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2020 looks set to be a milestone year for you, Capricorn – the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place in your sign on January 12, and its effects will be felt throughout the year. When Saturn and Pluto join forces, the result can be manipulative, forceful and explosive, but in your case, with Saturn as your ruling planet, this is your ticket to break free of restrictions and to come into your own long-term identity once and for all.

This astrological process of transformation begins almost immediately with a Lunar Eclipse in your partnership zone in early January. Because who you are is intimately connected with who you choose to have around you, your personal growth this year will impact your closest relationships. Others will have to adapt to the changing Capricorn identity, whether they like it or not. Once the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becomes exact, the starting gun has been fired.

At first, you may struggle to make your changing desires and needs understood, especially in February when Mercury turns Retrograde in your communication zone. With Mars in your own sign at the same time, your frustration could come across by you being brusquer and less patient than usual.

March astrology suggests an interesting month for your finances, as stabilizing Saturn takes up residence in your money zone and is joined by dynamic Mars. However, this zone also rules your values in life, and may suggest that a new set of principles and ethics are starting to emerge with your new identity. This will take some refining, and during April, when Pluto turns Retrograde in your own sign, you’ll take some time to reflect on where you’re heading.

Astrology suggests that the time to really go for it comes in June. A Solar Eclipse in your partnership zone highlights how others may not be entirely on board with your plans, Capricorn, but a Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone confirms that you’re doing the right thing for you. You can expect some arguments and battles, both with others and with yourself – especially in July, when the Sun, which represents your ego, opposes the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and a Lunar Eclipse in your sign raises some questions.

Love comes to the rescue in August, with Venus arriving in your romance zone before moving onto your passion zone in September, so it looks like your relationship will have weathered the storm by then. In October, it could be your friends turn to get on board with the new you, although the Mercury Retrograde in your social zone shows a few hiccups along the way.

As the year draws to a close, a Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in December will underline exactly how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown this year. When Jupiter shifts into your money zone in late December, and then forms a very fortunate conjunction with Saturn there, you’ll be all set to reach out into the world and start creating success in 2021.

Love and Romance

With you now emerging from the shadows and taking on a period of great spiritual and personal growth, Capricorn, there’s a lot of adapting for your partner and loved ones to do. If you’re in a relationship, there will be some testing times in 2020 as your lover gets used to the new you. If you’re single, you may want to hold back from dating until you’ve gotten your head in order – your zodiac sign is not one to rush into these things.

A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in early January is swiftly followed by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 in your own sign, and this is where change begins. Mars transits your sign during February, so your confidence and self-discipline will be growing, and you can start to move into your own skin. This confidence is catching, so the more confident you are, the easier your sweetheart will find it to adapt. March looks like a positive month, with Venus in your fun zone making a trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Shake off your serious image and embrace your inner kid, Capricorn – and take your partner with you for the ride!

Mid 2020 brings a series of eclipses that impact your love life and your sense of identity as well. In June, the Solar Eclipse in your love zone co-exists with the Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone. In terms of romance, the astrology suggests some conflict in your relationship, but you can also find comfort through exploring your spiritual and karmic links to your lover. Mercury Retrogrades in your love zone at this time, so communication won’t be all that easy, but if you maintain an open heart you can grow closer.

During July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to Saturn and Pluto, so there are still some ongoing struggles and resistance from your partner about where your life is going. A Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn suggests that you must make a choice between pleasing yourself or pleasing others – choose yourself, Capricorn. You’ll quickly find people will come on board once they realize you’re serious.

By the time the romance planet Venus moves into your love zone in August, your relationship should have settled down once again – or, if you’re single, you may well have your eye on someone new. August is a good month for dating, and so is September, when Venus moves into your passion zone.

During the last months of 2020, you’ll enjoy a stable period in your love life, and perhaps renewed strength in an existing relationship which has survived the earlier part of the year. As 2020 draws to a close, Venus moves into your spiritual zone, so December is a very good month for understanding the journey you’ve taken and how it has impacted positively upon your relationships with others.

Money and Career

For you, Capricorn, the overall theme of the year is this change of identity or renewed personal identity, courtesy of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. For your finances and your career, this is likely to manifest in an increasing confidence at work, and in increasing abundance, too. None of this will happen without hard work, Capricorn, so it’s important that you don’t take your eye off the ball.

February is when your confidence and self-discipline really starts to surge, as Mars transits Capricorn, so this is an excellent period for asking for a promotion, or for seeking a new job if you so wish.

March is a healthy and happy time for your bank balance, with Saturn’s stabilizing influence arriving in your money zone. Energizing planet Mars transits this zone too, so this is an interesting month if you’re motivated to try out new business ideas, side hustles or ways of generating extra income. Enjoy a lucrative few months while it lasts, but don’t overspend – in May, astrology suggests you may have to tighten your belt a bit while Saturn Retrogrades in your money zone and bountiful Jupiter Retrogrades in your own sign.

Mid-year is relatively quiet on the astrological money and career front, although your long-term personal growth agenda is still going strong. You may want to be careful in August that you don’t rock the boat too much at home with changing ambitions at work – Mars squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, suggesting that work and family come into conflict. It’s important to balance what you want to do, Capricorn, against what you must do for your family – while maturing and taking on responsibility for your own life, don’t forget your obligations to others.

Venus moves into your career zone in late October, when you’ll find it easy to charm others into supporting you. This is another good period for job hunting, as you’re making a fantastic first impression. The Sun is in square aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in October, though, so there could be another difficult choice to make about whether to pursue an opportunity that is true to your inner self, but perhaps less financially rewarding than other options. Capricorn as a zodiac sign is careful with money, so this is potentially awkward.

November brings a Lunar Eclipse in your everyday work zone, which suggest that your routines are about to change significantly, perhaps with a move toward remote employment. If that sounds too good to be true, just wait until late December, when bountiful and generous Jupiter moves into your money zone. A very helpful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction suggests that increasing financial abundance is here to stay for a while – you may well end 2020 feeling that, with work at least, you’re indeed able to have it all.


Your challenge this year, Capricorn, is to work out what you truly value. Financial constraints may prevent you from doing some of the things you’d love to do, but events will show you how happiness doesn’t depend on material things. A Mars-Uranus conjunction on January 20th in your pleasure zone may be a catalyst for some of this frustration, as something you want remains financially just out of reach.

This build-up heads straight into the first, in mid-February, of three transformational Saturn-Uranus squares due this year. Not getting what you want, whether it’s a vacation, hobby materials you can’t afford, or someone’s attention, ruffles you deeply and you may become unusually agitated, especially when Mars trines Pluto on February 25th.

You may find some answers when you manage to increase your income, Capricorn: late March and late April both show promise here, with Mars in trine aspect first to Saturn and then to Jupiter, hinting at new income streams or a profitable side hustle. Creatively, you’re on fire too, especially in late April when the Sun and Venus both conjunct innovative Uranus in your creativity zone. However, the Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone in late May highlights a gap in your life that can’t be filled by buying expensive pleasures. The following Solar Eclipse on June 10th occurs in your work routines zone, asking you to make space in your life for the more intangible, less material issues. And yet just a few days later, the second of the Saturn-Uranus squares again suggests frustration over your financial limits. The message doesn’t seem to be getting through at this point.

During July and August, however, you’ll enjoy some profound experiences which will shift your thinking away from materialism. When Mars in your growth zone opposes Saturn in your money zone on July 1st, you’ll start to understand what money cannot buy; this may be reinforced, especially in terms of your love life, during the passionate Venus-Mars conjunction in your growth zone in mid-July. Early August sees Venus in trine aspect to both Uranus and then Pluto, showing you how learning, travel, creativity, love and joy are all things which bring you exceptional happiness and which, largely, do not depend on money.

Your career continues to be important to you, of course, notably in October when Mars trines Jupiter from your career zone. However, Jupiter turning direct in your values zone on October 18th underlines your new-found commitment to greater things than materialism. The Lunar Eclipse on November 19th occurs in your joy zone and could indeed bring great joy – while the Solar Eclipse on December 4th is in your spiritual zone, marking an exceptionally poignant moment for you.

During the holiday period, the final Saturn-Uranus square takes effect and you may feel under the same kind of financial pressure as is normal for this time of year – but Venus’ short retrograde period, in your own zodiac sign, Capricorn, reminds you to reflect on the importance of love and happiness away from the consumerism of the season.

Love and Romance

The ‘what you want’ zone of your chart, activated by this year’s three Saturn-Uranus squares, typically reflects issues around hobbies or creative projects, but it also has a key role to play in love, speaking to the flirtatious, magical, intoxicating stages of a relationship – or to illicit love, or love which involves risk. Because this zone is so triggered by this year’s cosmic events, your love life could be tumultuous, depending on how settled and established your relationship already is.

In late January, Venus conjuncts Pluto in your own zodiac sign, which could suggest something dramatic around an intense relationship. Or, if you’re single, Capricorn, a meeting which seems somehow ‘fated’ or ‘meant to be’. However, this leads into the first of the Saturn-Uranus squares in mid-February, which pit the value of the status quo against the value of something new and different. In love, it’s easy to see how this may relate to an intense, new attraction versus an existing, stable relationship. In late February, you’ll feel significantly less risk-averse than normal, particularly when Mars trines Pluto, so this could be a factor.

April 23rd may also be an important date in your love calendar. On this date, passionate – but volatile – Mars shifts into your love zone. On the same date, Venus conjuncts rebel Uranus in your love affair and risk zone; one week later, the Sun repeats the conjunction. In an existing relationship, you may feel bored or frustrated. In a new relationship, the intensity may seem all-consuming.

May’s Lunar Eclipse is in the most private and secretive zone of your chart, Capricorn, suggesting that anything hidden may not stay that way for long: this is not a good time to be lying in love. Indeed, the Mars-Pluto opposition on June 5th highlights a power struggle or control issue in an existing relationship, just days before the Solar Eclipse wreaks unwanted changes on your daily routines. This in itself comes just days before the second of the Saturn-Uranus squares pitting your values against your desires.

During July and August, you will have plenty of opportunities to decide what you want in your yearly love. Travel is suggested, especially in early August when Venus trines Uranus and Pluto, and travel or educational opportunities link to love, learning and your own identity. However, it may not really be until Jupiter turns direct in your values zone on October 18th that the fog finally clears in your love life. A month later, on November 19th, the Lunar Eclipse in your risk and love affairs zone should signal a turning point in matters of the heart. Use the energy of the Solar Eclipse on December 4th to retreat and consider your position in love.

In December, Venus in your own zodiac sign forms two intense conjunctions with Pluto – one on the 11th and the second on the 25th, after having turned retrograde on the 19th. Expect to re-visit the decision you made around the time of the Lunar Eclipse; this is your second chance to get things right. The third and final Saturn-Uranus square in late December will create tension once again, but with Venus due to turn direct on New Year’s Day, 2022, you will know where your heart wants to go, Capricorn.

Money and Career

Your income seems to be a key concern of yours during 2021 – no matter how financially secure you may be, you’ll sense a need or a desire to earn more, which will conflict with changes in your values and your slow transition to a less materialistic style of life. The first hints of this come in mid-January, when Mars squares up to Saturn and Jupiter squares up to Uranus, but the first real hit will come in mid-February when the first Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact.

If you work in the creative industries, Capricorn, February does have some good news, notably the Mars-Pluto trine on February 25th. In any other industry, March looks like a promising month. Mars moves into your everyday work zone, driving you forwards and streamlining your schedules, making you more productive ahead of a stabilizing Mars-Saturn trine on March 22nd. April 17th also brings promise, with an inspirational Mars-Jupiter trine, which is especially helpful for those working in the media, IT, tech or science fields.

May’s Lunar Eclipse is likely to give you pause for thought regarding your current career path, and whether it truly aligns with your values or not. When Mercury turns retrograde in your working zone on May 29th, you’ll have a few days to consider your options ahead of a dramatic Solar Eclipse in your working zone on June 10th. Be aware that doing nothing is a decision in itself in the eyes of the universe, Capricorn, and that eclipses tend to force our hand when we’re reluctant to otherwise act. Just a few days later, the second of the Uranus-Saturn squares highlights money, or the lack of it, and the freedom it may or may not buy you.

There are warnings in July and August not to borrow too much, Capricorn, or to be careful around matters of investment and debt. Be sure to take expert advice, especially around July 1st, when Mars opposes Saturn from your debt zone, and on August 20th, when the Sun opposes over-enthusiastic Jupiter from the same place.

If you are looking to shore up your career position, however, September should be a positive month. Mars arrives in your career zone early on, and both Mars and the Sun form supportive trines to Saturn late in the month. This may see you involved in a promotion of some kind, as may the Sun-Mars conjunction in your career zone on October 8th.

In mid-October, generous Jupiter turns direct in your money zone, which is typically a good sign for your income. Over the next few days, Mars trines Jupiter and squares Pluto, providing a further boost to your income, although potentially at a cost to your deeper values. The Lunar Eclipse on November 19th occurs in your creativity zone and may fill you with inspiration for the future.

During December, however, the early Solar Eclipse in your privacy zone may give you pause for thought again about your future career direction. Use the energies of the third and final Saturn-Uranus square, over the holiday period, to force yourself to a conclusive view, one way or the other, so that you can face 2022 with confidence.


There’s a strong emphasis on love affairs, friendships and your roots this year, Capricorn, in what should be a strong year for your family.

The Capricorn Super New Moon on January 2nd starts things off on an optimistic note and the Full Moon in your love zone on January 17th is a time for making memories. Watch out for Mercury retrograde moving backward into Capricorn in late January, however – astrology suggests that this will inhibit your communication skills, just as Mars moves into your sign on January 24th, increasing your assertiveness, but also your temper.

The Northern Hemisphere spring months are strong for you, with a stellium of Venus, Mars and Pluto working in your favor in early March in particular. Early signs of the astrological year’s emphasis on family pop up around the Aries New Moon on April 1st. You’ll be pondering the mysteries of life during the rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th, so you’ll appreciate the firm foundation of your roots even more.

A Solar Eclipse in the love affairs sector of your natal birth chart on April 30th shakes things up. If you are single, this could point towards a dramatic and fated encounter with someone new; if you are in a relationship already, an intoxicating attraction elsewhere could be problematic. On May 10th, however, joyful Jupiter takes up residence in the family zone of your chart, bringing happiness as well as a green light for family projects.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 16th is in your social zone, so friendships may start or end in dramatic style around the middle of the year. With Mars changing signs to focus on your family zone on May 24th, channel your energy into a house move, renovation or the resolution of a long-term family problem.

July 13th brings a Super Full Moon in Capricorn – an emotional and poignant moment, during which you’ll want to express gratitude for your blessings. On July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde in the family area of your natal birth chart, so family matters may turn less optimistic for a while, at least until the Full Moon in this zone of your chart on October 9th.

A Solar Eclipse in your social zone on October 25th, together with its partner Lunar Eclipse in your love affairs zone of the zodiac on November 8th, suggest that a friendship may turn into something much more significant particularly if you are single. Venus changes signs and arrives in Capricorn on December 9th, promising a festive season full of romance. Meanwhile, Jupiter returns to the family zone of your natal birth chart on December 20th. This together with the Capricorn New Moon on December 23rd rounds out the year on a very positive note – although do look out for Mercury retrograde in your own sign on December 29th.

Love and Romance

Whether a friend turns into a lover or a lover becomes “just a friend”, this year’s Eclipses have a story to tell regarding your personal life. The Full Moon in your love zone on January 17th is an emotional rollercoaster and perhaps the first indication of unease in this area. Matters will settle down quite quickly initially, however, particularly once Venus turns direct in Capricorn on January 29th and the February 16th Full Moon provides an upswing of passion and depth.

Look to the Solar Eclipse in your love affairs zone on April 30th for a dramatic meeting of some kind; there could be infidelity here, or a tempestuous attraction. Although warm-hearted Jupiter changes signs and focuses on your family life from May 10th onwards, the Lunar Eclipse in your friendship zone on May 16th points towards an unstable set of circumstances.

The early summer months in the Northern Hemisphere are the best time to seek lasting love, if you are single. Venus’ arrival in your dating zone on May 28th is a good sign, as is the New Moon in the romance sector of your natal birth chart on June 28th. Mars changes signs and increases your passion on July 5th, ahead of the Capricorn Super Full Moon on July 13th – this in itself is just one week ahead of Venus’ arrival in your love zone, so this period should feel exciting and memorable.

The borderline between friendship and love becomes very blurred in October, however. Venus arrives in your social zone on October 23rd, just two days before the Solar Eclipse in this area of your natal birth chart. This is swiftly followed by the Lunar Eclipse in your dating and love affairs sector on November 8th, suggesting that emotions are tempestuous, and any new attraction may be extremely significant.

Passionate Mars turns retrograde in your wellbeing zone on October 30th, in an indication that the stress of the situation is affecting your mental health. Take good care of yourself in this period. Surround yourself with friends and supporters and seek professional counseling if you think it would help.

Allow the dust to settle through November. By the time Venus slinks into Capricorn on December 9th, you should have a much better idea of your romantic priorities. Jupiter, having spent some time retrograde, powers forward again in your family zone from December 20th, just in time to create a loving and peaceful festive season, backed up by the very positive Capricorn New Moon on December 23rd.

If some relationship issues are still unresolved, however, be very careful when Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th. You may be ending 2022 on a note of uncertainty, either unsure whether or not to tell the truth, or unable to discern whether someone else is telling it to you.

Money and Career

This year’s Eclipse cycle impacts your risk zone and your objectives zone, so although these Eclipses are more likely to impact your personal life, you may also feel their effects in sudden changes of heart about your career trajectory too.

Money matters get off to a good start in the first quarter of the year with the Aquarius New Moon in your money zone on February 1st; with Mars in Capricorn during this period, you are very focused on success.

On March 6th, luxury-loving Venus changes signs to encourage plenty of spending – fortunately, on the very same day, a sign change from Mars increases your drive to make money but take care that your income doesn’t vanish as soon as it arrives!

April 16th and the Full Moon in your career zone on this date are the first hints that you may be pondering career issues. On April 30th, the Solar Eclipse hits the risk zone of your natal birth chart, and you may feel tempted to take drastic action around this time.

The Jupiter-Pluto sextile on May 3rd brings you food for thought too, but Jupiter’s sign change into Aries, your roots zone, on May 10th is a stabilizing influence. However, that same day, Mercury turns retrograde in your everyday work zone, so you may struggle with boredom or with difficult colleagues. The Lunar Eclipse on May 16th brings news that shows you what is possible.

On July 5th, Mars moves into your risk zone, bringing a sense of restlessness and drama, which is exacerbated by the emotional Super Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13th. Look to the Aquarius Full Moon in the money area of your natal birth chart on August 11th for confirmation about what changes you can afford to make without compromising your lifestyle and your financial security.

If you do change career direction, don’t expect things to happen quickly. Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, the career zone of your chart, on September 9th, which will slow progress, although the Libra New Moon here on September 25th is more promising.

However, it’s the Eclipses again which are likely to prove illuminating. The Solar Eclipse in your objectives zone on October 25th rocks your direction once again and its partner Lunar Eclipse on November 8th urges you to step outside your comfort zone. Matters are not helped by Mars turning retrograde in the everyday work zone of your natal birth chart on October 30th and remaining that way for the rest of the year.

The Full Moon in this area of your chart on December 7th could be crunch time for a decision. The good news is that on December 20th, bountiful Jupiter moves back into your roots and stability zone, so you will end the year on a much firmer footing.


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    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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