Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility:

The Playful And Passionate Pair

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20;  Leo dates: July 22 - August 22) 

Do Sagittarius and Leo make a good match? Of course you do! You’re fire signs, which makes it oh-so-easy to find a passionate groove together. You’ll recognize in each other a kinship of sorts, a feeling that you have met your twin, someone who just seems to “get” you.

It’s not quite the match between you and Aries, Sagittarius, but astrology suggests that in some ways, this is better. Leo is a fixed zodiac sign, which means that they are here for the long haul and a whole lot more stable for you. Being a mutable sign yourself, you do have the tendency to be a touch, well, non-committal. It’s good for you to have someone in your life who can anchor you without putting out your fire.

You’ll have plenty of adventures together, and you’ll soon see, Sagittarius, that Leo is the type to egg you on and encourage you to live your very best life. However, you’ll need to know, Sagittarius, that Leo needs quite a lot of love and attention from you. They’ll give you everything, but only when they are sure they are number-one in your life.

With that in mind, Sagittarius, ignore your Leo lover at your very own peril! You have a temper, but it never lasts, whereas your Leo will have a temper that lasts forever and a day. They can throw big tantrums when you forget to spoil and adore them. They’ll purr like the lion they are when you give your energy to them. It’s your choice, Sagittarius, whether you want a happy relationship or an explosive one.

Also, keep in mind that Leo is about commitment – they are one of the romance signs in astrology, and they will likely want a family somewhere down the line. That may scare you at first, because they can come on strong, but over time, you’ll relax into the comfortable security that they give you, the protective warmth they cover you with.

This can be a fun match, too, as there's nothing Leo loves more than a party! You love a good time too, Sagittarius, more than most. The two of you will paint the town red many a time, and always be the last ones on the dancefloor!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Leo Dating Compatibility:

Are Sagittarius and Leo Soulmates? The short answer is yes! You do have similar souls, souls that feel like they just “know” each other. Souls that are passionate and romantic, fun-loving and warm. You’ll sense each other’s inner strength and joyful optimism, which is what attracts you to each other so much. There’s not a whiff of the victim in the two of you.

Being fire signs you’ll both totally plunge into the unsure waters of a new relationship, not worrying too much about being hurt. You’re both impulsive like that, Sagittarius, and you love that about each other.

You’ll also very much appreciate the direct and honest energy of your Leo lover, which helps you to always know where you stand. You’re as direct, Sagittarius, but make sure that you don’t criticize them or make their ego feel small. Leos are extremely proud, and they respond very badly to what looks like belittling them. Tread carefully, Sagittarius – there’s honesty, then there’s honesty.

Your dating phase will be fabulous! You both love doing new things, and your Leo will probably take the lead in bringing fun and romantic experiences into each and every date. They’ll wow you with flowers, spoil you with gifts and pamper you. Try and do the same for them, Sagittarius - take some effort to plan for them. They’ll appreciate it far more than you know.

Sagittarius and Leo Marriage Compatibility:

Can Sagittarius and Leo marry? Leo, being a fixed zodiac sign, does want marriage somewhere down the line. Fixed signs feel safe and stable when there’s some sort of guarantee of commitment.

This may even just look like cohabiting before marriage, so don’t worry too much, Sagittarius, about putting a ring on it yet. Or receiving a ring. It’ll come, but don’t make the Leo wait too long if you plan to be the one doing the proposing! If Leo feels like they have been waiting too long, they’ll throw one of their grand tantrums. It’ll go on for many moons, wearing you down.

If your Leo is in charge of proposing, you could probably expect one soon-ish, Sagittarius. They are usually eager to start a family, which doesn’t exclude adventures, so don’t get too anxious about it. Both are an adventure, so look at it that way rather than a noose around your neck.

Plus, having a Leo spouse is a blessing. They are protective, loving, warm and very romantic. They prize passion, so will always make that a priority. You’ll never stop partying, so you never need to worry about that, either!

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility in Bed:

Are Sagittarius and Leo sexually compatible? Oh boy! Your sexual connection will be off the charts, Sagittarius. You have a very powerful and playful libido, but you’ve never met your match before you met Leo! Leo has an equally powerful sexual drive and they can go on forever and ever!

Both of you treat sex as fun, primal and spontaneous. There’s very little chance that you’ll ever get bored of each other sexually! Most of the time, you just can’t keep your hands off of each other!

When Sagittarius and Leo Relationship Breaks up:

How does Sagittarius and Leo move on after a breakup? Leo lovers hold on very tightly, perhaps too tightly, Sagittarius. Their ego does not do well with rejection. When they fall in love, it’s often for life, and they are extremely loyal. They believe in fighting their way through the problems, seldom giving up.

Hence your ending can be very dramatic, with you trying to wriggle free and Leo not letting it happen. That’s when their controlling tendencies are at their worst, and you’ll just have to walk away, Sagittarius. Try not to throw your new life or lovers in their face though – respect that their feelings take longer to heal than yours.


Business Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility in Business:

Is there Leo and Sagittarius compatibility when it comes to work?  You can be pure dynamite together! Fire signs working together make things happen, and seldom sit around twiddling their thumbs! You are very compatible and admire each other’s high energy and motivation, how you can always rely on each other to take action.

Just never, ever step on the toes of the Leo, Sagittarius – they are the boss. If you work under them, respect their time and never be late or irresponsible – you’ll never hear the end of it!


Friendship Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Sagittarius and Leo good friends? You are the very best of chums! Always up to no good, the two of you will have many a memory of fun times breaking all the rules! You’ll come to deeply appreciate the undying loyalty of your Leo friend – they are always there for you, always reliable, always consistent.

You’ll have to be sure to show them the same kind of loyalty, Sagittarius – this isn’t a friend you can drop at the last minute. They’ll feel not only neglected, but their pride won’t stand it. A Leo is your best friend until you let them down one too many times.


Family Compatibility:

Sagittarius Parent and Leo Child Compatibility:

Is there Leo and Sagittarius compatibility when it comes to family? A Leo parent is wonderful, if a bit dominant. They will have a fairly firm way of running your home, Sagittarius, which can make you feel rebellious and trapped early in life. However, as you grow up, you’ll realize just how much love, time and devotion your Leo parent lavished on you.

Your Leo child is the number-one star of your house. They demand all of your attention, Sagittarius. And if you don’t give it to them, you’ll find that they’ll make your life a living nightmare! A the same time, there is no child as loving and creative as your precious Leo!

Sagittarius and Leo Sibling Compatibility:

How do Sagittarius and Leo siblings match up in the family environment? As fire signs, you will have plenty of fights! Each of you has a temper just as big as each other’s, and your Leo sibling will generally come out on top, holding onto their grudge far longer than you.

Also, Leo siblings just tend to demand all the attention, so you may find you stand in their shadow a little, Sagittarius. That may suit you well, as you are then free to pursue your adventures that  you love so much!

Sagittarius and Leo Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Sagittarius human and a Leo pet get along? Of course you will! You’re fire signs! A Leo pet should hopefully be a cat, because that’s where they are at their best, but they can also thrive as a dog, too. Remember, your Leo pet is the Queen or the King of the house, and should be treated as such!

That means the best and the biggest bed, the nicest food and the tastiest treats! It also means making them the very center of your attention, Sagittarius! They’ll never be okay with second-best!

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