Taurus and Aries Compatibility:

An Indestructible Pair

Taurus and Aries Compatibility (Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20; Aries dates: March 20 - April 19):

In the zodiac, do the Taurus and Aries astrological signs have compatibility? You can make an absolutely excellent match, although it won’t be without a little drama, Taurus! Your Aries firebrand has a set of horns just like you, and they know just how to use them! Both of you can lock those horns of yours, and the famous Aries hard-headedness traits can be a real match for your notorious stubbornness! When you go head to head, you can get stuck in a stalemate, and although it’s attractive to have someone as feisty and passionate as Aries willing to go into battle with you, it can also be exhausting! You’ll both have to learn to give way, or at least, stand aside and respect each other’s opinion and ways of doing things. There’s no need to battle— when you’re on the same team, you make an indestructible pair, and there’s very little that can equal the passion that’s felt between the two of you!


Dating & Romance Compatibility: 

Taurus and Aries Dating Compatibility:

In astrology, does a Taurus relationship with Aries have compatibility as Soulmates? Well, being that Taurus is ruled by the love planet, Venus, and with Aries ruled by Mars , the planet of desire, it’s a no-brainer that the two of you feel meant to be. There’s a lot of passion and affection here, and you’re going to find each other very irresistible. You tend to go cautiously, Taurus, but there’s something so darn attractive about your Aries sweetheart that you just can’t help but move at the same pace they do—and they rush everything! If an Aries wants you, you’ll know about it, and they’ll go out of their way to woo you, so good luck holding back! This can certainly feel like a meeting of two kindred souls, and the dating phase will feel like an ongoing romantic movie, complete with the passion, chemistry, fights, and make-ups!

Taurus and Aries Marriage Compatibility:

Can Taurus and Aries zodiac signs marry? According to astrology, both of you will be interested in marriage. Aries will practically rush down the aisle, whilst you, the calm Taurus, will take your time to assess whether or not you’re just another one of the Aries’s passing lusts. If it looks like it’s lasting and like you’ve hooked that strong Aries loyalty, there’s very little reason not to marry! Your zodiac signs are both immensely willing to face any challenge that comes your way, and your patience and calm, grounded, nature will help to calm the frisky Aries down to a semi-boiling simmer. They may not like it, but Aries will eventually see the value of what you offer, just as you start to realize that you actually need the fresh excitement that a fire sign brings to your life! This relationship definitely has potential!

Taurus and Aries Sexual Compatibility:

Does an Aries-Taurus relationship make for compatibility in bed? In Astrology, the meeting of the two planets Venus and Mars equals a passion that is hard to put out! Aries is ruled by that lusty Mars, and you’re ruled by affectionate Venus Taurus, so, together, your love match is hot, hot hot! You’ll set the stage, bringing in the sensuality and seduction to heat up the desire of your Aries lover, and they’ll take over with their pure, primal passion! It’s enviable, what you two have, and as long as you don’t get into a comfort zone, Taurus, and forget to shake it up and welcome new things, this has the potential to always be incredibly sexy! Let the Aries show you adventure, Taurus – it’s not as scary as you think and the chances are, you’ll really like it. You’ll also show them how to just slow down and enjoy the moment at times rather than speed ahead!

Taurus and Aries Breakups:

How do Taurus and Aries star signs move on when their love match ends? If Aries drops you, a Taurean (and it usually happens this way since you tend to be the one who doesn’t initiate change even if you’re not happy), it can feel absolutely awful, and you may carry a wound and grudge in your heart for a very long time, even finding it hard to fully let go. Your Aries might rage at first, but they move on so fast that it might prompt you to shut them out of your life for a while, and that’s totally okay. There aren’t many like the Aries star sign who can just move on like that, and their haste will anger you. The quicker you accept that they perhaps weren’t the right one for you, the easier it’ll be, as they are always willing to stay friends.


Business Compatibility: 

Taurus and Aries in Business:

Do Taurus-Aries astrological pairings have compatibility when it comes to work? The funny thing is, you need each other, even though you drive each other crazy sometimes! Aries is the one who charges out into the world, doing all sorts of pioneering things, starting millions of projects and securing all the deals—while you, Taurus, are all about consistency and finishing what you (and they) started. Without you, an Aries sun sign would simply start a million fires without ever seeing any of them through; and without them, Taurus, you’d be doing the same monotonous thing day in and day out, with no new business or excitement ever! Although you will bash heads, often, you’ll learn to deeply appreciate and value what each other brings to the table, and can make a fanatic business partnership.


Friendship Compatibility:

Taurus and Aries Compatibility as Best Friends:

In the zodiac, are Taurus and Gemini compatible as close friends? What you have in common, which is very important to both of you, is loyalty. This especially applies if you’re old friends, and even if you go off on different path – which you probably will – you’ll be the type of friends who have each other’s backs. Be careful though – if you are different genders, or attracted to the same gender, you might be more likely to fall in love than be buddies! Your Venus and Mars-ruled signs make for passion, not platitude! Whatever you are, you’ll go head-to-head more than once. Your stubbornness, Taurus, can be a problem at times, just as the Aries recklessness and hot/cold energy can also be a threat to a long-term relationship. However, you’ll usually find your way back to each other even if just to hangs out for a cup of coffee before you head in different directions.


Family Compatibility: 

Taurus Parent and Aries Child Compatibility:

When it comes to family relationships, is there Taurus compatibility with Aries? As a parent, Aries can be unpredictable and an impulsive influence on you, Taurus, and you may not feel as if they’ve brought the safety and security you crave into your life. Aries is all adventure and risk, which frightens you, especially growing up. But their warmth, love, devotion and loyalty more than make up for it, and you’ll adore them, regardless. Your Aries child is reckless and headstrong, and they’ll probably think you’re boring Taurus, so just accept it! Aries needs constant excitement and change, and they’re likely to bump their heads against a wall many times in their lives! The sooner you accept that, and protect them as best you can without stifling them, the better! You’ll fight, often, but your loyalty is forever, and you’ll never let each other down, at heart.

Taurus and Aries Sibling Compatibility:

How do Taurus and Aries siblings match up in the family environment? Aries is the one that’s going to raise most of the fuss; yet Taurus has their strong desire for attention and risk-taking. It can be annoying how competitive and argumentative an Aries can be, but at the same time, their loyalty and open-heartedness make you want to protect and look after them! No matter the age, your Aries sibling always seems to be the younger one, and you’re the calm, grounded, level-headed one, the one that never takes a risk but tends to make more solid decisions. You’re like night and day, like daytime and night-time, but you do complement each other, especially when you grow up. When you’re not fighting or being hard-headed, you can actually make great friends, even though you won’t always have a lot on common. You open up each other’s eyes to new things, which is valuable for both of you.

Taurus and Aries Pet Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Taurus human and an Aries pet get along? Aries pets want a whole lot more adventure than you offer, Taurus, so you may want to consider getting a buddy to take your doggy out for some thrill-seeking (provided the Aries is a dog). Aries cats and other animals are extremely independent and will want to do their own thing, and if you cuddle them too much, they can get very frisky and quickly irritated – which is not what you want! You want cuddles and togetherness, and it can sting when your Aries animal is more focused on pleasing themselves than you! However, when they are warm, they are very warm and can be loving – but it’ll be on their terms. And that excitement? It’s essential!  Though you’re as different as night and day you can be the best of buddies, as long as you know to give your Aries animal what they need, when they need it (and that’s usually right now!). Patience is not this animal’s strong point!

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