Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility:

It’s All About The Growth

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20;  Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19) 

Do Sagittarius and Pisces make a good match? There are some matches when it comes to astrology that are great, but not everyone knows about it. One has to know more than the average joe to know that Sagittarius and Pisces can actually be a wonderful couple, despite your fire and water elemental differences.

Sure, you have that volatility that all fire and water signs of the zodiac have, that clash of insensitivity versus sensitivity – but your signs are something special and different. You’re both signs ruled, traditionally, by the bounteous planet Jupiter – which gives you a lot in common.

Jupiter, as the largest planet in our solar system, is all about growth, abundance and philosophy. He rules subjects like travel, wisdom, faith, spirituality and teaching. He’s a bit of a Guru, this planet, which is an energy both of you have, too.

Jupiter also loves to have a good time, values freedom and is non-committal – he’s open to what the world has to offer. So, despite the often-talked-about “clinginess” of water signs, Sagittarius, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by your Pisces – they're a little different.

That’s not to say that our Pisces isn’t a little needy – they do like to form strong emotional attachments, and love to be around you, Sagittarius. Yet, you may find that they are as reluctant to be suffocated as you are, and need to be able to “escape” from time to time. This can suit you very well indeed!

You’ll also love the compassion and intuition of your Pisces sweetheart, how they always support you, believe in you and boost you. They can outlast you at a party when they’re in the mood, and when they’re in an especially good mood, they can be as funny as anything!

However, Sagittarius, your tactless and direct attitude may crush the tender Pisces' feelings on a regular basis. You may get rather annoying at how thin-skinned they are, and they may start withdrawing more and more if they feel attacked. You’ll both have to get your reactivity under control to make sure that emotional storms aren’t the norm.

Other than that, you both share philosophical outlooks and a way of living that feels free, full of growth and quite spiritual.


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Pisces Dating Compatibility:

Are Sagittarius and Pisces Soulmates? You’re both very soulful people, so "soulmates" is a word that you two will embrace, over time. You also both have a very trusting approach to relationships in general, and can go all-in very fast.

See, Sagittarius, Pisces is the type of zodiac sign that believes in fairy tales, that is the damsel in distress or the knight in shining armor. No matter how many times their heart has broken, your Pisces love believes in a happy ending. This romantic positivity is contagious, and sparks your optimistic nature! You’re passionate, after all, and easily swept off your feet by the Pisces mysticism and belief in true love!

Of course, rushing in never guarantees a long-lasting relationship, and you two will have to try and find a way to commit, eventually, seeing as both of you are such free spirits. Loopholes are all very well, but you need more at some point, Sagittarius!

Your dates themselves, if arranged by Pisces, are very romantic and thoughtful. It’s as if they could read your mind, which makes you feel ultra-special. It will usually involve the ocean or some sort of river, a bath, a few bottles of wine and lots of closeness.

Your dates, on the other hand, will involve adventure and excitement, Sagittarius! Lucky for you, Pisces just goes with anything. They like to be chameleons for their partners, and their adaptability is lovely for when you want to take the lead on something thrilling!

Sagittarius and Pisces Marriage Compatibility:

Can Sagittarius and Pisces marry? You both may get very taken by the idea of happily-ever-after and marriage, but do slow down, Sagittarius. Out of all astrological pairs of the zodiac, the two of you are most likely to regret your decision if you jump into it too quickly.

This is just because you’re both so passionate and sweet in love, but tend to be impulsive. Being mutable zodiac signs, your desires change fast, and so may your feelings. Give it a year at least, preferably two or more, before you tie the knot, Sagittarius, This will give your relationship more of a chance of making it all the way through!

You may decide, being free spirits, that marriage isn’t your thing, and that’s okay. Being unconventional and not tying each other down, also feels great to you both. But you will have to find some other way of making sure there is a commitment here. Otherwise, your Pisces may grow to feel insecure and eventually drift away, ghosting you without any explanation (they hate confrontation, you see).

Speaking of confrontation, that may be a thing to address, Sagittarius. You are someone who likes to be totally honest and direct. Your Pisces spouse? Not so much. They take the scenic route, exaggerating just as much you do, and placing a couple of avoidances or white lies in the story on the way.

You’ll lose your temper far too easily at these times, and Pisces will just run away. You’ll never solve anything, Sagittarius, until you can both sit and calmly relate to each other without letting your feelings run away with you!

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility in Bed:

Are Sagittarius and Pisces sexually compatible? Pisces people are amongst the most intrusive lovers in the zodiac, Sagittarius! They’ll go out of their way to please you, and always seem to sense whatever it is that you need. Their style of lovemaking is mystical, deep and quite emotional.

In fact, your more fun, devil-may-care approach to sex may be a little too brash for them at times, or feels too insensitive. Pisces, as a water sign, does need to “be in the mood” more than most zodiac signs, whereas you’re quite happy to do it whenever and wherever, Sagittarius!

When Sagittarius and Pisces Relationship Breaks up:

How does Sagittarius and Pisces move on after a breakup? Both of you do have the ability to drift off and carry on with your lives after a breakup. The lead-up to breaking up is far, far worse than the breakup itself, with lots of anger, tears, drama and volatility.

Most of the time, Pisces people disconnect from a breakup and disappear for a bit to heal. They will always forgive you, Sagittarius, and probably be your friend down the line. Just be careful that you don’t fall into each other’s arms on a drunken night, because that would just end up being toxic to you both, unless you really mean to commit.


Business Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility in Business:

Does Sagittarius and Pisces have compatibility when it comes to work? You can both be a bit, well, irresponsible, Sagittarius. A bit reckless, all over the show and not exactly structured. Luckily, because you’re both like that, it’s okay.

However, there may be times that you just get on each other’s nerves, in all honesty. You may feel that your Pisces colleague is untrustworthy and avoidant, whilst they see you as insensitive and confrontational. You’ll have fun times together, but sometimes you just need to stay out of each other’s way!


Friendship Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Sagittarius and Pisces good friends? You have quite a bit in common, when you think about it! You both love to travel, and growth is a big priority in your lives. You also are philosophical, always seeing something that happens in life as a lesson (well, some of the time - your Pisces friend can get victimized at times).

You’re also both party animals, and may even be a bit of a bad influence on each other in that way – but you love it! You just have to learn to be more mindful of your Pisces buddy’s feelings, Sagittarius. And they do have to grow thicker skin, too.


Family Compatibility:

Sagittarius Parent and Pisces Child Compatibility:

Are Sagittarius and Pisces compatible when it comes to family? Pisces parents are sort of there, sort of not, Sagittarius. They drift in an hour of reality, but they are compassionate and kind, and do have your best interests at heart – even if they seem codependent or avoidant.

Your Pisces child belongs to another world, in case you hadn’t noticed it already, Sagittarius! They are gentle, intuitive children who don’t do well with temper or confrontation, so be aware of that the next time you feel a need to discipline them!

Sagittarius and Pisces Sibling Compatibility:

How do Sagittarius and Pisces siblings match up in the family environment? Sagittarius,  you are the fiery one, of course, and love to taunt and tease your poor, hapless Pisces sibling. You may even look down on them from time to time, though you’ll learn over time that the value of their support and deep intuition.

The truth is, the two of you are actually quite similar and you can have so much fun together when you join forces. When you’re good, you’re great, but when you’re not, you’re terrible.

Sagittarius and Pisces Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Sagittarius human and a Pisces pet get along? Pisces pets are precious, Sagittarius. Sensitive and powerfully intuitive, they seem to pick up on your every mood and always manage to make you feel better.

They are also free spirits, just like you, and always open to change. Pisces pets are intensely sensitive to conflict, so be careful, Sagittarius – these are the types of pets to absorb all the feelings in their environment and struggle to shake them off.

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