Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility:

Humanity’s Saviours

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility (Aquarius dates: January 20 - February 17; Pisces dates: February 18 - March 19)

Do Aquarius and Pisces make a good match? This is a very special, very magical match! Your relationship is not one that’s spoken about very often when it comes to mainstream astrology, so this may come as a surprise to you, Aquarius!

You see, you each share some wonderfully similar qualities- humanitarianism, helpfulness and a caring nature, for example. Aquarius, you really do care about the world and all the people in it, and you want to be someone who is socially responsible. You just love a good cause to get behind – the more extreme, the better!

Your Pisces sweetheart has this same attitude of caring for the world, albeit on a softer, more emotional level, Aquarius. Your Pisces has deep empathy for the suffering of mankind, which extends to you, too. They take care of you, Aquarius, as you go out into the world, achieving your dreams and fighting your causes! If you join forces, imagine what an altruistic team you’ll make!

What your Pisces also brings to your world, Aquarius, is sensitivity. It’s not that you’re insensitive, but you do tend to be more detached and analytical than feely and emotional! You need some Pisces vibes so that you can be a touch more balanced, Aquarius.

They need you too, you know. Your logic and objectivity is a helping hand when Pisces is drowning in a sea of their own feelings, even if they think you're cold and unfeeling at first, Aquarius. You’re not, you just needed someone to open you up emotionally!

What’s more, Aquarius, is you are also a pair that’s the true “hippy” couple. You are free spirits, both of you, and you have a love of living a life that feels creative, magical and different from everyone else’s!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Aquarius and Pisces Dating Compatibility:

Are Aquarius and Pisces Soulmates? Get ready, Aquarius! Your Pisces partner definitely believes in the concept of soulmates! This dreamiest sign of the zodiac aspires to meet and fall in love with their “One”, just like the fairy tales say! And so, this Pisces person will go out of their way to create a magical connection with you, and it’s impossible to resist, Aquarius!

You’ll love their softness and gentle ways, and how Pisces just falls in line with whatever you suggest, Aquarius. This allows you to take your place as a leader in the relationship, and to call the shots, which you enjoy. Be prepared for your Pisces sweetheart to treat you like their exclusive partner from the get-go, while you’re still dithering in the friendship zone!

This is exactly what you need, as you Aquarians can just be either too detached or too caught up in hanging out to sometimes realize that love is right on your doorstep! Your Pisces lover reminds you that romance is real, and important! Not that they brush off friendship, because if they did, your feelings would definitely cool. But, they do bring that sweet sense of connection that all romantic relationships need!

Your dates themselves could be quite out of this world, Aquarius, with both of your amazing imaginations! You could go to festivals together, play in parks, swim in the sea and watch the stars. You’ve definitely found your soulmate here, Aquarius.

Aquarius and Pisces Marriage Compatibility:

Can Aquarius and Pisces marry? Bear in mind that most Pisces people dream of the day that they can get married, Aquarius. They may have already walked down the aisle in their lives, and still believe in marriage  - unlike many others who are bitter and jaded!

If it was up to them, Aquarius, they’d marry you after just a few months of dating, swept away in a cloud of romance. However, you’re wiser than that and you take your sweet time to get to know them, making sure that this Pisces is going to stick around through the hard stuff.

When they do, and their feelings are still strong, you may consider marrying them, Aquarius. They’re less needy than the other water signs in the zodiac, giving you that freedom you crave so much. In fact, you may find your Pisces has the same attitude to commitment as you do – mild panic, basically, unless they can have their personal space.

Once you’ve established that you’ll both give each other lots of breathing room, tying the knot doesn’t seem so scary, and in fact, may be quite appealing, Aquarius. Pisces people make lovely spouses. They serve, support and care for you, and they’re deeply intuitive, knowing what you need and how to give that to you. They’ll make plenty of sacrifices for the marriage to work, including being adaptable to your stronger will.

The two of you may struggle a little, however, with the “real world”. You both live with your head in the clouds, idealistic and imaginative, so when tough things happen, it can knock you both hard. Learning to be more grounded and practical will help make your marriage handle the stormy parts!

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Bed:

Are Aquarius and Pisces sexually compatible? Your excellent imaginations will definitely serve you well when it comes to the bedroom, Aquarius! You’re experimental and exciting, whereas your Pisces lover is intuitive and sensitive. It’s a great combination, and you can both reach amazing heights of ecstasy!

You do need a strong mental connection to feel safe, Aquarius, and your Pisces needs an emotional one. If either of you is not getting what you need – your mental and emotional “foreplay”, it may be harder to connect. Make sure that you meet both of these needs in each other, and you’ll have a stellar sex life!

When Aquarius and Pisces Relationship Breaks up:

How do Aquarius and Pisces move on after a breakup? Pisces people don’t do well with breakups, Aquarius. They have a habit of reaching out and trying to reconnect, and you may have a low resistance to their charms. It’s important that the two of you stay away from each other, Aquarius, so you don’t fall into toxic habits of getting back together and breaking up.

The other side of Pisces is when they completely ghost you, Aquarius. You may have finally met someone who does the exact same thing as you Aquarians do when going through a breakup – they disappear. That may suit you rather well, so you can both just lick your wounds and find forgiveness (which you will!) later down the line.


Business Compatibility:

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Business:

Do Aquarius and Pisces have compatibility when it comes to work? You two are the dreamers, Aquarius! You have fabulous ideas and can come up with some magically creative pitches when you put your brilliant heads together!

You’ll do great in a creative industry, but not so much in an office environment. Pisces people are often very confused and lost, feeling resentful that they have to work if they are in a boring job – which is the same for you, Aquarius.


Friendship Compatibility:

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Aquarius and Pisces good friends? You are a wonderful friend, Aquarius - loyal, fun and wise, you are someone that the Pisces always wants around! And Pisces makes a great friend, too – they bring empathy to the table, Aquarius, and seem to always be able to help you access your innermost feelings.

You’re a pair that will dance the night away to good music, philosophize under the stars and enjoy an unusual, yet fulfilling relationship. Just don’t expect your Pisces buddy to be as consistent or loyal as you are, Aquarius – they don’t take sides.


Family Compatibility:

Aquarius Parent and Pisces Child Compatibility:

Are Aquarius and Pisces compatible when it comes to family? Pisces parents always have this vibe that they’re not really “there” Aquarius. They are kind, caring and empathetic, but they have a fragile energy, almost like they are the ones that need to be cared for – though there are those who are much stronger than they look! They’ll never restrict your movements, Aquarius, which is what you want from a parent anyway, and they could encourage you to be spiritual and access your unusual gifts.

A Pisces child is a fairy creature, Aquarius. Musical, imaginative and soft, they are sometimes not “of the world”. Encouraging their creative abilities will set them up for life, and learning to be empathetic to their feelings helps them to face and handle their own emotions without running away.

Aquarius and Pisces Sibling Compatibility:

How do Aquarius and Pisces siblings match up in the family environment? Things should be fairly calm, compared to other sibling combinations, Aquarius. Pisces siblings generally just do their own thing, and are in their own magical little worlds, leaving you free to live your life. They’ll also be quite passive and may just agree with you when you get opinionated in order to keep the peace!

As you grow up, you may find yourselves quite the creative pair, and you could have plenty of fun together. You understand each other and are always ready to help each other, which is a lovely part of your bond!

Aquarius and Pisces Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will an Aquarius human and a Pisces pet get along? Pisces pets are wonderful, Aquarius. They never demand too much from you, and their remarkable intuition often makes them a bit magical!

These pets always know when you are hurt and in pain and will be around you to heal you, fussing on you or purring on top of you.  Having a Pisces pet can only make your life wonderful in every way, Aquarius!

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