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The Full Moon:

Unlock the Amazing Releasing Power

Full Moons conjure up images of werewolves and crazy cat ladies, big ocean waves, menstrual cycles, and overwhelming feelings of cray-cray. It’s not far from the truth. The Full Moon does have a very marked effect on the Earth, on the tides, on animals – did you know Scorpions glow blue under the Full Moon? – and on us. After all, we’re something like 60% water, and so when there’s a Full Moon, our inner tides are sure to go full tsunami.

For those of you esoterically and astrologically inclined, the Full Moon energy has another, more mysterious effect. It’s a reflection of the seeds sown at the New Moon coming into full fruition, and so whatever you planted around that time – intentionally or not – this is the time when you see the full picture from your efforts to manifest. Are you learning to be careful what you wish for with the Moon? Sometimes.

As the Moon starts to wane from its full bloom, you can work with it – it's the perfect time to get rid of some of what you really, actually didn’t want in your personal universe, and a perfect time for releasing rituals. Burn candles and incense and use some of those crystals you have in that nice jar in your bedroom. Maybe you wanna let go of an inner trait that you've been trying to work on forever. Or perhaps it’s time to release that emotional baggage from that one-time mom left you alone in the shopping cart. Or, maybe you just need a way to let go of the intense feels of right now. You may even want to invent a candle ritual to mark the occasion and burn some sage to cleanse your aura.

Whatever it is, astrologers say a Full Moon encourages all of us to let that sh*t go. You don’t need it anymore. It’s no longer serving you. You need to live your best life, and how can you do that dragging dead weight around? And while every Full Moon is in a particular astrological zodiac sign, wearing a specific set of characteristics, here's a general guide for newbies of what you need to release over a Full Moon:

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR AN ARIES (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

1.     It’s probably a good idea for you to release your urge to dice random people at traffic lights, Aries. It may be all a competition to you, but the senior citizen in her 1970 Chevy really isn’t interested in who wins the race. Deep breaths!
2.     Let go of needing to be first 100% of the time. Try gracefully losing and see how it feels. Maybe you won’t try it ever again, but it’s a great lesson in humility.
3.     And finally, as hard as it may be, let go of your illusion that everyone is a good human being. Sorry to say it, Aries, but your zodiac sign can be oh-so-sweetly naïve, which has burnt you more than once. Practice self-care.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A TAURUS (Taurus dates: April 20 –May 20)

1.     Release your fear of change Taurus. Yes, it’s hard, yes, you like the familiar. No one really likes change (except those pesky Sagittarians and Geminis). But just imagine how much easier life would be if you did, even a little bit.
2.     Let go of the grudge you’re holding against that harmless waitress at your favorite morning coffee spot. She didn’t mean to forget the extra biscuit on the side. She was probably just having a bad day.
3.     How about a physical release? As in, release your cupboard from its overflowing contents. Give your security blankie from 1981 to a charity shop already, Taurus. It's hardly a sacred item, and It may be more satisfying than you think.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A GEMINI (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20)

1.     The thing that your zodiac sign would benefit most from releasing is your fondness for drama. It’s obvious, you know. Gossip girl has nothing on you, Gemini, and you know it just ends up in a mess. Try some meditation and essential oils the next time you have the urge to emote.
2.   (Literally) release at least 10 of your books. You don’t need that one on Japanese flower arranging since you lost interest three years ago. Nor do you need a guide on how to learn Sanskrit since that one Indian friend you had has (long) since emigrated.
3.    Use this Moon magic to release your need to fill up all the available space with endless chatter, Gemini. Yes, you’re hilarious, and yes, you know everything. But some people just wanna watch the movie in peace.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A CANCER (Cancer dates: June 21– July 21)

1.     This one is pretty obvious, Cancer, since it happens at every Full Moon of every lunar cycle since you came out of mum’s tum. Let them tears fall, dear one. Release your inner ocean from your eyes and with this, release all the difficult feels. Be reborn once again, for at least another month.
2.     Now, release – by that, actually delete – those darn photos of your ex from your computer. They’ve moved on, and so have you. Pining over what could have been is no longer okay.
3.     Let go of mom’s apron strings. You’re all grown up now, Cancer, and you’ve totally got this life thing. You just need to trust yourself and the universe.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A LEO (Leo dates: July 22 – August 22)

1.     Release some of your mirrors. Your zodiac sign really doesn’t need one in every room, never mind the three in your handbag for work, or the four in your going-out handbag. Just pick, like five. The most expensive ones.
2.     Under this Moon, let go of needing someone else to validate you, Leo. You are gorgeous, talented and ever so creative. Believe it. It might help to use one of those mirrors for a self-care Full Moon ritual.
3.     Now, let go of the drama, Leo. Not on stage – the personal life drama. Things aren’t as over the top as you’re making it out to be. Don’t let go of all the drama in your inner bank. That’s how film stars are made.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A VIRGO (Virgo dates: August 23 – September 22)

1.     For heaven’s sake, Virgo, let go of the desire to be perfect. Your to-do lists are insane. Your attention to detail is flawless. Just BE for a moment. Meditate in your sacred space – wherever that is. Be one with the Universe. Use this Moon phase to get ready for the next New Moon and what you want to manifest.
2.     Release more clutter. You know you wanna. Marie Kondo ain’t got nothing on you.
3.     Let go of the sneaky junk food in the glove box that you’ve been hiding from bae. You know, Virgo, that your zodiac sign has sensitive digestion. Gluten is your worst enemy.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A LIBRA (Libra dates: September 23 –October 22)

1.     Ooh this is juicy! How about releasing the need to please, Libra? As in, to make you the center of your world for once? Try it out, it may be a sweeter fit than you think.
2.     Now, go around your house and look at letting go of some of your artwork, or plants, or extensive underwear collection. You really don’t need all this stuff, do you? The Moon is asking.
3.     And finally, if there’s a relationship that is really no good for you anymore, let it go. There are many, many fish in the sea, and all of them want a bite of you, Libra.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A SCORPIO (Scorpio dates: October 23 –November 21)

1.     Release your ex from the basement. It’s really not cool, anymore Scorpio. Now it’s just creepy and they’re probably really, really sorry. Light a candle and ask for forgiveness.
2.     Let go of that freaking revenge plan against your music teacher in high school. It’s just taking up energy that you could use planning revenge on your boss. Ah, there’s the sparkle in your eyes!
3.     Your sign of the zodiac could also totally release the desire to control the entire world, Scorpio. Control starts from within, or so the Zen masters say.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

1.     Release that plane ticket, Sagittarius. Ah, yes, slowly now. Yes, it’s hard. But your family would really like you around for Christmas for once in 10 years.
2.     Let go of the need to fire the truth straight at people’s soft spots. That poor hairdresser didn’t need to be told in that way where to get off. Temper, temper, Sagittarius.
3.     Now, release your fears of commitment. You know your zodiac sign doesn’t like to be tied down, Sagittarius, but really, bae isn’t that bad. They know not to ask you to leave the party until sunrise, so marry them already – under a New Moon!

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A CAPRICORN (Capricorn dates: December 21– January 19)

1.     How about letting go of responsibility for once, Capricorn? Maybe take the day off? Get your hair done? Stop checking emails? You cannot manage everyone, all the time, so let that sh*t go.
2.     Release your fear of vulnerability. Got you in the feels there, hey? You are so lovable, and everyone loves your dark dry humour. Lower the walls down, just a tad.
3.     Your zodiac sign could also release some money from your massive bank account, Capricorn. Like, seriously. Buy yourself a nice thing. A comfy thing. Not just a utilitarian thing.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR AN AQUARIUS (Aquarius dates: January 20 –February 17)

1.     Here’s a tough one, Aquarius. Release the belief that your opinions are the right ones. Really embrace the open-mindedness you espouse and watch your perspective shift. How about trying some meditation? Burn some incense, tap into your intuition, and set your intentions. It can be very brain cleansing
2.     Let go of at least one of your social media accounts. No one needs five. You’ve got more than enough real-life buddies.
3.     As hard as this is, try and let go of that one pal who you just don’t share any common interests with anymore. It’s not cruel, Aquarius, it’s just life. You and he, or she, will be much better off for it.

3 THINGS TO RELEASE AT A FULL MOON FOR A PISCES (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

1.     Literally let go of those 10 bottles of wine and that half-smoked joint (it’s not medicinal, be real, Pisces) and replace it all with yoga, kombucha and the occasional teacher plant journey. It’ll serve you so much better in the end. See it as your own personal cleanse.
2.     Use this Moon to release the need to merge with everyone you meet. It’s impossible to gauge yet whether that hottie you met at the club the other day is to be trusted with your childhood secrets.
3.     Let go of the past. Your zodiac sign may spend just a moment too long crying over spilled milk, and there’s a whole, magical world filled with glitter unicorns and magical fairies just waiting for you to wave your wand around and save it, Pisces. Go on, live your best life yet!


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    I was greatly surprised about how you managed to know all about me. I have seen and feel better about how you exposed the secret about my birthday and my past life experience. I want you to do more for me. I just want to become rich and wealthy. I have suffered too much in my life.Cached
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