Virgo and Gemini Compatibility:

The Analyzers

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22;  Gemini dates: May 21- June 20)

Do Virgo and Gemini make a good match? Despite being earth and air – two elements usually said not to get along that easily – you do have a lot in common! The main thing you share is a love of communication and analyzing.

The reason why you are both just so darn clever is that Mercury, planet of the mind, rules both of your signs. Yes, Virgo, you too! Just because you’re an earth sign, doesn’t mean that you’re all brawn. In fact, out of all the earth signs of the zodiac, you are inevitably the smartest.

And luckily for you, Gemini is also amazingly intelligent. They are one of the few who can keep up with you, and not only keep up, but even outdo you in the brains department. You thought you analyzed a lot – well – you were wrong!

Because of your smarts, you’ll make each other roar with laughter – you are both the comedians of the zodiac! There’s a strong mental compatibility here, as you can see. But is there too much of a good thing?

Well, sure. There is such a thing as overthinking, so when you have a partner to do it with, you can go overboard. You’ll both have to practice listening skills, learning how to accept that you may be wrong sometimes, and how to just stop talking and be in the moment, for once!

Being both so adaptable, it isn’t a hard task to get you to change some of your ways with each otter – and that’s what can make this work.


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Virgo and Gemini Dating Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Gemini Soulmates? You’re both too rational to get lost in the romantic idea of soulmates. This works for you just fine, and you're quite happy without having to get all squishy about your relationship.

You will both enjoy initiating connection via text or email – verbal affirmation is often a shared “love language” for you both. You’re adept flirts and you will tantalize each other with your choice of words, with your titillating minds! Does it go further?

Well, you’ll probably interest the Gemini more than enough, Virgo. They aren’t the first to commit, and they do tend to play around before they settle, whereas you play for keeps. You are quite timid, and you won’t put yourself out there very easily until you’re totally sure that they mean business. This could take a while.

Virgo and Gemini Marriage Compatibility:

Can Virgo and Gemini marry? As an earth sign, Virgo, you are geared and built for marriage. You make a wonderful spouse, always ready to help out with the icky things and chores that most people hate. You love being useful, and nothing makes you happier than having a permanent life partner to support.

Gemini, being an air sign, is a natural flirt. They like to keep their options open, so to think about marriage is a really big deal. It could take an eon for them to truly commit, which might press a few insecure buttons, Virgo. However, when they do decide that you are the very best match for them, they make loyal, loving and caring partners.

After all, this is the sign of the chameleon, the sign that tends to take on the qualities of whomever they are with. So, they adapt to your earthy nature and will mirror your commitment!

Once (finally) married, you will make a clever pair that is always learning. The communication can be very good – your greatest strength, in fact. However, with your critical nature, Virgo, and the Gemini’s tendency to turn things around to suit them, the two of you may have crossed wires at times. It’s important to listen, without trying to speak or think of what to say next.

Also, try to avoid overdoing the talking, you two. Teach Gemini how to be in their body, Virgo, and don’t mind their extroverted nature. Allow them to pursue their many hobbies, and feel secure in the fact that they are devoted to you, even if it feels like their hobbies and friends come first at times.

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility in Bed:

Is there Virgo and Gemini compatibility when it comes to sex? Gemini does sex in their heads, Virgo. They like to think about it, talk about it, write about it. If their minds are turned on, they will be too. Luckily for you both, you are one smart cookie, Virgo, and you know your way around words, so that won’t be a problem.

You also know your way around a body, Virgo. Being the earth element, you are very primal and sensual. And most people aren’t aware of just how crazy you can get behind closed doors. You may be Ms or Mr prude in public, but once you feel safe in a relationship, or even a wild night out, you are something else.

You’ll show Gemini how to leave the mind and get into the body, a skill they deeply need from you. It’s a win-win situation all around – and be open to experimenting!

When Virgo and Gemini Relationship Breaks up:

How does Virgo and Gemini move on after a breakup? Gemini can be a little dramatic, as you’ll soon find out, Virgo. They love gossip, and they have a bit of a dark side – their “dark twin”. Hence, with a breakup, they may show that side which is none too attractive.

Don’t give in to any of it, Virgo, and take space. Get the closure you need, and avoid overanalyzing the relationship with your Gemini ex. They’ll simply confuse you and leave you yearning and befuddled. Once they let go, they move on fast, although you may still hold on for a while and wonder what you did wrong. Don’t be hard on yourself, Virgo.


Business Compatibility:

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility in Business:

Do Virgo and Gemini have compatibility when it comes to work?  You will both love working in fields that require a large amount of brainpower and data handling. You’re equally smart, which places you both in positions of responsibility – especially you, Virgo.

You may have moments of arguing, especially when you disagree, but in general, you respect and admire each other. Gemini actually needs your organizational skills, Virgo, as they can be overwhelmed and scattered with information at times. You ground them and remind them to see the wood for the trees!


Friendship Compatibility:

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility in Friendship:

Do Virgo and Gemini have compatibility when it comes to friendship? You are the type of friends who are always talking, always communicating. You’ll love to gossip, and getting together over dinner and a chat is one of the best ways to spend time together!

Of course, Virgo, you’ll know that Gemini has many other friends and interests, so you can’t get too possessive. Let them go, and enjoy what they bring into your life. And when you have arguments, try to listen to each other rather than drown each other out! You are both right, most of the time, and just have a different way of seeing things.


Family Compatibility:

Virgo Parent and Gemini Child Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Gemini compatible when it comes to family? A Gemini parent is a lot of fun, Virgo. They’ll make you laugh, teasing you and helping you to lighten up. They’ll also encourage you to use your mind, and will admire how smart you are, convinced you got it from them!

A Gemini child is always curious about everything, Virgo, and they love to learn – much to your delight! They can get quickly overwhelmed with information, though, and they will need your guidance in terms of having a good mental diet.

They’re also always chopping and changing, so your organizational skills will come in handy here! You’re the one that steers the ship, grounding them and helping them to get into their body and out of their heads.

Virgo and Gemini Sibling Compatibility:

How do Virgo and Gemini siblings match up in the family environment? You’ll always argue, Virgo – this is something you should just accept. Your Gemini brother or sister is usually convinced that they have the right view, and will manipulate you quite easily!

You, on the other hand, can take a serious stance and lecture your Gemini sibling, which also makes them see red. However, as you grow up, you’ll come to be friends and have a lovely way of communicating as adults. Sure, you’ll still have your arguments, but you will treasure the strong mental link.

Virgo and Gemini Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Virgo human and a Gemini pet get along? Gemini pets are funny, Virgo. They’ll make you laugh nonstop! They are mischievous and naughty, and very, very quick to learn! This is the type of pet that will adapt to absolutely anything you throw at them!

A Gemini pet is always better off with a twin, or a sibling, They get lonely easily and enjoy having someone to play with. If you can, Virgo, adopt them with a friend so that they don’t make your life a living nightmare with their tricks! They’ll love having you around them to teach them, so be prepared for a pet that will be forever curious!

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