Yearly Couples Forecast:

What Does the New Year Hold for Your Relationship?

Every year has its own special flavor, right?

We can all say, looking back, that a particular year was very hard, or full of blessings.

Most of the time, it’s a mixture of energies, though there are years where things can be extreme.

So, just as we have a certain type of year, so do our relationships.

See, in Astrology, there’s something known as a Composite Chart.

This is a chart created using each other’s specific Astrology, merging the two of you together.

A Composite Chart has a life of its own, quite separate from each of you personally.

It represents the blended energies of your connection.

Your unique flair as a couple.

And yes, you have a different Composite Chart with every new person you share a love life with.

This Chart receives what’s known as transits, which are essentially triggers to the potential and promise of your relationship.

These planetary transits through the zodiac signs in your chart unlock what’s already contained in this chart, bringing certain events to unfold.

In this chart, for example, you may see yourself moving in together or perhaps having a child, or maybe going through a tough financial patch.

So why do you need to have this knowledge?

Well, it’s empowering, for one thing.

Simply knowing what’s coming up in your love life can help you prepare for the good times and enjoy them more, and also know when you’re running into trouble.

This way, the hard moments don’t seem so scary, because you’ve got some warning.

Plus, you can take steps to mitigate the difficulties, such as, for example, saving money when you know things are going to be tight.

Or taking a financial management course, or just having a conversation with your sweetie about how you’re handling your finances.

Basically, this gives your relationship more of a fighting chance.

Because relationships are hard these days.

They are work and take a great deal of commitment and courage.

We could all do with some help and support.

A heads up is what Astrology gives us – we could see this as a cosmic guide for the year, and refer to it when we feel lost and confused in our love life.

Your Report will help give you the confidence to turn toward your pattern and communicate, to work together as a team.

And, of course, it could also give you the confidence to leave a relationship if it’s just one toxic new year after the next.

The choice always lies in your hands as to what you’d like to do with this information.

Astrology doesn’t choose for you – you're always the one who gets to call the shots.

That’s your free will, baby!

Plus, we can work with the good moments so that they can be even better, and get excited when the universe has positive gifts for us!

So, if you want to know where your most passionate moments are going to be, how you’re going to be talking, how strong your connection will feel and so much more, then grab your forecast while it’s hot, hot, hot!

What You’ll Get Out of Your Couple’s Report

Your Couple’s Report has all kinds of amazing information from our Astrologers.

High moments, low moments, how you’ll connect romantically, emotionally and mentally.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get out of it:

Þ    How connected you’re going to feel throughout the year, and how your joint identity as a couple will change, if at all

Þ    The major challenges that your relationship will have, and how to get through them

Þ    The moments where you’re going to thrive and feel on top of your game

Þ    How much romance you’re going to experience – and when those periods are

Þ    What your communication is going to look like for the year

Þ    Your lucky periods as a couple

Þ    Your relationship’s passion prognosis will also be included

Need we say more?

This Report has all of this, plus extra bonuses that will help you live your best love life over the course of 12 months.

The information you get here can only help to boost your confidence and a couple and help you make better love life choices.

Why You’ll Benefit from Your Couple’s Report

Astrology is one of those gifts that keeps on giving and there are a million and one different ways in which you’ll grow from having your Yearly Couple’s Report.

If you’re one of those people that needs peace of mind and to understand clearly what you’re getting out of something, we’ve got you covered:

  • You’ll have, within your own hands, a cosmic map to navigate the ups and downs of your specific relationship


  • You’ll be able to revel and enjoy the good times, making the very most of them


  • You’ll also know what the hard times are, and be able to tackle these with more confidence and better communication


  • Overall, you’ll improve your relationship by not having any uncertainty or anxiety about what lies ahead


  • You have the ability to work harder on the areas that will need work, and celebrate the strengths you’ll experience as a couple

Too often, we turn on each other in difficult times and think that our partner is the enemy.

Instead of drawing closer to try and fight the challenges together, we end up stressing each other out.

Wouldn’t you like that to change?

Of course you do!

Now that you are forewarned, you are forearmed.

What The Planets Will Have to Say in Your Yearly Report

Each of the planets has a very specific role to play when it comes to your Romantic Forecast.

Some planets may be more active than others, whilst others seem to dominate the year.

Your Yearly Couple’s Report will clearly show which planet is at play and when the dates are of them being most active.

Neat, huh?

So, for those of you with a curious mind, here’s what the planets are all about:

  • The Sun – this is your basic connection meter. The Sun’s active periods will show when you feel most in tune with each other – and when you’re not.


  • Mercury – the planet of communication will point out how bonded you feel, mentally – who will be found to do the talking, and who’ll be listening.


  • Venus – the lady of love will indicate how much desire and affection you’ll have for each other throughout the year. When this affection will wax, and when it’ll wane. Wouldn’t that be useful to know?


  • Mars – the planet of passion will indicate your personal passion prognosis throughout the year. Basically, when you can’t keep your hands off each other, and when you’re just going to get into conflict.


  • Jupiter - the lucky planet shows, well, luck. Wouldn’t we all like to know our lucky periods?


  • Saturn – Saturn is an important one. The planet of tough love shows where you’re going to have your karmic lessons for the year and where the restrictions, difficulties and hardships will lie. But also, where you’ll grow and mature as a pair.

These are five of the planets.

There are three more, each with their own special gifts and challenges to offer, depending on which zodiac sign they are transiting.

Get your report to find out how our Astrologers say these others will affect the trajectory of your love life!


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    Thank you for offering your free zoom on Exploring Your Unconscious Feelings. I've dabbled in astrology for 40 years & have not yet encountered this information.
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you for offering your free zoom on Exploring Your Unconscious Feelings. I've dabbled in astrology for 40 years & have not yet encountered this information.
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