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Aries by Astrology.TV
Aries by Astrology.TV


Get ready for a shakeup in 2020, Aries. Everything you thought you knew about your long-term goals and your life strategy is up for questioning now, as profound influences challenge your direction and your goals.

The year gets underway with a Lunar Eclipse in your roots zone early in January, warning that your stable foundations are about to shift. This is swiftly followed by the year’s main dish: The rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12. You’ll feel this aspect across the year and for you, this manifests as great opportunity, but potentially at great cost. This conjunction occurs in your career and ambition zone, potentially pitting you against powerful authority figures, or challenging you to stand up for what’s right, even at personal cost to your own future advancement.

Late February through May give you a chance to marshal your forces and to get to work in earnest. Mars journeys through your ambitions zone and your social zone, so you should find it easy to rally others to your cause and to get to know the right people for where you want to head. Venus trips through your image and money zones during this time, Aries, so put your game face on – not that you ever leave it off – and gather both the support and the resources you will need for the rest of the year. During late April, the astrology hints at challenge ahead, Aries, as Pluto turns Retrograde in your career zone and you’re forced to dig deep to get rid of the baggage you’ve been dragging around far too long.

The Lunar Eclipse in early June shows you how far the balance has shifted in the first half of the year, and June’s Mercury Retrograde encourages you to heal any family rifts. Through July, the Sun opposes a loose conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and this powerful energy may force you to make sacrifices in either your career or your family life to keep the wheels turning. The swiftly-following Lunar Eclipse in your career zone offers the promise of new opportunities to come, and your confidence will grow once Mars arrives in your zodiac sign of Aries, where it’s set to stay for the rest of the year.

The last few months of 2020 are the most promising for your love life, Aries, with Venus transiting your dating zone in September and your relationship zone in October and November. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in your intimacy zone in mid-October could make communication in love difficult, but if you speak from the heart you won’t go far wrong. Aries, yours is an impatient astrological sign but slow it down a little.

As Jupiter shifts into your community zone in December, it forms a powerful conjunction with Saturn, asking you to seek your calling in society. This message is reinforced by a Solar Eclipse in your adventure zone, and the arrival of Venus into that zone too – you’ve been forced to look inwards for much of 2020, but you face 2021 in a much more outward looking frame of mind.

Love and Romance

You may face a struggle throughout 2020 to keep your love life safe from the storms that might wash through your career and working life. There are strong indications that your sweetheart and your family may come into conflict too, so you’ll need to be strong, Aries, in defending your lover and shoring up your commitment.

January’s Lunar Eclipse in your family zone could mark the beginning of some bad blood between your relatives and your partner but try not to lose your temper. Keeping your cool will help things to settle down much faster. If you’re single, as 2020 gets underway, look to early March and the Venus-Uranus conjunction for a surprising new connection with someone who challenges your values. Opposites may attract at this time!

Watch your words in the early months of the year, Aries, especially once Venus turns Retrograde in your communication zone just before mid-May. You may find it difficult to make yourself understood, so try to be honest, open and direct with your lover in order to avoid misunderstandings. This will be important starting at the end of June too, when your ruling planet Mars moves into Aries and increases your aggression. What you think is assertiveness may come across much harsher to those you love.

July could be the most challenging period for your relationship, as the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto pits your home life against your working life, requiring a lot of patience from your sweetheart. The best way to handle this is to be upfront about how much time you’re going to have to spend at work. Aries, yours is an honest zodiac sign, so don’t make false promises only let down your family and sweetheart.

Fortunately, Venus shifts into your fun zone in September and the pressure eases a little. The astrology shows that this is the best time of year for a second honeymoon, a romantic break or a big love treat to say thank you to your partner for what they’ve endured so far this year. October’s trines between Venus and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio are promising too, suggesting that your sweetheart may be able to help you on a practical level at work, so they can feel more involved and less neglected.

Don’t take this new cooperation for granted, however. During November, Venus transits your intimacy zone, but work concerns are once again taking up your time. Now there are difficult squares between Venus and Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto which could suggest power struggles in your love life, so try to ensure that you do set aside some couple time as the year starts to wind down.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December could be seen as a karmic and spiritual moment for your relationship, Aries. This occurs in your community zone, so it may be wise to spend some more time late in the year socializing with your sweetheart and working together on a charity or community project that has captured your hearts and your attention.

Money and Career

2020’s major astrological news story, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, occurs in your career zone on January 12, but its effects will last for much of the year, and this will dominate your career direction. There’s an element of oppression or even force here, so you may find that your working conditions become quite difficult or stressful at various points. However, there’s also opportunity here, Aries, to find your voice and to take a stand once and for all. This takes a great deal of courage, but if you Aries are known for anything, it’s bravery!

Expect the first phase of this energy to play out across the early months of 2020, particularly once Mars, your ruling planet, shifts into your career zone in February. In late March, Mars makes a series of conjunctions to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in your career zone, suggesting that this is a key time for you, Aries. At this time, you’ll learn how to channel your anger and your assertive power into changing what you don’t like and don’t agree with – even if that means changing your entire career path.

Venus, a planet closely connected to finance, moves into your money zone in March and this, together with an interesting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in early April suggests that you may discover some alternative revenue streams – if you’re willing to take a leap of faith and try something new.

In July, a backdrop of the Sun in opposition to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio makes life difficult for your work-life balance, again. Things are still tense in August too, as Mars squares up against Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in turn, in Aries: This is where you may feel the effects of this energy very personally. Perhaps your reputation is under threat, Aries, or perhaps you’re being wrongly blamed for a mishap at work. Whatever it is, you’ll want to act, but you should guard against being too impulsive, especially once Mars turns Retrograde in September. Hold your fire.

During October, a tricky Mercury Retrograde in your resources zone will need careful handling, especially if you’re dealing with creditors. Get expert advice when handling large sums of money or potential legal matters.

Once Venus shifts into your resource zone in late November, and the Mars Retrograde period ends, you’ll finally be free to take the action you wanted to take earlier in September. This is time to make a major career move, Aries, if that’s what you want. December’s powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is supportive of this – falling in your community zone, it shows that you will have or can garner support for a new venture or a new career, especially if you opt for one that’s meaningful and can make a difference in the world.


2021 sees three Saturn-Uranus squares – a major aspect in astrology which last occurred in 1999-2000. For you, Aries, these squares reveal a tension between your own values, the values of your social group, and society’s imposed values. February, June and December will be particular crunch points in this regard, but you may struggle with being told what to think throughout the year.

Although you start 2021 with Mars, your ruling planet, in your own zodiac sign, it moves into your values zone on January 6th and the tension begins. During the second week of January, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, all in your social zone, form tense approaches with volatile Mars and Uranus; you may start to feel pretty uncomfortable in the social sphere around this time, and once Mercury turns retrograde at the end of January, this will only intensify.

Mid-February sees the first of the Saturn-Uranus squares, Aries, so you may experience anger, fallouts with friends or exasperation with the prevailing culture at work. In early March, Mars shifts into your communication zone, making you even less likely to hold your tongue and keep the peace. At work, this could become a particular issue in mid-April, when the Sun squares up to control freak Pluto, which is transiting your career zone. It may only be your liking for the job’s secure income, boosted by Venus arriving in your money zone at this time, which stops you from doing something drastic.

You will start to feel increasingly evangelical in your views, Aries, once Jupiter shifts into Pisces and your spirituality zone on May 13th and until it turns retrograde there on June 20th. However, a Lunar Eclipse in your beliefs zone in late May, coupling with Mercury turning retrograde in your communication zone, may prevent you from speaking out as much as you would like to; the Solar Eclipse in your communication zone on June 10th backs this up too. Impatient, impulsive Mars moves into your risk zone in mid-June, just in time for the second Saturn-Uranus square, so if there is a point of no return on this issue, it’s likely to be then.

The second half of the year seems much calmer for your zodiac sign, and indeed things settle down considerably in July and August, and with Venus moving into your love zone, you should feel more at ease. However, be sure to keep communication open with your sweetheart ahead of Mercury’s retrograde in your love zone in late September.

Enjoy the relative peace while it lasts, Aries, because the Lunar Eclipse in late November occurs in your values zone, perhaps impacting dearly held opinions you have, or even on things you physically value – your bank balance. This is swiftly followed by a Solar Eclipse in early December in your learning zone, which may help you fill in the blanks about what life has been trying to teach you. The third and final Saturn-Uranus square in late December holds less tumult for you, as you have started to come to terms with its message; by the time Jupiter arrives back in your spiritual zone in the last days of 2021, you will understand how to honor your own views while also honoring others.

Love and Romance

The first quarter of 2021 is a challenging time for your closest relationships, Aries, not least because the frustration and exasperation you feel in everyday life easily spills over into your love life too. If you are single, however, January may be a good time to meet someone who works in a similar field to you – when Venus conjuncts Pluto in your career zone, this could be an overwhelming attraction.

If your relationship has already been on the rocks for a while, February brings some stability and respite when Venus conjuncts Saturn and then Jupiter in quick succession. There’s a touch of magic available in your love horoscope too in March when Venus conjuncts Neptune. Despite the tension, Aries, romance is most definitely not dead.

However, when Mars shifts into your family zone in April, Venus too ratchets up the tension, squaring up to Pluto and then Saturn during April, highlighting jealousy from a partner who wants you to spend more time at home and less time either working, socializing or doing your own thing. A sense of vagueness and a lack of certainty in love could also be annoying for your partner late in May when Venus squares Neptune.

Although family tensions continue through June, these are more related to children and extended family than directly to your partner; indeed, there are signs of an increasingly deep connection in love during early summer, when Venus trines Jupiter, then trines Neptune, before opposing Pluto in late June and proving that love wins out over coercion every time. July, which Venus spends mostly in your dating zone, is a magical time for meeting someone new, Aries, or indeed for restoring the spark in an existing relationship.

During August, your love life feels grounded, earthy and largely contented, with Venus creating trines to Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, all of which will keep you connected with your emotions and with what matters most to your lover. During September, however, you will need to work hard to get enough quality with your sweetheart. This looks like being a busy social month for you, but Venus’ squares to Pluto, then Saturn, and later Jupiter suggest that there’s not enough focus on privacy or intimacy.

If you are single, mid-November is an excellent time for meeting someone special – but don’t try too hard! A beautiful Venus-Uranus trine in your love horoscope suggests that the most meaningful encounters will come out of the blue. Whether with this new partner or, if you are already happily in a relationship, with your existing partner, December packs a punch on the romance front. Venus conjuncts Pluto twice, once on the 11th and again on the 25th having turned retrograde. You’ll be asked to make a commitment around this time: it’s all or nothing, so are you ready to make long-term plans?

Money and Career

The impact of the first Saturn-Uranus square dominates January and February in astrology and, if you feel that your right to an opinion is being curtailed at work, you will feel this impact in your career too. Nonetheless, there are optimistic signs that you can get ahead during early 2021 if you can keep your emotions in check, Aries. A volatile Mars-Jupiter square in late January, for example, suggests that too much aggression will curtail your opportunities, but an inspirational Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in mid-February highlights your skills and how you can make yourself irreplaceable.

There are more positive opportunities in March, particularly when Mars trines Saturn and helps you to stabilize your position, and in April, when Mars trines Jupiter and gives a huge boost to new and exciting projects. A dramatic Sun-Uranus conjunction in late April in your money zone could even see some unexpected earnings, a windfall or a promotion of some kind.

During May, focus on taking control and responsibility where you can, Aries. A Sun-Pluto trine mid-month will help with this and should boost both your income and your status at work. If you work in the arts or the creative industries, the end of May also sees a trine between Mars and Neptune, which helps to harness the power of the imagination – although the Lunar Eclipse late in May could suggest problems with work-related travel.

Try to avoid doing anything drastic with regard to your career in June, Aries; you may well feel on edge and wound up, courtesy of the Solar Eclipse and the second Saturn-Uranus square, but with Mars in your risk zone, you won’t be thinking very clearly. This edginess continues into July, as Mars opposes Saturn and then squares Uranus; you may feel that your creativity or freedom is being restrained, but if you can hang on in there, the pieces will start to fall into place. At the end of July, an inspirational Mars-Jupiter opposition will help to re-vamp your working routines or schedules in such a way that more freedom is possible.

Late August brings an eccentric but exciting Mars-Uranus trine, activating your money zone and perhaps bringing your inspiration for a new side hustle or lucrative project. During September, the first steps with this get the go-ahead from a series of solar trines to Uranus, Pluto and Saturn, as well as Mars trines to Pluto and Saturn – this is definitely a month to set things in motion.

Later in October, however, watch out for a tense Mars-Pluto square which pits your working life against your love life; November’s Lunar Eclipse in your money zone might exacerbate this too. Don’t take unnecessary financial risks in late November or early December – Mars is set to oppose Uranus and later square Jupiter, giving you reckless thoughts, especially egged on by friends and colleagues. You round out the year with bountiful Jupiter moving into Pisces and your privacy zone in December, for the second time this year – getting some peace and quiet may help to boost your business as 2022 gets underway.


It’s an unusually quiet start to the year for you, Aries, especially with Mercury going retrograde first in your friendship zone and then in your career zone between January 14th and February 3rd. Spend time focused on your family and your personal life, particularly during the Full Moon on January 17th.

Life speeds up again when Mars moves into your social zone on March 6th, and the Aries New Moon on April 1st is bright, positive and packed with energy for you. Expect to feel a little out of your depth, however, when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in your spiritual zone on April 12th. You are being urged to think more deeply about life, but this may be an uncomfortable process.

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th occurs in your money zone and is one of a series of Eclipses this year that will rock your financial stability. Don’t panic; the Jupiter-Pluto sextile on May 3rd is promising for your career, but you may have to simply get used to being less secure than you might like.

Jupiter arrives in your sign on May 10th, bringing you a huge burst of confidence and optimism. At this point, life can be very much what you make it, although the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th reminds you powerfully that money could still be an issue. Look to the arrival of your ruler Mars into Aries on May 24th for a fresh, can-do approach to life.

The Northern Hemisphere’s summer looks set to be adventurous and inspirational on several fronts. The Super Full Moon in your adventure zone on June 14th promises plenty of action, and the New Moon in your family zone on June 28th is loving and full of joy. If you’re single, look to Venus changing signs on July 17th – this is a prime time for meeting someone new.

As the Equinox approaches, however, things may get trickier, Aries. Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone on September 9th, so communication will be very important. It’s not all bad news – the New Moon in your love zone on September 25th promises a fresh start, backed by Venus’ arrival in your love zone just days later. If you can keep talking, you’ll soon be back in love once more.

October 9th sees an emotional Full Moon in Aries which may prompt angst and indecision. The last two Eclipses of the year – a Solar Eclipse on October 25th and its partner Lunar Eclipse on November 8th – both point to money issues again, perhaps with a certain amount of pride on your part, if you don’t wish to accept help.

However, you will work it out. Jupiter is set to re-enter Aries from Pisces on December 20th, pushing you to resolve any outstanding issues in grand style. A few days later, the New Moon in your career zone on December 23rd promises good things ahead, and the easing of financial pressure for sure.

Love and Romance

2022 begins on an even keel, Aries, romance-wise. It’s a quiet period in January, although the Full Moon in your family zone on January 17th is sweet and sentimental. If you do date someone new during this early period, however, be very careful that you’re not being taken for a ride. The Full Moon in your dating zone on February 16th suggests that you might be being much more gullible than normal.

March looks set to be a buoyant and fun time for your love life. Venus and Mars both move into your social zone on March 6th; if you’re happily in love, this is a great time for entertaining or partying. If you’re single and looking for love, you may find it in a long-term friend who becomes so much more.

The New Moon in Aries on April 1st is a good indicator of a new beginning, although Venus’ arrival in your secrecy zone on April 5th suggests that any new relationship at this time may be somewhat shrouded in mystery. Indeed, Mars’ arrival in your secrecy zone on April 14th is immediately followed by a Full Moon in your love zone the next day – if anything illicit is going on, this could be a crunch point.

Look to May 2nd and the arrival of Venus in your own sign for a more upbeat and less complicated approach to love. When jovial Jupiter enters Aries from Pisces on May 10th, this will further boost your love life, turning you into irresistible company.

However, the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th occurs in a chart zone that doesn’t only cover shared finances – it covers jealousy, passion, sex and power too. If this eclipse doesn’t impact your money, it will impact your love life.

Fortunately, the repercussions from this don’t seem to last. By July 17th, Venus is in your family zone, bringing warmth and harmony, while on July 28th, a New Moon in your dating zone is very positive news.

After a summer of romance, however, communication may suffer in September, when Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone on the 9th. The New Moon in your love zone on the 25th will help, as will the arrival of Venus here on the 29th, but you will need to be sure to keep talking.

Passion heats up again when Venus moves into your excitement zone on October 23rd, but hot on the heels of this, two Eclipses – on October 25th and November 8th – could de-stabilize your love life again, if your passion or lust has outweighed your fidelity or your values.

Things may not settle down from this until mid-December – when Venus moves into your status zone on December 9th, you’ll start to feel more in control, but it’s important that if you play with fire, you accept the risks.

Money and Career

It’s this year’s Eclipse cycle that is most likely to have an impact on your financial health, Aries. Spanning the axis in your natal birth chart between what is yours versus what belongs to or should be shared with others, the Eclipses will ask you some serious questions about your financial values, ethics and ambitions.

The year starts well enough, however, with a Super New Moon in your career zone on January 2nd, so you will be itching to get back to work. Your ruler Mars moves into your career zone on January 24th, further heightening your ambitions and drive.

Early March is a positive period for you too, as Venus, Mars and Pluto all form a stellium in your career zone, giving you the power to change hearts as well as minds, especially in business. This is backed up by your increasing confidence, as reflected in the Aries New Moon on April 1st.

However, April 30th sees the first of the Eclipses – a Solar Eclipse in your money zone – which is likely to bring some shocks or unpleasant surprises. A few days later, the Jupiter-Pluto sextile hints that your career path may need to take a more spiritual turn for maximum opportunity – but with bountiful Jupiter arriving in your own sign on May 10th, you may not heed this message. Instead, you’ll feel confident about forging ahead with your existing plans – perhaps until the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th hits your shared resources zone, and someone calls in debts, be they financial or emotional.

Luxury-loving Venus moves into your money zone on May 28th, so you will need to be careful with spending for a month or two. Fortunately, Mars moves into your money zone on July 5th, boosting both your drive and your ability to earn more money. An emotional Full Moon in your career zone on July 13th, however, may still be pushing the message about job satisfaction rather than big money.

When Jupiter turns retrograde in your own sign on July 28th, you will need to stop and consider what you really want from life. The very same day, a New Moon in your creativity zone shows you possibilities you’d never before considered: there is another way to earn your keep. Work on this over the Northern Hemisphere’s summer and with luck, you will have reached some kind of conclusion by the time the Aries Full Moon forces a decision on October 9th.

The last of the Eclipses come on October 25th and November 8th, by which time you should have a better understanding of yourself, your money and your hopes. Look to the arrival of Venus in your career zone on December 9th – this brightens your mood and encourages imagination. When Jupiter arrives back in Aries on December 20th, you will have a new plan and a new mission – be ready to act during the New Moon in your career zone on December 23rd.


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    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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