Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility:

Fun, Free and Adventurous!

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility (Sagittarius dates: November 22 - December 20;  Aries dates: March 20 - April 19)

Do Sagittarius and Aries make a good match? It’s not just a good match, this is a great match! It’s a meeting of two kindred souls, a merging of two incredibly adventurous, courageous and optimistic spirits!

Positive and passionate, the two of you are a laugh a minute, and seldom do you ever stay down for long before you live to fight another day! You love and admire this about each other hugely, and it’s part of why you are just so drawn to each other!

What you’ll also love, Sagittarius, is the Aries independence. They never make you feel claustrophobic, and love the fact that you are very capable of doing your own thing as well as enjoy fun with them, too.

However, Sagittarius, do keep in mind that as much as your Aries sweetheart loves your free spirit, they also need your undivided attention from time to time. They need to know that they are number one in your life to feel happy and secure. If they feel that, they will happily let you roam free!

Being fire signs, your main shared goal in life is to enjoy every moment that it has to offer! Never missing an opportunity, you two will likely travel together, be active together and party together. You’re social, outgoing, partiers of the zodiac and you’d both get terribly bored if you had to stay home and watch TV!

In fact, it’s this adventurous spirit that may throw a spanner in the works – there is too much of a good thing, so make sure one of you provides some sort of stability and security!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Aries Dating Compatibility:

Are Sagittarius and Aries Soulmates? Oh, yes you are! You know it, deep down. As impulsive and “casual” as the two of you try and be, there’s a sense that your souls have known each other through many a lifetime!

However, you don’t get too heavy about it, or overly serious. You just enjoy each other at first, probably happily leaping into experiences without thinking about it too much. You’re the type of couple that will say “I love you” within a few weeks, though love is probably just the start of things, and still mostly infatuation!

Your dates will be the dates that people dream of doing, such as deep-water dives, bungee jumping and weekends away where you get active and fit! Many of your dates will also end in physical passion, where the both of you don’t hold back or feel bad for leaping in right away.

You’ll find each other thrilling, and reckless, which you love, Sagittarius. Aries will give you a real run for your money when it comes to doing crazy things, often taking the lead in wild suggestions. It’s bliss!

Sagittarius and Aries Marriage Compatibility:

Can Sagittarius and Aries marry? Well, neither zodiac signs really care about the topic of marriage, in all honesty. You’re free spirits, totally independent. And you don’t feel like you need to “tie each other down”. That is, if you can hold yourself back in the first few weeks and months! You are the type of couple that will impulsively elope after having just met each other, getting matching tattoos and not caring what the world thinks!

However, once that initial heat dies down, astrology suggests it's important to take stock. You are wonderfully compatible, but you can lack that stability and grounding that marriage needs. You are rather fickle, Sagittarius, falling in and out of love a few times a day with your Aries.

And, Aries can be hot and cold, too, so when you have a conflict – and they are big conflicts – you may doubt the relationship and tear at its foundations. It’s important that you find a way to commit, so perhaps marriage is the grounding force that you both need to hold onto when you’re passions get the better of you!

Once married, you will never lack passion and fire. Life will always be fun and adventurous, and you’ll find, Sagittarius, that Aries always, always has your back.

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility in Bed:

Is there Aries and Sagittarius compatibility when it comes to sex? Is the world round? Do bees make honey? Is the sky blue? The simple answer here is yes, and not just a yes, but an all-around shout of confirmation! Your sexual relationship is as fiery as you are, Sagittarius, and you’ll scarcely be able to leap your hands off of your Aries honey!

Aries likes to take the lead, which works well for you, Sagittarius, as you’re quite adaptable and adventurous. As a fire sign, they have incredibly powerful libidos, which is totally tuned into your equally strong sexual drive. You’ll have plenty of it, so there’s never any need to complain or feel a lack.
Plus, you both treat sex as fun, never taking it – or yourselves - too seriously!

When Sagittarius and Aries Relationship Breaks up:

How does Sagittarius and Aries move on after a breakup? As with most other areas, you’ll likely totally blow up at each other, fight with each other, then for each other. Dramatic is a good word to describe your breakup, as well as tumultuous – at first.

However, you will both move on fast, Sagittarius – especially you. You don’t like drama, and you’d prefer to be best buddies. The Aries will be wounded, as they hate rejection, but they’ll get over it as soon as they find someone else that adores them.

So -all’s well that ends well, and forgiveness comes fast here. Neither of you will ever hold a grudge against each other, and will likely reconnect at some point to laugh about the past, believe it or not!


Business Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility in Business:

Is there Aries and Sagittarius compatibility when it comes to business?  As with every other relationship between your zodiac signs, you’ll be the closest of friends and colleagues. You’re quite happy to let Aries be the trailblazer, Sagittarius, as you do your own thing and fit in where you need to.

You’ll have very similar approaches to work, too – passion and a “can do” attitude is important to you both. You hate playing the victim, and are always trying harder, always getting up after a fall. You’ll respect this in each other enormously, and admire each other hugely, whilst still having a great good time!


Friendship Compatibility:

Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Sagittarius and Aries good friends? You are the best of friends, the naughtiest pair of the zodiac. No one can quite trust you, knowing that when the two of you get together, trouble follows!

You’re the type of friends to work out together, laugh together and go out dancing together, competing to see how late you can stay out and how many people you can kiss! When you’re young, of course.

You’ll find that the loyalty of your Aries buddy is very strong, Sagittarius, so be sure to respect that and never treat them as an afterthought. You can be fickle with others, but not with an Aries – they’re much more sensitive than their direct nature belies.


Family  Compatibility:

Sagittarius Parent and Aries Child Compatibility:

Is there Aries and Sagittarius compatibility when it comes to family? The Aries parent is great, Sagittarius. They just “get” you. They let you be wild and free, trusting that you have the wits and street-wise knowledge to get yourself through problems. However, they can be protective when they want to be, and your fights can be legendary. Luckily, you both forgive and forget easily!

An Aries child will test all of your limits, Sagittarius! They don’t listen and they never will. They adore you of course, and are eager for your attention and approval, but they’re also just as likely to fight with you endlessly. You adore them anyway, with all your heart and soul!

Sagittarius and Aries Sibling Compatibility:

How do Sagittarius and Aries siblings match up in the family environment? You fight. A lot. It will scare your parents a million times over, and make them consider buying two houses to separate the two of you!

However, when you want to, you can also be as thick as thieves, and naughtier than any other pair of siblings you could ever imagine! When you’re on the same side, you’ll feel like you never had a better friend.

All it takes to get there, Sagittarius, is to grow up and have a bit of space. As soon as that happens, you two will become absolutely easy together, bar the occasional flare-up. However, you’ll never hold anything against each other, which makes for a long-lasting bond indeed.

Sagittarius and Aries Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Sagittarius human and an Aries pet get along? Aries pets need every ounce of your time and attention, Sagittarius! They don’t take being ignored very well, so you’ll have to tone down some of your adventures to spend quality time with them.

Once you do, you’ll see that it’s completely worth it. Aries pets are ever so adventurous, and they love to go outdoors and do fun activities with you. They’re brave pets, incredibly loyal and deeply courageous. They will literally protect you to the death, Sagittarius, so never take that for granted!

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