Virgo and Virgo Compatibility:

Helpers & Healers

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22)

Do Virgo and Virgo make a good match? Well, it can go two ways here! You can either drive each other up the wall when it comes to who’s the boss, who’s right and who gets to be in control. Or – you can be the type of couple that is always putting each other’s best interest first and holding each other up to your own high standards.

The thing is, Virgo, and Virgo number two, you’ll have to make sure that you’re not projecting onto each other. All the bad things about yourself, well, you can place that onto each other. That fiddly, nit-picky energy of the Virgo zodiac sign? That tendency to micromanage? The Mr. or Ms. Fix-it energy? That’s both of you – not just one of you.

But also, look at the good things, Virgo, like your kindness, your willingness to help – and your utter brilliance. There’s no two ways about it, you are the type of couple that are the shining examples of pure mental genius. You’re both hyper-rational, discerning and witty, often with the ability to make anyone laugh!

So remember, Virgo – the good things you see in your partner, are also in you. Learn to draw the line, and know who’s who in the zoo. Sometimes, it might feel as if you are looking in a mirror, and you have to learn to like what you see. Don’t always judge each other or try to fix each other – or yourselves. Realize you are both perfect just as you are, and that no relationship could ever possibly be as flawless as you seem to imagine it should be!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Virgo and Virgo Dating Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Virgo Soulmates? Neither of you are as soppy as to believe in soulmates! Being as rational as you are, you’ll both approach dating and relationships with a very grounded, serious mindset, discerning whether or not this person can practically complement your life.

That doesn’t mean you don’t fall in love - of course, you have the ability to get as mushy as anyone else. But, you are still reserved, both of you. Because you’re both so detail-orientated, your dates, in general, will be well thought out and planned, with every care taken.

And, because you both love food so much, your dates will often revolve around the concept of good, healthy and wholesome eating, often in beautiful settings – you share a love of nature and natural beauty! You each take your time, and you never rush things – you know that real love is built over time and takes trust and effort.

Virgo and Virgo Marriage Compatibility:

Can Virgo and Virgo marry? Marriage is a topic that neither of you shies away from. You may, however, get so anxious about not being “perfect enough” that you delay marriage and try to change or fix who you are.

This just results in misery, Virgo. The best you can do is work on the traits that really are toxic (and there aren’t as many of them as you think) and just try and forgive the rest. Learn to love with yourself – a dour partner – as best you can, and try not to poke so many holes in each other and the relationship.

Then, once you tie the knot, you’ll really know what you are signing up for. Instead of seeing marriage as this endless cycle of fixing problems, it’s a place to come to escape the problems of the world.

That said, you both have the gift of being wholeheartedly involved when there’s relationship work to be done. You take responsibility, and you give it your all. You are also a wonderfully supportive couple, and do believe in the best of each other. You push each other to be better people. And there’s plenty of room for growth in this.

Just try not to criticize each other too much, Virgo, and watch that complaining attitude. Find solutions, not problems. Help each other, because you know exactly how. Make yourselves useful to each other in every way, and show your love by your zodiac sign's love language – which is service.

Reminding each other you love and appreciate each other every day is a great way to build up your marriage and strengthen it.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility in Bed:

Are Virgo and Virgo sexually compatible? As they say, Virgo – you’re reserved on the streets, a freak in the sheets! The rumors are true! Although you may not give in to public displays of affection, you won’t hold back behind closed doors.

You two are wicked and wild when it comes to the bedroom; and there’s very little that you won’t try! Sensuality is your middle name, as earth signs of the zodiac, and you both delight in taste, touch, sight and smells. Nothing puts you off, and you two really do celebrate the joys of being in a human body!

Your shared desire to please is also a big bonus when it comes to your sexual relationship; and you’ll go out of your way to make sure every detail is taken care of!

When Virgo and Virgo Relationship Breaks up:

How does Virgo and Virgo move on after a breakup? Both of you may have the tendency to think and overanalyze the breakup. You could simply talk about it too much, which only prolongs the pain and the drama.

You both have to learn to let go and move on – and it’s not about who was “right”. If you’re going to argue over that, you will never close the door, both of you. Instead, talk about what you need to talk about, and agree to release control over how it ended, whose fault it was and how imperfect each other was. Use this as a learning opportunity, but try not to blame yourselves.


Business Compatibility:

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility in Business:

Do Virgo and Virgo have compatibility when it comes to work?  You are both incredibly hard workers, Virgo, which makes you have a very strong work ethic. You will admire and respect that about each other in the workplace.

You’re also not the types that are looking for glory and fame, which makes you both very humble. Hence, the power struggles that often happen at work just aren’t an issue with you, as you get on with the job at hand. However, Virgo, astrology suggests that you do watch for control issues as you can both have the tendency to take the wheel and think your way is best.


Friendship Compatibility:

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Virgo and Virgo good friends? Being earth signs of the zodiac, you both are very loyal to each other. You’ll want to stay friends forever, and usually, you do. You’re the type of friends that will happily sit and complain about the world together over a glass of wine, make witty jokes and have in-depth conversations.

You will, at times, push each other’s buttons, especially when you get overly critical of each other. Try and step back, stop micromanaging each other and be a little gentler, Virgo. You both have hearts of gold, but they can be hidden underneath the tendency to fault-find and see the negative in each other.


Family Compatibility: 

Virgo Parent and Virgo Child Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Virgo compatible when it comes to family? Your Virgo parent is your mirror, Virgo. You obviously take after them – it’s clear for everyone to see! Both of you are responsible, tidy do-gooders that always want to be useful and helpful to everyone in the family. It’s sweet to watch, although as you grow up, it can become a problem as you try and one-up each other.

Your Virgo child is your mini-you! They thrive in a neat ordered, stable environment, which you happily provide for them. You are peas in a pod, Virgo, even though what annoys you about them is precisely the qualities that you have in you, too. Try not to be too critical of your Virgo child as they are far more anxious and sensitive than you could ever imagine.

Virgo and Virgo Sibling Compatibility:

How do Virgo and Virgo siblings match up in the family environment? Well, you are just alike, aren’t you? This may be the whole problem when young, or as you are growing up. That critical edge? That snarky comment? That tendency to always think they’re right? Time to own it, Virgo. Your sibling and you are exactly the same!

And, because you are both ruled by the communication planet Mercury, you will both have the tendency to be a little bit argumentative. Try to learn to listen better, and your relationship will improve in leaps and bounds – who knows, you may even become the very best of friends!

Virgo and Virgo Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Virgo human and a Virgo pet get along? Like you, your Virgo pet needs plenty of routine, safety and security. They like a world of order and neatness, a world that has certainty and not chaos. In fact, your Virgo pet may have a fair amount of anxiety, so it’s good if you take steps to learn about how that shows up and how it triggers.

One of the best things that you can do for your Virgo pet is to take them out to nature – it’s the healer for both of you when life gets tough or challenging in any way.

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