The Tenth House in Astrology:

Career and Reputation

Keywords: Career, Professional Life, Reputation, Status, Public Life.

Associated Sign: Capricorn

Associated Element: Earth

House Type: Angular

Overview Of the Tenth House:

The Tenth House is quite straightforward when it comes to its meaning – it’s your professional life, in a nutshell. The vocation you are called to walk, the career you decide on. In older times, this house showed, for women, the kinds of families they married into and their class, status and reputation. This is why the Tenth House is also associated with how you're seen ‘out in the world’. Your public image, so to speak.

The Tenth House can still show the status of the family you marry into. However, it’s often more about your own, personal reputation and what the general public seems to think of you – the people who don’t know you. Whereas the First House, the Ascendant, is more personal, the Tenth – also known as the Midheaven, or the MC - is very impersonal.

Tenth House in Aries:

Your public reputation is that of a leader, pioneer and trailblazer! Even if you sometimes don’t feel all that brave within yourself, your public image speaks a different story. You tend to be rather driven in your career and like to take action immediately, as most Aries placements do – sitting around waiting for opportunities is not your cup of tea. Initiative can be one of your greatest career strengths.

With this said, astrology suggests you may be quite impulsive professionally and struggle to settle on one thing, especially if you get bored. This makes you suited to a path where you have independence and the ability to call the shots and instigate new ideas. This helps to keep you inspired.

Tenth House in Taurus:

Taurus is a lovely sign for the Tenth House. Because this House is naturally earthy, and therefore materially - orientated, you should have no issues making your professional dreams come true. Your biggest weakness can be laziness, so it’s essential you have something to motivate you – and that motivation is likely to be the opportunity to earn lots of money! You crave the good life, and like to have a stable, predictable career that you can slowly build up.

You may be suited to working with property, finances, fashion, creativity, luxury items or business in general. It’s important that you overcome any insecurities and focus on your professional strengths.

Tenth House in Gemini:

With your Tenth House in Gemini, you are likely to have more than one career or calling in your life. You like to shake things up and keep it interesting – you crave change and variety in your profession. If your role doesn’t shift often enough, you’ll look for greener pastures.

Astrology suggests you’ll also likely pick a vocation that utilizes your brain and analytical abilities. You’ll be seen as someone with an above average intelligence, and you like to use your mind at work. This makes you a natural communicator, writer, teacher, salesperson or coach. You have a million and one ideas that you love to share. You’ll need to be careful of being overly restless or seeming unreliable – whilst it’s wonderful to have many skills, it’s also important to discipline yourself and commit when it’s important.

Tenth House in Cancer:

A successful business life generally doesn’t always appeal to you – unless it nourishes your desire to nurture others. If you can align this desire with your career path, you’ll have it made. Working in a professional that doesn’t let you pour your heart and soul into it will simply leave you feeling cold.

This nurturing energy will be on display for the world to see, and people can be drawn to your caring public image. You may choose a career like being a mother/father, nurse, healer or some other profession that lets you look after others. You can be very emotional at work, which is why it’s important you have a sympathetic and caring, flexible work environment to accommodate your moods.

Tenth House in Leo:

Leo is a fabulous sign to have on the Tenth House! You are a natural-born leader, and will find yourself gravitating towards a career path that allows you to take charge. In fact, anything less just won’t suit you, and you may struggle to work underneath someone or take orders.

You’re the type of person who also needs to express yourself fully in the workplace. Thus, this can sometimes indicate a profession in acting or performing – if you’re not a CEO or manager, that is. You pour all of yourself into your work and identify very strongly with the career that you choose. One might even say you are your career!

Tenth House in Virgo:

With Virgo as your career sign, you tend to pick a career involved in health, wellness, environmentalism, service, finances or administration. Your special skill is that you’re someone who can handle a huge amount of detail and make sense out of it all. You love to feel useful, and people will see you as someone with all the answers. You appear to the world as extremely capable, and your levelheadedness is a strong quality.

You may, however, be quite hard on yourself and critical on the job. You do have to cut yourself some slack and realize that you do a more careful job than most.

Tenth House in Libra:

You’re brilliant at most things that you take on, as long as it involves communication and socializing. Your people skills are excellent, making you an excellent diplomat, mediator, judge or customer relationships expert. You can do well whenever dealing with people one-on-one, and you are generally very well-liked with a reputation for fairness and integrity.

You also can be extremely charming and have a very positive public image. You thrive in professions that allow you to use this skill to the best of your ability. Balance is essential to you when it comes to work and play, and your only real weakness is being indecisive about the career path you want.

Tenth House in Scorpio:

With Scorpio as your Tenth House sign, you are the type of person who is always going to want – and get – power on the job. You’re seen as quite ambitious, and you can climb the career ladder very strategically. You can do extremely well as a therapist, CEO, in finance or an investigative, research-focused profession.

You’ll find that people tend to give you the reins at work, seeing you as someone who can wield this control very well. Just be careful of becoming dominating and overbearing, as that could color your public reputation. Be aware that you may face more than one crisis in your career, sometimes burning everything down to restart all over again.

Tenth House in Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac, and so having this as your career sign can make you land yourself in very good situations. You may enjoy traveling as part of your profession, be a great teacher, wildlife expert or even have a profession involved in leadership. With that said, you could have more than one change of career, as you do get restless if things aren’t exciting and always changing. You seek growth in your profession and will choose whatever offers the most chance of that.

Your public reputation is usually happy-go-lucky, bright and positive. People should respond to you very warmly, and you’re generally well-liked, if a touch irresponsible, on the job.

Tenth House in Capricorn:

Capricorn belongs on the Tenth House, and thus, this can reflect a very powerful career path. However, it could take a bit of time before you find your groove, and some people with this sign here are late bloomers. However, once you find your fit, you excel at it. With that said, you may also have the ‘Benjamin Button’ effect on your career, either being successful super early and relaxing later, or the other way around.

You can do very well in whatever you choose, and people will see you as responsible, capable and wise. You have an excellent work ethic and will go above and beyond to succeed. This often lands you in a managerial position or a position where you hold all the power, such as being a CEO or business owner.

Tenth House in Aquarius:

Your career is often one linked to humanitarianism, and you tend to be seen as someone who really cares about social justice. Hence, a career in teaching, educating, upliftment of others or the humanities can be exciting for you. Aquarius is also the sign of technology, so you may find yourself gravitating towards this sector.

Whatever you do, you need to do it differently and be unique. Freedom is also essential to your chosen career path, and you won’t much like having to work in a rigid, 9 – 5 kind of career. You are your own boss, most of the time, but you can be a good team player, as long as you’re not being controlled. The world will see you as a free spirit, and notice your progressive attitude to your career.

Tenth House in Pisces:

Honestly, Pisces is not a sign suited to a ‘normal’, mainstream career. In fact, this sign can make you want to escape work entirely and focus on spirituality, travel or your personal interests. Thus, many people with this career sign choose something that’s vocational instead of security-oriented, such as healing, service, helping or an altruistic path. You may also have a particular draw towards music or poetry, which helps you communicate your powerful feelings.

You may change career often, perhaps feeling confused about what your true path is. The trick is to let yourself be guided rather than forced into anything.

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