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Hello. Hello everybody, and welcome. I am Kelli Fox from Astrology tv. I hope everybody is doing well. I just wanna let you all know I am live streaming on Instagram and Facebook, as well as doing my weekly Zoom. So <laugh> talk about a Juggalo <laugh>. So, fingers crossed it worked really well last week, and I hope to continue this. Hello. Hello everybody. And for those of you that are new to this event and on Insta I am going to be talking today about Mercury moving into Virgo and how it's an extra long mercury cycle because Mercury will turn retrograde in August. So I'm gonna talk all about that and what it means, and then what it means for each of the Zodiac signs. And then I'm gonna do, so I'm gonna sign off from Instagram, and then I'm gonna do some chart readings on the Zoom.

Now, if you are on Instagram and you would like the opportunity for me to read your natal birth chart during this event on Zoom, you can sign up for any one of these free Zoom events at astrology tv/events. And I also put in the chat here on Zoom and then on YouTube a link to the article on astrology TV about Mercury in Virgo and what it means for you and how to make the most of this energy of Mercury in Virgo. So I'm gonna take a step back. I'm gonna explain what Mercury means, what Virgo means when you put those, those two energies together. And then go through what it means for each of the Zodiac signs, and then do some chart readings. So, <laugh>, where to begin? Hello. Hello, everyone on Zoom. It's so good to see you all here.

Two energies together. Not good. No, it actually is good. Mercury and Virgo like each other, except as I said, you know, mercury will be turning retrograde in Virgo in August, but I'm gonna get to that in just a moment. So Mercury, mercury is planet of the mind. Mercury is planet of communication. It's how we think, it's how we speak, it's how we communicate verbally, but also non-verbally. So very much about it's, it's a mindset. And when Mercury comes together with Virgo, it's really happy because Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. So when Mer Mego <laugh>, oh my goodness, okay. I'm already feeling maybe the touches of the Mercury retrograde. So when, when Mercury and Virgo come together <laugh>, it's very much about paying attention to the detail and articulation, believe it or not. So, yes, thank you, Frank. I just stumbled over my words there, which is definitely not Mercury and Virgo, me Mercury and Virgo is just an incredible energy, and it, it really is amazing for not just paying attention to the detail, but getting to the bottom of something. So if you have mercury and Virgo, let me know. And actually, if you don't know where your planets are at all, we have a free

Natal birth chart on astrology tv. And that's what I use during these live event readings when I do the chart readings. So be sure to check that out because it explains more than just you know, just, just the chart wheel. It gives an explanation, explanation. So, mercury and Virgo, let me give let me give you the dates out of my ephemeris here. I'll give you the dates for this Mercury and Virgo cycle, because this cycle is extra long because of the retrograde. Now, the, the Mercury retrogrades in 2023 are, are going to be in the Earth signs. So the Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. And so the Earth signs really need to take care with, with you know, communication or open-ended conversations that need completion from the past. That all came out wrong.

<Laugh>. I'm really not being the epitome here of Mercury and Virgo. I'm being more of when it turns retrograde right now. And so San Ket, I see that you have sun and Mercury in Virgo. Brilliant mind. You know, mercury, mercury, as I said, is Planet of the Mind. Virgo is, you know, really good with detail, but when you put the Sun and Mercury together and in Virgo, it really is like incredible not just incredible detail, but incredible insight and, you know, catching the things that others miss would be without knowing the rest of the chart. But that's just incredible. Sun, mercury conjunct in Virgo, as Deborah says here on Zoom Virgo can have a sharp tongue and can be very critical. Yes. And Maria says meticulous. So very much about, I'm gonna talk about the lighter side, <laugh>, the lighter side of this energy first, and then get to the the shadow side of Mercury and Virgo, especially because of this retrograde that's coming up.

So, mercury in Virgo Mercury mercury moves into Virgo tomorrow the 28th, and it will stay in Virgo all the way through the fifth October 5th. Usually, mercury stays in a sign for three weeks, but because of the retrograde that's happening on August 23rd, all the way, all the way through September 15th you know, it's an extra long mercury cycle because of the retrograde. Regardless if Mercury loves Virgo or not. <Laugh> you know, mercury, its favorite signs are Gemini and Virgo. And so you know, at this time, for all of us, but especially if you are an earth sign, that's Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, mercury, and Virgo is great energy for the Earth signs or earth energy. So that's Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, mercury, and Virgo. Great energy. If you've got any Earth planets, it's a very methodical, practical, realistic approach to anything.

You know, mercury in Virgo doesn't get overly excited. Mercury in Virgo is very dependable, reliable, logical, and as I keep saying detail oriented. So anytime I see Mercury in Virgo in someone's natal chart, you know, during a reading, I'm, I always know that that person is as Lindsay says, very sharp edges, but that sharp edge could be positive or not so positive. So you know, nothing gets past somebody that has Mercury and Virgo. So we can all tap into this energy regardless of what Zodiac sign we are. And as I said, I'm gonna go through what it means, means for each of the Zodiac signs in just a moment moment, and how your Zodiac sign can make the most of this energy. So Mercury and Virgo, you know, it's a great time for all of us, and I'm looking in my ephemeral now at, at timing and dates.

It's a great time for you know, really taking on something, especially when Mercury turns retrograde. August what did I say that date was August 23rd through September 15th. It's like, it's a great time to tie up loose ends. Anything that might be open-ended is, it's good for completion during the Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Now, Virgo is also connected to our wellbeing. And then when you put that together with Mercury, which is planet of the Mind, it's like our, our mental and emotional wellbeing will be really important at this time. Not just the re part of the retrograde, but anytime while during the cycle, while Mercury is in Virgo, take care of your mental wellbeing, especially if you are a mutable sign or have any planets in the mutable signs and the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. You know, it's a really, really good time to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

So Mercury in Virgo now, mercury and Virgo during this cycle will be connecting into Jupiter and also Uranus and Pluto. So that's interesting because what it means is over the next couple of months, you know, taking a practical approach and taking baby steps, you know, have, take baby steps no matter how big the you know, what you're facing might be, if you can tackle things, whatever it might be, whatever it is in your life, tackle things one step at a time and it might not feel so overwhelming. You know, you know, nowadays we have so much that we're all multitasking and getting done. This is a really good opportunity over the next couple of months to really take baby steps, you know, and think through the level of detail that we might not be able to. It's really about being methodical and practical and logical and analytical.

You know, mercury and Virgo is really great if analyzing any data, which everybody seems to be doing nowadays, but it's like, guess as Maria says, getting organized, getting organized, no matter how small or trivial it might seem. Mercury in Virgo, really, it's, it's like the it's like the grease that keeps the wheels turning. And as Lindsay is saying here, beware of distractions. Deborah's saying, take your time. Take your time. No matter what Zodiac sign, you are Mercury in Virgo. Take your time. Take baby steps. Do not rush into anything because of this Mercury retrograde cycle that's coming up while you know, mercury is in Virgo, it really is important about, you know, sweating the small stuff. That's another saying as well with Mercury in Virgo. It's very much about taking care of the details with a practical, methodical approach. No matter what Zodiac sign you are.

Now, Maria says here, declutter paperwork and sort it out accordingly. I know some of us, especially Sagittarius, might be thinking, oh my goodness, this is, this seems like quite a boring sort of transit, but it really isn't. It's, you know, when you have a to-do list, which is always a good thing with Mercury and Virgo, you have a to-do list and you can just sort of check things off as you go. It's the practical stuff that's really gonna make a difference. It's like chores before fun now, especially because of the Mercury retrograde coming up. You know, and Michael says here I find I have to take time to do tasks, especially with detailed stuff. Absolutely. and I think that applies for most of us. It's like the things that we push aside because we just don't want to get to it, because there's other bigger, better, more exciting things going on in life than taking care of the small stuff, or getting organized or filing, no matter if it's on your computer or your phone or, you know, the old fashioned way.

But it's like, it really, it, it's about, it's about paying attention to the things that need to get done, putting ourselves first. It's self-care, you know, self-care you know, mentally, physically, of course, but it's like the mental self-care sometimes, you know, we put things off to the side because there's other priorities. But what's gonna happen with this mercury in Virgo, especially during the retrograde, is it'll bring to the surface and it will prioritize our own mental wellbeing. And again, that's, especially if you're immutable sign, have any planets in immutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you know, it's about taking care of our mental, mental wellbeing. You know, it's sweat the small stuff. It's those small things that are going to matter the most. And, you know, it's a really great time to you know, be our own genius with Mercury in Virgo.

It really is an amazing placement. And Valerie, and I'm laughing here, Valerie Anne saying, you loathe filing. This is a great time to do it. It really is <laugh>, and you know, we're not quite there yet. Mercury's still in Leo right now, but we're just in the final throws. And so Mercury's gonna be moving into Virgo tomorrow. And so that's maybe Valerie Ann, when you might start to feel differently about that filing or whatever it is. Sharon also says here, you know, take care with our health. Yes, first and foremost, take care with our health. Get organized with our health. And, you know, self-care is something that we, as I said, we tend to put aside because there's other more fun things to do in life or our filing or what have you. So it's like we might find, even if we don't have plans for it, that you know, we're, we are finally looking after ourselves because, you know, most most of us are caretakers for others family members, friends or whatever else.

And especially in this realm as well, you know, like there's many empaths and you know, we absorb the energy of others. So this is a really good time to think about self-protection. And it doesn't have to be from, you know, big, scary people. It's just when we are in this realm, you know, many of us are intuitives in this realm. And so we absorb we absorb energy around us that we don't even realize we're doing. So, you know, this, this being a time with Mercury and Virgo to really take care of ourselves that does include not just mental and

Emotional protection, but psychic protection. So we really should consider these things that we can't see, because remember, Virgo is about, it's an earth sign. So it's about the practicality and the mundane. It's the things that are in front of us, but everything is connected as we know with astrology. And so the opposite sign of this, of Virgo and Mercury, and Virgo right now is Pisces. And Pisces is the psychic of the Zodiac and absorbing, absorbing the energy of others. So we really, really need to be mindful you know, over the next couple of months about you know, who, who we are with who we surround ourselves with, and self-protection, because it really is about our psychic wellbeing too. Yes, self-care is Michael says, and Deborah is reminding everybody to stay grounded. Yes. because Mercury and I'm gonna go through the aspects that Mercury and Virgo will be making, and then I'll move on to how each of the Zodiac signs can make the best use of this energy. So while Mercury is in Virgo, it is going to be training Jupiter. So that's a yay <laugh> that looks like that's happening on August 10th. Just checking my calendar here. Mercury ninth, 10th of August, depending on where you are in the world, fantastic time for big plans, or which come with a good level of detail.

It's like around the August 9th, 10th when Mercury trying Jupiter. It's a great time, not just for detail, but you know, thinking big as well. It's like you can see the forest and the trees. Next up is when Mercury in Virgo forms a really nice trying to Uranus in Taurus. Oh, fascinating. Because when Mercury turns retrograde on August 23rd it will be Rinding Uranus. So anything goes, it's sort of like if you paid attention to the detail and you, you haven't you let things pile up, you've really utilized this Mercury and Virgo energy, then there might be a surprising I don't wanna say reward, I don't wanna speak out of turn, but it's like, there might be a surprise in store if you really have paid attention to the detail. And if you haven't <laugh>, I'll just let that hang, excuse me. And then we've got also Mercury opposing Neptune, and actually before it opposes, it will oppose Saturn. So Mercury opposing Saturn, that's gonna be interesting.

So Mercury opposing Saturn, that's happening next week. So we need to take care with, with detail when dealing with authority next week. While Mercury in Virgo opposes Saturn, it's another indicator that we need to have very strong boundaries at this time. With Mercury in Virgo, it really is crucial. And then when Mercury will be opposing Neptune, that's going to be, you know, end of September, October, there could be a level of confusion there. So as you can see, there's like a mixed bag of energy with Mercury in Virgo. It's being fully supported by Jupiter planet of luck and good fortune and expansion, and also Uranus, planet of surprise. But, you know, at the same time, we really need to take care when dealing with authority figures or if you're looking to step outside the lines or, you know, take the shortcut instead of putting the effort in, rolling up your sleeves and sort of getting down to it.

You know, there might be some repercussions to pay during this mercury in Virgo cycle. It does also form at that time, end of September, October, a really nice trying to Pluto. So this is definitely a time when I'm putting all these planetary energies together. It definitely is a time for, you know, completion from the past, wrapping things up from the past paying attention to the detail and in situations from the past. So that's what we are looking at for the next couple of months. And, you know, the, the timing of this, of course, is, you know, here's this Mercury retrograde, we're still in a venous retrograde cycle as well. And then in October, we're into eclipse season. So it's like, here's the next few months laid out for us. You know, this venous retrograde and Mercury will turn retrograde.

So it's like coming back to open-ended situations or conversations or events and it's, it brings a second chance for completion when Mercury and Venus to in a planets will be retrograde at the same time. So Mercury and Virgo, there's a lot, there's a bit of a story around it. <Laugh> you know, we know with astrology that this things are never on their own. It's like everything is connected as we are all connected as well. And so, I'm going to move on now and talk about what how each of the Zodiac signs can make the most of this me mercury <laugh>, I keep gonna merge my words for some reason, <laugh>, how Mercury and Virgo how your Zodiac sign can make the most of this energy. I'm just reading Michael's comment here the authority figures. I'm paying attention to what you say.

Good. Thank you, Michael. I'm glad somebody is <laugh>. So yes, authority figures, for sure. That's when Mercury opposes Neptune, and that looks like that's happening yeah, early October, that that's more precision. Yes. Ana father figure, yes, or any authority figure in anyone's life. Oh, no, and I'm sorry to hear that. But yes, it issues with authority figures, for sure. Okay. So if you are an Aries, let me know. And <laugh> if you're an Aries, let me know. And I'm gonna talk about what this mercury in Virgo energy means for your Zodiac sign and how your sign can make the most of this mercury energy. And, you know, even though today's event is about Mercury and Virgo, which is the energy of the week, you know, I'm really looking at August as well, because, you know, it, it, the story unfolds.

So if you are in Aries, this Mercury in Virgo energy, it's like take care of your of your mental wellbeing. Take care of your wellbeing for everyone always. But during this mercury in Virgo cycle, especially because of the retrograde, if you're an Aries it's about wellbeing, mental, emotional, psychic wellbeing. If you are an Aries, the details will matter. And also, Aries, if you have any pets and there's any sort of niggling issues with the pets, with your pets, then definitely get that seen too, because this energy is also connected to to our beloved pets. And Carol's asking if there's any links. I did have some links. I put the those in. I'll put those in here. Again. the link to Mercury in Virgo and how your Zodiac sign can make the most of this energy you can find that article on astrology tv.

And I'm also going to put here the Venus retrograde article link because we're still in the venus retrograde cycle. And so I will talk about that for each of the signs as well. So for Aries, you know, it's, it's really don't let anything slide when it comes to your mental, mental wellbeing.

Taurus, Taurus, Taurus, cuddly Taurus so cuddly Taurus with Mercury mercury moving into Virgo. This is great energy, straight off the bat, great energy, you can get your point across, feel like you're being heard. You know, other people are not sort of like all over the place, and it's like a grounded, methodical, practical energy which really resonates with Taurus, who is an earth sign. And so it's very much about grounded, practical energy. And, you know, just, again, one foot in front of the other Taurus, do what you do best.

It's like you, you're methodical, you're practical, you move in your own time. Admittedly that might catch up to you while you know, mercury is retrograde in Virgo, and that's August 23rd, all the way through September 15th. But right now there's a bit of a rep, well, I say a bit of a reprieve, but no, take that back because Venus is retrograde in an incompatible sign. So there could be some issues around love and money right now for Taurus because of the Venus retrograde. But communication will clear anything up with Mercury being in a fellow earth sign. So Taurus for you, you know, you still, you're still going through the ups and downs because ura, as planet of the unexpected is in your sign right now. You know, the, the surprises that have been coming at your Taurus for quite a while now.

But you know, the good thing is you've got Jupiter planet of luck and good fortune on your side because you know, Jupiter is in your sign. So what that means for you, Taurus, beyond the Mercury and the Mercury retrograde and whatever else is, there's opportunity all around you. It's just you have to step outside of your comfort zone. And that's what the eclipses last year and this year have been teaching you Taurus. It's time to step out of your comfort zone. And you know what, for you, Taurus, it's not just you stepping out willingly, it's more like the universe shoving you out of your comfort zone. So just remember, you know, life is about constant change. It's ebb and flow. And so TAUs, you know, this is a time, this is a growth period for you. You know, this year.

Next up is Gemini, Gemini, Gemini, so Gemini for you.

What's happening is, you know, mercury is your ruling planet, so that's a good thing. Mercury, you want your ruling planet, no matter what sign you are, you want your ruling planet to be happy. Always <laugh>, that's, that's like the golden rule. So Gemini mercury is your ruling planet, and it's really happy when it moves into Virgo. It's the happiest when it's in your sign Gemini, and when it's in Virgo. So that's good. That's, you know, an extra point right there. So you know, there's, the, the thing, the message that's coming that's that's here for Gemini is detail. Pay attention to the detail. Don't let things slide. You know, it's gonna be really important especially if you're dealing with any family members. Gemini, I know, I know I had to say it, but it's like, if you're dealing with any family members over the next couple of months and having a serious conversation and need to come to some sort of outcome or conclusion around conversation you know, be prepared and don't skip over any sort of detail.

You know, Gemini, you're brilliant, you have a brilliant mind. Everybody knows it, but it's like you know, it's definitely a time for you to pay attention to the detail, especially when dealing with family members. And I just wanna address Charlotte's comment here. I'm sorry to hear that. And I know all of us do go through that, the ebb and flow, the ebb and flow of life, the ups and downs. And I have to say that astrology is a fantastic resource to really help us understand when certain cycles start and finish. So, you know, using you as an example, if you don't mind, that when you're going through challenging times in life, astrology can help us know when there will be light at the end of the tunnel. It really is important to always remember that, because I know that, you know, when you're in the eye of the storm it feels like there's no, there's no getting out of it. There's no escaping from challenging karmic situations. But there, there is, you know, like astrology is about cycles, the cycles of life. So hang on in there.

Next up is Cancer, the crab. And I'm gonna be doing the signs in order for those of you who are new here. So yes, it's very difficult. I know, I'm sorry. Yes. But you will get through it. Absolutely. cancer, the crab. Cancer the crab. So with, with this energy cancer, it's all about communication. Because cancer, you are, you are an emotional water sign, and so you speak from the heart. But this time, you know, with Mercury in Virgo, it brings an opportunity to really look at the analytical side of a situation. Yes, it takes, it takes both sides of it. It takes the emotional side, it takes the analytical side. But the opportunity here for you, cancer is to, you know, combine those things, combine the emotional response and the logical response over the next couple of months.

And I keep saying that because of the retrograde cycle. So cancer, you know, with Mercury in moving into Virgo, where it will be for the next couple of months, it definitely is about you know, opportunities to really incorporate the analytics or the logic, or pay attention to the detail. Sometimes we all, regardless of whatever sign we are, we respond through emotion, not sometimes, most times we respond, especially to challenging situations through big emotions. This brings an opportunity for cancer, the crab, to really look at something from an, a analytical mindset rather than pure emotion. So think of the retrograde period from August 23rd through September 15th, you know, as a time to really look at something logically rather than just pure emotion.

Leo, the lion, Leo, Leo. So for Leo you know, what is coming about for Leo with this energy is money and finances, money and finances for Leo. Now, let me explain that a bit further. So for Leo, you know, mercury in Virgo is about detail and paying attention to the detail. And this cycle is extra long because of the retrograde August, September. So, you know, it might feel like if you haven't paid attention to the financial details in your life, you know, Leo is a bit of a big spender, then, you know, you what might be called into focus or what might be the priority. I'm not saying willingly for Leo is, you know, money from the past and fixing or closing an open-ended financial situation with this Mercury and Virgo cycle. So and around your birthday too, Leo, and I'm sorry to be the messenger here because you know, Venus is also retrograde in your sign. So, Leo with Mercury in Virgo and Venus, retrograde in Leo, this really is about you know, tying up loose ends when it comes to love and money. And Leo, use your words, <laugh>, use your words in situations. And, you know, sometimes it's like you don't have to jump in and, and respond to something straight away. It might be okay to sort of take your time, you know, it's a fixed sign. It, it really is advisable to sort of slow down a bit and really think through responses.

So Leo, for you, there's, think about it like an opportunity. Excuse me. Think about it. Like an opportunity to get a second chance. You know, get a second chance to complete something or redo something. And, you know, the other thing, Leo, is this, this is a time with Mars as well, it brings another opportunity to take action around money and finances. So instead of like pontificating or, you know, thinking through it over and over again, this is the time to take action.

Virgo, Virgo, Virgo, all eyes on Virgo, because you know, with Mercury moving in with, let me take a step back. So, Virgo, with your ruling planet, mercury moving into your sign, it's happy, it's really happy. And so everything goes swimmingly, <laugh> for a couple of weeks. Mars is in your sign. There's plenty of action, lots going on.

You wanna take you wanna take steps to maybe improve your appearance or change it or get a haircut, something around your appearance, but everybody's looking at you, Virgo. Now, the thing here is, it's like you things are going on behind the scenes, Virgo, and it might be you know, situations or people from the past come into your life at this time, now, at the end of August, and first part of September might be very potent for Virgo with Mercury retrograde in your sign, as well as the venous retrograde. Now, there is support, as I said, early on from the other planets from Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. So this is a time, and you know, I've been saying this in all the events. Anyway, this year, 2023 is a, is a threshold year. It's like, you know, we had glimpses of the age of Aquarius with Pluto in Aquarius back in March, March, April and May.

And so we've had touches of it. So Virgo, for you, it's like, this is a time to get things in order, you know, do what you do, do best, pay attention to the detail, get all those to-do lists going, and start checking them off as you work through them with Mars in your sign. It's like, there's no stopping you.

Libra, Libra, Libra. Well, Libra, this is this is a very potent time for you because, you know, your psychic awareness is increased. Your intuition is just fully firing right now with mercury moving into Virgo. Now, the thing here is, it's like Libra, you might find yourself during August, September when Mercury's retrograde that you are dealing with like red tape or bureaucracy or there, there could be a level of frustration with the retrograde Mercury in August and September. Now, Libra, your ruling planet is Venus, and Venus is retrograde.

So, you know, for Libra, you might find that relationship issues from the past are rearing their ugly heads right now. But that's okay. You know, you'll get through this, and it's just basically putting one foot in front of the other. So you know, it's important here that we remember that, as I said before, astrology teaches us, life is about cycles. You know, things start, things. End life is about ebb and flow.

Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. So what's happening for you, Scorpio during this Mercury in Virgo period, is, it's a fantastic time for manifestation. Absolutely incredible. I mean, Scorpio, this is your time, okay? I have to throw in the disclaimer, yes, Venus is retrograde <laugh>. It is throwing you some shade when it comes to love and money. But really, you know, sometimes Scorpio, you really operate the best when life throws you challenges.

So it's like Scorpio, sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can rise back up. And so, you know, if you're dealing with any really tough situations around love and money, this is a potent, potent time for you to manifest while Mercury is in Virgo, and especially with the Mercury retrograde and venous retrograde at the end of August, early September. If you are looking to mend a relationship, this would definitely, definitely be the time to do it. I mean, your powers of perception are just through the roof anyway, but especially at this time,

Sagittarius so Sagittarius for you with this Mercury in Virgo, and then the Mercury retrograde, take care with your professional life, you know if your boss asks you for something, give your boss whatever they want in an over the top level of detail.

I know that sort of sounds weird for Sagittarius, but it's like as much detail Sagittarius as you can when it's your work environment, your professional life, your career, dealing with authority, dealing with colleagues, you know, this is the time to focus on detail. As ho as that might seem. Sagittarius, your sign is not a sign connected to detail on any level. So it's like, this is gonna be really important. Otherwise you know, during the Mercury retrograde end of August, September, something might come back that you have to fix even bigger than just skipping over the detail in the first place. So, Sagittarius, my words of wisdom, but I do have to say the venous retrograde isn't so bad for you.

Next up is Capricorn, Capricorn, Capricorn. So Capricorn, this is, this is good energy, you know, Capricorn, for you with this mercury moving into Virgo, you know, it, it allows you to see beyond, you know, you are one of the strategists of the Zodiac.

And so for you Capricorn, this mercury in Virgo influence is really incredible. It allows you to see all sides of a situation. You can see the detail, you can see the big picture and everything in between. So you are going to use this mercury in Virgo energy to your advantage, and, you know, good for you, because when mercury turns retrograde end of August you know, you're gonna have everything lined up, ready to go. And, you know, there might be an opportunity that comes Capricorn from the past. You know, whatever that might be, you know, in throughout your life, there is a good opportunity where mercury turns retrograde, you know, and as I said before, 2023 all the mercury retrogrades are in earth signs. So it allow this year allows the earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn you know, a second chance a second chance or, or to be able to redo something, right?

This go round Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius. So Aquarius for you, you know, what's, what's coming about with Mercury in Virgo is shared money or shared resources with others, you know, what's yours is yours and what isn't isn't <laugh>. That didn't sound right, but it's like this is a time of boundaries. And, you know, we are moving into the age of Aquarius this year and next year with Pluto moving into Aquarius. But it's like, what, what happens now for you, Aquarius is about having boundaries. And, you know, some of you might be dealing with some tax issue or inheritance. You know, others might be trying to cross the line, but if you have all your facts straight, everything lined up, Aquarius you know, nothing will escape you at this time. So it's like be very clear with boundaries especially, you know, Aquarius with Venus retrograde in your opposite sign right now, relationships or relationships from the past might be fully here and now in the present.

So think about it this way, and I keep saying this every week. I've been saying this with the Venus Retrograde. Think of this, like, no matter how difficult situations might be right now, this is for everybody. But I'm talking to Aquarius how difficult relationships might be right now. Think of it like a second chance to rectify something that's been open-ended for far too long. So, Aquarius, think about this like the opportunity to create the future based off the present circumstances right now, create the future you want because Aquarius is the futuristic sign of the Zodiac. Think about being strategic around the future you want right now by using the opportunities that that are presented here in the present.

And finally, Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. Well, isn't this interesting? Where's Frank <laugh>? So what this, what this is about is Mercury in Virgo brings an opportunity to speak up, you know, speak up, especially those that you are closest to.

Now start getting prepared because when Mercury turns retrograde in your opposite sign you might have to do some backpedaling with regards to your significant other or your best friend, or those that you are closest to. There might be some explaining to do, or you might find that you have to get to the bottom of something, something that you might have been sweeping under the carpet, Pisces you might find at this time that you really have to deal with it in the present. So get ready and get prepared for the detail. You know, start doing your to-do list, your bullet pointed list. Now, Pisces, for the next couple of months, be fully prepared because with Mercury in Virgo, you know, it brings an opportunity to pay attention to the detail. But remember what I said before, take care. And this is for everybody with Mercury and Virgo.

It really is a great time for taking care of your emotional, mental psychic wellbeing. We should all always really give that the priority. But especially now with Mercury in Virgo, you know, there's a lot of nervous energy. There could be a lot of anxiety with Mercury in Virgo. You know, there could be more anxiety than usual to tough situations with Mercury in Virgo. So everybody, let's take care of our mental wellbeing and the mutable signs, Segan mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. You might be more affected by this Mercury and Virgo energy. Or if you have planets in the mutable signs, you might be feeling it as Michael, Michael is here on Zoom a whole lot more than usual. So that's it. If you missed I see somebody there's asking anything for Taurus, yes, I went through the Zodiac signs.

You can watch the replay here. So I'm gonna sign off now from Instagram, and then I'm gonna focus here on my chart readings free birth chart readings on my Zoom. And if you'd like the opportunity to have your natal chart read during one of these events, I screen share, where you can see your chart in all its beauty you can sign up for one of these free Zoom events at astrology tv slash events. Thanks everyone on Instagram for tuning in, and I'll see you same time, same place next week. Okay, everybody on Zoom. Oh my goodness, <laugh> let me screen share and I'm going to pull up the charts I have here ready to go. That's a lot of fun. I actually, I, I mean, I'm still live streaming to YouTube and I just signed off from Instagram back on it, and I thought, no better time to start than during the Venus Retrograde do something that you love to do.

Okay, let me screen share here. Okay, first up is Kathleen k Kathleen k looking to see what's going on for you in your chart. It's interesting because, you know, with this venous retrograde, you've got Moon Jupiter in Sagittarius. So big emotions, big, you know, for the, the light side, all the shadow side you know, you're a seeker, you're an explorer, you're a philosopher. And, you know, the next couple of months with this Virgo energy, not just mercury and Virgo, but you know, we've got a new moon in Virgo, mercury, retrograde Sun in Virgo, et cetera. You know, there might be some challenges, you know, like what might be slowing you down over the next couple of months might be detail, you know, pay attention to the detail, especially with mercury in Pisces, sun in Pisces. It's like detail's not really your thing.

But the next couple of months, you know, what might be called into question is pay attention to the detail. And definitely, you know, with this much mutable energy, definitely focus on your mental wellbeing during this time. Okay? next up is Jemima, Jemima g Jemima G looking here to see how these energies are coming across. So you, you also have sun and Mercury in Pisces. So with all this Virgo energy right now, it's like finding that balance and equilibrium when dealing with others, you know, looking and working on compromise. That's gonna be the best outcome for everybody involved in any sort of situation that you might be dealing with right now with this energy of not just Mercury, but Mercury turning retrograde as well. And then looking here to see how the venous retrograde is gonna be coming up for you.

And it looks like, you know, last week that at this time, your relationships or social scenes might be a little bit challenging. So you might be working through you know, issues in your relationship, issues with your friend group, online, offline, and it's about being patient and having perseverance, but also finding compromise, you know, looking for the balance where everybody wins in a situation. Renee, r Renee, r okay, so for you, Renee oh, you have mercury, Jupiter, and Mercury and Jupiter in Leo, and then you've got the Sun, Venus, north node, and Saturn in Virgo. Where to begin, <laugh> where to begin. There's a lot going on, is what I mean by that. So you know, mercury, excuse me, Venus Retrograde is gonna be traveling across Mercury and Jupiter. So what that means is that you know, what you say is gonna be really crucial over the next couple of months.

Think about the words that you are using and issues, relationship issues, or even a, a lover from the past might reappear in your life. I see your Pluto is in Libra, and October 14th, there's a solar eclipse right on your Pluto. So I see that, you know, a change, a change within your relationship you know, a transformation or a metamorphosis. And so having Moon in Scorpio, you know, your emotions will be very, very deep. Sometimes might even be dark for you, take you by surprise. 'cause Your moon conjunction Uranus. So, you know, with, with this Venus retrograde, you are already feeling the effects now of potential love and money challenges. But no, 2023 is a, a what I've been calling a threshold year. You know, it's a year for change, and the ti you hang on the more difficult it might be with all this fixed energy in your chart.

Lee l Lee l looking here, oh my goodness, you've got sun and moon in Taurus. So you were born during a new moon in Taurus. So and then you've got Mar oh my goodness, you've got Mars and Pluto conjunct in Leo. Oh my goodness, what a strong-willed person you are. I would love to hear what your mom would've said or your parents would've said about you as a child, you know, really strong-willed, and sometimes you could be a little bit obstinate or stuck in your ways. When you've really set your mind on, on something, it's sort of like nobody's able to change that. But you do have this beautiful Venus in Gemini. So you have a very large, probably throughout your whole life, very large social circle you know, lots of different groups of friends. But I know with this fixed energy not just necessarily this week or this month with the venous retrograde, but you know, this year and last year going through lots of transitions throughout your life, the eclipses have been on in the fixed signs, you have this fixed energy.

I mean, whenever I see Mars and Pluto conjunct, oh my goodness, that's a very powerful energy right there, very powerful aspect. Mars is like this warrior energy. Pluto is nuclear power. I mean, you have this in your natal chart, so it's like you know, when you set your mind to something, nothing's gonna stop you. You might be taken by surprise this year and next year with the eclipses sort of shaking things up for you. You know, and life is definitely, as I keep saying, it's about ebb and flow. And so just be as adaptable and flexible as you can. Judith b Judith b looking here to see what's going on for you. So you've got Mercury in Leo, Pluto in Leo and South Node in Leo. So we know that venous retrograde is you know, is gonna be traveling over your Pluto mid-August.

So what that means is a change with your closest relationship. There's a transformation with this challenging energy of the venous retrograde you know, and you've got Mars in Scorpio. So you do what you do best. You know, you think strategically to help you see beyond, you know, the current any current challenges that you might be dealing with. But know that you know this, this is a period, this is a year of change and transformation for many people. And, you know, trust your psychic abilities, especially during October with the Eclipse you know, conjuncting very closely to your Neptune. So, you know, look to a higher source, trust your intuition. If there's any sort of not just spiritual, but any creative or musical endeavor to help you through. And this is throughout your whole life, help you with any type of stress that you need to deal with that's, that's a good outlet for you.

Sharon D Sharon d oh, look at this, Gemini energy, mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, all in Gemini, genius. Brilliant, brilliant mind, love that. Brilliant, brilliant mind. So, and then we've got Pluto, Mars, and Chiron in Leo. So with this Venus retrograde at this time, it brings a chance and opportunity to heal, heal a wound from a relationship with the venous retrograde, it is time for healing. So over the next couple of months, no matter how challenging, you know, your closest relationship or relationships may be, think of it as an opportunity to heal and move past it. Denise ss, Denise Ss looking here to see. You've got Uranus, Pluto, moon in Virgo. And so when Mercury in Virgo, it'll be coming across here, brilliant flashes of insight, thinking outside the box for great solutions, getting to the bottom of something and finding the truth.

Balancing emotion with logic is what's gonna happen for you over the next couple of months. And then of course, you have Mars in Leo, the venous retrograde in Leo will be conjuncting your Mars. So there could be an issue that comes up from the past in your closest relationships. Think of it as an opportunity to heal or to move forward and resolve something. Carina C, Carina C, so you've got Uranus, mercury in Leo, and venous retrograde will be, or is, I should say, conjunct these two planets. So communication is everything. I mean, it always is, but especially now with the venous retrograde. And, you know, communication might bring an op, an unexpected opportunity to resolve something. And then with the Mercury in Virgo on your sun, Pluto, north node, and Venus, again, it just emphasizes the Venus Retrograde transit communication.

Again, communication will be everything. Complete open-ended conversations, you know, it brings an opportunity and you know, good opportunity for karma to be resolved through communication at this time. Brenda Ss, Brenda Ss. So for you, Brenda, you've got let me see what's going on here. Pluto in Leo. And so Venus interesting will be turning direct right on your Pluto. So if you're going through any challenges right now and with three planets in Scorpio, I can see how <laugh>, sometimes it might be really big events that have happened throughout your life. And so having Pluto in Leo forming this square to actually Mars, mercury, sun, squaring your Pluto, and then the venous retrograde conjunct on that is very much about sometimes, as I said before with Scorpio, you have to sometimes go through the worst before you can get to the best.

And this might be one of those times when it comes to love and money, but just know like every good Scorpio, you always get through it. And next up is John h, John h looking here, you've got Leo's Sun and then Mercury in Leo. So we know the venous retrograde won't quite hit your sun, but every good Leo feels this venous retrograde, that's for sure. And then it brings an opportunity to talk about something that might've been sort of lingering for quite a while with those that you are closest to. So you know, this, the Venus retrograde, the Mercury retrograde, you know, you've got Venus in Virgo, mercury retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde in in Virgo. So what I'm seeing here actually is this double whammy. So Mercury will be retrograde on your Venus, and Venus will be retrograde on your mercury.

That's what sort of caught my attention. Communication in your closest relationship is crucial and pro I probably should have just left it at that because that's definitely the best words of wisdom I can give you. And then the eclipse, the solar eclipse in October will be triggering your Saturn and Pluto. It's this is a year for change, I mean, for all of us. But, you know, a year for change most definitely. All right, everybody. That's it from me. So thank you so much for joining me. And you can see the replay on the YouTube channel, which I'm live streaming to, but I wish everybody the very best, and I'll see you all next week.



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