Love, Values and Money

You probably know Venus as the planet of love and affection, but did you know that there’s much more to this feminine power house planet than just the smoochy stuff? If you’re comfort eating because your boss has been horrendous, that’s Venus in action. If you’ve blown your entire budget on that must-have luxury sofa instead of paying the bills, that’s also Venus at work. The astrological Venus does have a lot to do with your love life, that’s true, but she also works in many other ways.

What Does Venus Symbolize in Astrology?

In astrology, Venus energy is concerned with personal relationships – love, but also friendship and family ties. This planet in your birth chart also rules social graces, tact, diplomacy and charm, and is connected with the artistic and fashion industries. Venus energy also relates to our values and to what we want to acquire and hold onto – for this reason, Venus is also strongly connected to money and finance. Through this planet, we discover what makes us happy and what our tastes are. Sensual pleasures in all their forms, from sex to food, are a Venus preoccupation, but Venus can easily crave too much of a good thing. Venus also represents balance, peace and harmony.

What Is the Importance of Venus in the Birth Chart?

The astrological Venus is an important planet in the natal chart because it tells us a great deal about how you relate to other people and about what pleasures you seek in life. If you love animals, Venus will tell us; if you take the greatest pleasure from your career, Venus will tell us that too. If you love nothing more than lazing on a beach with your lover, Venus will most definitely let us know that. When it comes to love and relationships, your Venus sign and house position show whether you are a laid-back lover or someone who loves the thrill of the chase. Your dating style and your love ambitions are intimately connected to where Venus lies in your birth chart. Because Venus is connected to money and finances too, we look to your Venus sign and position to show how easy you find it to acquire wealth, and how far you will go to secure your financial future.

What is the Mythology of Venus?

In astrology, many planets were named for gods and goddesses. Venus is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Venus was the goddess of love, sex and fertility. She was also the goddess of prosperity, which is where the astrological connection to wealth and money comes from.

What does Venus Retrograde Mean?

All of the planets go through a period of retrograde motion now and then. Mercury is the most famous for this, but Venus does it too. Simply put, this is when – as seen from earth – the planet Venus appears to stop moving forwards and briefly moves backward, sometimes into another zodiac sign altogether, before moving forwards again. This is an optical illusion; the planet never actually moves backward. Venus turns retrograde once every 18 months for approximately 42 days. During this time, matters of love, values, and money may become acute in your natal chart, causing problems, but this is an opportunity to re-think your approach to such matters.

Key Facts about Venus in Astrology

Positive expressions of Venus energy: love, romance, beauty, harmony, balance, aesthetics, sensuality, pleasure, peace, affection, acquisition
Challenging expressions of Venus energy: laziness, greed, co-dependence, possessiveness, self-indulgent
Venus rules Taurus and Libra. A ruling planet in its own sign tends to be the purest and most positive expression of its energies.
Venus is exalted in: Pisces. An exalted planet is usually strong and works positively.
Venus is in detriment in: Scorpio and Aries. A planet in detriment is typically quite weak, with its energy manifesting negatively or being misused.
Venus is in fall in: Virgo. A planet in fall is usually weakened, although positive aspects to the planet will help.

What’s Your Venus Sign?

Your Venus sign tells us a lot about how you relate to others. Because the astrological Venus can never be more than 48 degrees from the Sun, as seen from earth, Venus will always be in either the same zodiac sign as the Sun, or at most two signs away on either side. For example, if the Sun is in Scorpio in your birth chart, Venus must necessarily be in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn. Venus signs are sometimes called love signs, although this is not strictly accurate – there are a number of other factors in your chart which also have a major bearing on your relationships.

Venus in Aries

If your Venus sign is Aries, you are passionate, demonstrative and sensual, with a high sex drive and the ability to fall in – and out of – love very quickly. You are a natural entrepreneur, but risk-taking with money can lead to serious financial losses at times.

Venus in Taurus

When Taurus is your Venus sign, you are very affectionate and kind. Over-indulgence in food or drink is a potential problem, but your love of sensual pleasures gives you a very earthy appeal. You love beauty, art and music, but you can be a little too materialistic.

Venus in Gemini

If your Venus sign is Gemini, your focus in a relationship is on having fun. Very sociable, you seek friendship and intellectual rapport first and foremost in love. You are positive and enthusiastic, but money management is patchy and you can be rather fickle in romance.

Venus in Cancer

Cancer Venus sign people are very sympathetic and full of empathy for others. Nurturing and protective, you mother those around you whether they like it or not. Be careful not to suffocate those you care for with too much love. A shrewd financial head is on your shoulders.

Venus in Leo

If your Venus sign is Leo, you are an exuberant personality, given to grand romantic gestures in love. Highly creative, you love drama and the arts. You are financially and materially driven, but you avoid materialism by demonstrating extraordinary generosity with your money.

Venus in Virgo

Virgo Venus sign people are modest and charming, preferring to be in the background rather than the center of attention. You strive to help your lover at all times but be careful not to be too critical; you can be very harsh at times. Financially, you maintain tight control.

Venus in Libra

If your Venus sign is Libra, you are highly idealistic and romantic. Kind, affectionate and sympathetic, you make a great friend. Sometimes you have unrealistic expectations in love, however, and you can struggle financially due to over-spending and a desire to please.

Venus in Scorpio

With your Venus sign being Scorpio, you are emotionally intense and can be quite broody or dark in love. Very jealous and possessive, your sex drive is high and your temper higher. Financially you are very gifted, with a considerable flair for investment and business.

Venus in Sagittarius

If your Venus sign is Sagittarius, you may struggle with commitment, due to a desire for freedom at all costs. Nevertheless, you are a fun, playful, joyful and adventurous lover. A certain recklessness with money means you’ll see many financial ups and downs.

Venus in Capricorn

Capricorn Venus sign people tend to be faithful and devoted. Careful with money, you are equally cautious in love and need to be sure of a relationship before you commit. Once settled, you are a surprisingly sensual lover, but undemonstrative in public.

Venus in Aquarius

If Aquarius is your Venus sign, you have a magnetic aura around you which attracts people towards you. You love the attention, but you easily get impatient and bored in a relationship. Financially, you over-spend on gadgets, leaving too little for your wider responsibilities.

Venus in Pisces

If your Venus sign is Pisces, you are highly romantic and sentimental, but easily led in love. Gullible and sometimes emotionally vulnerable, trust is a major issue for you at times. Financially, you are very generous, sometimes to a fault.


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