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Your Personal Astrology Explained

Astrology is taking off in a huge way these days.

Back in the swinging ’60s, it was the norm to ask what your zodiac sign was, baby.

This ancient art can always enrich your lifewhatever stage you’re at in your journey. Astrology explains what makes you tick, what makes your soul sing.

Your Personality Profile Astrology Report is a unique glimpse into what makes you, uniquely, you.

The best thing about Astrology is that it shows the balance of energies within you – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s all very well knowing our talents and skills, but if we aren’t aware of our pitfalls, how is that useful?

Astrology is the lens through which we can view ourselves and our lives that much more objectively.

With this knowledge, we can then empower ourselves to make better choices and decisions.

See, Astrology is not about taking your power away from you.

It’s about putting the power back into your hands.

As they say – knowledge is power, and it really is with Astrology.

The words inscribed above the Oracle of Delphi’s cave was:

“Know Thyself”

Isn’t Astrology all woo-woo though?

Isn’t it just confirmation bias?


Not at all.

When you discover for yourself your own, unique cosmic story, it’s enough to convince you that there was always a plan for your Soul and the journey it was going to take.

This can give you a great deal of peace and validation that you are, in fact here for a reason. You are the way you are, and that’s okay. It’s more than okay – it’s amazingly, YOU!

What about purpose?

That’s a big word.

Can an Astrology Personality Report show you your “thing”?

It can definitely point you in the right direction, that’s for sure.

The rest is completely up to you!

That’s where free will comes in, you see.

Astrology isn’t the be-all and end-all to the truth, it just gives you a tool to gain more insight into who you are, and thus, helps you to navigate your life.

Think of this report like a road map – a spiritual one, tailored just for you.

You see, we can really struggle to see ourselves through a clear mirror.

We often rely on others to tell us more about ourselves and our personalities, and there are still so many parts of us that are hidden from our own view.

With Astrology, we can gain access to these hidden parts and thus, get to know who we really are at the core.

It’s a little like psychology, but just a whole lot faster!

This can be a therapeutic tool to use alongside all your other amazing support systems.

You can even use your Astrological report to unpack your past issues, heal your wounds and understand your trauma.

After all, we are all human, and have come here to learn as much as we possibly can!

Why not have a guidebook to show us the way?

The Planets and Your Psyche

Most people think that Astrology is just your zodiac sign, which is the position of the Sun when you were born, known technically as your Sun Sign.

However, there are ten planets doing all kinds of different things on the day of your birth, ten planets that represent all the different parts of you and your personality.

Your Psyche, essentially.

Here’s a short list of which planet represents which part of you so you can get an idea of it:

  • The Sun Glyph in Astrology by The Sun is your basic personality, your sense of Identity. Your essential “I”. The part of you that says “I AM”. Your Soul, in some ways


  • The Moon glyph in Astrology by Astrology.TV The Moon is your inner self, your Emotional self. It’s how you deal with your feelings, what makes you feel safe and nurtured and nourished.


  • The Mercury in Astrology by Mercury is your mind – your intellect, how you think, and how you communicate. The way you make decisions, and what your mind turns to. It’s how you learn.


  • Venus in Astrology by Venus – well, everyone knows what Venus is! She’s love, of course. This Goddess of beauty represents your relationships, from the romantic to the platonic. She also represents your values and what you love and hold dear to you.


  • Mars in Astrology by Mars is Venus’s counterpart. He’s your drive, your passions and your energy – where you direct your efforts and what you truly desire. He’s your will, in other words.


  • Jupiter in Astrology by Jupiter is the good-luck charm that we all have. He represents where you grow the most, what expands you and where your faith lies.


  • Saturn in Astrology by Saturn is a bit like Jupiter’s nemesis but a good one. He’s the limits within you, where your karmic lessons lie, where your restrictions are in life. Saturn is where you have to work harder because you feel insecure. And where, eventually, you find long-lasting reward.


  • The Uranus Glyph in Astrology by Astrology.TV Uranus is the part of you that is pure chaos, change and liberation. Where and how you express yourself most authentically, the way in which you seek freedom.


  • The Neptune Glyph by Astrology.TV Neptune is your intuition and psychic abilities. It’s also about where your boundaries may be lacking, and where you have the tendency to make sacrifices for others. This planet can also represent your highest spiritual and artistic potentials.


  • The Pluto Glyph in Astrology by Astrology.TV Finally, Pluto represents the part of your psyche that’s buried, suppressed or even where there’s trauma. That is the human condition, after all. Pluto is the part of you that gives up your power but also craves power. Where you need to transform and evolve, where you need to stand in your integrity and learn to surrender at the same time.

With these ten planets representing each part of you and your personality, you can get to know yourself even more deeply, more intimately, than just with your zodiac sign, or Sun Sign.

One of the main ideologies of Astrology is:

“As Above, so Below”

– we are a part of everything, including the planets and the stars.

Benefits Of Knowing Your Astrology

So, if you haven’t realized it yet, there are a mountain of benefits that you can gain from knowing your Astrology.

Here’s just a few:

  • Knowing yourself better, and thus, making more conscious choices.
  • Understanding where your gifts lie and making the most of them.
  • And of course, understanding where your challenges lie and doing your best to overcome them and be compassionate towards yourself.
  • The greatest benefit of knowing your Astrology would have to be accepting yourself. Because isn’t that what we all crave, deep down? To be seen, validated and understood? Astrology has a special way of helping us to do just that.
  • Once you know yours, you can get to know others’ as well, leading to improved relationships and closer, more understanding connections.

Any downsides? Well, no. You can only benefit and grow from understanding yourself better!


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