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2020 is shaping up to be something of an intellectual and ideological battleground for you, Taurus. A major Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs in your philosophy zone on January 12, but this influence will remain in play for much of the year, challenging you to move beyond the truths you currently hold and into uncharted territory. This could be quite an uncomfortable experience at times, as you’ll find your ideas being questioned and your principles mocked, which is not something Taurus ever enjoys. This energy is about dealing with criticism and using it to grow, rather than being diminished by it – but that’s easier said than done, of course!

Don’t be surprised if you feel an urge to go back to school early in 2020. A Lunar Eclipse in your learning zone early in January is followed by a tricky Mercury Retrograde in your social zone in February, and the influence of these two energies, combined with the Saturn-Pluto linkup, could leave you feeling like you’re not as smart as those around you. You most certainly are, but your intellectual confidence may be fragile.

Education or training could become key at work too, during the first half of 2020. In March, taskmaster Saturn changes sign and shifts into your career zone, so you’ll likely feel tested and under pressure at work. Fortunately, Mars also moves into your ambitions zone, so you’ll have the energy, motivation and enthusiasm to meet this challenge head-on.

Astrology shows that spiritual challenges are likely to develop during April and May, when both Pluto and Jupiter turn Retrograde in your philosophy zone, leaving you with far more questions than answers. This is a good time to develop meditation skills, or to focus on a prayerful practice of some kind. Taurus, you’ll relish the privacy you have at this time of year, so make the most of the quieter period while you can. Once Mars shifts into your spiritual zone in June, you’ll be highly motivated to learn and develop new metaphysical skills – but you’ll also feel threatened by someone’s scrutiny of your spirituality.

June also marks a return to the theme of criticism against your ideas or your abilities; a Solar Eclipse falls in your skills zone and so does a Mercury Retrograde period, so you again may feel that you’re not quite reaching the mark. This waver in your confidence level isn’t helped through July, when the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, once again disrupting your intellectual confidence and making you second guess your capabilities.

Fortunately, the second half of the year is much brighter, and you should feel your confidence return from August onward. In September, Saturn and Jupiter end their Retrograde motion and you should feel able to move forward in education, training and your career. The major Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December provides a very positive boost for your working life, Taurus, giving you the chance to solidify and consolidate career progress toward a personally meaningful goal. Wrestling with the criticism and the self-doubt in the first half of the year won’t be easy, but you’ll emerge from 2020 as a much stronger person.

Love and Romance

2020 gets underway with a sense of passion and intrigue in your love life. With Mars transiting your intimacy zone, there should be plenty of memorable moments early in the year – but watch out for jealousy there too; Taurus can be a very possessive zodiac sign. When Venus transits your spiritual zone starting in late June, you’ll have the chance to deepen the karmic connection between you and your lover. This might be a good time to look into joint regression therapy or perhaps some other means of exploring your past life links to one another.

There’s a sense that something hidden may come to light which will help you both to play a stronger part in each other’s journey, especially when Venus squares up to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio in February and March. Venus conjuncts Uranus, the planet of surprises, early in March too, so that’s definitely a potential standout moment for your love life, Taurus.

Watch out for the Lunar Eclipse in your intimacy zone in early June. This could prompt a mini crisis, especially if your relationship has become tired or jaded. This astrological energy is about finding ways to keep the magic alive, no matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together.

Venus transits your family zone in September, so this would be a good month to express togetherness within the family – or even to welcome a new family member! If you’re not having a baby, maybe you might consider adding a new pet to the family. There’s certainly more than enough love to go around, and this period should prove to be a very contented time for you in your personal relationships.

If you’re single and looking, astrology suggests that October is the most promising month of the year, as Venus transits your dating zone. In October, this romantic planet also trines the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto combination, suggesting that you may meet someone magnetic or destined for you in some way, especially if you’re traveling or taking part in something which is very out of your comfort zone. These are all good reasons to abandon caution in October and look for adventure!

The end of 2020 looks set to have some lovely romantic influences for you too, Taurus. During November and December, Venus transits your love zone, so this is the perfect time for a romantic break, a wedding or for renewing a long-term commitment. In mid-December, another Eclipse rocks your intimacy zone – a Solar Eclipse. If you look back to the Eclipse in June, however, you should be able to see that you’ve made huge progress with your sweetheart on an issue since then. The December eclipse is a reminder to keep on keeping on – and the arrival of Venus into your passion zone the following day will certainly help!

Money and Career

2020 is almost flanked by two major planetary sign changes, both of which look likely to have a significant and positive effect on your career, Taurus. To begin with, Saturn moves into your career zone in March, and then in late December Jupiter joins Saturn there. Having these heavyweight planets in your career zone is a definite blessing, but it does mean that you’ll need to focus some major energy into work this year if you want to maximize the possibilities. You’re a hard-working Taurus, though, so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Early in 2020, the focus seems to be on increasing your income . With Mars moving into your resources zone in January, you’ll be motivated to stand on your own two feet – whatever that means to you – without relying on anyone’s financial or material support. Once Saturn moves into your career zone in March, you’ll no doubt shoulder more responsibilities at work. This does mean increasing pressure, but with Mars also moving into this zone in April, you’ll have the energy to meet any challenges.

With more work and greater responsibility comes a higher reward, of course, and April sees luxury-loving Venus shifting into your money zone. Venus attracts extra income but spends it too! Be careful, Taurus, that you don’t fritter away the extra money a promotion or a new contract may bring.

May could be a tricky month, with both Venus and Saturn turning Retrograde, in your money and career zones. Tighten your belt and hold your nerve. Use that financial caution that Taurus is famous for. This could be a temporary setback, so stay calm and just keep working your way through. A Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone in June could indicate that you have to suddenly repay a debt, or that you lose a client, or lose financial support in some way; again, this could lead to some difficult moments later in the year but keep the faith.

In late September, Saturn ends its Retrograde period and you can start to breathe easy again. Once Venus moves into your everyday work zone in late October, it will be much easier to see your way ahead and you’ll start to enjoy your job again instead of considering it a necessary chore. So much so, in fact, that the Lunar Eclipse in your money zone at the end of November probably won’t bother you all that much. It may make you realize how fortunate you are, Taurus, or how much your money management has improved, but it shouldn’t suggest a crisis – nor will its accompanying Solar Eclipse in your money zone in mid-December.

In fact, Venus arrives in your resources zone in December, so you won’t feel restricted during the holiday season. Bountiful Jupiter makes the move into your career zone later in the month, and this should open up the gateway to abundance. An extremely fortuitous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction also occurs in your career zone, so the astrology suggests that your hard work blends with a stroke of luck to manifest a fantastic opportunity for 2021.


Your identity is at the very core of astrological events in 2021, Taurus. A rare Saturn-Uranus square is set to become exact three times during the year, in February, June and December, and on each occasion, it underlines the tension between who you truly are versus your public image, your status or your career.

The second week in January is when the tension begins to build in astrology, as Mercury conjuncts Saturn and Jupiter in your career zone, creating harsh aspects to Mars in your own sign, in your identity zone. When Mars conjuncts rebel planet Uranus later on January 20th, you may feel an intense desire to switch careers, or to abandon your public image in some other way – but once Mercury turns retrograde in this area on January 30th, it will be difficult for you to think straight. The first of the Saturn-Uranus squares becomes exact in mid-February, and this initial seven weeks or so of the year could feel very pressurized indeed.

March and April bring a boost to your income, Taurus supported by the arrival of Mars in your money zone, from where it trines Saturn in late March, and then Jupiter in April. These aspects should help to bring good news and potential around money and career matters. However, in late April Venus in your own zodiac sign squares up to Saturn in your status or career zone, suggesting that earning more money in and of itself is not the answer to your root unease.

In May, bountiful Jupiter moves from Aquarius and your status zone into Pisces and your community zone, urging you to aid society rather than simply look after your own interests. A late May Lunar Eclipse in your purpose zone points to an event which will underline this feeling too, as will the Mercury retrograde period in your money zone at the end of May. June 10th sees a Solar Eclipse in your money zone, putting an end once and for all to any latent materialistic feelings – just ahead of the second exact Saturn-Uranus square. Once again, Taurus, you will feel a need to change direction in order to have your working life better gel with who you truly are.

July and August give you some breathing space in astrology to work out what you want to do. Venus’ arrival in your love zone in September ensures support from your loved ones, and Mercury turning retrograde in Libra, your everyday work zone, in late September helps you to think outside the box on this front. In mid-October, Jupiter, having retrograded back into your career zone, turns direct once more, and clarity can be expected. It’s a Lunar Eclipse in late November in your own zodiac sign which will likely make up your mind on a future career direction. You’ll feel motivated to put the wheels in motion in late December, when the third Saturn-Uranus square takes effect; this is swiftly followed by the arrival of Jupiter into Pisces and your community zone for the second time this year – a more community-focused career seems a likely option, and one which will resolve your yearly career versus identity dilemma.

Love and Romance

Early in 2021, Taurus, your love life comes under pressure simply due to the angst and unease you are feeling in the rest of your life. The Venus-Pluto conjunction in late January, for example, highlights how your career dilemma is having a somewhat negative impact on your home life and your relationships too, as tensions rise in your yearly love horoscope.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however – Venus’ conjunction to warm-hearted Jupiter in early February provides a loving base from which you can wrestle with the challenges of the first Saturn-Uranus square in mid-February. If you are in an established relationship, this period will be testing, but highly likely to survive. Make time for your sweetheart away from the intensity of working life. Mid-March, when Venus conjuncts romantic Neptune, would be a great time for nurturing your bond, perhaps by sharing charity work or community interests together for some upliftment.

The expected upturn in your business or financial interests in March and April will also help to calm and stabilize an existing relationship, with the Venus-Uranus conjunction in late April in your own sign being a particularly lovely time for a romantic occasion or special event. If you’re single, this is also a hopeful period for meeting someone new. If you are looking for love, Taurus, watch out too for a potentially dramatic attraction in the workplace, especially in early May when Venus trines Pluto.

In June, as you grapple with changing your life direction under the guidance of the Saturn-Uranus square, some gentle and inspirational aspects from Venus to Jupiter, early in the month, and then Neptune later, suggest that friends and acquaintances will be supportive and encouraging. If you are single, this could also be a moment when a friendship becomes something more.

Watch out for a lack of family time in July, Taurus, when Venus in your family zone has some tough aspects to Saturn and Uranus in your career and identity zones respectively. Mid-July, when Venus conjuncts Mars in your family zone, could be either a point of intense attraction and passion, or a point of intense anger – your choice. By the time Venus arrives in your love zone in September, your family should be fully on board with what are starting to emerge as your new career plans, although again, be careful to prioritize family and relationship time so it doesn’t get lost in the mix.

November’s Lunar Eclipse in your own zodiac sign, Taurus, and the following Solar Eclipse in your psychology zone are tied up with issues of your identity, but you will be well on the way to resolving those at this time. Venus turns retrograde in your travel zone in late December, however, so you may want to avoid travel for romantic purposes during that period. Venus is set to turn direct again on January 1st 2022, so hold off until then for a romantic break.

Money and Career

As already explained, your career is likely to be a central issue for you in 2021, given how tied up it is with your sense of identity and purpose. Your dissatisfaction with your current situation becomes clear in early-mid January, when Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn bump along together creating square aspects from your career zone to volatile Mars and Uranus in your own sign.

However, it’s with the first of the year’s three Saturn-Uranus squares in mid-February that the tension really becomes clear. Your initial reaction to growing disenchantment with your career may well be to simply try to earn more money. A series of supportive aspects in March and April may well enable you to do so, either through career promotion or perhaps through a lucrative side venture – but it’s not enough to ease your discomfort, as becomes clear in mid-May, when Jupiter leaves your career zone and instead turns your attention to what you’re contributing to society.

Expect the Lunar Eclipse in late May, which occurs in your personal growth zone, to jolt you into an awareness of what matters more than money and status. The quickly following Solar Eclipse in your money zone in early June will underline this too, ahead of the second Saturn-Uranus square. It’s at this point that you may start to feel seriously drawn towards a career which more closely embodies your personal values and identity.

Try to avoid taking financial risks in late July. A difficult opposition between luxury-loving Venus and retrograde Jupiter highlights a reckless urge to spend, as does the opposition of impulsive Mars to retrograde Jupiter the following week. During August, keep your family and loved ones in the loop regarding your potential career plans. As the Sun opposes retrograde Jupiter in late August, there are warnings that keeping too much to yourself could leave loved ones feeling hurt or out in the cold; it’s their lives too, remember.

During late September, you may be able to adjust your working patterns or schedules in such a way that brings you greater freedom, particularly when then Sun trines Saturn near the end of the month, helping you to free up space through better time management. An inspirational Mars-Jupiter trine in late October also brings ideas on this front and may help you to start to see possibilities where previously you’d only seen obstacles.

Look to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in mid-November to help you finally make a career decision. A slightly tricky Mars-Jupiter square in early December highlights the importance of having your family on board too, but by the time the third Saturn-Uranus square plays out in late December, your mind will be made up and you will have an action plan in place. With bountiful Jupiter settling back into your community zone in December, a future in a caring, community or socially responsible career role seems like it would fit the bill very well indeed.


The first few weeks of 2022 are introspective, particularly with Mercury retrograde in your public zone from January 14th. However, Mars shifts into your adventure and learning zone on January 24th and is joined by your forward-moving ruler Venus on the 29th, making you feel somewhat restless and keen to seek out new experiences.

Some of this will be felt in your career, particularly during the New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st and the Full Moon in Leo of February 16th. You should consider your work-life balance in that period.

The Jupiter-Uranus sextile of February 17th brings you great insight via teamwork, your community or your humanitarian instincts. There are opportunities for work here, but also for personal growth. Think about moving professionally into a worthwhile sphere of work.

This thread is continued when Mars and Venus both shift into your career zone on March 6th, and it’s further underlined when the rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction illuminates your community zone on April 12th.

Late spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere are more focused on your personal life, with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th bringing some shockwaves, for sure. In your relationships, family life or interpersonal sphere, it may be time to take stock. Jupiter arrives in your privacy zone on May 10th, just before a Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on the 16th, so you would be well-advised to turn down the temperature and to deal with these matters privately and without drama.

You’ll feel more confident when Venus moves into Taurus on May 28th, and your self-esteem gets a further boost on July 5th when Mars moves into Taurus too. These are good periods for addressing any underlying angst in your personal life, before the second set of Eclipses create additional turmoil in the Northern Hemisphere’s fall months.

Venus moves into your love zone on October 23rd, which will help to smooth over ruffled feathers in a partnership – but the Solar Eclipse in your love zone a couple of days later does feel rather fated. Conflict between your personal life and your career ambitions may be to blame here. Try to get things back on an even keel before the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th.

Early winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a quieter and more satisfying period for you this year, with little to trouble your routines and normality during the run-up to the festive season. On December 20th, Jupiter moves back into your privacy zone following its earlier retrograde period, but this time the emphasis is on spiritual growth. Embrace the true meaning of the holiday period and look for ways in which you can grow your spiritual understanding as the year draws to a close.

Love and Romance

Love and relationships are likely to be a major issue for you this year, Taurus, given the series of Eclipses around your own zodiac sign and your opposite sign. It’s going to be important to keep a cool head and to stay rooted in your values.

Early signs of tension in your love life may be evident around the Full Moon in your family zone on February 16th, if you’re already settled with a family, or during the Full Moon in your dating and risk zone on March 18th if you’re single or in an early stage of your relationship.

If you are actively looking for love, the beautiful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th is interesting – this occurs in your friendship zone, but hints at romance and karmic connections with someone you already know well. A few days later, passionate Mars arrives in this area of your natal birth chart too, so matters may progress quickly.

However, the first major sign of trouble occurs around April 30th with the Solar Eclipse in your own sign. This may find you doubting yourself, your lover or your future together, especially if anything illicit is revealed. Venus moves into your secrecy zone days later on May 2nd, hinting either that something underhand is being revealed or that you will need time, space and privacy to cope with what has happened. Be kind to yourself, especially during the Lunar Eclipse in your love zone on May 16th, which is when matters may really come to a head.

Remember that Eclipses bring drama and shocks, but these can be keys to transformation for the better, if we allow them to be. Whatever happens, your confidence will start to rise when Mars arrives in Taurus on July 5th, and the lovely New Moon in your family zone on July 28th is a reassuring sign too; the latter is backed up by the arrival of Venus in your family zone on August 11th.

If you are single in August, the 27th is a very good time for dating or finding new love, as the New Moon shines from your dating zone. With Venus moving into this zone in early September too, the signs are good for a well-starred meeting.

Your love life appears to stabilize in late October when Venus moves into your love zone – but just two days later, a Solar Eclipse in that same zone may remind you that there is still unfinished business. Look to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th for emotional closure.

The very next day, a tense T-square involving your own sign, your opposite sign and your career zone suggests that love will need careful handling when it comes under pressure from your working life. However, overall, the signs for the rest of 2022 are calm and loving, at least from a relationship standpoint.

Money and Career

You may be looking for a fresh start in how you earn your living early in the year, especially around the time of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 1st, which falls in your career zone. It could take you a while to figure out where you want to go, but the powerful Jupiter-Uranus sextile on February 17th points you firmly towards community-focused work of some kind; you’ll definitely want to be making a difference.

Venus and Mars both move into your career zone on March 6th, giving you the go-ahead to start making changes if you wish, driven both by your ambitions and by your emotional intelligence. The Full Moon in your creativity and risk zone on March 18th highlights how great gains can be made if you’re brave enough to try.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th and its partner Lunar Eclipse in your relationship zone on May 16th could bring drama if you are in a business partnership of any kind. There are trust issues around this Eclipse series, so don’t allow yourself to be fooled. Meanwhile, the arrival of Jupiter in your secrecy zone could point towards career opportunities in mental health work, institutions or psychic/divination work of some kind.

You can expect good financial vibes when the New Moon on May 30th shines from your money zone, but with Saturn turning retrograde in your career zone on June 4th, itchy feet regarding your career direction are not going away any time soon. Watch out also for extravagant spending when Venus moves into your money zone on June 22nd.

The Full Moon in your career zone on August 11th is likely to be a crunch point in any career decisions you need to make. Be bold and don’t allow money to be the over-riding factor in your choice. As evidenced by the arrival of Mars in your money zone on August 20th, you have what it takes to succeed financially even if you are changing direction.

Being a cautious zodiac sign by nature, however, you may second guess yourself for many more weeks yet. The tense opposition early in October shows you are still wrestling with issues of risk, money and purpose in life, although the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th is likely to force your hand one way or the other.

Opt for a scaled-down festive season while you adjust to any new career options or financial constraints. The Full Moon in your money zone on December 7th warns against extravagant spending, so keep a tight budget if you can.


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    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
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    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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