Cancer and Pisces Compatibility:

An Otherworldly Romance

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21; Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

 Are Cancer and Pisces astrological signs likely to be a good love match? This is one of the very best matches you can hope for when it comes to astrology! With both of you being sensitive water signs, you’ll just be able to “get” each other without even needing to try!

In fact, you are the type of couple that very seldom even needs words to know what each other is feeling or thinking. The longer you are together, the more psychic that link becomes, and very soon, it’s as if you’re one person!

This merging has both its drawbacks and strengths. For one thing, you’ll both never feel alone or unsafe. Emotional security is very strong in your relationship, and there is no lack of empathy and care!

On the other hand, codependence may rear its head from time to time. Being so sensitive, you both have the tendency to get lost in one another’s’ emotional world. In fact, you might even “drown” in each other at times, and have very little sense of boundaries.

You’ll have to be extremely mindful so as not to lose yourselves in one another, and practice having space where you can be individuals with individual feelings.


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Cancer and Pisces Dating Compatibility -

Are Cancer and Pisces Soulmates? If you are a believer in soulmates, then this is one of those relationships that certainly has that flavor! Water signs like you seldom have long-term relationships that don’t involve a soulmate. And yes, there are often more than one, for both of you!

The dating phase will be beautiful and ethereal – it may feel like a storybook! Cancer, your defenses will melt away under the Pisces vulnerability, and their soft, open energy will help you to soften, too. Pisces falls fast, prompting you to feel secure in their love.

As you’re both introverts of the zodiac, it’s likely that most of your dates will be spent at home, away from prying eyes, where you can cuddle each other to death! That said, your romance won’t be without its grand gestures, and you can both know how to turn the volume up when it comes to the perfect date!

Be prepared to feel closer to each other than you’ve ever felt to anyone, in a very short space of time!

Cancer and Pisces Marriage Compatibility:

Can Cancer and Pisces marry? It's very likely that the two of you will make some sort of strong commitment to one another. Whether that’s marriage or life partners, is up to you.

Pisces will be the one to march down the aisle faster than you can blink an eye, Cancer, which should be a red flag for you. Not in terms of your relationship necessarily, but it’s important that you give things some time before tying the knot.

The reason for this is that you both may have so many intense feelings for each other right at the beginning that may simply be puppy-love and eventually regretful. However, if, over a few years, you both feel the same way, then definitely take that step!

Your married life should be both harmonious and soulful; as well as tumultuous. You’ll need to draw boundaries with each other’s feelings and life experiences, or else you can end up drowning in one another and losing sight of who you are.

The soulmate part is the sweet part, where the two of you maintain and enjoy a deeper, closer connection than you feel to anyone else. In this way, you really do become one together.

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Bed:

Is there Cancer and Pisces compatibility in bed? Your sexual relationship should be as beautiful as every other aspect of your relationship, Cancer.

For both of you, you need to feel completely connected emotionally before you can physically connect with each other. If there’s a rift between you, or if you’re in a “mood”, there’s just no way you can entertain being sexual together.

The times you do get sexual are very special – they can even be quite transcendent. You’re both incredibly intuitive lovers, and you know just want your partner wants before they even know themselves.

This can lead to a very satisfying sex life for both of you – and the best part is that you both just love the after-cuddles! In fact, the cuddles may even be your driving force for sex in the first place!

When Cancer and Pisces Relationship Breakups:

How does a Cancer-Pisces couple move on after a breakup? This can be one of the more difficult break-ups for both of you. Pisces has a habit of “ghosting”, Cancer. This means that they simply let go and drift away, often without a word of closure or explanation.

When you realize this is because they are hurting, not because they are malicious, it gets easier for you to handle. However, it’s always hard for you to let go, and you might resent your Pisces ex for seeming to have done so, so easily. Bear in mind it’s not easy for them, Cancer. They’ve just gone into their fantasy world to protect themselves from painful feelings.


Business Compatibility:

Cancer and Pisces in Compatibility in Business:

Does Cancer and Pisces have compatibility when it comes to business? You’re both extremely creative signs, Cancer, which can make you a good team in the workplace. You flow intuitively with each other and pick up on each other’s cues very easily and very quickly.

In this way, you can be excellent workmates, bouncing off each other with ease. However, being emotional signs, you may also have tantrums and silent spells, where you may imagine some hurt or slight made against you. You’ll need to be aware of drawing work boundaries if you don’t want things to get too confused and messy.

One thing that you’ll have going for you is the ability to empathize and hold space for when each other is having a “bad day” and won’t mind other priorities taking the place of work plans.


Friendship Compatibility:

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Cancer and Pisces good friends? You’ll be extremely close friends, to the point where you’ll feel more like family than friends. In fact, if your sexual orientation matches each other, you may need to be careful of overstepping the line of friends and lovers!

The emotional connection is strong and very deep in this relationship, and you’ll always know just what each other needs and wants. You can spend hours just listening to each other and empathizing with one another.

You’ll be the type of friends that can go out and play like it’s 1999, but also stay home and chill with Netflix. Your friendship is comfortable, kind and caring – though at times you’ll have your drama, too. Water signs are notoriously moody and you may take many things just a little too seriously!

Try and not get too involved in each other’s emotions, and watch out for creating a relationship that can be codependent at times.


Family Compatibility:

Cancer Parent and Pisces Child Compatibility:

Are Cancer and Pisces compatible when it comes to family? A Pisces parent is here and there, Cancer - sometimes available, and sometimes totally absent. Pisces parents are incredibly kind, caring, compassionate and intuitive, but many of them struggle with life’s realities. This can make them seem disconnected from time to time.

However, your Pisces parent is highly “tuned in” to your needs, Cancer, and they’re always willing to be there for you when you need them, emotionally speaking.

A Pisces child is a fairy-child. They’re imaginative, creative and highly sensitive. They benefit from your caring and nurturing, and need rules and structures to help them stay grounded. Whether parent or child, your Pisces family member and you will have a very strong soul-bond that never fades away, no matter what happens between the two of you.

Cancer and Pisces Siblings Compatibility:

How do Cancer and Pisces siblings match up in the family environment? You’ll be peas in a pod, and that may cause both upsets as well as a powerful, unbreakable bond. You both need a huge amount of emotional reassurance from your parents, which can lead to competition in the relationship.

You can also be the type of siblings who are oversensitive to one another, leading to big emotional dramas, in both early and adult life. You’ll have times where you just don’t speak to each other, and times where you are closer than ever. It’s always up and down with the two of you, but you seldom break your connection forever. In time, you become the best of friends.

Cancer and Pisces Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Cancer human and a Pisces pet get along? You get along famously! Cancer, your Pisces pet is something quite magical and different, and their intuition is incredibly strong – just like yours.

You’ll develop a powerful psychic bond together, and you’ll know exactly when each other is upset. You’ll be there for each other through thick and thin, and the cuddles will come in strong! Pisces pets love water just like you, Cancer, so make sure you go to the beach, or to any sort of body of water as often as you possibly can! And don’t be worried if Pisces pets sometimes disappear – they usually come right back.

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