Weekly Astro Weather for September 14th - 20th:

Expect the Unexpected & Make Back-up Plans

😲😲😲 This week could be filled with surprises regarding love or financial matters as Venus makes a square aspect to Uranus on Tuesday, bringing relationship challenges to the surface. 


Are you making too many demands on your partner? Or being too controlling?


Time to heed the wise advice of 38 Special… “Hang on loosely, but don’t let go. If you cling too tightly, you might lose control.”


While you’re at it, see if you can utilize that Uranus energy to shake things up a bit.


If you utilize the energy of the Virgo New Moon for planning (and back-up planning), you can avoid some unpleasant unexpected surprises. New Moon in Virgo I Astrology.TV

Make sure to watch your words and actions on Sunday. With Mercury in a square aspect to Pluto, they could be used against you. 

You could be feeling angry or resentful, or frustrated with Mars still Retrograde. Do your best to bite your tongue and find a calm way to express yourself. 

If you need to, do some breath-work and reflect before speaking.

The Sun will make some beneficial trine aspects to Saturn, and Pluto, bringing stability and transformation. 

These should give us a bit of a break from all of the fiery intensity.

These trine aspects are fantastic energy for job interviews and presentations because you will be perceived as reliable, focused, competent, and professional.


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You can leverage the energy of this week’s New Moon in the sign of the Maiden to discern what people, things, routines, and habits no longer serve you.

After you do that, you will be able to plan what new habits, schedules, people, and things will be a much better fit for your life.

Perhaps with the Maiden’s focus on health, you might want to consider creating a new health routine consisting of more whole foods and exercise.

So... HOW will you bring those things into your life?

Did you know that a powerful manifestation portal is activated on the eve of the New Moon when the sky is at its darkest?

And you can leverage this New Moon to align your energy with this potent manifestation portal so that it is much easier to bring “the new” into your life. 

Here is a special New Moon Guide for you.

It will show you exactly how to align your personal power with the manifesting magic of the New Moon...

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We can all use some extra help with transforming our lives right now and attracting the life we truly want.

And this Maiden New Moon is the perfect time to start moving in a new direction that works for you.

The Universe wants to help you bring into reality what matters most to you…

And this New Moon Guide will empower you to make the big changes you need to during this powerful New Moon.

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🌚🌚🌚 New Moon In Virgo - Let it Go

On Thursday, September 17, we’ll launch new beginnings with a New Moon in Virgo. This is a fantastic time to begin healthy habits and end unhealthy ones.

This is wonderful energy for alternative health and healthy approaches to nutrition. Take a good hard look at your food choices and set intentions to improve them during this time.

And because Virgo is so discerning, leverage this energy to figure out who and what is working well in your life and what isn’t. Then... make your plans to increase what is working and LET GO of what isn’t.

Virgo energy is perfect for decluttering and purging both your external environment and the inner world of your mind. You can leverage this to get rid of belongings you no longer need and organize your physical space. 

It’s also a great time to analyze your routines and schedules and discover new ways to better manage your time and organize your life

There can be a propensity toward anxiety or nervousness, so do your best to relax and not worry so much. Starting a new meditation practice now will be super helpful. 

And if you have the ability to get out in nature, that can help tremendously in connecting with this grounded energy.


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Sun Trine Pluto - Get It Done 🔥🔥🔥

On Monday, September 14, the Sun will form a helpful trine aspect to Pluto. It’s fantastic energy for taking action and getting things done!

Take a few minutes during this aspect to focus on your ambitions and life goals and then plan a course of action to make them real.

You also might experience a “how did I not see that before?” moment, recognizing resources that were already there to help you, but that somehow you didn’t notice until now.

This aspect adds to the Virgo New Moon energy of letting go. In this case, it’s letting go of problems we’ve been dealing with for a while, but that haven’t been resolved.

Address these issues now, and moving forward will be a LOT easier. And if it’s easier to deal with it all by yourself, that’s likely a better choice at this time.

Deception will not work now. People will see it a mile away. So be honest if you need to have a conversation about one of these long-standing problems.


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Venus Square Uranus - Shake It Up 🧨🧨🧨

On Tuesday, September 15, Venus will form a square aspect to Uranus. Time to shake it up, baby! 

This is the perfect time for a change in your routine to ride this disruptive energy instead of having it knock you off your feet.

Maybe pick out a playful outfit you haven’t worn in ages that’s hiding in the back of your closet. 

Or switch up your work routine for the day. Or have something new for dinner you’ve never tried before.

You might feel a bit distracted by all of the energy going on or unexpected ideas and insights that pop in your head out of nowhere.

This is NOT a good time to attempt negotiations or to resolve conflicts because people will not be in the mood to compromise at all!

Romance could be challenging as well. Your love may not see your unique new way of expressing affection as something positive. 

So stick with what works for now and leave the innovation in your love life for another day. 

And don’t fall for any temptation you might feel to let your heart wander. That won’t work out well for you.



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Mercury Square Jupiter - Stay Mentally Grounded 💡💡💡


Mercury will form a square aspect to Jupiter on Thursday, September 17. You’ll likely have a lot of big, bright, beautiful ideas during this transit, but be careful…


It can be tempting to ignore the devil’s advocate that pops up in the details, questioning the practicality of your plans. But don’t. 


It’s probable that your plans won’t actually be practical enough and will need those details to get figured out to become real. Or you might need the input from other people with a different perspective.  


It is prudent to be cautious since there can be problems with communication, negligence, fraud, and deceit. And if you find mistakes, fix them now. And double-check your fixes next week. 

Be confident, but stay humble. This aspect can lead to ego inflation, so rein it in and take a deep breath before talking to make sure you don’t exaggerate or come across as a know-it-all.


Sun Trine Saturn -  Reach Your Goals 🏆🏆🏆

The Sun will form a trine aspect to Saturn also on Thursday, September 17th.


It’s a great day to get a lot of work done toward meeting your goals. If you focus today and push yourself a bit, you can accomplish a lot during this transit. 

Doors of opportunity could swing wide open for you today, so don’t hesitate. Just walk through them! It’s also great energy for long-term planning and creating business plans.


Mercury Square Pluto -  Avoid Obsession 🕵️🕵️🕵️

When Mercury forms a square aspect to Pluto on Sunday, September 20, watch out for obsession!


Pretty much everyone will be fixated on their own point of view and not very open to hearing conflicting perspectives during this transit.


This is another good day to take a deep breath and reflect before speaking. Do your best to calm down, listen, and keep an open mind.


While you may not agree with what others are saying, listening to them is the first bridge to building understanding.


It’s a good day to keep your opinions to yourself unless someone asks for them. And if someone else pushes their opinions on you, tell them to back off.


You might also feel suspicious of others or over-analyze everything during this time. It’s a far better use of this energy to spend this time in self-analysis instead.


And if you happen to feel obsessed with a person to stalk them or suspicious enough to search someone else’s phone or laptop, you need to stop yourself immediately. Bad, bad idea!!

Don’t be surprised if someone gets obsessed or suspicious of you today either. It could easily happen in that direction as well.



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    I've followed your work for a few years; and plan to continue - due to your persistent attention to consistently innovative upgrades to your content. As an ever eager astrological apprentice; your contributions are greatly appreciated.Cached
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    I've followed your work for a few years; and plan to continue - due to your persistent attention to consistently innovative upgrades to your content. As an ever eager astrological apprentice; your contributions are greatly appreciated.Cached
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