Venus in Virgo: The Gift of Delightful Sensual Pleasures

Venus: Virgo

When Venus leaves flamboyant Leo on August 21 and moves into virginal Virgo, you might expect the showbizzy, glamorous vibe to drop off – and indeed it does. Surprisingly, however, when Venus transits Virgo, astrology suggests that sensuality increases and there’s really a rather romantic and sentimental air to this planetary shift.

Virgo is an Earth Sign after all, and therefore deeply connected to sensuality and earthy pleasures. Although this complex zodiac sign gets its fair share of mean press, it really doesn’t deserve its reputation for prissiness. The planet Venus will be in Virgo until September 14, and during these four weeks we can expect to enjoy plenty of loving interludes and perhaps even a few kinky moments!
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Your Venus in VIrgo Horoscope


Venus in Virgo for an Aries (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

This Venus transit does bring out your critical side, Aries. Where normally you would be content to shrug over a lover's annoying habits, now you may try to change them. This usually ends in tears, as you know, Aries – try to leave well alone and to remember why you fell in love in the first place! Love is not the place to strive for perfection – unless of course you can claim to be perfect yourself?

Venus in Virgo for a Taurus (Taurus dates: April 20 - May 20)

When Venus transits your fellow Earth Sign of Virgo, you’ll want to indulge your sensual nature more than ever. This can be a very sexy Venus transit for Taurus, and it’s perfect for spicing up your love life, trying new things with your lover and keeping that magic spark alive. Head off on a naughty weekend and leave responsibilities behind for a few days!

Venus in Virgo for a Gemini (Gemini Dates: May 21 - June 20)

This Venus transit activates your family zone, so you can expect to find a great deal of love and satisfaction within the home, Gemini. There’s also a nostalgic attraction to the past, and perhaps even the re-appearance of an old flame. You’ll find yourself drawn to childhood memories or places – it’s a truly moving time for an extended trip down memory lane.

Venus in Virgo for a Cancer (Cancer dates: June 21 - July 21)

Idealism can be a mixed blessing for Cancer when Venus transits Virgo. It’s as if you can only see your sweetheart through the proverbial rose-tinted spectacles – and that means you’ll find it hard to know what’s truth and what’s fantasy. On the plus side, this is a good few weeks to have an honest talk with your lover about anything you find difficult. Speak from the heart and with kindness.

Venus in Virgo for a Leo (Leo dates: July 22 - August 22)

This Venus transit activates your money zone and puts you in an even more materialistic frame of mind than normal – so you can expect some serious spending, if you’re financially comfortable, Leo, and even if you’re not. Avoid the temptation to try to buy love or affection during this transit. You can’t put a value on personal relationships, but Venus in Virgo may fool you into believing that you can.

Venus in Virgo for a Virgo (Virgo dates: August 23 – September 22)

Having Venus in your own sign brings out your charm and boosts your self-confidence. This is a great few weeks for making a wonderful first impression, so that’s very helpful for work and with new relationships. This is also a good time to switch up your personal image, if you feel like it. Make the most of yourself and don’t be afraid to make a completely fresh start.

Venus in Virgo for a Libra (Libra dates: September 23 – October 22)

Love, destiny, karma, and spirituality blend when Venus transits Virgo. If you’re single, you may find yourself inexplicably attracted to someone who is most definitely not your normal Libra type, because of a karmic link. And, if you’re in an established relationship, you may find that your soul purposes are becoming more aligned. Expect to deepen your connection in some way.

Venus in Virgo for a Scorpio (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

This Venus transit links friendships and love, which could be good news or bad news, depending if you’re single or not! It also helps to tone down some of your intense Scorpio emotion so that you can think more practically. You can use your charm now to influence others and to persuade people to back you. That’s considerable power to have, Scorpio, so use it honestly and wisely.

Venus in Virgo for a Sagittarius (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

This Venus transit can be difficult for you. Sagittarius is not normally bothered by status and superiority, but something niggles at you during these few weeks, and you’ll be very conscious of how your lover does or does not match up to what he or she is “supposed” to be like. Your challenge, Sagittarius, is to ditch this nonsense and to value the person for who they are – not how much they earn or what they look like.

Venus in Virgo for a Capricorn (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 19)

Capricorn, it’s an intellectual rapport you’re looking for when Venus is in Virgo, rather than a physical one. Spend hours talking with your lover about politics or philosophy or seek a new lover with views which challenge your own. This Venus transit can feel very empowering for you, Capricorn, as it helps you to define yourself much more clearly.

Venus in Virgo for an Aquarius (Aquarius dates: January 20 – February 17)

Watch out for some weird obsessions while Venus in Virgo. This transit can trigger compulsive behaviors, especially those involving health or cleanliness. You may also develop a fascination with something dark or morbid – but that could be a catalyst towards finding someone who better understands you. There’s quite a strange vibe for Aquarius during this transit, but ultimately, it’s a beneficial one.

Venus in Virgo for a Pisces (Pisces dates: February 18 - March

When Venus is in Virgo, your love zone is activated, so this should be a romantic and blissed out few weeks for you. Right? Right. Except – you may try to conquer your feelings of Pisces insecurity by making others feel bad. Try not to be too harsh with your partner during this transit, Pisces. There is a lot of romance on offer, but it’s up to you to tone down the influence of Virgo’s trickier types of energy. If you can be consciously kind, then this transit can be very warm and satisfying.