The Third House in Astrology:

Communication and The Mind

Keywords: Communication, Learning, Siblings, Neighbors, The Mind, Short Journeys

Associated Sign: Gemini

Associated Element: Air

House Type: Cadent

Overview Of the Third House:

In Astrology, the Third House is all about the intellect, about talking, ideas, communication and the mind. Symbolically, it represents the time in our lives when we learn new skills and become curious about the world, and so can indicate our approach to learning. It’s also how we communicate, what types of ideas we have and what our mental style is like. It’s also the House of workshops and courses, of coaching, teaching and writing.

This House also describes our siblings – what they are like, our relationship with them and how we grew up together, for better or for worse. The same can be said for our neighbors, the neighborhood we find ourselves in and what we tend to like and attract here.

Finally, this House can talk about our potential to travel and take short journeys. Short journeys can be local trips away, getting away for the weekend and work journeys. It’s not long-distance, long-term travel like going to India to live on a mountaintop for six months. It’s more like going over our local border for a week or two.

Third House in Aries:

You tend to have a very direct, honest approach to your communication style. You say it like it is, and can be seen as provocative or confrontational to more sensitive types.  With that said, people always know where they stand with you, which is refreshing and authentic.

Astrology suggests you may have a tempestuous relationship with your siblings, but at the same time, be very protective of them too. You’ll fight to the death, with them and for them. The same goes for your neighbors – you’ll likely have a love/hate relationship going on with those you live close to! You love a spontaneous road trip – it refreshes you like nothing else!

Third House in Taurus:

With your House of communication in gentle Taurus, you’ll likely have a patient, charming and harmonious way of communicating. You try and infuse love into your every word, and because of this, can be very much liked by everyone around you – siblings and neighbors alike.

You tend to also have quite a creative mind and can come up with gorgeous ideas easily. You like to think and talk about love and romance, too, and will go out of your way to create easy communication with your sweetheart. You love luxurious trips away where everything is catered for and you're completely comfortable.

Third House in Gemini:

This is the most natural of all the Houses for the sign of Gemini. Gemini, of course, represents intellect and communication, and so does the Third House. Because of this, you’re likely to be extremely smart, intelligent and quick on the uptake. You learn things with speed and ease and may have a huge appetite for knowledge. As such, you can be restless and bored quickly!

Writing and teaching also appeal to you, as you’re a natural at sharing knowledge. You have a sharp memory and wit, and can be very entertaining! You may have a few siblings whom you love to talk to, and you can be a typically nosy neighbor – you always have the local gossip! You also love exploring new places as much as you can.

Third House in Cancer:

Your approach to communicating and learning is largely intuitive instead of rational. You can have a hugely retentive memory, especially for emotional moments from the past. A walk down memory lane can easily bring a tear to your eye, and you love to speak with your heart. Astrology suggests you’re not always the most rational of people and you prefer to be guided by your gut.

Knowledge and learning are an emotional need for you, as is traveling. You have a flexible and quick mind, and you can feel very fulfilled when you’re in a course or workshop. You have such an empathetic way of talking that you can make a natural counselor and valued friend. You will usually have quite an emotional relationship with your siblings, for better or worse, and may be the caretaker in the family.

Third House in Leo:

You tend to be extremely expressive when it comes to communication. Your style is on the more dramatic, warm and grand side, and you can tell a riveting story! People tend to sit up and really take notice of you when you have something to say, and you are a natural leader when it comes to conversations. As such, you can make a great actor, singer or public speaker of some kind.

You may be the bossy sibling, but you have a huge heart, too. You just want to protect your siblings from harm and will do anything for them. You enjoy going to places that are grand and stylish – rustic traveling is not for you!

Third House in Virgo:

You are extremely intelligent, discerning, witty and smart. You have a practical way of communicating and you like to solve problems – you’re very good at it, in fact! This can make you a great financial advisor, office manager, therapist, nutritionist or doctor. However, astrology warns you do tend to be overanalytical a times, and you can drive yourself a bit crazy trying to find and solve every flaw there is in the world. You do need to sometimes let go and switch your busy mind off!

You love getting away into nature – it’s your healer, and it helps to calm your thoughts. You can make a strict and sometimes critical sibling, yet at the same time, you’re always willing to help your family with anything.

Third House in Libra:

With your House of communication in Libra, you are a diplomatic communicator. You always try to keep the peace and seldom are you confrontational or aggressive in your approach. You may even people-please at your own expense, so it is important for you to stand up for yourself at times. You can be very smart and have a balanced way of thinking about things. You might even be quite creative and love a good debate!

You do need to be careful of being indecisive at times and letting others make up your mind for you. Your sibling relationship should be very harmonious and easy, and you enjoy going away with partners, friends or people you love the most.

Third House in Scorpio:

You’re a natural-born therapist, with Scorpio in this House. You love diving deep into a subject and almost always hate small talk. You want to get straight into the heart of a matter and learn about secret, taboo things. You have a knack for getting people to open up to you and may carry many of their secrets. You can sometimes be manipulative and obsessive, so you have to avoid going down into a rabbit hole.

Sometimes, you can be sharp and argumentative, if provoked. But, generally speaking, you’re intuitive and sensitive and will show your softer mental side to those you trust. Your sibling relationships can be stormy, though you have a very loyal, protective side.

Third House in Sagittarius:

A Sagittarius Third House usually describes someone who is extremely honest, truthful and authentic, even if you have a tendency to exaggerate. You’re warm and passionate in your communication, and always have a positive and uplifting point of view. No matter what happens, you always have the ability to see the silver lining. You adore traveling as much as you can, and may go to many, many different places over the course of your lifetime.

You generally should have an easy sibling relationship, perhaps not too close but seldom problematic. Some of you may have many siblings or a big family. You prefer to move around rather than stay in one place, so you can be quite restless.

Third House in Capricorn:

It’s likely that you communicated like an adult from a very young age already. Astrology suggests you have deep wisdom about yourself, and people tend to take you seriously. That said, you may also have grown up with insecurities around your intelligence, and took longer than some to learn a subject. However, once you learn, it sticks forever, and you have a structured, methodical approach to knowledge. This can make you an excellent and respected teacher one day.

You may have had to be the responsible one in the family, or grew up with a stern sibling. You take your family duties very seriously and when it comes to travel, you like to plan and only go when all the work is done.

Third House in Aquarius:

With your Third House in Aquarius, you can have a truly brilliant and innovative mind. You come up with the craziest ideas and are often ten steps ahead of everyone else which can make you seem a bit strange to the rest of the world. Freedom of speech is extremely important to you, and you’ll always speak up on behalf of your favorite cause. You don’t mind saying something shocking to get attention for something dear to your heart.

Your siblings are more like your buddies and you can have a detached relationship with them, even disconnected. You may be the odd one out or have a weird sibling in the family. You like traveling to places that are unique and different.

Third House in Pisces:

You have one of the most intuitive styles of communication, and you can pick up on what people aren’t saying. You tune into feelings and, as such, make a wonderful healer and counselor. Music may be your chosen form of language and it could be important for you to play some sort of instrument, dance or sing. You could even write poetry and stories, as you have a remarkable imagination.

You could be a daydreamer too, very forgetful and somewhat vague at times. Rationality isn’t always your strongest quality. You may be the one to rescue your siblings, or the other way around. You adore traveling to places that speak to your soul or are spiritually orientated.

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