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Your challenge during 2020, Scorpio, is likely to be learning to switch focus between details and the bigger picture. You like to obsessively plan and to stay in control, but this year’s astrological events will challenge that, principally through the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction which occurs in your intellectual zone. You’ll need to learn the difference between what you can control and what you can’t, and you’ll also want to rethink your strategy for short-term and long-term planning.

Your beliefs and principles may be challenged too, as suggested by the Lunar Eclipse in your philosophy zone as 2020 gets underway. This is followed, just a couple of days later, by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, which rocks what you think you know. Your normally strong communicative skills may be undermined in February when Mercury turns Retrograde in your risk zone, and with Mars arriving in your intellectual zone, your mind may be racing but your words aren’t keeping up!

The good news is that your home and family life look secure and settled this year, according to the astrology, so this provides a solid base from which you can address this existential, intellectual, philosophical crisis. Saturn moves into your family zone in March, keeping things on a steady and even keel there, while Venus transits your love zone, bringing harmony and peace.

It may briefly be a different story in April and May, however, when Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all Retrograde, bringing jealousies or anger to the fore, especially once Mars moves into your risk zone in May. A lot of this may be connected to the intellectual hoops you’re having to jump through, Scorpio, perhaps your partner isn’t fully on board with your urge for self-exploration this year, or with your many changes of mind and principle.

A Solar Eclipse in your philosophy zone in June finds you having to defend your beliefs, which you’ll do with typical Scorpio passion, but with Mercury Retrograde in the same zone, you’ll find it tricky. Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so your conflicts between detail and scope, ideas and reality, and ethics and principles will intensify until your head is spinning. July and August is a very good time for a spiritual or philosophical getaway if you can manage it. A week or two in a retreat would be the ideal way to sort your head out, especially once Venus moves into your travel zone in August.

There’s a reflective theme to early fall too, with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in October, and Venus transiting your spiritual zone before arriving in Scorpio in November. A Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in November suggests a sudden relationship issue which will need careful attention – however, once Jupiter moves into your family zone in December, you should find that your stress eases and your intellectual gymnastics can calm down too. You’ll end 2020 with very different ideas and beliefs than how you started, but that’s good for your growth.

Love and Romance

2020’s astrology looks set to be relatively quiet for your love life, Scorpio. If you’re in a relationship, and you’re happy, you’ll most likely stay that way. Troubled relationships may stumble along too, as you’ll lack the motivation or drive to really address these issues head-on for the time being. If you’re single, the year is not a hotbed of romance, but it’s not completely bare of love – January and February are probably the best months for dating.

Venus transits your dating zone in January, so this is a good time to either meet someone new or to refresh the magic in an existing relationship. Watch out for Mercury turning Retrograde in this zone during February, though. It’s still a good time for meeting new people, but you can’t quite control your personal image as well as you’d like to.

March is an important month for an established relationship, as Saturn arrives in your family zone, providing a boost to stability and security. At the same time, Venus moves into your love zone and conjuncts Uranus, the planet of surprises – this is a very healthy influence that could help a jaded relationship get out of a rut and back to full vitality. There’s an increase in astrological passion during April, Scorpio, when Venus moves into your intimacy zone, but Venus’ Retrograde motion here during May could stir up long-dormant jealousies. May is not a great time for dating, because with Mars transiting your dating zone, you’re likely to come across as simply too much for a new person to handle!

A quiet mid-year on the romantic front gives you plenty of time to deepen your bond with your partner or to find love and affection from friends, family and cherished pets if you’re single. In August, when Venus moves into your travel and adventure zone, the astrology suggests that an all-action romantic getaway would be ideal. If you’re single, you may meet someone new while traveling, or perhaps in an adventurous or high-risk situation. In September, Venus moves on to your career zone, so single Scorpios may begin a workplace romance.

Mercury Retrograde occurs in Scorpio in October, which could make you somewhat less charming or eloquent than normal, so watch out for blunt responses which could upset people. Later in October and through mid-November, Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction from your spiritual zone, so a karmic mismatch in your love life may make itself known, and you’ll have to do some work to get things back onto an even kilter.

This culminates in a Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in November, and the arrival of Venus in Scorpio. If you’re willing to put in the effort, this is nothing that should rock a stable relationship too much – it’s just a warning to pay attention to the dynamics of your love. As 2020 draws to a close, the arrival of Jupiter in your family zone is a very welcome sight, suggesting joy, harmony and generosity of spirit at home – certainly a very good way to end the year.

Money and Career

There doesn’t look to be any major astrological upheavals in your career or your financial life during 2020, so it’s a good time to consolidate the progress you’ve already made. Watch out for over-spending as the year begins, however, with Venus transiting your risk zone and Mars transiting your financial zone. A desire to buy things could become overwhelming at points, so it’s important to set a budget if you can. In February, Mercury turns Retrograde in your risk zone, so at that time in particular don’t make major investments or purchases without expert advice first, Scorpio.

During February, Venus moves into your everyday work zone, so you’ll want to make changes at work that make life easier for you. Re-organize your office or tighten up your schedule to create more free time. You also might think about brightening up your work environment with homely or comfortable touches too – anything that helps you focus or inspires you. Maybe Feng Shui would help. In late February, Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto combination, however, so don’t spend too much money on your immediate surroundings if it would be better spent elsewhere.

April’s astrology is useful for seeking investment or financial assistance. Venus moves into your resources zone, so you’ll be able to make a very good impression on others. Once Venus turns Retrograde in this zone in May, focus on paying off or consolidating debts, or shopping around to get a better, savvier deal. Mars moves into your creativity zone in May, so it’s also a good time to look at building a creative side hustle of some kind, using your artistic or craft skills.

A Lunar Eclipse in your money zone in June could bring a shock, but at worst it will teach you the value of saving money for a rainy day, Scorpio. With Mars in your everyday work zone at this time, you should be able to weather any financial problems without too much difficulty, so you can spend the following few months increasing your income if necessary.

Come September, Mars turns Retrograde in your everyday work zone, however, and this could bring some confusion at work. Lost paperwork, misplaced payments or mistakes made in haste – these things will try your patience, but if you slow down, they are easy enough to correct. Venus moves into your career zone in September, so you may be thinking of seeking a promotion or looking for a better paid job. Interviews are best avoided during the Mercury Retrograde period in October, however, as this occurs in Scorpio and could hamper the impression you give.

As the year ends, two eclipses – a Lunar Eclipse in November and a Solar Eclipse in December – may challenge your financial beliefs, asking you to think carefully about what you truly value. With Venus in your money zone in December, you’ll also need to guard against overspending during the holiday period.


The complex interplay between love and family is likely to be a key theme in your year, Scorpio, with three rare Saturn-Uranus squares highlighting points of tension between a love relationship and family responsibilities or perhaps extended family members. A meetup of impulsive Mars and unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, your love zone, on January 20th may be a key spark in what is to come in mid-February, during the first of the Saturn-Uranus squares. For the first few months of 2021, expect a lot of tension between what you want to do versus what you think you should do.

In May, it may be financial matters which occupy your time – Jupiter shifts into Pisces, your pleasure zone, on May 13th, encouraging big spending, but will turn retrograde on June 20th, hinting at regrets to be considered at leisure. Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius in late May falls in your money zone and may come as something of a shock. Hot on its heels, on June 10th, the Solar Eclipse is in Gemini in your debt zone; this may pertain to money once more, but it can also signify issues around emotional debts too. The second Saturn-Uranus square occurs days later on June 14th, so lingering resentments among family members may rear up once again, especially if your family disapproves of your relationship, or if your partner does not get along well with your blood family.

Late June shifts the focus once more, this time towards your career. With both Venus and Mars in your career zone in Leo at this point, you may choose to throw yourself into work in order to mitigate the fallout in your personal life. A Mars-Saturn opposition on July 1st hints that trouble with your work-life balance is not helping your relationship situation. Look to the passionate Venus-Mars conjunction on July 13th, also in your career zone, to help you find a way to ‘sell’ your career efforts to your partner.

In early September, Venus arrives in your own sign of Scorpio, which may signal that love issues start to settle down. Watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your secrets zone on September 27th – if there is anything you want kept private or secret, you will need to be careful at this point. In mid-October, Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius, in your family zone, encouraging openness and honesty, which could be a turning point in the love-family conflict you’ve been experiencing.

However, difficult squares in November occur between Mars in your sign and Saturn in Aquarius, and between the Sun in your sign and Jupiter in Aquarius. These coupled with a tense Mars-Uranus opposition mid-month suggest that you may be forced to make a choice. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19th occurs in your love zone, further underlining this. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini on December 4th is in your values zone, so these few weeks may be critical in your understanding of what truly matters to you, Scorpio.

The final Saturn-Uranus square occurs in the middle of the holiday period, suggesting still further tension – but hang on in there. Jupiter moves into Pisces and settles in your joy zone in the last days of 2021. Better news is coming.

Love and Romance

As already mentioned, the dominant influence of 2021 is the three Saturn-Uranus squares in February, June and December, each of which points to an ongoing issue which pits love and family against one another.

In the first few months of the year, you may spend a lot of time trying to dodge the issue, Scorpio – for example in the second week of February when Mercury and Venus both conjunct Jupiter in your family zone, you’re likely to be able to put on a good show of family fun and unity, despite the impending influence of the upcoming Saturn-Uranus square. March 22nd is another key date, when the Mars-Saturn trine suggests you will be working hard behind the scenes to try to soothe tempers or boost family stability. Nevertheless, more impetuous conjunctions in your love zone - first Venus and then the Sun with Uranus - spell trouble in late April.

Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces, in your pleasure zone on May 13th has implications for love – if you are single, this would be a promising time for dating or finding new love. However, this area of your chart also covers risk-taking, and could suggest a reckless approach to infidelity, particularly with Venus resident in your intimacy zone at that time. The Lunar Eclipse in late May is in your money zone, but this area of your chart also deals with values; if you have taken a risk, the resulting shock to what you value most may be troublesome. This is further underlined by the Solar Eclipse in your intimacy zone on June 10th. The second Saturn-Uranus square comes just days later, reminding you of a gulf between what you want in love and what your family expects of you.

Relief could come from highly supportive friendships in late July and early August, Scorpio. With both Venus and Mars in Virgo, your social zone, at this time, Venus trines first Uranus and then Pluto, suggesting that friends may play a role in soothing tensions at home or between you and your partner. Be open to help where it is offered. However, avoid letting friends know too much about any intimate secrets you may have, particularly during the Mars-Neptune opposition on September 2nd.

Jupiter turns direct in your family zone on October 18th, which would normally suggest an increase in family happiness. However, you may still feel resentment, Scorpio, especially towards any extended family members who have interfered in your love life. The Mars-Saturn square on November 10th and the Sun-Jupiter square on November 15th both signal unease between your personal identity and your family identity, and the Mars-Uranus opposition on November 17th highlights reckless relationship decisions again, ahead of the Lunar Eclipse in your love zone just days later.

December’s Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in your values zone is probably a crunch moment when you will have to make a choice over this issue. There is still lingering tension, as the third Saturn-Uranus square takes place during the holiday period, but there is hope on the horizon too: when Jupiter settles into your joy zone on December 28th, you can breathe a sigh of relief, Scorpio.

Money and Career

Your career is unlikely to be your top priority this year, Pisces, as matters in your personal life may feel far more urgent. However, there are periods in 2021, particularly in the middle part of the year, where you can make a lot of progress with what you do for a living.

If you work in sales or communication, January looks set to be an interesting month, with Venus in Capricorn and in your communication zone helping you to win over the public. Watch out for the Sun-Pluto conjunction in mid-January in Capricorn, however, when you may discover the pitfalls of being too clever with words. The second week of March is also a good moment if you work in the creative industries; conjunctions from the Sun and Venus with imaginative Neptune should prove inspirational. Meanwhile, anyone experiencing discord with day-to-day work colleagues may see an improvement once Venus arrives in this zone of your chart, in Aries, on March 21st.

On May 13th, Jupiter moves into your creative zone, which is great news if you work in the arts. However, Jupiter will turn retrograde on June 20th, so try to sell your skills during that brief window of opportunity if you can. Your confidence will be on the increase here too, Scorpio, so it’s a good time to try for a new job or promotion. However, watch your finances carefully – the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th occurs in your money zone and may be experienced as a short, sharp shock in this area of your life. The ensuing Solar Eclipse on June 10th is in your investment zone, so you will definitely want to take professional advice over finances in this period.

Overall, however, June looks like a promising month for career matters, Scorpio, with Mars arriving in your career zone early on. The Sun-Jupiter trine on June 23rd is especially promising for people in the travel or education industry but be careful with a Mars-Saturn opposition on July 1st, which hints at too much work and not enough family time. When Venus conjuncts Mars in your career zone on July 13th, you have the perfect opportunity to get your partner on board with your career plans – or even to fall in love with someone connected to your career. Late August brings a Sun-Jupiter opposition, however, which again pits your career against family interests. You have every right to pursue a career you are passionate about, but it’s important this year to try to find the right balance.

There could be another period of overspending in early October, when luxury-loving Venus moves into your money zone; with no-limits Jupiter turning direct in your family zone shortly thereafter, there may be a temptation to try to buy affection from loved ones in order to make up for drama in your personal life. Be very careful making any major financial decision in late November or early December, as the December 4th Solar Eclipse will take place in your money zone – this could be a game-changer, Scorpio.


2022 looks set to be a highly creative year for you, Scorpio, although you will face some challenges in your personal relationships and with your desire for freedom and independence. Start the year cautiously, as Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, your family zone, on January 14th, impeding communication at home for a couple of weeks.

On February 17th, Jupiter sextiles Uranus in a powerful aspect that affects the joy, risk and love areas of your natal birth chart; if your love life has been stifled or boring recently, this energy will help you rediscover excitement – although possibly at a cost.

Any family discord that arose in January should settle once both Venus and Mars change zodiac signs into Aquarius, your family zone, on March 6th. Meanwhile, your creative instincts get a huge burst of energy from the rare and spectacular Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th. This is truly inspirational for you, Scorpio, and when Mars changes signs again to focus on your creative zone on April 14th, you will be bubbling over with ideas.

A Solar Eclipse in your love zone on April 30th needs careful handling, Scorpio. You may feel hemmed in or trapped in your relationship, but rather than taking drastic action, you should try to communicate your needs. The corresponding Lunar Eclipse in your own zodiac sign on May 16th could be a catalyst for change – one way or the other. Watch for the arrival of Mars in your love zone on July 5th, which may be a sign either of a new relationship or a significant change to the status of your existing partnership.

Meanwhile, bountiful Jupiter makes a significant zodiac sign change on May 10th, moving into the everyday work area of your natal birth chart. This makes your working life considerably more pleasant, and progress here is reflected in the New Moon in your career zone on July 28th.

August and September are largely quiet months for you, astrologically, although do watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your spiritual zone on September 9th – this would be a good time for intuitive work, mediumship and psychic development.

The pace of life picks up again dramatically on October 25th with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Three days later on October 28th, Jupiter, then retrograde, pushes backward into your risk zone – taken together, these events are suggestive of drastic events in your love life. The Lunar Eclipse on November 8th further underlines this, as does the very tense Sun-Uranus opposition the following day. These Eclipses are about the tension between your need for a partner versus your need to be your own self, so if you cannot find your freedom within a loving relationship, you may have to go it alone.

The good news is that Jupiter turns direct in your joy zone on November 23rd. Whatever the emotional upheavals of the previous month, Scorpio, the dust will have started to settle by then, and you will move forward towards the end of 2022 in a much more confident frame of mind.

Love and Romance

2022 could be a tumultuous year in your love life, Scorpio, as you struggle to find your own independence within a committed love match. This can be done – and you only have to look to the early influence of the Jupiter-Uranus sextile on February 17th to see how magical it can be when you get the balance right between freedom, spontaneity and love.

If you’re single, look to the Pisces New Moon in your dating zone on March 2nd for a possible meeting with someone new. On April 12th, a rare and magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your dating zone hints that you could meet someone during an act of compassion, perhaps in a crisis, when either you help them, or they help you and two souls recognize one another. With Mars changing signs into this area of your natal birth chart two days later, any relationship is sure to be highly passionate and emotionally charged.

A Solar Eclipse in your love zone on April 30th, however, is the first sign of instability in your love life, Scorpio. Your attempts to deal with any shocks or unpleasant surprises revealed by this Eclipse are hampered by Mercury turning retrograde in your passion zone on May 10th. By May 16th, the Lunar Eclipse in your own sign may see you seeking freedom at all costs, with scant regard for the consequences.

On July 5th, Mars makes another sign change and arrives in the romance area of your natal birth chart. This increases the passion you feel in your love life, but it also brings out your argumentative streak. With Mars switching once more, into your passion zone, on August 20th, and an emotionally charged Pisces Full Moon in your risk zone on September 10th, the Northern Hemisphere summer months are certainly eventful in your emotional life.

Early October sees a difficult opposition between Neptune and Mercury, riled up by Mars, in parts of your chart that pit responsibility against freedom and spontaneity. What happens around this time may color your reaction to the Solar Eclipse in your own sign on October 25th, when you feel an overwhelming need to assert your identity and your independence, against the wishes of your partner, if necessary.

On October 30th, Mars turns retrograde in your passion zone and will stay that way until the end of the year. This could suggest intimacy issues, or the way that you or your partner may use sex, or the lack of it, as an emotional weapon. This leads into the Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on November 8th, when tensions may simply become too much.

Whatever happens, Scorpio, know that healing is on the way. When Jupiter turns direct in your joy zone on November 23rd, happiness will return. Emotional angst will start to fade too after November 7th, when a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse shines from your psychology zone and helps you to make sense of the year’s events.

Money and Career

The focus this year is on how you can use your creative gifts to drive your income or further your career, Scorpio, although there are also some Eclipse-driven issues around business partnerships.

The first sign of dissatisfaction with your existing career comes in the Full Moon on February 16th. During early March, Venus, Mars and Pluto are all hard at work in your thinking zone and behind the scenes psychologically, you feel ready for a change.

It’s the New Moon in your creativity zone on March 2nd that shows the way ahead and urges you to start thinking of how you can use your creativity to get ahead. The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th also occurs in this area of your natal birth chart, inspiring you, unleashing your imagination and turning your attention to arts, crafts and all manner of creative industries. Once Mars changes sign to focus on this area of your chart too, on April 14th, you will feel driven to take action in this regard.

Look to the Solar Eclipse on April 30th for potential tension in a business partnership, if you have one, or shocks around support for your new venture from those you trust the most. On May 10th, bountiful, warm-hearted Jupiter moves into your everyday work zone, which will smooth over most of the discord and open up new opportunities. The Lunar Eclipse in your own sign on May 16th finds you giving yourself a dramatic talking-to, and this could be a turning point. Mars urges you onwards and upwards from May 24th onwards, and from this point, Scorpio, you should start to see the way ahead more clearly.

Money-wise, the Super Full Moon in your money zone on June 14th may warn that you need to tighten your belt and control your expenses. It’s all too easy to get carried away with excitement and end up spending far too much.

In July, there are signs of you turning away from existing colleagues and work environments into pastures new, particularly when Jupiter turns retrograde on July 28th; the same day, a promising New Moon emerges in your ambitions zone.

The rest of the Northern Hemisphere summer passes purposefully but peacefully for you in your career, making steady progress towards your new goals. However, the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th signals a crisis in confidence and you may wobble over your choices. Its partner Lunar Eclipse on November 8th again highlights issues with a business partnership, so you may need to rethink who you work with.

Happily, Jupiter turns direct once more in your creativity zone on November 23rd, and on that same day, a New Moon in your money zone sets a course for a brighter financial future. You’ll continue to work well until the end of the year, with Jupiter changing signs back into your everyday work zone on December 20th, promising a happy and productive working environment as 2022 draws to a close.


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    Hello, Ms Kelli Fox...good day to you 😊🌹 Thank you for the free astrology reading of my sign Cancer. Its fun reading it and very grateful of your kind heart sharing it for free. All the best to you and family. May you enjoy the gift of life and the gift bestowed on you by serving and sharing it to others. Best regards and continue serving with a smile in your heart.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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