The Fourth House in Astrology:

Home and Family

Keywords: The Home, Roots, Family, Domestic Life, Property, The Subconscious/Unconscious

Associated Sign: Cancer

Associated Element: Water

House Type: Angular

Overview Of the Fourth House:

The Fourth House shows you your roots, where you came from. The soil from which you grew, and what home and family life were like for you. This area is, symbolically, the “darkest” house, representing midnight and thus, privacy and inner life. This is what you experience behind closed doors with the people who know you best.

The Fourth House can also tell you about the eventual property you choose, the roots you decide to plant yourself in. It can say whether you’re a gypsy or a home-lover, and how much you identify with and cleave to your family of origin. This House can also show how you behave at home and what your domestic tastes and values are.

Fourth House in Aries:

With your Fourth House in the first sign of the zodiac, astrology suggests you tend to be very passionate and protective of your home and family. You will fight for – and with – those you live with, and they usually either have your undying loyalty or are your mortal enemy. You may move more than once in your life, and enjoy a bit of an adventure. You could be quite spontaneous when it comes to choosing a home, and need to be careful of being too impulsive about it.

When it comes to living with people, you prefer to be direct and honest about any issues, which can come off as confrontational. It could be better for you to live alone, or to have an independent area of the house that’s all yours.

Fourth House in Taurus:

This is a lovely sign for the Fourth House to be in! Taurus practically oozes domestic life and comfortable living, which is exactly what you look for in a home. Astrology suggests you tend to be someone who lives in one place forever, and you don’t like even changing your neighborhood. Your dream is to inherit the family house and spruce it up, making it all yours – unless of course, it has no value, in which case you’ll sell it for a profit and find somewhere bigger and better.

Harmony and peace at home are extremely important to you, and you need a calm family environment. You have deep family values and a profound love for your blood tribe, a bond that is unbreakable.

Fourth House in Gemini:

With Gemini in your Fourth House, you’re likely to move more than once in your lifetime! You can be restless and often seek to change your living situation, even if you do end up living in one place for any length of time. This can look like switching up the sitting room with the spare room or turning the garden into a playground, for example.

Astrology suggests you’re likely to have quite a few family members who you love talking to. Family life can be fun and playful, but also unstable, depending on other conditions surrounding your Fourth House. Living in different countries or cities may appeal to you very much indeed.

Fourth House in Cancer:

This is the most natural House for Cancer – lucky you! It can denote a very close, powerful bond with family members, and a strong nurturing atmosphere. Home is your sanctuary, the place where you lay your weary head down to rest and recuperate. You can’t stand any chaos in your home space and it needs to feel safe at all times. You’ll go to great lengths to make sure that you have your home in the right area with the right people, or else you become miserable.

You’ll find that many people are drawn to your home as well, as it’s a place where others feel like they can share their problems and find comfort.

Fourth House in Leo:

Leo is the sign astrologers associate with children, romance and family, so this is a great placement for a happy home life! In fact, you may identify very much with your home and a particular family member, so much so that you’re quite a lot like them. Your roots form who you are, and you’re usually quite proud of your heritage.

When it comes to your home itself, you’re usually the type that loves grand, large and expensive spaces filled with beauty. You also love to entertain and may have a large extended family who you enjoy welcoming into your space. Although, at times, astrology suggests you also need to withdraw into your sanctuary and have downtime, too.

Fourth House in Virgo:

You tend to like your home space to be immaculately perfect. There’s seldom an item out of place or a task undone. This makes your home a calm, ordered place to be in, a place where you feel you can get on with the business of life. With Virgo here, you may seek to have an eco-conscious home with loads of plants – a home that makes you feel healthy and isn’t a burden on the planet.

With family, you can be a touch critical, but you have a heart of gold and will go out of your way to help when needed. In fact, you like to be needed and can often be found fussing around and taking care of others.

Fourth House in Libra:

Homelife has to be balanced, peaceful and harmonious for you to be happy. Because of this, you’ll go out of your way to make sure that your space is a haven of calm, a place where people can always feel welcome. You have excellent taste, making your home a gorgeous place – it wouldn’t be surprising if your home was featured in a home and garden publication, for example. You also just love to entertain and share what you have, making your place the one for parties!

Family life is usually harmonious, but you’ll have to be careful of bending over backward to keep the peace. It’s important that you're also okay with confrontation as it clears the air from time to time.

Fourth House in Scorpio:

Homelife can be intense, even dramatic at times. But that’s the way you like it, because no matter what, you always, always have your family’s back, and they have yours. Unless of course there’s some kind of heinous betrayal, in which case they are dead to you. It’s all or nothing with you and your family! You can be very protective, but also very vengeful when crossed.

Astrology suggests you prefer to keep your private life extremely private and don’t allow just anyone into your home. When you do trust someone enough to let them into your space, they’ll usually encounter a smart, gorgeous and carefully thought-out home with all the fancy trappings, yet still feels comfortable to live and love in.

Fourth House in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the travel sign in astrology – so you can guess what kind of home life you prefer! You would love to live all over the world, and if you don’t, then you need a big enough home to feel as if you're free and unencumbered. You tend to be very lucky when it comes to landing the right home, at the right place, at the right time.

This same luck reflects in your family environment growing up, and you could have had quite a happy childhood, all other factors taken into account. Even if you didn’t, you have a positive and uplifting attitude that helps you get over any family issues easily.

Fourth House in Capricorn:

It’s possible that you had some kind of parental role within your family structure, and perhaps got handed assume responsibility from a young age, as is typical for Capricorns. This may or may not bother you, but what it does gift you with is the ability to handle any home life challenges with maturity. You prefer a safe, stable environment where things are ordered and predictable.

Astrology suggests you also tend to choose a home that makes sense and is practical. Fairytale castles aren't your thing – you’d rather have an economical, small home that you can work and play from without all the frills and fluff. You’re usually the one that people turn to make the big home decisions because you make them wisely.

Fourth House in Aquarius:

Having an Aquarius Fourth House usually says that you’ve had an unusual family life and that your family are more like your friends. You may even feel disconnected from family life, preferring to be independent and do things on your own, perhaps moving out very young to find your own place with your buddies. Living with friends may be important to you, though you also need a great deal of space and freedom to just be.

Your home is likely to be quirky and different, and you love to invite all kinds of people over and host gatherings. You’re not particularly materialistic, so you may experience all kinds of places over the course of your lifetime!

Fourth House in Pisces:

You’re not really sure where you belong with your Fourth House in Pisces. Home has to feel like a soul home, and you need a spiritual connection to the place you live in. Being near water can be extremely important for your domestic well-being, and you may love to play music in your home or have a spiritual space to escape into. You might even be quite the hermit, although you do welcome needy people into your space and try to help them in any way you can.

With that said, astrologers suggest you’ll need to ensure that you have good domestic boundaries, or else you may be taken advantage of. This can also reflect with your family of origin, with whom you can have a special, spiritual relationship but may need to take care of any rescuing tendencies.

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