs for my friends and family!

Since then, I’ve become a household name in astrology, famous for my stunningly accurate horoscopes and forecast that bring the ancient art of astrology to the modern world.

For me, astrology isn’t just a horoscope that you’ve heard a thousand times, but a universal language that provides crucial daily guidance.



“My experience in being highly enlightened and in awe of the gifts that are being shared by Kelli Fox falls nothing short of magnificent! Thoroughly accurate and a no-nonsense approach to help us with the understanding that our signs provide and then some. It is magnetic attention-grabbing and funny!”

Katherine F.


Powerful insights from an extremely qualified astrological expert. Highly recommended.”



“Kelli is the 'real deal.' She offers her best and gives it. Every. Single. Time. Whether on the weekly live broadcast or in the daily, weekly, monthly reports on the website. SO appreciate her wisdom.”



Kelli you are amazing and I love how you show us Astrology in new and beautiful ways. Yes, the world really does need your fresh ideas right now to show us all how interconnected we are and ways of showing us a better way forward.”

Valerie-Anne K


“Excellent, accurate readings. Always.”

Paola O


“I enjoy all of your findings and explanations of what is going on inside and why, whether it's planet placements or different phases of our stars and moon. So exciting and know I am getting accurate information. Thank you for sharing your gift!!”

Katherine F


“Thank YOU, Kelli, I appreciate your interpretation of my daily emotional challenges as you always hit the nail right on the head with your astrological explanations. My deepest gratitude and friendly wishes.”

David P


“Keli Fox - Thank you so very much for all your readings and predictions, you are always SPOT ON!”

Cindy G


“Kelli, you are kind and caring. l have appreciated your words of wisdom during these uncertain times. Thanks!”



You have gotten me through my worst days....”




The Silver Circle

An Astrology Masterclass With Kelli Fox


Together We Will Discover Your True Purpose, Power and Potential by Tapping into the Ancient Wisdom of the Universe


I would like to invite you to join my brand-new Silver Circle an Astrology Masterclass designed to help you gain deep self-understanding, leverage your unique gifts, and meet your challenges without fear.


The Silver Circle is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have 1:1 access to me through a live monthly Masterclass. (I’ve been unavailable for private readings for years because of the huge demands on my time.)


During the Masterclass, you will decode the Universe’s messages in order to gain clarity about who you are and where you’re going…


And you will do this in the company of new friends because when you join my Masterclass, you also become part of a very special community…


Think of the Silver Circle as the ultimate book club—a place of warmth and camaraderie and support. But instead of studying books, together we will study what the planets have to say about our individual and collective destinies.


Why Silver Circle?


I’ve named my program The Silver Circle because silver is believed to be a mirror to the soul.  It represents hope, unconditional love, meditation, mystic visions, tenderness, kindness, sensitivities, and psychic abilities-you’ll get ALL in spades when you join!


You will also get…

  • A monthly LIVE masterclass run by me (Kelli Fox) where we will explore and discuss different aspects of the universe including:
    • An overview of astrology and why you should care.
    • An in-depth breakdown of the zodiac signs. (You’ve NEVER seen most of this!)
    • An introduction to the Planets and Moon Phases and what they say about you.
    • And MUCH More!
  • Entrance into an exclusive community of like-minded individuals who will be there to support you and your journey of self-understanding.
  • Premium readings and materials that will help you better grasp what the Universe is really trying to tell you.
  • Entertaining, fun assignments that will cement your knowledge and help you get to know all your new friends in the community.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime access to a world-renowned astrologer who has received the highest accolades for her understanding of the stars and planets!


Yes! I Want to Join the Silver Circle.


So…What’s The Price of Admission?


Please remember that Kelli Fox charges $1000 just for ONE hour of her time.


But don’t worry… you won’t have to pay near that amount to get access to her.


You won’t have to pay half of that.


Or even half of that again.


Until January 5th at midnight, the investment for this incredibly RICH Resource is only $14.99/month.


I am so confident that you will LOVE The Silver Circle and that I want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to say YES!


Yes! I Want to Join the Silver Circle.


Enter Our “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee


You have a full 30 days to decide whether or not the Masterclass is right for you.


If after a month of enjoying our resources you decide you want to leave, just let us know.


We’ll hit undo on the whole ‘let’s get you the life you’ve always dreamed of’ experiment and return your money.


No questions asked.


No hard feelings.


This means that you take ZERO risks when you join the Silver Circle.

Are You Ready?

Isn’t it time?


Time for you to reclaim your power…


Time for you to live your life EXACTLY how you want.


Time to leverage your gifts and your blessings…


Come join us for this life-changing Masterclass.


Together, let’s make 2021 the Best Year yet…


Yes! I Want to Join the Silver Circle.

The Silver Circle


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