Weekly Astro Weather for November 23rd - 29th:

Clear, Concise, Creative

This week we can expect things to go relatively smoothly in our personal and business lives, with a sprinkle of mysticism and philosophy to liven things up. 


The biggest astrological news this week is that Neptune turns direct in the sign of Pisces. Neptune in Pisces by Astrology.TV


Having been retrograde for several months, we can expect a shift in our consciousness from inside to outside. 


Taking the lessons we’ve learned about ourselves over the last few tumultuous months, we can now apply them to the wider world. 


We may have been hurt or betrayed and had to learn how to deal with negative emotions. Or we may have journeyed deep into our souls and now feel better prepared to understand others. 


Residing in the sign of Pisces, for which Neptune is the ruling planet, we can expect heightened intuition and insight during this time. 


We feel gentle and understanding, and want to connect with those around us. 


During the Mercury-Neptune trine this week, we can expect to feel intuitive and even psychic when it comes to our decision making. Our minds are like sponges and we have the understanding to move forward. 


This aids our creative sides, as we feel compelled to create, create, create this week. 


Whether bringing our own visions to life or experiencing those of someone else, the desire to engage with creative and like-minded people is strong. 


With Mercury also interacting with Jupiter and Pluto, as well as Neptune, we can expect to have big ideas and brilliant concepts for the first time in a while. 


This will give us the grounding we need to take firm and lasting steps forward. 


In our romantic lives, there may be a sense of tension building, influenced by Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus


We may have a wake-up call or a surprise in store which could push us together or tear us apart. 

Try to stay calm and communicate openly and freely with your significant other to work through any upsets. 


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🌝🌝🌝 Are you ready for the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Twins on Monday, November 30

The Twins are known for social butterfly energy, parties, fun conversations, and playfulness. 

During an eclipse, it’s as if the Universe pushes the accelerate button on the energy and we come to a place of disarray. 

But...it’s a great time to focus on self-empowerment instead.

Because eclipses are also Full Moons, they are a time of culmination

And this one will be powerful because it is an eclipse. It is a window of opportunity.

The Universe will open doors for you. But... it is up to YOU to walk through them.

And that requires taking action.

So I wanted to give you an early gift for the end of this year, and something that's going to help you hit whatever target you're aiming for next year.


Throughout our industry, there's a gentleman named Michael Bernoff who has helped many people for decades to take action in their lives. 


He has been offering a very specific complementary program called Call2Action


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♆♆♆ Neptune Turns Direct In Pisces ♓♓♓ - People and the Planet


In astrology, Neptune is a planet of mysticism and spirituality, guiding our ideas about the world and ourselves. 


While this can mean times of great insight and compassion, there is also confusion, guilt, and doubt in the air.


For the last few months, Neptune has been in retrograde - meaning from the point of view of Earth, it appears to move backward through the sky. 


Since Neptune is turning direct in the sign of the Fish on Saturday, November 28, our focus moves from our internal world to the one around us


This is a time to apply what we have learned about ourselves to the wider world


Since March 2011 until March 2025, Neptune is residing in the sign of Pisces, which it also rules over. 


Characterized by empathy and compassion, we have learned much about ourselves over the last few months in ways we never could have expected


Now, as the world continues to spin, we must consider how we move forward as a people and a planet together, creating unity. 


Find out how Neptune turning direct in Pisces will affect your Zodiac sign ->


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♊♊♊ Gemini Lunar Eclipse Approaching 🌕🌕🌕  - Seeking The Spiritual

Despite the grand name, a Lunar Eclipse is a common astrological event, occurring at least twice a year! 


As they are a type of Full Moon, they carry the same implications as the traditional Full Moon does but with added emotional intensity. 


Both a beginning and an ending, the Lunar Eclipse is a time for introspection as well as extrospection. 


What have we achieved? Where are we going? These are the questions we must ask of ourselves. 


The upcoming 🌕🌕🌕 Lunar Eclipse next Monday, November 30, will fall under the sign of Gemini


Gemini is typically excitable energy, jumping from one thing to the next. The effect of the Lunar Eclipse is to still this side of the sign and bring focus to our lives


As with a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon lie opposing one another. This tension between the iconic couple in the skies can be felt in our lives too


While the Moon is in Gemini, the Sun is in Sagittarius, bringing the influence of both signs


This means any event experienced related to the Lunar Eclipse should be considered both in terms of how it came to be and what to do next


Find out how the approaching Lunar Eclipse will affect your Sun sign ->



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☿️☿️☿️ Mercury Trine Neptune ♆♆♆ - Communication Flows To & From Us ☎️☎️☎️

Let your mind roam wild on Monday, November 23, as Mercury forms a trine aspect to Neptune. This shift in energy will ensure we are communicating with ourselves and others on a higher plane. 


We might find ourselves at a loss for words, but we don’t need words to make ourselves understood. Vibes WILL be felt.


Around us, we will find our tribe in our friends and family. Our souls are doing the talking and we want everyone to feel the love in our hearts. 


During this aspect, our minds are not confined to the physical world and the veil feels thin


Meditating is an intensely spiritual experience during this time. Make some time to feel gratitude and love for what surrounds us. 


This is a wonderful time to offer a listening ear or shoulder to cry on to someone in need. Actions speak louder than words, after all.


If we feel the urge to create today, we need to dive right in! Get drawn into a creative project that fills your soul with joy and watch the results grow. 


☿️☿️☿️ Mercury Sextile Pluto ♇♇♇ - Super Sleuths 🔍🔍🔍


We are eagle-eyed detectives in plain clothes under this energy! We are thrilled by mysteries during this aspect and no clue will escape our razor-sharp eye for detail.


Even the smallest of gestures and the quietest of whispers will make it back to us. The thing is, sometimes we don’t like what we find. 


The thrill is in the chase, but when we reach the conclusion, we might find ourselves feeling disappointed and let down.  While we may be sniffing out clues left, right, and center, we must be cautious of what our findings may unleash. 


Convinced of our opinions and unswayed by the viewpoints of others, we may be inclined to dig our heels in when really we should go with the flow. 


As long as our intentions and motivations are pure, we can use our eagle-eyed tendencies to move along our own agendas today


And remember - be careful what you wish for because you just might get it! 


Venus Opposite Uranus - Anything But The Grind 😲😲😲

Work is boring, school is unbearable, and the daily grind is just unthinkable today with Venus opposite Uranus on Friday, November 27.


We were born to do more than just go to work and pay taxes. And today serves as a stark reminder of this. 


We want to feel special and unique under this transit, and become restless and bored quite easily. The trouble is... if everyone is special then no-one is!


When we all feel this way, it may become a race to the bottom in the shock and awe department.


Rather than launching into ill-planned ideas and fighting to be the center of attention, we need to think before we act today.


The realm of romance is no easier, and we may find ourselves attracted to someone completely different from our usual type. 


If we’re free to, there’s no harm in a little indulgence - but beware of the feelings of others before making a move. 


In short, restraint is practically non-existent today. Oh, and don’t take your credit card with you - we don’t need to be impulse buying as well!


☿️☿️☿️ Mercury Sextile Jupiter ♃♃♃ - Details and Big Picture 📍📍📍

It’s like our brains have woken up refreshed and ready to go with Mercury sextile Jupiter on Saturday, November 28! 


We finally reign supreme over mental challenges we have been unable to conquer previously.


Our minds are open to new ideas, and we have the brainpower to critically process new information.


We feel academic and philosophical under this transit and can put this to good use. Studying will feel natural and come easily during this time - good news for students!


We are the life of the party, and our social lives are thriving. Our quick wit and charm make us new friends. 


Optimistic, cheerful, warm, and engaging, we are at our mental peaks today. Take this energy to the next level by using positive thinking and channeling good vibes. 


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    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
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  • ★★★★★
    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
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