Leo and Capricorn Compatibility:

Respect and Admiration

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility (Leo dates: July 22 - August 22;  Capricorn dates: December 21 - January 19)  

Do Leo and Capricorn make a good match? This is one of those very special connections when it comes to astrology! Not many people know about how compatible your two zodiac signs are, and even though there is plenty of adjustment to do here, you make it work!

Why? Well, Leo and Capricorn are both ambitious, leaders, strong, committed and loyal. Yes, there will be many moments where you rub each other up in the wrong way entirely, and you’ll want to pull your hair out! But there will be just as many moments where you can’t get enough of each other.

Leo, you bring romance and excitement to any relationship. You’re warm, loving, passionate and affectionate. You're also dramatic and over the top, which is completely different from Capricorn! Capricorn is a sign that’s’ cautious, careful, grounded and methodical.

This means that you’ll either be a perfect balance, or you’ll be at loggerheads. A bit of both, really! But Leo, without you, the Capricorn’s life would be boring, cold and dull and without them in your life, you’d never know when to tone it down and be realistic! Can you see how it does work?

Ultimately, you truly admire each other. You respect each other’s authority, and ambition, as well as each other’s dedication. Yes, you will have power struggles at times, but you usually see so much of yourself in one another!


Dating & Romance Compatibility:

Leo and Capricorn Dating Compatibility:

Are Leo and Capricorn Soulmates? Leo, you are romantic enough to believe in the concept of soulmates! You are the romance sign of the zodiac, after all, and all your life, you are hoping to find “The One”.

Capricorn is nowhere near as fanciful! Capricorn is pragmatic and realistic, and whilst they might be madly in love with you, they also don’t often believe in the concept at all! Try not to be too disappointed, Leo. They show their love in other, important ways!

Your dating phase is interesting. Leo, you tend to rush in, being a fire sign and all. You're courageously open-hearted, and you love with all your might. Capricorn is cautious, and they take a much longer time to come to the party.

So, be careful of pushing them, Leo. Capricorn is scared of being vulnerable and they need to test the waters first before they go all in. It’s not personal if they’re not as enthusiastic as you are. Carry on charming them and warming them up, they’ll come around in no time! Your dates alone – classy and luxurious – will go far to help you both open up and have fun!

Leo and Capricorn Marriage Compatibility:

Can Leo and Capricorn marry? You’ll be excellent marriage partners, although you will have to make plenty of adjustments along the way – and learn to accept each other as very different from you!

Leo, as a fixed zodiac sign, you are committed, reliable and consistent. And, as a fire sign, your passion burns long and bright! You were made for marriage and raising a family. And nothing makes you happier than having a partner right by your side! Your loyalty is one of the most wonderful things about you, next to your generous heart.

Your Capricorn will be as loyal and dedicated as you, Leo. Whilst they’re not as romantic – which can push your buttons – they take their responsibilities to you seriously. They’re faithful and grounded, helpful and responsible. Both of you will work hard to provide for each other and your families, and you’ll encourage success when it comes to career.

Capricorn will spend a great deal of time at the office, Leo – you’ll just have to accept that. It can create some problems as you might feel rejected, so it’s important not to take it personally. Try to always work as a team, as you can both be guilty of being a controlling person, which may sometimes lead to power struggles, despite your admiration for each other.

Leo, remember to remind your Capricorn that a little bit of drama – and fun – goes a long way. They need you around so that they can let their hair down and play!

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility in Bed:

Are Leo and Capricorn sexually compatible? Leo, Capricorn is not the kind of sign to enjoy public displays of affection the way that you do. However, when you get them into the bedroom, these signs are totally sensual and unabashedly primal! They’ll give you a run for your money!

You’ll love their earthy sexuality, Leo, as it matches with your fiery libido. Both of you can make the fire burn long and hot, and you’re perfectly matched in the zodiac when it comes to endurance. Capricorn is much wilder than you ever could imagine, Leo!

As with most areas of your relationship, you’ll have to take turns when it comes to which one of you gets to take the lead. Because you both love being in control so much, this isn’t always an easy lesson!

When Leo and Capricorn Relationship Breaks up:

How does Leo and Capricorn move on after a breakup? Neither of you manage very well after a breakup. Leo, you tend to hold on very tightly, and you might even be a little dramatic after a relationship has ended. It’s hard for you to say goodbye.

Capricorn will take it just as tough but the problem here is that they may just switch off, Leo. This makes them appear to be terribly cold and unfeeling, almost as if they never loved you at all. It will be hard to deal with this behavior, Leo, so the best thing you can do to heal is to cut yourself off and don’t expect them to show the same amount of feeling as you do!


Business Compatibility:

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility in Business:

Does Leo and Capricorn have compatibility when it comes to work?  This is where you can completely admire and respect each other - or walk all over one another. You are both born CEO’s and need to be at the very top of your company. This makes it very hard for you to listen to each other or take orders.

If one of you happen to be placed above each other in terms of rank, be sure to earn each other’s respect instead of demand it. If you are a great leader, Leo, Capricorn will be happy to listen to what you have to say and be a grounded and acritical co-worker. If you are colleagues, be prepared to have a bit of competition in terms of who climbs the career ladder faster!

A tip, Leo – Capricorn plays it quiet, but somehow always manages to be first, whereas your tactics tend to be, well, more dramatic!


Friendship Compatibility:

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility in Friendship:

Are Leo and Capricorn good friends? One thing is sure – if you are friends, you will be very loyal friends, come what may. It almost doesn’t matter that your personalities clash, as you both deeply value the longevity of your friendship.

That said, you do bring very different things to your friendship. Leo, you bring color, drama, glitz and glam, whereas your Capricorn buddy brings pragmatism, realism and practicality. They’re not big fans of drama, so tread carefully! But don’t be fooled, Leo – Capricorn knows how to have as much of a good time as you do, as long as all their work is done!


Family Compatibility:

Leo Parent and Capricorn Child Compatibility:

Are Leo and Capricorn compatible when it comes to family? A Capricorn parent can be quite detached and even a little cool, Leo. This may be hard as you value affection, warmth and closeness. However, they are amongst the most reliable and responsible parents you’ll get, and you’ll never want for anything.

Your Capricorn child is very different from you, Leo. They like rules and traditions, and they’re very serious in contrast to your playful energy. Sometimes you’ll clash, especially if you want them to be like you, so it’s best you let them be exactly who they are without trying to change or control them.

Leo and Capricorn Sibling Compatibility:

How do Leo and Capricorn siblings match up in the family environment? Seeing as both of you tend to be the types that want to be the boss, there will be clashes. Leo, you are a drama queen, and your Capricorn sibling just doesn’t buy any of it. In so many ways, you can be like chalk and cheese!

However, despite your differences and power struggles, you will come to respect each other and realize that perhaps, in some ways, you need each other for a bit of balance! You can have a deep and loyal friendship when you get older.

Leo and Capricorn Pet and Human Astrology Compatibility:

Will a Leo human and a Capricorn pet get along? Capricorn pets love their routine, and it’s hard for them to live in a world where there’s chaos! Luckily, you are the epitome of stability, Leo, yet at the same time, you provide them with as much adventure as they need!

Capricorn pets are as loyal as you are, Leo, so you never have to worry about them giving their devotion to anyone else. You are the star of their show, as long as you provide plenty of security and stability for them! These are the wisest souls you’ll ever meet!

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