Birthday Forecast Report:

Happy Birthday to You!

You know when people wish you well for one more year around the Sun? 🎉

Well, it’s not just an Astronomical phenomenon – it’s Astrological too!

Each year has a different flavor.

You’ve seen it.

One year could feel like the highest of highs, with all kinds of good events such as a promotion, a new love or some extra cash.

Other years can be stressful, whether it’s family issues, financial mishaps or a difficult breakup.

Most of the time, it’s a mixture of both.

A smorgasbord of highs and lows, with a few years where it’s very clear that it’s either an amazing or tough kind of year.

Wouldn’t you like to know what sort of a year you’re in for?

After all, you wouldn’t pack for a trip without checking the weather, would you?

Or study the economic forecast before making an investment?

Astrological prediction is very much like the weather and the economy – it maps out the possible changes and highlights potential trends based on many, many years of studying patterns.

It’s comforting to know that there can be some certainty in an otherwise uncertain world, and thus, to make the preparations needed.

With this knowledge, you can either choose to take an umbrella or dance in the rain – this is where free will comes in.

Now for the technical bit.

Your Birthday Forecast is not the same as your Yearly Astrology Forecast.

We offer both, and both are fabulous and will give you excellent insights into your year ahead.

It’s best to combine them, but if you only want one, either will do!

The difference is that your Birthday Forecast uses an ancient Astrological Technique known as the Solar Return.

Solar = Sun

Return = coming back

The Sun returns to the exact same place it was at your birth and the entire chart is cast from that point.

This is like a snapshot in time, and what’s analyzed are the positions of all the planets in that moment of time, their relationships to each other as well as their signs.

Yearly Astrology Report is based on Transits.

That is to say, the planets moving around the chart and casting aspects to your birth Astrology planets, triggering life events and developments.

Unlike the Solar Return, transits are not just a snapshot – they are fluid movements.

This Report isn’t based on the date of your birth specifically but on your birthday each year.

Both Reports will tell you plenty about where you’re going in the year to come.

Whether you’re going to fall in love, stay in love, or run away from love.

Whether you're going to be communicating in an intense way, or perhaps an argumentative way, or if you’re going to be able to wrap people around your little finger with your persuasive charm.

With a Birthday Report, you’ll be able to tell exactly which areas of life are bound to be stressful, and which areas will be easy.

Knowing this, you can keep things in perspective, worrying less about everything that’s going wrong and instead, focusing on what’s flowing for you.

It takes the sting out of a challenge and brings you a sense of perspective.

Plus, to be honest, you probably need a mix of both stressful times and fun times, because without a balance life would be rather boring and without the lows, we couldn’t appreciate the highs. Right?

What Do You Get Out Of A Birthday Forecast?

So, exactly what’s involved in a Birthday Forecast Report, anyway?

What is it that you’re investing in, and how much will it tell you?

Plenty, that’s for sure!

Here’s a breakdown so that you know you’re entrusting your hard-earned money towards something unique, useful and life-changing:

Þ    Whether you’re going to fall in love – or not

Þ    A heads-up about relationships problems as well as high points

Þ    What kind of space your head will be in

Þ    How you’re going to be communicating

Þ    Which planets will be retrograde for you, and thus, be a little tricky

Þ    Where your lucky areas lie

Þ    How much – or little -  energy you’re going to have and when

Þ    What your finances look like for the year

Þ    Any career opportunities coming your way

Þ    What professional pitfalls may be awaiting you

This is just a taste of what your birthday report can tell you.

Tap into these cosmic alignments on your birthday to find out how to live your best life!

All The Ways That a Birthday Forecast Will Benefit You

If the benefits aren’t already obvious, here’s a handy reminder as to how your Birthday Report can make your life better:

  • First of all, a Birthday Forecast is valid for an entire year, from your current birthday until the next one. That’s 12 months of personalized information, just for you!


  • Your Birthday Report is uniquely yours. Because it’s based on the exact moment that your Sun came to the very same degree and minute it was when you were born into this world, it’s extremely personal.


  • You’ll gain insights that will help you be your best self, through the highs and the lows. You’ll know where the challenges, obstacles and hurdles are, as well as the successful moments and lucky chances.


  • You’ll basically have a cosmic guidebook. It’s like having a superpower. Who wouldn’t want that?


  • The uncertainty of going into yet another new year can be intense. With your Birthday Report, you can replace that anxiety with calmness and perhaps a sense of groundedness, knowing what your year is likely to bring.


  • You’ll not only get informative Astrological insights, but you’ll also get great advice as to how to handle it. We’re not throwing you in the deep end without some wisdom to go by!

Less stress.

More flow.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

The heavens have the answers, and they’re at your very own fingertips, right at this moment.

What are you waiting for?

What The Planets In Your Birthday Report Represent For The Year:

  • The Sun Glyph in Astrology by The Sun – The Sun will tell you exactly where you’re going to invest your energy – and how you’ll do it.


  • The Mercury in Astrology by Mercurythe planet of communication will give you a heads up as to how you’re going to be talking the talk. This can be a huge factor in both your relationships and your career.


  • Venus in Astrology by VenusOh, Venus – the planet of love. What will she have to say about your romantic life, we wonder? Your Birthday Forecast will tell you exactly what love has in store for you!


  • Mars in Astrology by Marsthe planet of action, drive and willpower will let you know what it is you’re going to want throughout your year ahead – and how you’ll go about getting it.


  • Jupiter in Astrology by Jupiterthe lucky planet shows you where your opportunities for success during the year are, as well as the areas of growth for you.


  • Saturn in Astrology by SaturnSaturn represents the limitations, setbacks and hurdles you’ll experience during the year, so get ready!


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    Thank you for offering your free zoom on Exploring Your Unconscious Feelings. I've dabbled in astrology for 40 years & have not yet encountered this information.
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you for offering your free zoom on Exploring Your Unconscious Feelings. I've dabbled in astrology for 40 years & have not yet encountered this information.
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