Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility:

Responsible and Reckless

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility (Capricorn dates: December 21 - January 19;  Gemini dates: May 21- June 20) 

Do Capricorn and Gemini make a good match? You’re not the most likely match in the zodiac, in all honesty! Capricorn, you are a mature, serious, grounded and cautious individual, with major plans for life.

Your Gemini love, on the other hand, flies by the seat of their pants, and whilst remarkably intelligent and usually successful, never has much of a plan for anything - and when they do, it’s in a state of constant change!

Can you get along? Sure, - you admire and respect each other, and in many ways, you need each other, too. Gemini benefits from the grounded, practical and pragmatic ways of your zodiac sign, Capricorn. It will sometimes feel like a parent looking after a reckless teenager, yet at the same time, you’ll love how they make you laugh and loosen up, how they make you see the lighter side of life!

The thing is, Capricorn, that even though you complain, you actually like being in that parental, authoritative role, telling Gemini what to do. And, because they’re just so adaptable, they’ll just go with the flow and happily let you be the boss. You’ve got to admit that this ticks a lot of your boxes, Capricorn!

Whether you want the same things in life is another story. Gemini people are very sociable, love to go out and be the butterfly and explore all the variety that life has to offer. They do a million different things, change a zillion times and are versatile and chameleon-like. However, this seems fickle to you, Capricorn, and you may resent their apparent lack of commitment.

You’re more the type to set serious goals and work determinedly towards them. Once committed, you are unshakable, strong and sure, and you seldom change a project or your goals. However, this isn’t a make or break situation. It just means you have to adjust to each other as best as you possibly can – and learn to love and accept each other totally.


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Capricorn and Gemini Dating Compatibility:

Are Capricorn and Gemini Soulmates? It won’t always feel like it, Capricorn. Gemini is just so different to you in their soul expression, and although you’ll admire their intelligence and ability to learn anything,  it can feel like you’re on a different track.

However, as they say, opposites attract! Your Gemini sweetheart will lightly jump into a relationship with you quick-sticks, always chirpy and curious about what makes you tick. They won’t commit very quickly, however, though are the types to mirror their partners, so if you commit, they will too.

However, be prepared for things to remain “up in the air” for some time, as your curious approach is as slow as their devil-may-care attitude. It's’ likely your Gemini is seeing a few people at once when they meet you, and they take time to make up their minds.

Your dates themselves will be filled with chatter – mostly the chatter of the Gemini! You’ll be so entertained by them, Capricorn, and they will make your world a funnier, lighter place. They can be serious, too, if you are – they are versatile like that.

As long as your dates are kept fresh and interesting, the Gemini doesn’t really mind what you do together. You can take charge here, Capricorn, and your taste is always impeccable!

Capricorn and Gemini Marriage Compatibility:

Can Capricorn and Gemini marry? Being an earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, your aim is to commit and find more security and stability in your relationship. It does take time with you as you learn to let your guard down, but that’s what you want out of a relationship, eventually.

When it comes to the Gemini and marriage, there’s very little that scares them as much as taking this step. However, being the chameleon that they are, this is the type of zodiac sign that will match you, step for step. When you step forward, they do too. If you hold back, so will they. In this way, you are the leader here, Capricorn, and in a way, you get to call the shots.

That’s not to say they your fear-of-commitment Gemini won’t have cold feet, but they will take that leap if it’s important to you. They are adaptable like that, you see.

So, when you have finally both made up your minds and have chosen to accept each other and your flaws, to grow and learn, you can make interesting partners. You will both be fairly successful professionally and will understand each other’s need for work and productivity.

Gemini is also very social, Capricorn, so you never really have to worry about coming home late or working long hours at the office. They entertain themselves by seeing their friends, indulging in their many hobbies and basically doing their own independent thing. This isn’t a clingy zodiac sign, Capricorn, even though you could feel like you are the only responsible one in the marriage at times!

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility in Bed:

Are Capricorn and Gemini sexually compatible? Gemini people like to experiment, Capricorn. They shake things up in the bedroom, and they can be exciting and unique, often making you feel like you’re learning new things all the time!

However, your Gemini lover is not as primal and sensual as you are, Capricorn. They struggle to get out of their heads and into their bodies, so be patient with them. Teach them how to be more physical, more connected and wild! This can be a sweet, sweet balance of mind and body!

When Capricorn and Gemini Relationship Breaks up:

How does Capricorn and Gemini move on after a breakup? Gemini people can be very dramatic and gossipy at the end of a relationship, Capricorn. They seem to want to stir the pot, just to get a reaction. They also tend to move on quite fast, much to your hurt.

You, on the other hand, can be detached and cold, mainly because you are never going to show them how vulnerable you are. So, both of you may seem to wash your hands of each other, maybe even getting a little ugly even if, at heart, you’re quite heartsore.


Business Compatibility:

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility in Business:

Does Capricorn and Gemini have compatibility when it comes to work?  One thing is certain, Capricorn – even if the Gemini fickleness and instant changing of everything drives you crazy, you can’t help but completely respect their minds. This is a smart sign, and an asset to any business, as they are always brimming with ideas and are great problem solvers! Gemini colleagues also know how to make everyone laugh and are socially talented and graceful.

And, on the upside, Capricorn, Gemini has no desire to lead, the way that you do. You can be the CEO and they will adapt around you. You never need to see them as too much of a threat.


Friendship Compatibility:

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Capricorn and Gemini good friends? You are unlikely friends, but you can make it work. The truth is, Capricorn, you’ll be the leader in this friendship and will often find yourself picking up the messy pieces after your Gemini buddy. Maybe that satisfies you, though, Capricorn – knowing you are so needed!

Plus, despite their irritating changeability and seeming lack of constancy, your Gemini friend really knows how to make your day brighter and brings out your dark humor!


Family Compatibility: 

Capricorn Parent and Gemini Child Compatibility:

Are Capricorn and Gemini compatible when it comes to family? You’ll most likely be more of the parent in this zodiac relationship, Capricorn. Your Gemini parent is youthful and somewhat unreliable, and they seem to need your practicality a lot of the time! However, at least they make you laugh and always encourage your passions and hobbies, no matter what they are.

Your Gemini child is a delight, Capricorn. They will make you want to pull your hair out, but they are clever, sharp and always learning – they will make you very, very proud! They’ll also play a thousand tricks on you, and have you chasing your own tail. You’re very grounding for their sometimes-anxious energy, Capricorn.

Capricorn and Gemini Sibling Compatibility:

How do Capricorn and Gemini siblings match up in the family environment? You will be the older sibling, no matter what your age is, Capricorn! And your Gemini sibling will happily follow you around, letting you be the boss. They adapt to you, which works for both of you, most of the time.

However, your Gemini sibling can also be very reckless and irresponsible, and drive you insane with their chatter and pranks. You’re very different, but you can get along as soon as you leave the house and grow up!

Capricorn and Gemini Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Capricorn human and a Gemini pet get along? Gemini pets are great – they learn anything in a ridiculous amount of time, Capricorn. You can teach them any trick in the book and they’ll get it. This will make you feel proud to have them as a pet, and love to show them off to your friends and family!

However your Gemini pet is also very naughty, Capricorn. They will play tricks on you, and they hate any sort of routine and plan. They change all the time, so one day you’ll have a lion, the next a lamb!

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