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Lunar Eclipses:

How to Manage the Chaos of Big Changes

If there’s terror and mayhem at the thought of a Solar Eclipse, then there’s outright death and destruction predictions at the mention of a Lunar Eclipse. It won’t do to only name whatever Lunar Eclipse is happening by calling it the Super Dark Plague Power Karmic Vampire Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. No, it’s probably also have some mention of how this Lunar Eclipse will “open a gateway” – to the gates of Hell – and that some of us might even leave our bodies to populate a new intergalactic race.

Okay, so it isn’t as dramatic.

But it is, kinda.

Astrologically, Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons, but they’re Full Moons packed with an extra punch. Quite a lot extra, actually. Like those little bottles of whiskey you poured into the school dance punch bowl when you were 13. Things were going so well, until you found yourself face down in the middle of the dance floor. Yes, that’s an Eclipse. It rushes in like a lunar tidal wave, and the next thing you know, you’re pulling seaweed from your hair and wondering which continent you washed up on…

Lunar Eclipses bring change – big change. Sweeping change. Shocking change. Unexpected change. And, not always bad change. You could get married. Or start college again. Or emigrate. Generally speaking, however, a Lunar Eclipse is about something ending, something coming to a head. Something that’s been building for six to 12 months. Something you really, really need to get rid of. Let. It. Go. It’s a Full Moon, after all – and that always asks us for release.

So, without further ado, here’s a general, step-by-step guide for your zodiac sign to doing that letting go jazz over a Lunar Eclipse – bear in mind that as you get more of a grasp on this astrology thing, you’ll be able to fine tune this list as you learn what astrology sign the Lunar Eclipse is in, and how that affects your own natal chart. But for now, baby steps:

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR AN ARIES (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

1.     Let it burn, Aries. Let the thing burn, whatever the thing is. Dance in the flames, as you watch it burn. Be the one to add a few logs to the fire.
2.     Try and release your lust for whatever you want to take the place of the thing that burnt. We can’t always get what we want, Aries, even Mick Jagger knows that, and he’s also a Fire sign in astrology. Be open to what comes.
3.     Stop looking back and fighting for the old thing. Look forward to the new thing. The new job. The new love. The new life. It doesn’t take much to grab your attention, does it?

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A TAURUS (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20)

1.     This is going to be ouchies. Taurus, Everyone knows your zodiac sign is quite famous for digging those Louis Vuitton heels deep, deep into the Earth. Almost like they’ve grown roots. First, unstick those.
2.     Be prepared to let go of your security blankie. Whether it’s your beloved home (a better one will come), a lover (they’re probably not good enough for you anyway) or parting with some of your precious dollars. Just release it. You’ll make it so much less painful.
3.     Try and get comfortable in limbo. All Eclipses take time to unfold, Taurus, and you’ve got all the patience in the world. Don’t panic. Everything really will be okay.

3 S3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A GEMINI (Gemini dates: May 21– June 20)

1.     You’ve got this, baby. You’ve been waiting for the chaos to come for a while now, avidly reading your horoscope, and there’s nothing quite as delightful for your sign of the zodiac than to sit back and enjoy the show. People are being extra AF, spinning out of orbit, and you’re there thinking about material for your next stand-up comedy show.
2.     All you have to do now, as the Eclipse comes, is to adapt. Just adapt. Be the chameleon your zodiac sign is known for, Gemini. It’s not fickle; it’s evolution.
3.     Write a blog about it. Rationalize the madness, and watch people flock to you as their proverbial savior, queen or king of rationality. You’re welcome.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A CANCER (Cancer dates: June 21– July 21)

1.     Lordie. Okay step one – hide. Get into that shell, yes, right inside. Burrow under your favorite pillow and build a blanket fort. Stock up on tissues. Make a pot of tea, and for heaven’s sake, do not take your phone. It’s really not a good idea to call your ex.
2.     Now, Cancer. Cry. Just let the tears fall. All that stress and buildup of the last few months, just bawl it all out. Overhaul your emotional engine.
3.     Now that you’ve have released the ocean of emotion, your zodiac sign is truly ready to let go. Let go of bae who’s not treating you all that well. Or let go of the resentment. Forgive. Move on, Cancer. That’s better.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A LEO (Leo dates: July 22 – August 22)

1.     Lunar Eclipses get you right in the feels, Leo. Why? You’re ruled by the Sun, that’s why, and the Sun is always involved in these darn Eclipses. So, step one – remove the desire to control. Even you can’t orchestrate the planets, Leo. Stand back and let things happen. Super scary, yes. You’ve got the courage though.
2.     Allow whatever is coming to knock you down – but then stand up. Your strength is your greatest, well, strength. Change is not great – you prefer stability – but you, of all zodiac signs, can handle this Moon.
3.     Pick up the pieces and rebuild – like you always do. Do it with that smile you always have. Do it with an open heart. Yes, you’re inspiring.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A VIRGO (Virgo dates: August 23– September 22)

1.     Be prepared for your routine to change, Virgo. Yes, it’s totally annoying, and you’ll have to go back to your diary and re-plan everything, but out of all the Earth signs, you’re the most flexible. After you’ve had your grumpy moment, you’ll adapt fast.
2.     Now that you’ve prepared yourself, just get into the brace position and make sure you’ve prepared enough cups of tea and logical advice for everyone. Now, more than ever, is when your level head will be needed.
3.     And finally, enjoy being useful, Virgo. Enjoy the fact that you prepared yourself, and though your life may have changed, it’s been really satisfying to help those who are less adaptable. The world needs more Virgos during an Eclipse.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A LIBRA (Libra dates: September 23– October 22)

1.     Take this time to look at your values and your relationships, Libra. Are they really living up to your standards? Are you letting people get away with stuff because you don’t wanna be alone? Deep question, sure. But so necessary.
2.     Allow the Lunar Eclipse to end dead connections and shift solid ones. Be flexible. Be open. Compromise like a boss. Like only your sign of the zodiac knows how.
3.     Now look at these same values and connections. Look at what’s changed, Libra. Offer some gratitude, because where you’re going is much better than where you’ve been.

3 STEPS TO DEALING WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A SCORPIO (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

1.     Ooooh, some delicious drama. Admit it, Scorpio, you’ve been a little bored. Your horoscope hasn't been very exciting. You’ve wanted to be extra, but haven’t had the opportunity – yet. A Lunar Eclipse is a mighty fine time to be dancing in the chaos and Kali-ing your life (in muggle terms, destroying the dead weight).
2.     Okay so now that you’ve danced in a bit of drama, back off a bit. Don’t go full destruction mode – the Universe wants you to release, but you don’t have to pull everything down with you. Bae is blameless. Your boss isn’t evil. There are some good things to keep around, you know.
3.     Finally, transform. Like the Phoenix, rise up from the lunar ashes of change, Scorpio, and become that spiritual guru you’ve always been deep down. Own that sh*t. Take charge. Yes, baby!

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

1.     Change? Chaos? Do people know those are synonyms for adventure? You’re not only looking forward to the Lunar Eclipse, your zodiac sign is most likely chomping at the lunar bit. You’ve never been so ready to let go, Sagittarius.
2.     Now that you’ve divested yourself of your worldly belongings – or the Universe has – it’s time to take stock. What matters to you right now? What positivity are you going to draw from this? The world watches in envy.
3.     It’s time to fly, Sagittarius, Literally or figuratively, or just go out for a drink. Or two. Okay, three. Celebration time!

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A CAPRICORN (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 19)

1.     Grounded decisions are so hard to make at a Lunar Eclipse, Capricorn. Ain’t that the truth! Nothing is very orderly or structured, and that really grinds your gears. You can’t control this though. Let it go. Let it happen.
2.     Whether it’s a professional change, a structural change or shift in responsibilities, it’s all a time for inner revolution. A time for inner evolution. Let’s say a “leveling up”. This will help you feel as if you’re more in charge, and lord knows your zodiac sign needs to be in charge.
3.     Lay the groundwork for a new foundation, Capricorn. Make it strong. Make it lasting. Make these foundations unshakable. Yes, now you’re in control.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR AN AQUARIUS (Aquarius dates: January 20 – February 17)

1.     Drama! Why does anyone bother? Sure, change is not the greatest, and you’d prefer for things to be the same, but if they do have to change, why cry? Because sometimes, Aquarius, crying is the best form of release. You really should try it.
2.     Make way for a shift. Perhaps even just a shift in consciousness for you. Maybe you’ll even let go of some of those rigid (sorry, not sorry) ideas. Make some space in that big brain of yours.
3.     Adapt. Yes, adapt. The aliens have come, the gateways have opened, and you’ve done the emotional release. Now to shift to fit your new environment, Aquarius. You’ve got this.

3 STEPS TO DEAL WITH A LUNAR ECLIPSE FOR A PISCES (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

1.     As the Moon darkens, your soul begins to do the same, dear Pisces, and it’s very tempting for you to fall into “poor me” mode. And perhaps you do deserve some extra loving, so give it to yourself. Throw some compassion your own way for a change.
2.     As sweeping change comes in like a tidal wave, go with the flow, ride the lunar wave – surf, if you can. Adapt. Let go. Really, let go. You don’t need all that extra debris.
3.     Be reborn, Pisces – you’ve surrendered, you’ve wept, and you’ve flowed. Look at ways you can birth a new you, and tend to your beloved friends and family who probably need you right now. Go on – do your rescue thing.

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