Weekly Astro Weather for November 9th - 15th:

Smoother Seas Ahead, But Still a Storm to Weather

Tick, tick, tick… BOOM! This week comes exploding into action from the starting gun! With so much to think about and so little time, get ready to hone your quick fire decision making. 


As Mars turns direct following a period of Retrograde, we can see calmer seas ahead at last. However, we’ve still got to make it out of the storm! Mars Turns Direct in Aries Mars Turns Direct by Astrology.TV


This week and those that follow will have ongoing effects for months to come, so choose wisely. 


The Sun Mercury and the New Moon reside in Scorpio, giving a deeply emotional and intense backdrop to the week. Hidden truths and dark secrets are harder to conceal during this time, and we must be particularly attentive to our intuition. 


With such a powerful cocktail of energies, we can make changes and decisions that will positively impact us for months (or even years) to come! 


Beware a blasé attitude though, as these aspects can also negatively impact us in the long term too. So make thoughtful, informed decisions.


The influence of Scorpio means themes of sexuality, secrets, and traumas may come into focus, providing us with a time to heal before moving on


Be prepared for emotional conflict and inner transformation, knowing we will come out the other side as better people. 


Venus, Mars, and Scorpio are an intense mix when it comes to romance; this energy can make or break our relationships. 


Although it will be a challenge, try to keep a level head and veer away from obsession. Instead, indulge in some sensual experiences with your significant other to make the most of this energy. 


Towards the end of the week, the Sun and Neptune will help dilute some of these powerful feelings. 


With warmonger Mars and powerful and potent Pluto leading the way, we can be sure that age-old themes will come back to haunt us again

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🌚🌚🌚 New Moon in Scorpio ♏♏♏ - Powerful New Beginnings

The New Moon, the period when the Moon is at the start of its cycle and not visible in the night sky, is characterized as a period for optimism and the beginnings of new ideas


On Saturday, November 14, the New Moon in Scorpio opens the doors for emotional growth and transformation. This is a sign of a potent and drastic new beginning, possibly bringing tangible change into our lives


Scorpio is a sign defined by purpose and drive, so the energies of the New Moon, led by Scorpio, is certainly a time for planning ahead


The energies of the Scorpion can be used for dark and light, good and bad; set your intentions and stick to them to manifest only what is right for you. 


It’s tempting to indulge in unhealthy behaviors under the influence of Scorpio, so be cautious of straying too far into indulgent habits


Be particularly cautious with romance during this time. It may be emotionally intense, but the potential for things to turn sour through emotional manipulation or obsessive behavior is high. 


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♂️♂️♂️ Mars turns Direct in Aries ♈♈♈ - Ambition Amps Up

Following a period of Retrograde, when Mars appears to move backward through the sky from the point of view of Earth, on Friday, November 13, Mars turns direct in Aries


Personified as the God of War by the Romans, Mars embodies high action, energy, and stakes, alongside passion and ambition. When taken too far, this can turn to recklessness and all-out war. 


Mars rules Aries, so dynamic energy will be bouncing all over the place, intensifying our emotions and ruling our thoughts. The God of War is emboldened by Aries’ ambition, leadership, and bravery. 


This is a time to march your plans forward with all the conviction of a general leading his troops into battle! However, beware of veering into the territory of impatience and recklessness or becoming too selfish in your thinking


If we can focus on the positive aspects of this transit without falling for the wily charms of the negative aspects, this will be a very productive period for us. 


Find out how Mars turning direct in Aries will affect your sign! ->



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♃♃♃ Jupiter Conjunct Pluto ♇♇♇ - Transformation & Expansion

Thursday, November 12, will be the third time this year that the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn has become exact.  The first time in this cycle was April 4th, 2020 and then again on June 29th, 2020.


This is a rare and mystical conjunction, occurring only every 12-13 years. To add to the rarity of this event, there hasn’t been a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn since 1771


Capricorn represents how things are structured, systems, and status-quo. This conjunction has implications for the wider systems that govern our life... and the potential for a huge shake-up. 


Pluto is connected to transformation; Jupiter casts its focus on expansion. Nothing looks the same after a transformative period as it did at the beginning. Freedom and opportunity lie on the other side of this abyss, and we must get there together. 


While there may be upheaval on a wider scale, on a personal scale this transit is said to be very lucky. Prosperity and peace lie in wait, even if seas seem tumultuous now. 


Find out how the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will affect your sign! ->


☿️☿️☿️ Mercury in Scorpio ♏♏♏ - Secrets from the Shadows


Compared to the lightheartedness of Libra, Mercury in Scorpio is darker and more mysterious energy. On Tuesday, November 10, Mercury moves into Scorpio and the themes of our everyday life are turned on their head. 


Our resourcefulness will be tested to the limit, as will the moral and ethical beliefs we apply to ourselves. 


Rather than focusing our decisions and ideas on improving the wider world, we make decisions based on selfish desires - although not without thinking them through first. 


We choose our paths consciously, even if it is not the lightest path. We are aware of what we are doing and have fully researched our decisions


The energy of Scorpio can be dark and dangerous, and we may find that our tongues cut sharper than usual. 


The energy of Mercury in Scorpio can be used for good and ill, and our sharp tongues and quick wit can deliver moving, rousing speeches as well as cut deep. 


We are stubborn and convinced of our righteousness, which can be both brilliant and crippling. 


The scorpion in nature is defensive but will attack with its dangerous stinging tail if provoked


Take inspiration from the namesake and use Scorpio’s power to defend your ideas and assets, but remember you have the ability to deliver a real blow if necessary. 


Don’t forget... with great power comes great responsibility. 


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♀️♀️♀️ Venus Opposite Mars ♂️♂️♂️ - A Match Made in Heaven?

On Monday, November 9, Venus will be opposite Mars contrasting her sensual feminine energy with his strong, masculine energies - truly a match made in heaven

The sexual tension between these two could be cut with a spoon and it’s invaded the space between our ears too!

Take some time to woo your romantic partner and see the rewards instantly.

While there’s probably only one person on our mind, we might be scared of coming on too strong and scaring them off. 

Beware too that you may not see eye to eye with your lover in matters other than romance. 

Both of these planets have strong, relationship energy meaning any issues could go two ways; highly charged with sexuality or at a total impasse. 

Be careful of smothering your beloved, and try to keep raging emotions under control or you’ll be making war, not love. 


🌞🌞🌞 Sun trine Neptune ♆♆♆ - A Chilled Out, Arty Kinda Vibe

The Sun trine Neptune transit on Monday, November 9, introduces a calm and artistic vibe to this week of intensity. 


Today is all about getting into the flow of the Universe and letting creative energy wash over us to clean away all our cobwebs. 


With so much focus in our world on money and material possessions, remember the pursuits that are most important to us don’t need to be the most profitable. 


We seek soul connections with others, whether romantic or platonic. 


Our intuition and empathic abilities are heightened and we find it easier to understand those who surround us. 


This is the perfect time to demonstrate how a small gesture of kindness can change someone's day completely. 


It’s also the perfect time to patronize the arts by buying a painting from an artist’s website, purchasing an album from a musician online, or watching a virtual performing arts act. 


Let yourself go with the flow and enjoy the wonderful journey the Universe can take you on. 


🌞🌞🌞 Sun sextile Pluto ♇♇♇ - The Road to Success Is Ahead

We’ve been quietly making plans recently and now on Saturday, November 14, the Sun sextile Pluto transit means we can finally start taking the first steps of transformation.


We feel a sense of clarity around our ideas and can see the road we need to take for success.  


Maybe you’ve had a project on the go for a while that’s run out of fuel or been placed on the back-burner; now is the time to get it going again


If you’re at a loose end, opportunities to focus your personal power will make themselves known - be open to receiving during this time. 


This is a chance to apply yourself on a planetary and cosmic level, as part of a personal and spiritual experience


We are razor sharp and highly perceptive, so it’s no use to try and fool ourselves or each other. 


There may be some unlikely realizations as a result of this transit, so keep your intuition about you even while you’re working hard


🌞🌞🌞 Sun sextile Jupiter ♃♃♃ - Big Pictures, Good Fortunes

Get in there quick, because also on Saturday, November 14, the Sun sextile Jupiter transit promises good fortune, but only for a brief time!


Positive outlooks, newfound confidence, a sense that ‘it will all be alright’ - it might be short lasting, but it’s what we need right now. 


Keep one eye on the big picture because as more opportunities open themselves up to you, it becomes harder to see where they lead. 


Use your confidence and good feeling to improve social connections and bring life to the party. 


The time you invest now will pay off in a big way in the future, so channel that lucky energy into a project you believe in. 


This is also a wonderful time to give generously to those in need or to charity; after all, the acts of kindness you commit now will come back around in the future. 


If you’re a little short on cash, the most valuable thing you can give is your time - getting stuck into a community project could lead to all kinds of positive outcomes!


♀️♀️♀️ Venus square Pluto ♇♇♇ - Suspicious Minds

On Sunday, November 15, the Venus square Pluto transit brings feelings we’d thought we’d forgotten back to the surface. 


A sense of deja vu follows us throughout the day, impeding our focus and bringing old memories into focus. 


Doubts and pains we thought were long buried bring unfounded suspicion into our lives and we struggle to trust those who surround us. 


Baseless fears follow us around, from distrust of our friends, coworkers and lovers, to a sense of foreboding that we just can’t seem to shake


To overcome the negative energies we feel, it’s important to analyze where they’re coming from. 


To move forward, we need to move on from the past. Focus your efforts today on understanding and releasing past traumas. 


Listen to the voice that tells you to hold back rather than push forward.


♀️♀️♀️ Venus square Jupiter ♃♃♃  - The Temptation to Indulge

Discipline is at an all time low on Sunday, November 15, as the Venus square Jupiter transit tempts us to overindulge. 


Sticking to a diet or following a routine is unusually difficult with a strong tendency to indulge in what’s bad for us.


When we just want to have a good time, knowing that we must be responsible in our indulgences just seems like a drag.


However, it’s crucially important to listen to the voice of reason and know that we can’t have everything all the time. 


While sometimes a healthy dose of self-care is exactly what’s needed, we must resist the urge to give in to insatiable cravings. 


There’s no point denying it - sometimes tough love is exactly what’s needed.


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Powerful, Potent and Passionate New Beginnings with the New Moon in Scorpio

New Moons are always a cosmic opportunity for a new beginning! In Scorpio, certain secrets come to light that affect events over the next few months. This can be intense on an emotional level - can you be kind to yourself and perhaps let go of something that no longer serves you? It's an excellent time to release reawaken and transform. Find out more with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox.









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  • ★★★★★
    Insightful, and engaging. The information has been extremely useful to me. Thank you for helping.Cached
    Christa P
  • ★★★★★
    Hi there! I am thoroughly enjoying receiving your horoscopes and informative information on how the planets are affecting our everyday lives. To say this year has been so unpredictable is an understatement, but when you explain how the planets are ‘behaving’, it makes much more sense to me. I have known about the spirit world from being a small child and am in fact a registered healer working in my local church helping and teaching as many people as I can. I feel very much the different energies in people who are unknown to me and can sum them up, usually with uncanny accuracy. A gift from God that I cherish and will never abuse.... if I do, I know it will be taken away from me. Thank you again for your insights and please keep them coming. Sending lots of hugs 🤗🤗🤗🤗 to you and yours. 💜💞💜Cached
    Valerie O
  • ★★★★★
    You have gotten me through my worst days.....Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Love your work. I don't understand it all but i want to learn. You are an incredible teacher. Thank you!Cached
    Laura D
  • ★★★★★
    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
    Shama M
  • ★★★★★
    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
    Shama M
  • ★★★★★
    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
    Shama M
  • ★★★★★
    I love the information Kelli shares and makes it easy to understand.Cached
    Chris C
  • ★★★★★
    It’s spot on!!! Thank youCached
  • ★★★★
    I love your work!Cached
    Tim W
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