Your Guide to the Loyal Lover of the Zodiac

Taurus, the reliable second sign of the zodiac, is very stable and settled. Planets in Taurus express their energy cautiously but persistently, obtaining goals through a combination of determination and tenacity. Taurus planets don’t lose patience easily, and nor does the Taurus personality when Taurus is the Sun sign.

Key Facts About Taurus

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus
Traditional Color: Pink, Pale Blue, Pastels
Traditional Gemstone: Emerald

Energy Expression Keywords: possessive, reliable, solid, loving, patient, placid, permanent

Taurus Sun Sign Personality Traits

Taurus Sun sign people are calm, placid and generally easy-going. They are also very patient and sometimes long-suffering, not quite knowing when to give up on someone or something. This patience can be one of their greatest strengths, but it’s also a reason why Taurus people sometimes end up stuck in a rut.

Charming and endearing, Taurus people are usually easy to get on with. This a risk-averse zodiac sign, so Taureans tend to go for the safest option by default. This makes them solid and reliable, but not always the most exciting of companions. What they may lack in fizz and sparkle, however, they more than make up for in loyalty, kindness and a willingness to support others.

Those with a Taurus Sun sign are loving and warm by nature and will go to great lengths to maintain their stable and secure lives. This is not a zodiac sign which likes to rock the boat – nor one to take short cuts either. Hard work and determination, step by step, is what helps most Taurus people succeed, but their persistence and tenacity is often needed as success can be slow to arrive at times.

Down to earth and practical, Taurus personality traits are essentially sensible. As friends, they offer great advice, and what’s more they tend to take their own advice too. Emotional and material stability and security are very important to this zodiac sign, but a dislike of change can manifest as extreme stubbornness.

Taurus in Love

Taurus can be thought of as the loyal lover of the zodiac – this zodiac sign is ruled by gentle Venus, after all! Being an earth sign too, the Taurus personality is very sensual and driven by pleasure. This makes Taurus people very gifted as lovers, but also rather lazy at times in their personal lives. Too much of a good thing can often trip up a Taurus.

When dating a Taurus, it can take a while to get to know them, as they’re reluctant to open up their lives to any old random stranger. Once you gain their trust, however, they will happily share their most intimate secrets.

Because Taurus wants to maintain the status quo, the Taurus personality can sometimes struggle with possessiveness and jealousy in love, and if wronged, can become very resentful. This is one zodiac sign which definitely holds a grudge, often for many years.

When all is going well in love, however, Taureans are delightful partners, highly affectionate and generous to a fault.

Best Taurus Compatibility

Taurus love compatibility often works well with their fellow earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. They also tend to get on well with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These water signs also rate emotional stability highly, which pleases Taurus, while Taurus in turn can ground some of the water signs’ vague fears and worries.

Taurus people sometimes struggle in relationships with Libra or Sagittarius. Even though Libra is also ruled by Venus, fundamentally these two signs are very different. Taurus doesn’t like Libra’s mood swings and changeability, while Libra tries too hard to change the immovable Taurus. When it comes to Sagittarius, Taurus is horrified by their rootless adventures, while Sagittarius in turn finds Taurus much too stuck in the mud.

Don’t make love decisions based on Sun signs alone though – there’s much more to astrological compatibility than this!

Taurus at Work

Taurus people are hard workers, committed and reliable. They consistently show up and they get the job done, however long it takes. However, a hatred of risk means that they’re sometimes slow to take up new opportunities, and they don’t tend to thrive in the more uncertain, risk-driven industries - except for banking and finance, where they carefully calculate that the financial gains will outweigh the discomfort of the risk. Taurus people are motivated by money and material security, but they also enjoy the satisfaction of creating something from scratch or working with their hands.

As a boss, Taurus leads by example and is always willing to work at least as hard as their employees. They are fair-minded and understanding, but they don’t take business advice very well – there’s a lot of tunnel vision and stubbornness once they get an idea in their head. As an employee, Taurus is reliable, methodical and patient, but don’t take advantage of this compliant nature – there is only so much the bull will stand before it charges.

Great career choices for Taurus people include banking and finance, the construction industry, farming, singing and traditional craftsmanship. They may also enjoy baking or the food industry, and practical art and design, such as interior design or makeup artistry.

A Taurus in the Family

Taurus Children

Taurus children are placid by nature and usually seem cheerful and content. Young Taureans like routine and may struggle with an unpredictable lifestyle. They may also be slow to reach some developmental milestones – everything in good time is a Taurus motto.

At school, Taurus children are good students, methodical in their studies and often well-behaved, polite and respectful. They tend to excel in math, science and practical subjects, but have the determination and resourcefulness to follow wherever their interests may lie.

Taurus children, like Taurean adults, can however be extremely stubborn and will rarely want to admit that they have been wrong. Lots of encouragement is needed if the Taurus child is to learn to apologize and to make amends for mistakes.

Taurus Parent

The Taurus parent is stable, loving, affectionate and kind. They place a strong emphasis on tradition, manners and politeness and they are excellent models of good behavior themselves. However, some Taurus parents work so hard in order to provide financially that they forget that what children want more than anything else in the world cannot be bought – so they may sacrifice spending time with their children in order to provide a better standard of living for them.

Taurus Health

Traditionally, Taurus as a zodiac sign rules the throat and thyroid, so Taurus Sun sign people may be particularly susceptible to throat infections or thyroid conditions.

Because Taurus loves comfort, thanks to ruling planet Venus, over-eating or over-indulgence in food, drink and other pleasures can sometimes be an issue. Taurus is not overly fond of exercise, so weight management can be problematic. They’re most likely to be enthusiastic about exercise, which is aesthetically pleasing, like dance, swimming or gymnastics, although some Taurus people also enjoy rambling, hiking and enjoying the fresh air in outdoor pursuits.

Taurean mental health is generally quite robust, although if this sign allows itself to get stuck in life, depression can result. A lively leisure life is important for mental health, with favored pursuits including art and crafts, theater, gardening and golf.


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