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New Moon:

3 Amazing Tips for Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Magic” is no longer reserved for weirdos and dodgy-looking witch-wannabes. Thanks to the interwebs, more and more people are following Moon cycles through the zodiac, including Lunar Eclipses. Many of us have some kind of Moon phase app downloaded onto our smartphones, and we’re beginning to learn to attune to the monthly moves of this mysterious space egg – whether you’re a guy or a gal (clue – it’s not all about Auntie Flow. No! It’s so much more than that!)

The Moon has an unmistakable effect on us, and real magic happens when we learn to harness the lunar cycles within the zodiac to manifest more of what we want or get rid of what isn’t serving us anymore or to facilitate self-care. Set intentions for a fresh start as the Moon grows in light – starting at the New Moon – and release things as the Moon wanes at the Full Moon. So now you can tell your conservative witch-bashing uncle that you’re simply tuning into the cycles of nature and not practicing the dark arts of Beelzebub, or calling in the spirit of your great-aunt’s favorite ginger cat.

Every month, the New Moon is in a different zodiac sign, which gives it a different “flavor,” and so learning a little about Astrology can take you beyond your horoscope and be helpful as you get more and more specific with your goals and create your own New Moon ritual. If you’re new to this cosmic art, here are some useful guidelines for setting intentions for new beginnings with a New Moon, according to your specific zodiac sign:

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR AN ARIES (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

1.     Just. Slow. Down. Make a wish to learn to put a foot on the brakes for once, Aries. The world won’t leave you behind. Promise.
2.     To learn patience. This kinda ties up with point one – same, same but different. Your zodiac sign barely knows how to spell the word, let alone live it. It’s a virtue, believe it or not.
3.     To be your best badass self, no matter what life throws at you. Yes. Aries – you really are the best. Set an intention to believe it with your whole, sweet, heart.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A TAURUS (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20)

1.     Set an intention to leave the damn fridge alone for once. You don’t have to eat all the ice cream in one sitting, Taurus – it will still be there in a day or two, and you’ll be thankful for saving a few pennies – and pounds.
2.     To learn to embrace – okay maybe that’s too extreme – how about: To accept change as inevitable. Life will be so much easier if you do.
3.     To be more creative. You have so much talent Taurus. Don’t waste it watching Netflix.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A GEMINI (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20)

1.     Sow a seed to master a skill, for once. Yes, you get bored quickly. Yes, there’s so much more to learn in the world. But to be really, really good at one thing and commit to it? That’s what you need to manifest more of, Gemini.
2.     To learn how to listen. Everyone loves your ideas, and finds your zodiac sign oh-so-funny and charming. But this is a perfect time to sow seeds to listen as much as you talk. You’ll learn so much more that way.
3.     To exercise more. Your mental activity is so high, Gemini, that you really need to get into your often-neglected body. Go to the gym more or set an intention to run every day. It will be life-changing.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A CANCER (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

1.     Set an intention to trust more, Cancer. Not everyone is out to get you or wants to hurt you. in fact, most people really just want an excellent cup of tea and a cuddle, and lots of love – and you have plenty to give.
2.     To leave your house more often. Seriously. Your Zodiac sign needs to see the world a bit more. And you may even love it.
3.     To strive to set your imagination free, Cancer. Let the little weirdos in your head come out and play, and use this superpower to be a creative powerhouse!

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A LEO (Leo dates: July 22 – August 22)

1.     Set a powerful intention to get yourself onto a stage where you belong, Leo. Whether it’s at the local talent show or at the office, show the world who you are. Go and live your best life, right now.
2.     To exude your inner confidence. You don’t need anyone to affirm or validate you, Leo. You’re enough. You’ve always been enough.
3.     To learn to save. Your zodiac sign loves just loves their luxury, am I right? But you really don’t need another lipstick, another car or that weird gadget you’re never going to use.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A VIRGO (Virgo dates: August 23 – September 22)

1.     Set out to make a mistake for once, Virgo, and the challenge yourself to neither judge nor punish yourself for it. This may spark an inner revolution!
2.     To make yourself truly useful to the world. Join a beach clean-up. Read to terminally ill kids. By concentrating on others, you’ll find your worries just slipping away, dear Virgo.
3.     To challenge yourself with this astrological New Moon not to clean up after bae or the kids. Wallow in the mess. Revel in the milk being out of the fridge. Experiment with anarchy for just a moment. Who knows, you may even like it, deep, deep, deep down. Really deep.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A LIBRA (Libra dates: September 23 – October 22)

1.     Set an intention to say “no,” Libra, and see how that feels. Maybe practice rolling it around on your tongue at first. Then do it in front of a mirror. Now say it to bae, and watch your whole world become more balanced.
2.     To play with paint a bit more. Stop going to exhibitions, Libra, and stop surrounding yourself with creative people. Step into your own expression, and watch yourself blossom and bloom!
3.     To spend one day – just one – on your own in the next month. Set an intention for “me time,” Libra. And no, that doesn’t mean calling your bestie or texting bae. It’s just you and you, having a sweet, sweet romance.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A SCORPIO (Scorpio dates: October 23 –November 21)

1.     To be a little less extra. It’s really not a disaster that the intern dropped your coffee on the floor, Scorpio. Let. It. Go.
2.     Set an intention to be a touch more open. Connections can’t happen unless you actually allow people in. Strive to be just a little more trusting. Abandonment is not inevitable.
3.     To dive into a topic you’re passionate about. It can be Astrology. Or psychology. Hell, go and learn professional stalking if you like. Just scratch that itch already.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

1.     Set an intention to learn a touch of temperance, dear Sagittarius. You don’t have to be the last one to leave the dance floor, or drink the entire bottle of wine, or eat all the pies at once. Just be chill.
2.     To try to allow others to be right, too. You’ll learn much more when you stop bashing people over the head with your Tarot cards.
3.     To sit still for a month. Explore what it’s like to not jump on yet another plane. The best skill your Zodiac sign can learn is to just be. It’s totally a spiritual lesson (wink, wink).

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A CAPRICORN (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 19)

1.     Set an intention to spend a little less time at the office. Your family needs you, Capricorn. Your friends are waiting, and bae isn’t even sure what you look like anymore. Your empire won’t fall apart if you have a weekend off.
2.     To break the rules. Okay, just one rule. A little one. You may find it rather thrilling, you know.
3.     To open that business you’ve always dreamed of. The world does need that thing you want to offer, Capricorn. Work this Moon, baby.

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR AN AQUARIUS (Aquarius dates: January 20 – February 17)

1.     Set an intention to feel a feel. Just a little feel. Maybe a small tear or a tiny outburst of anger. You may find it rather liberating, Aquarius.
2.     To get out there and make your highest ideals a reality. Everyone dreams of a utopian world. But only your Zodiac sign has the ability to manifest it, Aquarius. Take your head out of the clouds, this is a great time to work your magic!
3.     To decide to go out there and share the vast amounts of knowledge you have, Aquarius. This is also for health and safety reasons. Heads with so much information are more likely to explode, didn’t you know?

3 INTENTIONS TO SET AT A NEW MOON FOR A PISCES (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

1.     To endeavor to stop rescuing people, dearest Pisces. Your ex doesn’t deserve your pity, and neither does your toxic auntie. You are the only one in the world you need to rescue. Be your own hero.
2.     Set an intention to get more musical. Intend to go belly-dancing, learn guitar or sing. Your Zodiac sign has immense talent – use it!
3.     To do more meditation. Or yoga. Or astral travelling. Whatever floats your spiritual boat, Pisces, do more of it. It’s a far better escape than that bottle of wine you’ve been eying.

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