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2020 may be a year of profound and transformative change in your love life or in your closest personal relationships. The year’s major astrological event, the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, takes place on January 12 in your love zone, Cancer, and its effects will be felt there for most of the rest of the year. This conjunction is all about protest, force and propaganda – on a personal level, this energy could be tumultuous indeed, and it speaks of uneven power dynamics within a relationship which you’ll need to address.

Although that may sound grim, it’s important to note that Saturn and Pluto are both celestial karmic teachers in astrology; whenever these planets end or tear down something, it’s only so that something better can grow in its place. Relationships that survive this process will be strengthened immeasurably; those that don’t will leave you feeling a sense of freedom and renewal.

Two days before the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, there’s a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, setting the scene very early in 2020 for dramatic change. Given that argumentative Mars moves into your love zone in February, and taskmaster Saturn shifts into your intimacy zone in March – where he is later joined by Mars – it seems clear that the first three months of 2020 will be a testing time for love and there could be a lot of anger and bitterness on the scene.

During April, May and June, a more reflective period gives you time to catch your breath. Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus all Retrograde at some point during this period, urging you to collect your thoughts and to plan your strategy for the rest of the year. If the first three months have been tough, this second quarter is a time to lick your wounds, apply some healing balm and get your head back in order. A Solar Eclipse in your sign in June will help you to understand what’s truly important to you, Cancer, and how you want to assert your identity moving forwards.

July may be an astrological crunch point in relationship issues, as the Sun opposes the loose Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto line-up, forcing you to choose between what’s best for you versus what’s best for your relationship. However, once Venus arrives in Cancer in August, you’ll feel more at peace and more confident in the choices you’re making.

Toward the end of 2020, the focus shifts to your working life. Mars turns Retrograde in your career zone in September, so this is a good time to re-assess your professional progress and to think about where you want to head next. A tricky Mercury Retrograde in October warns you not to make promises you can’t keep nor take uncalculated risks in love or money. December’s astrology, however, sees a very fortunate Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the area of your birth chart that deals with passion and intimacy as well as resources and finances – with bountiful Jupiter set to remain there for some time, 2021 looks set to be a much less stressful year with good promise for your finances and your love life.

Love and Romance

As mentioned, there are challenges throughout 2020 in your romantic life, most of which come courtesy of the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early January. If you’re in an established relationship, it is likely to be heavily tested this year. If you’re single, you may enter a new relationship, but one which is very unevenly balanced, perhaps with one partner much more powerful than the other – physically, emotionally, financially or socially. Alternatively, a new relationship may be more of a convenience match than a love match. Either way, don’t expect dating to be plain sailing this year – and whatever you do, Cancer, don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Things get off to a rocky start straight away with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becoming exact on January 12. Venus squares up to this alliance in late February, so your attempts to smooth things over may be unsuccessful then, especially since warrior planet Mars is also transiting your love zone, stirring things up and raising tempers.

Saturn shifts into your intimacy zone in March, bringing a certain aloofness or coldness into play, and in late April, manipulative Pluto turns Retrograde in your love zone. During this period, astrology suggests that relationships may be characterized by power plays, jealousy and the giving or withholding of intimacy as some kind of reward or punishment. Not a very healthy vibe! If you’re single, early March brings the chance of a surprise encounter which could lead to who-knows-what, as Venus conjuncts Uranus in your social zone.

Late March brings signs of relief from the relationship pressure, as Venus is in trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This suggests that friends may step in to help or support you, or that romantic interest may come from someone who is ‘just a friend’. Don’t rush into anything; allow any new feelings time to grow and develop during April. In May, when Jupiter and Saturn turn Retrograde in your love and intimacy zones respectively, Venus also turns Retrograde, but in your spiritual zone. Someone you feel a karmic connection with could turn out to be very important in this mix.

It’s in July when the clearest indications of relationship trouble arise, as the Sun opposes the Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto mix, urging you to put your own interests first, ahead of your joint relationship interests. Something has to give, so your relationship, by the end of July is unlikely to look the same as it did at the beginning of the year, especially following July’s Lunar Eclipse in your love zone.

You can catch your breath from August onwards, Cancer. Venus shifts into Cancer and in late October, Venus once again trines the difficult Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, this time helping to ease communication and understanding. Venus arrives in your playful zone in November, lightening the atmosphere still further –there is light at the end of this long, long tunnel. The feel-good Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December occurs in your intimacy zone, so this should finally allow you to start to move forward more positively.

Money and Career

Although your year is likely to be dominated by relationship issues, there are some very positive signs that your financial situation and your career can make good progress throughout 2020.

You start the year with ambitious Mars shifting into your everyday work zone. This will help you get a lot done, regardless of your emotional state. In fact, focusing on work will be helpful to you if other areas of your life are in a state of flux, so throw yourself into getting the job done and doing it to the best of your ability. Venus moves into your career zone in February, which suggests that you’ll make a good professional impression when and where it counts. This also hints at an increase in income, or at least an ability to spend more on life’s luxuries. Don’t hesitate to spoil yourself, Cancer!

Once Mars moves into your resources zone in March, you’ll be driven to pay off debts or reduce credit card balances. Watch out for trouble in a business partnership or financial relationship in April, though, when Pluto turns Retrograde in your investment zone. Negotiate carefully and be aware of someone else’s power over your business or your career.

Venus goes Retrograde in your secrets zone in May; this astrological energy can suggest a lot of emotionally based comfort spending, so if other areas of your life are stressful at this time, try not to let that lead you to blowing your budget.

June is a definite high point in your professional life this year, Cancer, with energetic, driven Mars arriving in your career zone, and staying put for the rest of the year. There could be a bit of a false start during the middle or late part of the year, however, especially if you’re starting a new job or a new business. Mars turns Retrograde in your career zone in September, so you may need to do a bit of a rethink, but your overall direction is good and positive. Venus also arrives in your money zone in September, promising an increase in your income.

Work may become entangled with your private life at some point in late September when a difficult square aspect between Mars and the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium suggests that your career and your relationship are antagonizing each other. Getting the balance right will be difficult, but it can be done.

Heading into December, we find a Solar Eclipse in your everyday work zone. This could be a wakeup call for you, Cancer, if you’ve been putting in too many hours – your stress levels could be through the roof. Take a look at how you can work toward your ambitions without compromising your health.

Jupiter shifts into your resources zone in late December, which is good news indeed. This bountiful planet makes a very helpful conjunction to Saturn too, which suggests a combination of stability and growth in your income during 2021 – so after a good year in which you’ve made progress, you can expect to grow further in the following twelve months.


Three difficult, rare square aspects in astrology between Saturn, symbolizing the status quo, and Uranus, symbolizing a radical new direction, impact the most intimate zone of your chart, pitting anything secret or illicit about your relationship or your love life against what society expects from you. If your family or community disapprove of your choices in love, this is the year where that may start to feel unworkable.

A reckless Mars-Uranus linkup in late January may be where the tension is first revealed; one week later this is followed by a compulsive Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, your love zone, which could prompt dramatic action. As Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius, your intimacy zone, on January 30th, you may frantically attempt to resolve matters behind the scenes, but the first of the exact Saturn-Uranus squares hits on February 17th and is sure to have some fallout for you.

In mid-April, Venus moves into your community zone, encouraging you to be more open about your desires. This is supported by a helpful Mars-Jupiter trine, and by two conjunctions with freedom-loving Uranus in late April, one created by Venus and one by the Sun. At this point, things may appear to be looking up; when Jupiter shifts from your intimacy zone in Capricorn to your adventure zone in Pisces in mid-May, that’s a further signal of openness and tolerance – but this relief could be short-lived.

A Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and in your work zone on May 26th suggests that drama in your personal life could spill over into your professional life, and the Solar Eclipse in Gemini in early June falls in your secrecy zone, suggesting that once more you may feel compelled to hide what’s truly going on. The second Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact on June 14th, underlining that this issue is still not resolved -and when Jupiter turns retrograde in Pisces, your adventure zone, on June 20th, you will definitely feel restricted once more.

Expect the issue to rumble on through July, when a powerful Sun-Pluto opposition pits your identity in love against what others expect from you. In August, however, Venus moves into Libra and your family zone and you may finally receive some support. Indeed, it’s through family interventions that you may start to resolve this matter, particularly in September, when first a Mars-Saturn trine and then a Sun-Saturn trine surround you with security and acceptance.

In October, Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius and your intimacy zone and your luck may start to improve in affairs of the heart. The following day, a helpful Mars-Jupiter trine gives you the go-ahead to fulfill your wishes, and November’s Lunar Eclipse in your community zone suggests that you may turn your back on those who have held you back. Certainly, the Solar Eclipse on December 4th in Sagittarius points to a new set of daily routines and rhythms – a positive new way of life, in fact. With Venus turning retrograde in your love zone on December 19th, it’s time to reflect on how far you’ve come this year. The final Saturn-Uranus square in late December may still have some tricks up its sleeve, but Jupiter is about to shift back into your adventure zone, clearing the way for happiness ahead. Once Venus turns direct on January 1st 2022, your path looks smooth and inviting.

Love and Romance

As previously outlined, 2021 could be an uncomfortable year for your love life, particularly if your freedom is curtailed or if a relationship has to be kept secret. Look to the compulsive-feeling Venus-Pluto conjunction in late January for an indication about how illicit or otherwise this is likely to feel for you – don’t be surprised if sudden attractions or irresistible opportunities appeal, even if you have previously been in a stable relationship.

February’s first brush with the Saturn-Uranus square is also surrounded by potentially difficult activity from Venus. A conjunction to Saturn early in the month could offer stability, but it can also signify stubbornness and your unwillingness to bend. A conjunction to Jupiter, a few days later, could bring better fortune, but it can also bring excess and recklessness in love.

The dreamy Venus-Neptune conjunction in March is romantic and idealistic, but in a complex love situation, it is not your friend. Squares from Venus to first Pluto and then Saturn in April suggest that an existing relationship may be under strain from work-related events, yet a new relationship may also struggle to find stability or security.

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini in your secrecy zone in early June is a concern, as you may feel under intense pressure at this point, especially if family or society disapproves of your love desires. With the second Saturn-Uranus square also hitting in mid-June, you may feel intensely emotional and depressed at being unable to find the freedom you seek. It’s essential that you take great care of your mental health under so much pressure and stress.

Look for an improvement in family relationships from mid-August onwards, as Venus arrives in Libra and in your family zone, followed by Mars a month later. There’s even room for some joy in your love life, particularly in late September when Venus opposes Uranus, trines Neptune and then squares Jupiter – these will be lighter moments in the year. If you’re single and experiencing the whole intimacy vs. community vibe in a more abstract way, look to late September for a good opportunity to meet someone new.

It’s probably not until November’s Lunar Eclipse, however, that you will start to feel truly free in your love life – free to do as you please, with whoever you please, regardless of what anyone else may think. December’s Solar Eclipse falls in your everyday zone, so this could signal a brand-new start, under new ‘rules’ of your own making.

Venus turns retrograde on December 19th in your love zone, and you will certainly have pause for thought about what you’ve been through this year in the name of love. With the last of the Saturn-Uranus squares also playing out in late December, there could still be some lingering undercurrents of doubt or hesitancy around your closest relationship. This hesitancy is short-lived, however, with Venus due to turn happily direct once more – appropriately enough, on January 1st, 2022, signaling a new phase in your love-related happiness.

Money and Career

With so much on your mind in your personal life, your career may not be your top yearly priority during 2021. For the first part of the year, you are likely to continue much as you are in this regard. If you are considering investing in any kind of community scheme or business, however, pay close attention around the time of the Mars-Jupiter square on January 23rd, when something really might be too good to be true. In astrology, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction a week later is also a potential warning sign regarding investment, debt and other people’s money – make sure you have a handle on your financial situation during this time, and in the run-up to the first Saturn-Uranus square in mid-February.

Surprisingly enough, early April is a very promising time for any kind of spiritual business, spiritually-related career or a career which helps and nurtures others – even while your personal life is in turmoil, a positive Mars-Jupiter trine signals opportunities for you to improve your reputation in these areas or even to launch something new.

Bountiful Jupiter’s move into Pisces and your travel zone in mid-May could be good news if you work in travel, entertainment or tourism, as opportunities will expand for sure in those areas. Be careful not to over-stretch yourself, however, as the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th hints that your daily routines may fall into chaos if you try to take on too much work around this period. When Mars in your own sign trines Neptune on May 31st, you may benefit from highly imaginative ideas, or even inspiration from another culture, which you can put to good use at work or in business.

Allow yourself plenty of me-time and breathing space in June, while you deal with the intense Solar Eclipse in your privacy zone on June 10th, and the swiftly following second round of Saturn square Uranus. July is not a time to be reckless with money, particularly when Mars opposes Saturn from your money zone on July 1st, and then squares unpredictable Uranus a few days later. Fortunately, you should have a good nose for trouble over these summer months, and the Sun-Jupiter opposition in late August will help you to avoid scams and con artists.

If you need financial help or need an injection of cash for a new project, family may be supportive in September. The Mars-Saturn trine in late September is particularly favorable for getting support structures in place around something potentially exciting. Any such help or investment should bear positive fruit when Mars trines the newly direct Jupiter on October 19th.

November’s Lunar Eclipse occurs in your objectives zone, so it may be that with everything else you have faced this year, you’ll find yourself needing to re-think a career direction. The Solar Eclipse on December 4th is in your work zone, so that would be a good time to make firm decisions on that topic. You round out the working year with the return of Jupiter to your travel zone for the second time, potentially bringing good fortune for work in travel or work which involves a lot of travel.


An overarching theme this year will be your struggle to have your individual voice heard rather than being subsumed in the crowd. This applies in your relationship at the same time – but you start the year 2022 in fine form with a Super New Moon in your love zone on January 2nd. The corresponding Full Moon in your own zodiac sign on January 17th is highly emotional, and when Mars moves into your love zone on January 24th, sparks may fly for all the wrong reasons. It’s not helped by Mercury retrograde shifting back into your love zone in late January, when you may find it much harder work to voice your needs and wants.

Away from your love life, however, the inspiring Jupiter-Uranus sextile on February 17th links the learning zone and the community zone in your natal birth chart and urges you to think about training or education opportunities that you can use for the greater good in the long term. This message is backed up by a confident New Moon in your career zone on April 1st and the deeply meaningful connection between Jupiter and Neptune in your learning zone on April 12th. You are being gifted self-confidence and urged to create meaning through what you learn.

On April 30th, a potent Solar Eclipse in your community zone closes out the first quarter and raises the issue of individuality versus the collective once again. This area of your natal birth chart also represents friendships and your social life, so you may experience shocks connected to a friend. Think carefully about how much you let this impact your own personal life.

Late spring and early summer in the Northern Hemisphere are stand-out times for your ambitions and career. Jupiter changes zodiac signs on May 10th, sweeping into your ambitions zone and promising that anything is possible, in an upsurge of confidence and optimism. Mars underscores this energy with a sign change on May 24th, and you then have a month to push ahead at work before the promising New Moon in your own sign on June 28th. Expect significant progress between then and the Super Full Moon in your love zone on July 13th.

September is often focused on family issues in your life, and this year is no exception. Watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your family zone on September 9th, however; communication will need extra care at this time. Your career progress will have had an impact on your family life during July and August as well, but the New Moon in this area of your natal birth chart resets the balance on September 25th.

You will find your voice around the time of the Solar Eclipse on October 25th – between then and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th, focus on standing out from the crowd and asserting your individuality. You do not have to fit into anyone else’s box.

Heading into the festive season, love abounds as Venus lights up your love zone from December 9th. Jupiter gives a further boost to your career prospects on December 20th, while the New Moon in your love zone on December 23rd is perfectly timed for a joyful holiday. Take extra care with communication in your relationship as the year ends, however – Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone on December 29th.

Love and Romance

Your love life has a somewhat idealistic tinge to it this year, and although you may struggle with issues of independence within your main relationship, there are a lot of beautiful moments to look forward to.

The Super New Moon in your love zone on January 2nd is an excellent start to the beginning of the year, brimming with positivity and optimism. Your heart is on your sleeve during the Cancer Full Moon on January 17th, however, and emotions sparked then may take some time to settle. Mercury is retrograde in your love zone in late January and this, coupled with Mars’ over-the-top influence in this zone from January 24th, can create tensions. Fortunately, Venus turns direct in this area of your natal birth chart on January 29th, which will help considerably.

The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th takes place in your travel zone, which is quite an idealistic area of your chart. If you’re single at this time, you may meet someone either in another country or from another country, with whom you could feel an instant, magnetic connection.

Late April however sees a Solar Eclipse in your social zone. This could bring shocks around a friendship, especially if you are single but interested in a friend, or if you and your current partner share many mutual friends. The Lunar Eclipse on May 16th is in your risk and passion zone, so be careful at this time if you are involved in anything illicit or secretive.

On July 5th, Mars changes signs to focus on your social zone too. Since Mars is the planet of passion, this is another hint that love could be found from within your friendship group over this period; the Super Full Moon in your love zone on July 13th is certainly a magical moment, particularly potent for any relationship that is relatively new. A few days later, Venus moves into your own zodiac sign, giving the go-ahead for a late July and August packed with memorable days and sensual nights.

Fast forward to October, however, and tensions may start to rise at the end of the year. On the 23rd, Venus in your risk and passion zone makes it all too easy to wander, and just two days later a Solar Eclipse in this area of your natal birth chart could have major repercussions. The Lunar Eclipse on November 8th challenges you to take responsibility rather than to follow your heart, and a tense opposition the following day further hints at a major choice to be made.

Tensions will ease considerably on December 9th when Venus illuminates your love zone and spreads a healing balm across your relationship. The festive season looks set to be forgiving, romantic and sentimental, particularly around the time of the New Moon on December 23rd. As 2023 dawns, however, you must keep lines of communication open with your partner – Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone on December 29th.

Money and Career

This looks set to be an excellent year for your career and ambitions, with good chunks of the year 2022 dominated by the expansive, fortunate, abundant energies of Jupiter in your career zone. However, if you work in a creative industry, or would like to, you may find your ideas and imagination blocked during this year’s Eclipse series.

Financially, matters are relatively stable. Watch out for the Full Moon in your money zone on February 16th, however, when emotional over-spending is a serious risk.

On February 17th, a sextile between Jupiter and Uranus suggests that training, studying or some kind of informal apprenticeship would be an excellent investment in your career. You are reminded of how much you, like everyone, still have to learn, but the cosmos is providing you with the tools to expand your knowledge.

The pace starts to pick up on April 1st with the New Moon in your career zone. When you’re considering the new starts and fresh directions this lunation offers, look ahead to the inspirational conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in your education zone – again, investing in training or self-development will pay dividends this year.

On April 30th, the Solar Eclipse in your objectives zone muddies the waters, and you may start to question the point of your current career path, especially if it’s highly traditional and you struggle to assert your own identity within it. Your challenge at this point is to find a way to make your unique talents stand out among the crowd. You’ll get a huge boost with this when Jupiter first arrives in your career zone on May 10th, although the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th may bring shocks, especially if a creative idea you cherished is turned down or rejected out of hand.

Mars changes signs on May 25th and brings you more confidence, career-wise, but this also increases your argumentativeness at work. Be careful that assertiveness doesn’t cross the line into manipulation or bullying of colleagues, especially during the Super Full Moon in your hard work zone on June 14th.

In late July, you may benefit from taking some time out to consider your career progress so far this year. Jupiter turns retrograde on July 28th, which is an ideal time for this mini pause. Note that on the same day, there is a New Moon in your money zone, so some shifts in your abundance levels may start to be felt.

It’s a relatively quiet summer in the Northern Hemisphere for your working life, but the Full Moon in your career zone on October 9th hints that dissatisfaction with how others view you may come to a head. Both the Solar Eclipse on October 25th and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th pit your creativity and leadership against the corporate machine, and you may struggle with teamwork during this period.

Look to December 20th, when Jupiter moves back into your career zone, for a positive decision that clears the air and paves your way forward.


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  • ★★★★★
    Hello, Ms Kelli Fox...good day to you 😊🌹 Thank you for the free astrology reading of my sign Cancer. Its fun reading it and very grateful of your kind heart sharing it for free. All the best to you and family. May you enjoy the gift of life and the gift bestowed on you by serving and sharing it to others. Best regards and continue serving with a smile in your heart.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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