The Twelfth House in Astrology:

Intuition and The Subconscious

Keywords: Solitude, Isolation, Spirituality, Sacrifice, Escape, Intuition, Repressed Parts, Suffering, Hidden Complexes, Self-Undoing, Healing, The Subconscious

Associated Sign: Pisces

Associated Element: Water

House Type: Succedent

Overview Of the Twelfth House:

The Twelfth House is one of the most, if not the most, mysterious Houses in Astrology. It’s also often the most misunderstood House, and one of the most difficult Houses to understand. Much of it is shrouded in a fog, and it can take some practice to untangle the deeper meaning of this much-maligned area of our Astrology Charts. True, astrologers say it is one of the three most challenging Astrological Houses (the others are House Six and House Eight), yet at the same time, is the area where we can hold our greatest untapped potential. Many successful people have prominent planets in the Twelfth House, as it’s the House where we tend to soak up the collective unconscious, transforming it into a career path for our own success.

However, the insightful gift of the Twelfth House does come with a cost. Some say this House is where Shamans are found, where our psychic, intuitive abilities are hidden. This can be the House where we store our pain and trauma, where, if we don’t deal with these issues, they turn on us and become self-destructive complexes. Phew! Let’s explore what each sign on this house means and how we can transform psychic rubbish into invaluable treasure:

Twelfth House in Aries:

With your Twelfth House in warrior Aries, you might have a hidden gift for leadership and possess immense courage. However, you may not be aware of this, and as such, bury your drive, repress your desires and doubt your bravery. This can result in becoming overly aggressive at the wrong times, or even competitive to your own detriment. It is important that you address any hidden rage issues and allow them to be seen and understood by you or a trusted partner, family member or therapist so that you can be more healthily assertive and take risks.

It’s also essential that you work on what it is that you really, truly desire, and go out of your way to make these desires come true – or else you may allow others’ desire to run your life.

Twelfth House in Taurus:

This isn’t a bad sign to have on the Twelfth House. At worst, it can indicate a self-destructive urge for pleasure and sensuality, making you possibly prone to secret romantic attractions and dangerous liaisons. You’ll have to be mindful that you take control of your physical urges and don’t allow your primal desires to run the show. Otherwise, what you could find happening is that your romances begin as delicious connections, only to end in tears.

One of the big, karmic lessons in your life may also be to learn to let go and surrender instead of stubbornly holding on. This is especially true when it comes to material wealth, as your sensual side could extend to needing to unconsciously accumulate.

Twelfth House in Gemini:

You tend to become a touch mentally muddled and your thinking process could be rather irrational and vague. However, this can be a very good thing when you allow yourself to explore your intuitive and psychic abilities. You’ll need to realize that logic isn’t always your best friend, and not to always rely on it too much.

Your mind may be subject to hidden, secret fears that you could unknowingly let run the show. Thus, you may find yourself projecting these fears onto reality, when in fact reality is doing just fine. Meditation, mindfulness and clear mental boundaries are all encouraged with his position. You could have prolific writing abilities, so don’t keep them a secret – let your voice be heard.

Twelfth House in Cancer:

You are one sensitive soul! You came into this life with an immense ability to sense the suffering of others, and you may find it hard to maintain good emotional boundaries or even learn to say ‘no’. Astrology suggests you may find it helpful to use your abilities to alleviate the problems of others and find it deeply fulfilling, yet at the same time, will need to withdraw regularly to stay sane. Your mother may have suffered herself or been a source of trauma for you, and it’s up to you to do the healing work so that you don’t carry emotional complexes and wounds around.

Solitude is essential for you to recuperate, and you may need to retreat quite often, maybe even being a bit of an introverted type. This helps to re-establish your inner sense of equilibrium.

Twelfth House in Leo:

One thing you will need to learn how to do with your Twelfth House in Leo is to let your light shine. But first, you have to discover your inner light. This is done via spiritual or therapeutic practices such as engaging healers, medical and holistic therapists and other advisors who can help you gain a stronger sense of identity. If not, you may find yourself run by unconscious complexes and self-defeating behaviors that reinforce your hidden, deep-seated anxieties.

You have the ability to be the one to heal your family line – you were born for it. Don’t be afraid to step into the sunshine and show the world who you really are. Overcome shame, guilt and buried traumas to uncover the treasure that is your identity.

Twelfth House in Virgo:

One of the karmic struggles you may have in your life is anxiety-related issues. Virgo rules physical vitality, amongst other things, in astrology, so you may find your anxiety tends to set your body off. Thus, it’s very important that you have some sort of regular routine and practices that keep you grounded, anxiety-free and levelheaded. Spiritual routines could be extremely important for your peace of mind and soul, and learning to let go of everything you can’t plan is crucial to your happiness.

You are a big thinker and analyzer, sometimes to your detriment. You need to be aware of stressing about things you cannot change and being too hard on yourself. Nature is your healer, so getting outdoors helps you to reconnect to yourself and heal yourself.

Twelfth House in Libra:

Your big karmic lesson in life is likely to be your romantic relationships. After all, that’s what the sign of Libra is all about! You may find, however, that it’s a struggle to sometimes not bend over backward to please others. In fact, this is a slightly self-destructive habit that you may have, so be ultra-careful of living your life in order to be liked or loved. You may sacrifice far too much for your relationships, leaving your own values and desires aside. This inevitably leads to disappointment and resentment in the long run.

Indecision also may be your mortal enemy, so remember to always make a pros and cons list and give yourself a set time to make up your mind. This helps you to avoid self-sabotage by procrastinating!

Twelfth House in Scorpio:

Scorpio, in a strange way, suits the energy of the Twelfth House. This sign has no trouble keeping secrets, and the Twelfth House rules secrets, after all! With Scorpio here, you are likely to be someone who has quite a lot of hidden complexes and even traumas, but you’re not exactly frightened of them. In fact, you may love spending time investigating the more taboo subjects of life. You’ll need to be careful of becoming obsessive, of course, as that can become an issue of Scorpio.

Sexuality and jealousy, possessiveness and control may be problems that you try and keep hidden but can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Address these with a qualified therapist and you’ll find your life transforms dramatically.

Twelfth House in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius’s House is always an area of joy and optimism. This is the sign of luck and blessings, and with your Twelfth House in Sagittarius, you should be mostly protected for unfortunate events, from enemies or those who wish you ill. It’s as if you have a guardian angel standing at your shoulder, defending you from anything that wants to harm you. You may be someone with a deep sense of faith and trust in the universe, a trust which is often rewarded. You have a sense of true inner joy and a charitable, generous soul.

Astrologers generally say that the worst thing about Sagittarius on the Twelfth House is a tendency to be too generous, or to go to excess when it comes to partying and indulging yourself. Be careful, because you could have later repercussions.

Twelfth House in Capricorn:

You may have a deep-seated fear of isolation and loneliness, yet at the same time, you learn the most when you’re by yourself. Don’t resist it when the universe seemingly leaves you in the lurch with only your own resources to draw upon. This will help you grow from strength or strength. You may need to learn to let go of structure, of order, and of rules, to relinquish the desire to be successful so that you can make room to actually be successful.

It’s also important that you recognize and let go of any inner insecurities, any sense of guilt and responsibility and other self-defeating limitations that you may place on yourself.

Twelfth House in Aquarius:

You have extremely unique gifts that you need to unlock and share with the world. Don’t repress your inner weirdo – let them fly their freak flag sky-high! This way, you can overcome any anxieties about being the ‘odd one out.' You may have a special ability to see into the future, which could make you quite successful if you choose to harness this ability.

Attachment to your independence may be a self-defeating behavior, so learn to understand where this fear comes from before you reject connection and closeness. It’s also important to overcome anxiety in general and take careful note of when you’re feeling overstimulated.

Twelfth House in Pisces:

This is the most natural house for the sign of Pisces. You have an immense amount of love and compassion to share with the world, and it’s essential to cultivate a strong spiritual connection and philosophy. If you don’t, you could find yourself getting lost in the waters of escapism, even becoming addicted to substances, relationships or work, for example.

You’ll also need to learn to create boundaries, both for yourself and with others. You soak things in, like a sponge, which can make you very susceptible and easily taken advantage of. Make sure that you have inner boundaries, too. Of all the placements, yours has the greatest ability to transcend the material world and understand what’s beyond, and your intuitive abilities are phenomenal.

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