Weekly Astro Weather for November 16th - 22nd:

Reflect and Resolve, Don’t Run and Hide

It’s up, down, left, and right this week as we go on a tumultuous ride. It may be overwhelming for our mental health at times as we struggle to see through the fog, yet blindingly clear at others.


The Sun moving into Sagittarius on Saturday, November 21 brings a free-spirited, adventurous vibe to an otherwise somewhat difficult week; we’ll need this to remind ourselves of the wonderful things in life!

Sun in Sagittarius by Astrology.TV

Venus is still hanging around and casting her enticing yet dramatic spell on our lives. 


Especially as Venus will be residing in Scorpio, emotions reign supreme and sometimes we may find ourselves drowning in the intensity


Despite this, she reminds us we are the answer to our problems if we take responsibility. 


Love and money continue to swirl around from person to person - the question is, who will it end with?


Venus and Jupiter square up to create excessive dramatics in our personal lives, making it hard to take a deep breath and wipe the tears away. 


Whether we are overcome with love or deeply heartbroken, neither should blind us. 


Venus and Pluto, on the other hand, create an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere. We ask difficult questions of ourselves and others, yet sometimes the hardest part is hearing the answer


Rather than wallowing in self-pity, be kind to yourself and remind yourself that you don't need outside validation. 


At the end of the week, our mental health really comes into focus as we are forced to deal with difficult feelings. Don’t run and hide, but reflect and resolve

If you are really struggling, reach out and ask for help. Remember, we are not alone and help is always at hand when we need it. 

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🤠🤠🤠 Ready for adventure?

With the Sun’s move into the sign of the Archer on Saturday, November 21, it’s time for freedom, fun, travel, and the great outdoors.

Even if you can’t travel to the other side of the planet, you can get refreshed and rejuvenated by a nice hike in a local park. 

It’s an extremely welcome energy shift after all of the intensity of Scorpion Season. 

You might feel burnt-out, worn-down, and drained after the last month. 

And who could blame you?

So much is happening, it can literally take hours each day trying to keep up with everything that is going on.

The entire year of 2020 has been filled with massive chaos, challenges, and overwhelm.

It has been a year that’s felt frustrating and intense for pretty much everyone on our planet.

Yet, you’re still here... 

You’ve made it. You’ve weathered the Scorpion storm of secrecy…

→ Your personal numerology reading just might explain why

Numerology can give you deep and powerful insights into how you can best tap your inner resources and resilience.

This will empower you to make a fresh start as the Sun moves into the sign of the Archer.

The aspects right now are perfect for making a fresh start with more freedom, adventure, and fun in your life.

Leverage this potent and playful energy.

But how do you best leverage this energy to receive the Universal gifts waiting for you with this shift into the sign of the Archer?

You must first understand your own personal numerology…

And how it interacts with the energetic changes we’re experiencing with this shift out of secretive Scorpion energy and into freedom-loving Archer energy?

My friends at Numerologist.com have prepared a special reading to help you do just that.

It will give you deep insights into who you are - including your inner superpowers. 

And it will help you become more empowered during this opportunity to start anew on a path of total freedom and fun...

→ Get your zero-cost Video Numerology Report here.Sagittarius and Numerology by Astrology.TV

If you are like everyone else I know, I bet you can use some extra guidance right now. 

And this is the perfect time to start moving in a new direction that gives you the life of freedom that you crave (and deserve).

You are being called to commit to what you really want, not settle for anything less, and put every bit of your will and energy into making it real

The Universe is waiting to bring into reality the life of freedom you are destined to have…

Should you choose to accept this invitation from the Universe, you’ll be empowered to make the specific changes you need to during the Sun’s powerful shift into the sign of the Archer.

→ It’s all revealed by your numbers… 


So go get your personalized numerology reading...


→ Your Numerology reading awaits… 

🌞🌞🌞 Sun in Sagittarius ♐♐♐ - The Adventurer Within

On Saturday, November 21, the Sun moves in Sagittarius. The Sun represents our life force and ego, and when it moves into a sign, the typical traits of the sign become more important in our lives. 


Sagittarius is a boundary-breaking, free-living energy that seeks travel and adventure. We’re in the mood for new experiences and mind-opening journeys, which can make it pretty hard to focus on the day-to-day!


Whether we are looking for an adventure into the wilderness or an inner journey that takes us further towards spiritual enlightenment, we are raring to go. 


If we’re in a job we’re bored of or feel like we are in a static place in our lives, this can create feelings of restlessness and boredom which are hard to move past. 


We don’t care about the routines of daily life. We just want to go on solo camping trips to the unknown! 


Fortunately, Sagittarius’ energy is great for looking at the big picture. We want to get out there and change the world, and now is the time to dream up the biggest plan you can. 


By looking at what is best for everyone, we can come up with solutions we may not have thought possible. The inner optimist in us knows we can go anywhere and do anything - we just have to believe it!


Long term problems will find resolutions by thinking outside of the box, and by believing in the power of communication we can find win-win situations. There might be a focus on justice and fairness, whether in legal or personal situations. 


Expect positive changes in the energy surrounding you and the rest of the world, but be careful not to get caught up in idealistic daydreams!


Find out how the Sun in Sagittarius will affect your sign! ->


For Individualized Guidance During This Challenging Time, I Have a Gift for You… It’s a Free Forecast That Will Always Empower You, But Especially Right Now.



♀️♀️♀️ Venus in Scorpio ♏♏♏ - We’re Sexy And We Know It!

Where we were previously subject to the soft romantic whims of Venus in Libra, we now find ourselves plunged headlong into the passions of Venus in Scorpio on Saturday, November 21


A combination of the Divine Feminine energy of Venus, the alluring High Priestess of the planets, and the intensity of Scorpio is a passionate mix!


This can be a time of powerful body positivity, a bold assertion of our existence as sensual beings. We find ourselves brimming to overflow with confidence and a flirtatious, dangerous attitude. 


While there is a tragic beauty about intense and passionate love, there is also an element of the Scorpion and Venus in everyday love, and love that stands in the face of potential heartbreak. 


However, if we dive too deep, we will find that there is a dark side to this powerful energy


It can quickly become jealous and spiteful, valuing emotion over logic. Whether committed to someone else or dipping into the dating pool, love is certainly in the air. 


This transit isn’t just about love - it’s also about money and assets. During this time we may find that we are motivated by money more so than usual, as well as by power and influence


This can be a very productive time, particularly if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed. The risks you take will pay off if you can be brave enough to take the leap!


Find out how Venus in Scorpio affects your sign! ->



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☿️☿️☿️ Mercury Opposite Uranus ♅♅♅ - A Smothering Mind Abyss

On Tuesday, November 17, as Mercury opposes Uranus, It’s just one of those days where we can’t seem to focus. 


Brainstorming weird and wacky ideas or struggling to find the right words to say, we are challenged to get ourselves in order at all. 


There’s static over the communication lines and we might find ourselves digging holes we don’t mean to dig - and then really struggling to get out of them!


It’s a case of acting and speaking without thinking as our brains are in overdrive, so be forgiving when others do the same to you. 


Some of those who surround us might be deliberately inflammatory, using shock and awe to get a response.


While it might be tempting to play Devil’s advocate, remember how short your patience would be if someone did the same to you today!


If you’re feeling tired and lethargic, be aware that everyone surrounding you probably is too. 


Schedule in some short breaks throughout the day to take stock and get in the zone


Even though it might seem counterintuitive, slowing down will help you get more done today than if you try to rush!


🌞🌞🌞 Sun Sextile Saturn ♄♄♄ - Buckle Up, Buttercup!

We all know how dispiriting it can be when you work hard and don’t see the results. Thankfully, Wednesday, November 18 won’t be like that!


With the Sun sextile Saturn transit moving overhead, we can start to see the rewards for all the hard work we’ve done. 


Whether in business or wider life, the signs that the seeds we planted are sprouting are all around us


After Tuesday's chaotic mental processing times, on Wednesday we will feel like we are limitless, working at our full potential. 


In this state of mind, we can have a mental spring clean and throw out the processes that don’t work for us. 


We can plan for the future and foresee challenges and problems before they happen. 


Buckle up, buttercup, and get stuck in - today is a day where we can make meaningful change for our future selves. 


Decisions made regarding our careers today can pay dividends in the future. 


Be sure to follow a sensible plan and plot out your next moves - creating an actionable plan we will stick to is far better than lofty yet unachievable goals


We are razor-sharp today, so be sure to make the most of it!


♀️♀️♀️ Venus Square Saturn ♄♄♄ - Ask For Help If You Need It

The clouds are rolling in on Thursday, November 19, as Venus forms a square aspect to Saturn creating a difficult to manage romantic state. 


After two days of our emotions rollercoastering up and down, it’s no surprise we feel worn out.


All the color seems to have faded from our world view, and it’s hard to imagine that it will ever end. 


Most importantly, if you struggle with your mental health, don’t be afraid to reach out today. Somber feelings of loneliness and sadness threaten to overwhelm us and we can’t seem to shake it. 


Relationships become rocky and it feels like we’re grasping at straws. 


It might be tempting to lash out at our loved ones and friends as a result of how we feel inside. When we feel like this, we want to push people away when really we should draw them in. 


Be kind and empathetic to those around you and know that you are not alone. Take some time to be grateful for what you have and remind yourself of all the wonderful things in your life. 


Finding a healthy outlet for these emotions is how we grow as people so don’t be afraid to find a quiet space and reflect. 


Poetry, art, and music are all wonderful forms of personal therapy; we need to bring what we feel on the inside to the outside so we can move on. 


By focusing on getting your finances in order instead of staying in a depressed funk, you’ll have a much more productive day.


If you are a Scorpio or Sagittarius, I have a special birthday gift for you - a free Solar Return Birthday Forecast! It will give you give insights into the energy the planets have planned for you.




Be sure to check:








Love: All or Nothing with The Sun and Venus Changing Signs. Find Out What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Energy shifts are in the air this week as the Sun and Venus change signs. Can you feel it? As the Sun shifts into sunny, positive Sagittarius while the Venus ingress into Scorpio reflects intensity and depth in relationships. You'll need to find some kind of balance when it comes to freedom and togetherness. It's not impossible but it will be about finding compromise. Learn more on how to make the most of these cosmic influences with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox.









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Wishing you all the very best during these challenging times.


PS: Here is what other people are saying about me and my work...

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    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
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  • ★★★★★
    I am quite new. But I simply love your videos and the way you explain and express about each sign. I look forward to reading all that you put out there.Cached
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