Weekly Astro Weather for July 13th - 19th:


Brace yourself for the powerful week we have ahead. Many of us will be experiencing a power struggle between our conscious will and our morality.

Or, in astrological terms, the Sun in Cancer ♋ will be in opposition to ♃ Jupiter and ♇ Pluto in Capricorn ♑

And this heated emotional energy is the beginning of the build-up to the potent 🌚 New Moon we have next week. This is when serious ♄ Saturn will also be forming an opposition to the Sun and Moon.

Be the calm in the storm and stick to your moral code!


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Sun Opposing Jupiter

We’re probably all just getting adjusted to the Sun being in Cancer now. 

Have you been wanting to stay at home, cook a family meal, maybe watch a few tear-jerking movies? 

If so, you’ve definitely synced up with the cosmos because finding home and connecting to your heart is right on time for Crab season. 

With this motherly, foundation-building energy among us, you’ll see people becoming more and more interested in building a family, taking care of their home, or getting their home life together if they haven't already. 

These sound like lighthearted, love-fueled ambitions, but they can also come with a lot of pressure if you hadn’t been thinking like this before. 

With the sun opposing Jupiter (the planet that usually expands upon things) on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, people may feel these callings intensely! 

Usually, Jupiter brings very positive energy but if there’s too much, this can indicate excess rather than abundance. 

This is especially true when the following transit is the Sun opposing Pluto right after the next day. 

As I mentioned above, this week can be a doozy on your psyche. 

You’ll feel called to do whatever you need to in order to bring your conscious desires of a stable home and family life to fruition. But are you stepping out of moral bounds to do so? 


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Sun Opposing Pluto


I just mentioned that on July 14, the Sun will be in opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn. The very next day on July 15, 2020 the Sun will be opposing Pluto in Capricorn as well. 

Pluto is the planet of deep transformation. It is literally the farthest “planet” from the Sun, so keep in mind that we’re dealing with extremes here. 

Pluto is known for eradicating the things that we cling onto that develop our ego overtime. 

When we experience Pluto transits, it can feel like the world as we know it is coming to an end because it brings us so far outside of our comfort zone to force necessary changes. 

So when the Sun is in Cancer experiencing opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, we have to find a balance to try to navigate these intense energies. 

Consciously, you want to build a stable home and family so that you have a safe space to connect with your heart center. 

However, Pluto is transforming the structures in our lives so it can be difficult to find our bearings. 

With the Jupiterian energy still lingering from the day before, there you could almost be experiencing too much ambition to bring your ideal home life to fruition and take steps that are outside of your moral compass. 

Rather than experiencing those extremes, try to find a balance between the motherly Cancer ♋ energy and the disciplinarian energy of Capricorn ♑

Be gentle with yourself and your goals. 

Ultimately, you know right from wrong. Don’t stray from your moral code to accomplish short term goals that may feel like long term goals. 

Whatever is for you, will be there for you even after this transit! 

Besides, this is all leading up to a big energetic transit that hasn’t happened since 1771 the following week...don’t miss out on next week’s Astro Weather Forecast! 


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The Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

You’ve heard me talk about Jupiter and Pluto a lot this year. That’s because there’s been a conjunction taking place all throughout 2020 - three times this year to be exact! 

Normally, Jupiter is very positive but with it in conjunct aspect Pluto, it’s highlighting the excess that we have in our lives. 

Since 2020, this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction has expelled this energy on April 4, June 30, and in the future, it will be on November 12. 

This transit hasn’t taken place in Capricorn since 1771, so it’s very important to pay attention to it! 

Let’s review Capricorn principles: structure, stability, status quo, discipline, masculinity, patriarchy…

Basically, we’re dealing with “Big Daddy Saturn.”

Now, let’s look at Plutonian energy: transformation, death, change…

Again, we’re having a “phoenix moment.” 

And don’t underestimate Pluto because of its size! 

It will take anything out that's in its way! 

Although the changes in our lives that are taking place are uncomfortable, they are all for our collective greater good. 

The more that we resist, the harder that Pluto will push. 

Right now, we’re being called to release anything that no longer serves us. We’re moving towards a world where we all live abundantly, which means that there should be no extreme haves or have-nots. 

Those with excess may lose it if they’re not willing to step into gratitude and get into the flow of abundance by becoming more charitable. 

This is just one of the many things that Jupiter and Pluto will be shifting together, but this energy is just getting started. 

Remember, we have another push towards our new collective, equal reality in November when Jupiter will make its final conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn


Catalyzing New Moon Energy 🌚 🌚 🌚

The two energies that I’ve discussed above (the Sun opposing Jupiter and Pluto) are helping to bring in and amplify the energy of the New Moon that’ll be taking place next week. 

There will be a New Moon in Cancer on June 20, 2020, which can tend to help the collective feel a bit calmer, but with the cocktail of aspects explained above so it could have us all on an emotional roller coaster. 

As we continue to think about things that pertain to the heart and the home as Cancer ♋ encourages us to, there are expansive Jupiterian energies lingering as well as transformative Pluto vibes. 

You’ll be longing for security, possibly even feeling sensitive about the lack of security that you might have experienced when you were younger. 

You know how Cancer can get us into our feelings, causing us all to become deeply introspective. 

You’ll feel fiercely protective over yourself, so if anyone in your home is overstepping boundaries, you’re more inclined to make a decision to protect your own heart. 

This expansive and change-inducing energy that’ll flow into the New Moon in Cancer will encourage you to create the home life that you deserve. 

Your home should be your haven, your safe place, your staycation from the outside world. Let your intuition guide you here. 



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New Moon in Cancer - Home and Family are the Focus But With a Catch...

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