Relationship Analysis for Couples:

Soulmate Or a Passing Phase?

How do you know if your current sweetheart is someone you’re meant to be with forever – or if they’re just a passing phase?

Is this love going to last?

What will your relationship look like in ten years?

These are just a few of the questions we can ask ourselves when we meet someone that we think may be special, or even when we’ve been with our S.O. (significant other) for years and years.

Doubt is natural, but wouldn’t it be nice to receive some sort of validation from the universe that our relationship is meant to be?

Certain people bring out certain behaviors in us.

We may act one way at a work function, and quite another when we sit down and have dinner with our parents.

And we may act a particular way in one romantic relationship, but in a totally different way in another.


Well, this is usually down to something called the Composite Report.

Whoever you’re with, you're going to create something completely different in terms of Astrology.

This Report is entirely separate from the two of you as individuals.

It’s like your baby, your creation.

Your energies, merged.

It’s the specific energies that you generate together, activated by your relationship.

This Report takes any two people’s Astrology and merges them together in order to show a picture of how the relationship will be.

It’s like a third entity, and something completely unto itself.

Difficult connections in your individual astrology can become smoother when using the Composite Report.

This Report is what you grow into as a couple, over time.

This report is an analysis of your relationship.

It’s one thing to get an Astrological report detailing planetary connections and how that influences your relationship, but it’s quite another to get a detailed, original Report that combines your two Astrological birth influences and makes them One.

And, the closer you get to your partner, the more and more these energies will reveal themselves and become apparent.

They grow, over time.

Your Relationship Analysis Report contains vital information about your emotional connection, your soulmate status, how you enjoy pleasure together, your potential to grow, your passion and so much more!

It’ll even illuminate the parts of you that may have been hidden before, the parts that are activated by being together.

Now, here’s a word of warning: some information in this Report may not seem that obvious if you’ve just started out with someone.

Your Relationship Analysis Report is one that matures over time, like a fine wine.

Difficult dynamics in the report will grow over time, as will easy and flowing dynamics.

Don’t be afraid of the difficulty – we need some spice and challenges in our relationship to make us grow and keep us interested.

If we didn’t have that, we’d likely get bored and want out.

Your Relationship Analysis Report will teach you an enormous amount about your relationship’s potential.

It’ll help you look forward to the good times as well as be prepared for the rough moments.

You’ll have the power to know what makes you click – and what rubs you the wrong way as a couple.

Wouldn’t you like to have that knowledge so that you can empower your relationship to be the best it can be?

Or to know when it’s time to walk away and let go?

Your Relationship Analysis Report will have it all – passion, fun, love, communication, soul connection, physical attraction, conflict styles, challenges, shortcomings and so much more!

What You’ll Get Out of Your Relationship Analysis for Couples Report

Your Relationship Analysis for Couple’s Report won’t fail you.

Here’s exactly what you’re going to be getting in return for your investment:

Þ    Your potential for physical passion. Are you a couple who can’t keep their hands off each other? Or do you prefer a slow love burn?

Þ    How your hearts and souls are going to connect

Þ    What your communication strength and weaknesses are

Þ    How you’re going to rub each other the wrong way

Þ    Where your sweet spots are

Þ    Your financial and material potentials

Þ    How much – or little – fun you’re going to have

Þ    How romantic you’ll be as a couple

Þ    Words of warning and advice to help you get through your challenges

Þ    Whether things will be smooth sailing or an uphill battle

With the Relationship Analysis for Couples Report, you’ll get a lifetime guide into your unique connection!

The Unique Benefits of a Relationship Analysis for Couples Report

Here are the very special and unique benefits of having a Report like this at your fingertips:

  • They say forewarned is forearmed – you’ll be not only forewarned but basically given a detailed guidebook on what your relationship is going to look like over time.


  • Validation is one of the most beautiful gifts of Astrology. With your Relationship Analysis Report, you can feel like the universe has seen your relationship and is affirming most of what you already knew.


  • You’ll be able to see and understand the hidden parts of you that are expressed within this particular relationship. It’s wonderful having the ‘why’ of certain behaviors that we or our partner's patterns exhibit when we are together.

Your Report will contain both the amazing parts and the hard bits of your union, so be prepared!

Have an open mind when you read through it and discover your relationship with a new lens.

This Report has the potential to make your relationship even better than it ever was!

What The Planets Symbolize in Your Relationship Analysis for Couples Report

The planets are the ‘doers’ in Astrology.

These archetypal energies all have a particular topic or two that they govern, which is the key to understanding your relationship together.

With your Relationship Analysis Report, your two individual planetary arrangements are combined, merging their energies.

This then creates a separate Report, a third party describing the Relationship itself.

Here’s what each of the planets will talk about:

  • The Sun Glyph in Astrology by The Sun– this planet in the Composite Report represents your identity together as a couple, and what the Heart and Soul of your relationship is.
  • The Mercury in Astrology by MercuryMercury, as always, dominates the topic of communication. What will you talk about, and how will your communication style be? Where are the pitfalls and where can you capitalize on your strengths?
  • Venus in Astrology by Venusthe romantic planet shows the potential for, well, romance, as well as affection and the connection between you. She will indicate how you enjoy love and pleasure together.
  • Mars in Astrology by Marsthe planet of passion and desire will shed light on what makes your relationship sizzle, yet also shows what causes the friction between you.
  • Jupiter in Astrology by Jupiterthe planet of growth will show where you like to expand as a couple, and what your shared beliefs and values will be – as well as any challenges to those.
  • Saturn in Astrology by Saturn– the planet of lessons will indicate your karmic connection and the challenges you’ll face as a pair. Good connections to this planet will also indicate longevity and maturity.

There are a few more planets that will indicate your psychic connection, your spiritual growth, the unique qualities of your relationship as well as where you’ll need to make an extra effort.

Yes, you’re getting all of this, and so much more.


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