Virgo and Pisces Compatibility:

The Helpers / The Healers   

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility (Virgo dates: August 23 - September 22; Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

Do Virgo and Pisces make a good match? Out of all the zodiac signs that oppose each other, the two of you make the very best match of them all! Firstly, you’re both highly adaptable and intuitive, which means that you’re willing to make changes for each other. And that, Virgo, is something never to be underestimated!

Secondly, you both have a sincere desire to heal, help and sacrifice your personal desires in order to support each other. You bring a compassion and tenderness to each other’s’ worlds, and like all opposite signs of the zodiac, you bring balance.

Pisces needs you more than you could ever imagine, Virgo – and there’s no greater feeling for you than being useful and needed! They totally lack the practical skills needed to navigate the material world and so, you are the one that they lean on!

Hence, your brilliant planning and organizing is appreciated by Pisces more than with any other zodiac sign, and for once, you don’t judge yourself for your need to control things. In fact, you get congratulations and gratitude. How’s that for a change, Virgo?

In return, Pisces brings so much empathy and softness to your world, softening your hard edges and reminding you that there is magic and wonder in life. They are always forgiving of your flaws, and their own, which teaches you to be so much less hard on yourself. They gratefully receive all you have to give and willingly support you in whatever you do, professionally or personally.

You both may also have a very strong interest in the metaphysical, healing world, with Pisces leaning towards energetic healing, and you towards the physical. When you join forces, you could make a truly world-changing duo, Virgo!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Virgo and Pisces Dating Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Pisces Soulmates? It’s definitely going to feel like it for your Pisces sweetheart, Virgo. They’re romantic water signs, after all – what else would you expect? When they feel that connection, they really feel it, all the way down to their very bones! And they will show it.

Their vulnerability helps you to lower your own walls and rational defenses, Virgo, and to plunge wholeheartedly into a sweet relationship. You’ll find that you are very different in terms of approaching life from your mind (that’s you, Virgo) or from the heart (Pisces, of course!).

However the learning and growth can be grand, Virgo. And as they say – opposites attract! Your dates themselves can be magical, and although Pisces doesn’t attend to the details the way that you do, Virgo, they bring magic to every date. They use their intuition to create something special, whereas you use your intellect to make sure that everything is thought of.

This kind consideration makes you a lovely couple who truly go out of your way to make each other happy. The wooing phase should be a gentle, slow dance which becomes even more thrilling the more time goes on.

Virgo and Pisces Marriage Compatibility:

Can Virgo and Pisces marry? Well, Virgo, Pisces people love to get married! They wholeheartedly believe in happy endings, and romantic comedies are the way they’d live their lives, if they could! Of course, Pisces people aren’t very realistic about what marriage entails, so you may have to remind them of reality from time to time, Virgo.

Luckily, you love dealing with the “mundane” world, which leaves Pisces to joyfully float along on their sea of bliss, happily unaware of the dramas and turmoils that life has. And although sometimes you may reset or be jealous of their rose-colored approach, you secretly love being the one who’s in the driver’s seat with all the earthly responsibilities.

Do be careful, Virgo, that you don’t get too critical of Pisces. You can be hard on them, and they have very soft hearts that easily become victimized. They won’t argue back with you, but rather, could just end up avoiding you, until they drift out of your marriage entirely. Go easy, and gently teach them how to tackle issues when they come up.

You do make a good team, which is often all that’s needed for a good relationship. You don’t vie for control, and really you don’t fight often. Count your blessings, Virgo, and try to always look for the positives instead of the flaws!

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility in Bed:

Are Virgo and Pisces sexually compatible? Well, Virgo, Pisces will soon learn why they say you're shy in the streets and wild in the sheets! Earth signs like you can be crazy and passionate, which suits the romantic Pisces very well.

However, Pisces does need a strong emotional connection to truly reach the heights they seek. So make sure that you not only communicate - which is what switches your buttons on, but also tend to their feelings, Virgo. This will serve to make your sex life truly amazing.

Luckily, you are both very giving partners that really want to make each other happy, so that will also go a long way to satisfying all desires. You’re willing to try just about anything and neither of you will shame each other for your various kinks.

When Virgo and Pisces Relationship Breaks up:

How does Virgo and Pisces move on after a breakup? Well, it’s not easy for either of you, Virgo. You are the type of person that will overanalyze every little thing, and maybe beat yourself up for everything that went wrong. This never makes any relationship easier for you to get over.

Unfortunately, Pisces may also make you the one to blame for things ending. They struggle with taking personal responsibility and often have a very skewed idea of what really went on. It’s like hitting you hard against a brick wall, Virgo – just let it go.


Business Compatibility:

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility in Business:

Do Virgo and Pisces have compatibility when it comes to work? Astrology suggests that you are opposites here, Virgo, and it’s probably best if you avoid working with Pisces – unless it’s for something creative or metaphysical. Otherwise, you may just find them too wishy-washy for your liking, which will drive you around the bend, Virgo.

Pisces works intuitively, and they don’t like working if they aren’t passionate about what it is they are doing. In contrast, you are one of the hardest workers in the zodiac, Virgo. You’re seldom late, sick or slacking, whereas Pisces can be all three – often.


Friendship Compatibility:

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Virgo and Pisces good friends? You’ll need to manage your expectations very well, Virgo, to have a long-lasting friendship with Pisces. Don’t expect them to be the responsible, on-time and organized buddy who is always loyal.

Instead focus on their caring nature, their sweet compassion, their intuitive knowing of how to soothe you and their fun side, which helps you to let go, too. They have a lot to teach you, and they need your help too, Virgo. They don’t know how to navigate life - but you do. You can be their anchor, and they are your inspiration. You might not see it, but you heal each other.


Family Compatibility:

Virgo Parent and Pisces Child Compatibility:

Are Virgo and Pisces compatible when it comes to family? Face it, Virgo – you are the parent in this relationship! It’s difficult at times, because you may wish you had a parent who was more logical, prepared and grounded. A parent who was responsible. But, what you have instead is a truly loving parent who will unconditionally accept you just the way you are and teach you to be kind to yourself, Virgo. And that makes it worth it all!

A Pisces child is a fairy of some kind, Virgo. Or maybe a mermaid. Or an elf. They’re magical creatures, dreamy and imaginative, and they won’t do well with too much logic and order. They do need you to remind them to eat, though, Virgo, and they will learn to appreciate how you are always there to help them deal with the material world.

Virgo and Pisces Sibling Compatibility:

How do Virgo and Pisces siblings match up in the family environment? You are both lovely children, Virgo. Yes, you are total opposites, with your Pisces sibling being the one that doesn’t seem to live in the real world, whereas you are right there, helping mom and dad with their accounts.

It can be infuriating to have a sibling who just seems to magically manifest their best life while you have to work for it, but because you have such a sweet connection, you’ll do absolutely fine growing up, Virgo. You always manage to forgive and let go.

Virgo and Pisces Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Virgo human and a Virgo pet get along? Pisces pets are from another world, Virgo. They’re definitely magical, and they probably have superpowers. One of these superpowers is their remarkable intuition, which always, always picks up when you’re in a mood.

In fact, Virgo, Pisces pets are healers. They’ve come into your life to help you, just as you are there to give them a solid home and foundation. They appreciate, more than you know, your physical care and comforting routines, and how you always look after their needs. This relationship is a very sweet one, and will last a lifetime.

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