The Ninth House in Astrology:

Wisdom and Expansion

Keywords: Long-Distance Travel, Higher Education, Spirituality, Philosophy, Growth, Expansion, Wisdom, Teaching, Publishing

Associated Sign: Sagittarius

Associated Element: Fire

House Type: Cadent

Overview Of the Ninth House:

The Ninth House is one of the most joyful Houses in Astrology. This is the area that governs travel, adventure, growth and expansion. This is where we find our sense of faith and where we cultivate our personal and even religious beliefs. The Ninth House shows our teachers, mentors and gurus, whether they instilled positive belief systems within us or negative ones. This is the place where we learn to release old programming and come into our inner wisdom.

This House also rules the topic of higher education, such as getting our Ph.D.’s or even taking on spiritual courses that expand our worldview. Writers who wish to get published need to have a positive and strong Ninth House, as well as those of us who wish to be teachers or lawyers.

Finally, the Ninth House rules traveling to faraway places, places that open us up and show us new ways of living, thinking and believing. What’s not to love about the Ninth House!

Ninth House in Aries:

Seeing as the Ninth House is a fiery house, the equally fiery sign of Aries fits well here. You approach learning and education with passion and enthusiasm, especially when your interest is truly captured. You do get bored quickly and may learn quite a few things in your lifetime. Once you find something to believe in, you truly fight for it.

As for traveling, Astrology suggests you like to do it on impulse. There’s nothing like jumping on a plane or into the car spontaneously and going off on an unplanned and adventure-filled trip. The more dangerous and risky it is, the better!

Ninth House in Taurus:

You deeply value traveling and exploration and may find traveling to be a big source of pleasure over the course of your lifetime. However, you do like to be comfortable and aren’t usually one to throw a backpack on without some sort of plan! In fact, you may routinely go back to the same spots over and over, getting to know them better and better.

Education is usually also a source of enjoyment for you, especially if you can learn with your hands. You enjoy a sensual, practical approach to both education and spirituality, and can be quite down to earth and pragmatic about your beliefs.

Ninth House in Gemini:

You are quite the smartypants, and take an analytical approach to religion and spirituality. You’ll question everything and need to know the rationality and science behind beliefs before you commit yourself to one path. In fact, you may change paths multiple times before you settle on a belief system that’s broad enough and complex enough to stimulate you.

You could be a natural teacher and are usually the eternal student as well. You love to learn anything you can get your hands on, and you tend to devour knowledge. You also tend to enjoy traveling quite often and may see quite a few places. You like going somewhere you’ve never been before, no matter how unusual it is.

Ninth House in Cancer:

Strangely enough, Cancer on the Ninth House is very often associated with those who travel extensively. You may find yourself settling abroad, though before you do, you tend to roam around for a long time. Your heart is the compass, and until it points true north, you’ll likely have itchy feet. You can grow your global family so much that you have someone in each place who you love and loves you.

Spiritually speaking, you’re quite intuitive and often have prophetic dreams and insights. You need to find a path that resonates with you completely, and when you do, this becomes your guiding star. You learn quickly, though again, have to study something you feel emotionally aligned to.

Ninth House in Leo:

Don’t be surprised if you have followers who hang onto your every word, your every teaching. Even if you aren’t a bonafide instructor, life is likely to put you in positions where you serve as a mentor and leader for others. Your star shines very brightly indeed, and you can excel as a teacher.

Travel will also be an essential part of your identity, a way to express yourself. You can have a true passion for exploration, and a brave, courageous heart, always ready for a new adventure. You might also be quite spiritual or even religious, and it’s important that you find something that helps you to connect to your most authentic self.

Ninth House in Virgo:

You are a true scholar in every sense of the word. You devour knowledge and know how to assimilate it in a practical, down-to-earth way. Highly analytical, you strive to truly understand the mysteries of religion and spirituality, and you don’t mind questioning things. You have a very discerning mind, which can be applied to both your beliefs and in the search for spiritual wisdom. You do need to be careful of criticizing the beliefs of others, as you can come off as sharp at times.

You could quite enjoy traveling and go to more than a few places, especially places deep in nature. Traveling with you is often a pleasure, as you are always organized with a solid plan in hand.

Ninth House in Libra:

You strive for perfect balance and understanding, spiritually speaking. You like to consider all sides to a belief system, and may often play the devil’s advocate to gain more insight as to why certain people or cultures believe a certain way. Never forceful about your spirituality, you are open and accommodating, and always diplomatic to others who are different from you.

You might be lucky enough to travel often, and find that the universe blesses you with positive and rewarding experiences. Some of you may even find love overseas, or simply make loads of close friends as you explore gorgeous places of beauty.  You prefer to be comfortable when traveling, though are also so easygoing that you won’t mind roughing it every now and then if you have to.

Ninth House in Scorpio:

With your Ninth House in Scorpio, you tend to be quite intense about your personal beliefs. You’re also not the type of person who’s just going to share everything you think with someone else – you like to keep your spirituality quite private and only share it with those you really trust. You do need to be aware that you can come off as forceful when you do eventually share.

You could have a strong passion for traveling, and may go to places that are transformative, serving your soul’s highest evolution. This could mean visiting places in crisis, experiencing crisis while traveling or having death and rebirth experiences when in another country. Wherever you go, you attract big experiences. You have a profound wisdom to you and can have quite remarkable intuition. Your dreams are commonly a source of powerful insight in your life.

Ninth House in Sagittarius:

With Sagittarius being the sign most naturally associated with the Ninth House, you could find yourself quite fortunate with traveling and education. You may explore many different places during your lifetime, and have a huge appetite for more growth, more expansion, more experiences.

What’s more, you could be a very natural teacher, perhaps even evolving into a bit of a guru at some point in your life. You have immense wisdom to share though have to be careful of becoming self-righteous about it. Spiritually, you tend to be very open to everything and have a sense of what truth is versus what’s fake and superficial.  You’ll find that you often receive opportunities to learn or study, and may truly enjoy turning your mind to learning new things.

Ninth House in Capricorn:

Someone with their Ninth House in Capricorn often experienced dogma early in life. You may have had a teacher, mentor or parent that forced their beliefs onto you, creating the potential for atheism or creating rigid beliefs within you. Much of your energy could then be focused on untying those beliefs and becoming your own teacher your own guru, our own priest. This will likely take a bit of time, but as you grow older, you gain deeper wisdom.

You also may have had to work quite hard to get the same educational opportunities as everyone else, and it could take you longer to find your niche. But because of this, you usually choose exactly the right thing for your eventual career path. Traveling-wise, you often tend to travel for work purposes or have some other goal when you go exploring. It’s never just a joyride for you.

Ninth House in Aquarius:

Aquarius is often touted for being one of the most open-minded signs you can get. On the Ninth House, this sign does lend you an unusual approach to spirituality and religion, perhaps even quite scientific, quirky or downright weird. However, you’re not all that open-minded when you’ve settled on a particular belief. You like to hold onto your own ideas, and best of all, to share these ideas with others. This makes you a very natural teacher, often one of the best.

You may enjoy traveling to strange places that no one else has been to, and best of all, you like to go with friends. You may enjoy heading to communities and living off-grid or exploring spiritually-orientated kinds of places.

Ninth House in Pisces:

Pisces is one of, if not the most, spiritual sign of them all. With Pisces on your Ninth House, you have a deep sense of faith and perhaps even the ability to easily connect with what you know as a higher power. Your intuition is strong and powerful, though you do need to be careful of being too easily influenced by cults and teachers who don’t have your best interests at heart.

You adore traveling, and likely will have the chance to do quite a bit of it. You are drawn to spiritual places, places with water and the ocean – a tropical island really is your idea of pure paradise!

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