Weekly Astro Weather for July 20th-26th:



This week starts off with the New Moon in Cancer on Monday, July 20, 2020.

New Moons always bring in initiating energy and it can linger for days at a time, helping us to get ready for new situations, relationships and projects. The energy from a New Noon can unfold over the course of the time.

However, because there are opposing energies at the beginning of the week, this New Moon doesn’t feel as “magical” as it normally does. That’s because there is opposing energy from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

When you think of Cancer, you think of the Moon, the subconscious, the emotions, the mother… honestly, all things that typically make us feel good no matter how shadowy they might be. 

On the other hand, Capricorn energy is very different. It’s disciplined, it’s fatherly, it’s connected to the ego, it’s logical, it’s timely. 

So a mixture of these energies can bring about a stagnant feeling when it comes to New Moon magic. 

But don’t lose hope in what you’re trying to manifest with this New Moon! As I mentioned above, the energy can roll out in the following months. 

If you’re a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), you’ll feel a boost of confidence moving forward, especially if you can find a work/life balance. 



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New Moon Oppositions ☍☍☍

The New Moon might not feel like it usually does. There’s a lot that’s happening right around the same time that we should all consider before throwing out our New Moon magic! 

First, the Sun and Moon are opposing Jupiter. This could bring about a false sense of optimism and inflation. 

Yes, we will feel better and maybe give ourselves a bit more care than we have in a while, but how much is too much self-indulgence? 

Exaggerated emotional expression is a theme, so this isn’t the best time to judge a business decision or you might be inclined to overspend. 

Secondly, the Sun and Moon are opposing Pluto. You might even find your emotions spiraling out of control with this intense transit. 

Fortunately, with the universe’s “emotional bootcamp” that we’ve been through these past few months, we should all be more aware of when we’re taking things out on people that don’t deserve it. 

Identify emotional behaviors you want to discard and replace them with more mature responses.

Finally, the Sun and Moon are opposing Saturn. This may bring on tension between the collective and leadership. Watch out for strict assertions of authority on the common people. 

If you have issues with a parental figure, these problems may come to a head. Bosses will be extra tight on standards, so if you’ve been taking shortcuts they could be illuminated this week. 

It may come off as harsh constructive criticism, but it could be the slice of humble pie that some of us need in order to push us to make necessary improvements. 


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On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, there will be a new wave of confidence and lightheartedness when the Sun moves into Leo!

It probably feels like Cancer season flew by, but it was jam-packed with emotional transits. 

And for many of us, it might have felt like we were riding an emotional rollercoaster.

The stagnant energy that followed the New Moon on Monday will burn away with the Sun shining bright in its home of the Lion. 

Everyone will feel lighter, sunnier, and ready to have fun again. 

Don’t let this energetic burst distract you from your goals. Instead, take a leadership approach and use it to drive you further. 

Remember, the Lion is the king or queen of the jungle. 

And you are the queen or king of your life! 

Ask yourself…

Where can I take more ownership in my life?

Where do I need a boost of confidence? 

Am I really proud of what I’ve accomplished so far? 

The answer should be YES! If you’re not particularly proud, what can you do to change that? 

Learn to express yourself and roar like the Lion naturally does. Even if you’re not a Leo, this is your season to shine! 🌟🌟🌟



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    I've followed your work for a few years; and plan to continue - due to your persistent attention to consistently innovative upgrades to your content. As an ever eager astrological apprentice; your contributions are greatly appreciated.Cached
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