Taurus and Pisces Compatibility:

A Relationship That Dreams Are Made Of!

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility (Taurus Dates April 20 - May 20; Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

In astrology, is the zodiac match of Taurus and Pisces star signs compatible? This is the relationship that dreams are made of! You need each other in the zodiac, as all earth and water signs do. The sweet tenderness of your nurturing Pisces sweetheart nourishes and softens your harder, more stubborn edges and helps you deepen your creative spiritual side, Taurus. It’s a side of yourself you might forget about at times.

In return, you create a safe, contained space for your vulnerable Pisces love, and help them drift less and find solid footing. You ground them, in other words, and help the Pisces to feel completely secure. It’s a win-win situation, and the romance factor here is extremely high.

Typically, most Pisces put their partners on quite the pedestal, and your sweetie is no different! You’ve got to admit, Taurus, it feels wonderful to be that cherished, admired, and loved by someone else — to be treated like you are the best thing since sliced bread! You will love going on dates with Pisces, and together you will create a lovely love bubble that feels like you are the only two people in the whole wide world.


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility in Dating:

Are the Taurus and Pisces zodiac signs Soulmates? It’s very possible that you really are! Pisces is all about the deeper, spiritual connection with someone else, and when they’re with you, they certainly feel as if they have found the “One.” (Taurus, if you were doubting yourself, the “One” is someone’s forever-person!) You will feel the same, and there can be a powerful sweetness between you — a willingness to compromise, support, and nurture each other, which is rare in many relationships. The dating phase will possibly feel like the most magical courtship you have ever experienced, and you will both indulge to the max! Dinners, wine tasting, walks on the beach, and all the other cliched things are what you share a love for, and the sensual connection will be just as strong.

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility in Marriage:

Are the zodiac signs Taurus and Pisces compatible in marriage? You both yearn to marry and settle down with your chosen Soulmate, so the chances are very high that you will. Pisces will want to move faster, Taurus, as they tend to fall harder and faster than you do. Even though you feel all the lovely butterflies, you will approach with caution. It takes time for you to make up your mind, but your Pisces is also not someone who will force you. In fact, the thing that you may love best about them is that they never push you or put you in a corner. Slowing down is a positive part of your relationship, as you need time to figure out whether this particular Pisces is willing to commit for the long haul. Some, but not all Pisces may fall in and out a little too fast and some struggle with commitment issues, especially if they feel trapped or possessed.

Taurus and Pisces Sexual Compatibility:

Are Taurus and Pisces compatible in bed? You’re very sensual and passionate together, and you will have a powerful physical connection that feels both primal and spiritual at the same time. Your Pisces lover is always willing to please and goes out of their way to make you happy. They have a lovely sixth sense about how to turn you on. They’ll bring that gentle tenderness to the lovemaking, and for a typical Pisces, they need their hearts opened before they can fully engage in sex. Be sure to connect with them emotionally, and they will be all yours for the taking, showing you wonderful new things that you may never have thought of before. Plus, they are imaginative, a bonus!

Taurus-Pisces Breakups:

How does a Taurus-Pisces couple move on after a breakup? It’s tough. Both of you might feel like a dream has broken and that a fairy tale ended in the worst possible way. Some Pisces people will literally swim out of your life, Taurus, which can be very painful. They often can’t face the overwhelming feelings a broken heart brings, so this will try to pretend it didn’t happen to overcome the pain faster. However, that leaves you in a very hard place, Taurus, as you usually hold on tightly to a relationship and resist change. Remember that if you hurt or deceive a Pisces, they will most likely ghost you. Be sure to tread carefully around their hearts.


Business Compatibility:

Taurus and Pisces Compatibility in Business:

Do Taurus and Pisces have compatibility in the workplace? Truthfully, most Pisces would never work if given the choice. They are not very good at traditional office work and are better suited to activities that are creative, flowing, and not stressful. You’ll have a real problem on your hands if your Pisces boss, colleague, or employee doesn’t care or feel connected to what they do from their heart. They will be constantly late, often crying or complaining, and generally unmotivated. Then they’ll do anything to avoid responsibility, which may cause you to have to pick up the slack in your loyal, determined, and steadfast way. However, if a Pisces really loves their work, you’ll have a person who is endlessly creative, empathetic, inspiring, and caring on the job — and they’ll let you run your team with no questions asked!


Friendship Compatibility:

Taurus and Pisces Friendship Compatibility:

Are Taurus and Pisces meant to be good friends? You have strong compatibility and can be very close friends, but watch out if you two are attracted to one another, as there’s little chance you’ll be able to resist that urge! If you are platonic, this friendship can be a lovely exchange of energies. You’ll be that solid rock of a buddy your often-distressed Pisces needs, and they will always turn to you to lean on in times of crisis. Your Piscean friend will always remind you to step out of the material world for a moment and connect with your spiritual side — a side you need in your life. You’re also a very creative team, and you’ll love to go out and enjoy good music and food together to the point of indulgence! You may get annoyed sometimes at Pisces’ wishy-washiness, and they could struggle with your stubbornness, but on the whole you’ll have a very forgiving and tender friendship.


Family Compatibility:

Taurus Parent and Pisces Child Compatibility:

Do Taurus and Pisces have compatibility when it comes to parenting? Pisces parents often have their heads in the clouds. They’re loving, tender, and extremely sacrificing, but they’re not always present mentally. While you are growing up, Taurus, you’re the one providing your Pisces parent with a sense of reality and grounding. You will bring the calm into their lives they need. On the other hand, a Pisces child can be lost in a daydream most of the time, and it’s important to encourage that instead of putting your foot down. They are meant to share their creative gifts with the world, and they’ll struggle if they’re forced into menial, non-creative tasks. Trust that they will find their way, and know that they will always turn to you when they need someone in tough times. You make them feel extremely safe, and they’ll love you unconditionally.

Taurus and Pisces Sibling Compatibility:

How do Taurus and Pisces siblings match up in the family environment? Pisces siblings are easy. They are mostly off in their own worlds and won’t compete with you for attention. They are drifters, highly intuitive, creative, and a lot of fun. Growing up, you’ll have endless fun playing together. Plus, you can probably boss them around quite a bit and they’ll just go along with it. As you get older, you may become frustrated with your Pisces brother or sister's seeming lack of direction, but you also admire and might feel your Taurean jealousy rise when they easily find their way. A part of you will always want to rescue your Pisces sibling, and they’ll return the favor anytime. No one is as emotionally supportive as your Pisces sibling, just as there’s no one as materially and physically supportive as you. It works!

Taurus and Pisces Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Taurus human and a Pisces pet get along? Pisces pets are adorable. Pets of this astrological sign are the most intuitive animals you’ll ever meet, and they’ll know long before you when you’re low, sad, down, or in pain. They’re healing animals who know exactly what to do when you’re hurting. They are also tremendously loving and caring creatures, and they live for you to come home and hang out with them. They have no boundaries, so expect your Pisces pet to cuddle you in bed and sit on your lap every chance they get. They will also need your solid routine to feel safe and secure. Make sure you surround them with water by taking them for regular walks on the beach or buying them a fish tank to watch!

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