Mars in Aries:

The Warrior Awakens

Mars is sometimes called the warrior planet, and indeed it is named for Mars, the Roman god of war. In astrology, Mars represents passion, drive, ambition and courage. On the flip side, it’s the astrological Mars which also brings us anger, recklessness, impatience and aggression.

When Mars transits through the zodiac, these core energies are expressed in slightly different ways, depending which sign of the zodiac Mars is traveling through. When Mars transits Aries, however, we get a very pure expression of these energies, since Mars is the planet which rules Aries. Indeed, Aries as a sign is known for many of the same kinds of traits - ambition, bravery and intense passion, as well as a hot temper, an argumentative nature and a need to always be first.

So, when Mars transits Aries, we can truly say that the warrior planet awakens. The question is, which kind of warrior will we get? Will we get a destructive barbarian, wreaking havoc and pillaging everything in his wake? Or will we get a skilled but domineering general, keen to meet big picture goals but willing to let others pay the blood price? Maybe Mars in Aries will manifest as a brave, righteous peace-keeping soldier, valiantly trying to protect what he believes is right. Or the traditional knight in shining armor, swooping in to rescue the damsel in distress, but not before a bit of sword fighting just for the fun of it.

In truth, when Mars transits Aries, we’re likely to see all four manifestations of the warrior planet, and then some. This is exceptionally daring energy- forthright, competitive and fearless. This bravery can be incredibly important in the world, but it can also lead to foolhardy recklessness, excess risk-taking and dangerous bravado. Mars in Aries is also very fast-moving energy, so there’s usually little time to weigh up pros and cons - action is taken decisively and instinctively; this warrior is driven by the heart, every time, not the head.

In astrology, Mars in Aries is also highly passionate energy, and what you see is very much what you get. In love, this transit is expressive and ardent, with no hidden agendas. It can be way too full-on for some, however, and Mars in Aries definitely has issues when it comes to “me too.” This energy goes all out for what it wants, regardless of who gets hurt along the way. This, of course, is very much a double-edged sword. Progress is certainly made during a Mars in Aries transit, and change is created, but not everyone will be happy with results and many people won’t be happy with how it is done.

What Does Mars in Aries Mean for Each Zodiac Sign?

The way in which the Mars in Aries transit affects each zodiac sign will depend upon each individual’s birth chart - the position of their natal Mars, as well as other current transits and planetary interactions. Overall, however, the key theme of Mars in Aries is passion, competitiveness and drive. All zodiac signs will experience an upsurge in sheer energy levels, as well as a boost to willpower and ambition.

Aries Zodiac Sign (Aries Dates: March 20 – April 19) During the Mars in Aries Transit

Your ruling planet is now back in your sign, and there’s really no stopping you now. Energetic, forceful, dynamic and ambitious, you are on a mission to get what you want, and few people will be able to stand in your way. This is a very productive period for your career, but in your personal life you will need to tone down the aggression somewhat. Your closest relationship isn’t - or shouldn’t be - a competition. You don’t need to ‘win’ here - be more gentle.

Taurus Zodiac Sign (Taurus Dates: April 20 – May 20) During the Mars in Aries Transit

The drive and ambition of Mars is turned towards your spiritual life when Mars transits Aries. Impatience may mean that you feel frustrated with a lack of spiritual progress, Taurus, or if you’re too eager to push ahead, you may quickly find yourself out of your depth in spiritual matters. The key is to harness Mars’ enthusiasm without riding roughshod over the advice of those who can help you. Listen to your spiritual mentor, even as you forge ahead on your own path.

Gemini Zodiac Sign (Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20) During the Mars in Aries Transit

For you, Gemini, Mars’ drive is laser-focused on your social life. You’ll want to meet as many new people as possible during this period, and you’ll certainly be the life and soul of the party. However, check your motives. If you’re meeting people merely to schmooze and use them, watch out for someone else doing this to you too. Try to be more genuine and sincere in the way you develop friendships. This energy can bring you great joy as you expand your tribe, but it needs to be used with care.

Cancer Zodiac Sign (Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 21) During the Mars in Aries Transit

Ready to fly high? This Mars transit activates your career and ambitions zone, so basically, you’re heading for the moon. This is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of your talents, so don’t be afraid to really sell what you can do. Expect greater responsibility at work - you’re more than up for the challenge. If you’re looking for a new job, however, remember that there is a fine line between assertiveness and aggression - the former is a key talent, but too much of the latter will not reflect well on you at all.

Leo Zodiac Sign (Leo Dates: July 22 – August 21) During the Mars in Aries Transit

Itchy feet could be an issue for you during the Mars in Aries transit, Leo. Mars is driving you to explore, to meet new people, to see new places and to embrace new ideas. Whether you’re heading out on your travels or signing up for a new study course, you’ll want to do something which stretches your mind. Be aware, however, that Mars also brings out your more dogmatic side, and you may struggle to handle new traditions or cultures you come across. Make a conscious effort to keep a very open mind.

Virgo Zodiac Sign (Virgo Dates: August 22 – September 21) During the Mars in Aries Transit

Emboldened by Mars’ energy and courage, Virgo, this is a very good time for self-mastery and self-improvement. You’re not afraid now to examine your faults and to work on them - and Mars’ warmth and positivity helps to counter your sometimes harsh levels of self-criticism. This is a very good transit for your mental health, as it encourages you to develop your self-esteem and increases your confidence, while at the same time limiting your own capacity for self-destruction and self-harm.

Libra Zodiac Sign (Libra Dates: September 22 – October 22) During the Mars in Aries Transit

With passionate Mars now striding through your love zone, you can expect some tumultuous developments in your love life during this transit. If you’re single, there could be an intense, irresistible and highly unsuitable affair which will consume your life for a while; if you’re already in a relationship, this energy is very useful for rekindling the magic and for re-booting your sex life. However, there’s a fine line between passion and anger or jealousy, Libra, so watch out for some major disagreements and arguments along the way.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign (Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21) During the Mars in Aries Transit

This Mars transit is a real boost to your health and vitality, Scorpio. With more physical energy than normal, you’ll find this a good time to take up a new health and fitness regime - especially something like martial arts or tai chi. Your willpower gets a boost now too, so it’s easier to break bad habits and to set up healthful new ones. Think about what you need to do in order to feel physically or mentally “better” - and then implement it with confidence.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 20) During the Mars in Aries Transit

Ready for a walk on the wild side, Sagittarius? With Mars now transiting your fellow fire sign Aries, your reckless streak really comes out to play. Never exactly risk-averse, you’re now ready to take far more risks than normal, in all areas of life, and you’re honestly not that concerned with how things work out. This is a breathtakingly good time for sports, adventure, and creativity - and it’s also an incredible time to fall in love. There are certainly many memories to be made here, so enjoy - but don’t let your recklessness lead you into danger.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Capricorn Dates: December 21 – January 18) During the Mars in Aries Transit

For you, Capricorn, the energy and drive of Mars is focused on your home and family zone. This means great progress if you’re buying, selling or building a house, or redecorating at home. Within the family dynamic, however, there could well be a lot of tension, especially between siblings (even adult ones) who are competing with one another. Expect plenty of family arguments - but the good news is that this will be cathartic. Let people get their anger off their chests. It’s better out than in, and things will settle down once Mars moves on.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Aquarius Dates: January 19 – February 17) During the Mars in Aries Transit

You’re very passionate about your ideas right now, Aquarius. That’s a very good thing, obviously, and you do have a lot to share with the world - however, as Mars pushes into your communication zone, you’ll need to be careful about how, exactly, you get your point across. The danger here is that you become too evangelical about your own viewpoint, and in doing so put people off by the sheer strength of your communication. If you want to win allies, persuade people about something or gain support for your concept, a slightly softer approach may work better.

Pisces Zodiac Sign (Pisces Dates: February 18 – March 19) During the Mars in Aries Transit

This Mars transit activates your finance zone. You might think that having the ambition, drive and sheer force of will of Mars focused on your money would be a good thing - and it can be. This energy can certainly motivate you to earn more, or to develop a business. However, there’s also a risk here that you may become too materialistic for a while, Pisces. That’s not really in your nature, but with Mars focusing everything on money and wealth, you may temporarily lose sight of the fact that other things in life matter more.


*Note: The exact date and time Mars enters Aries will differ depending on your timezone. This planet update was published the day before Mars entered Aries in Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the year 2020, which was June 27, 2020 @ 21:46. 


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