Sun in Aquarius: Tremendous Energy for the New and Different

Sun: Aquarius

Every year, the Sun spends about one month moving through each zodiac sign. In astrology, we call these movements Sun transits. If you’re born when the Sun is transiting a particular sign, that’s your Sun sign – e.g., if you’re born when the Sun is transiting Aquarius, you’ll have an Aquarius Sun sign. For all of us, however, the regular solar transits each year also shift our attention from the energies of one zodiac sign to the next. 

When the Sun transits Aquarius, the things ruled by or associated with the sign Aquarius start to become more significant and important. We associate Aquarius with freedom, individuality, intellect, humanitarian values and independence. Aquarian energy is rebellious and slightly emotionally aloof – it urges us to do as we see fit, rather than fitting into society’s little boxes.
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Your Sun in Aquarius Horoscope


Sun in Aquarius for an Aries (Aries dates: March 20 – April 19)

For you, Aries, the humanitarian influence of this transit is key. This is a period for getting involved in group efforts, charitable events, local community issues or even politics on a wider stage. You want to make a difference now, but make intelligent choices about how you spend your time. Try to safeguard your personal relationships too, so that loved ones don’t feel left out.

Sun in Aquarius for a Taurus (Taurus dates: April 20 – May 20)

For Taurus, Sun in Aquarius is a very career-focused vibe. If Aquarius wants to spread wisdom through knowledge, then this the perfect time to undergo further training at work, or to shoot for a promotion that would make your voice more frequently heard. It’s an ambitious period, but your ambition is tinged with a desire to help humanity, so think about whether your current career is truly the one for you.

Sun in Aquarius for a Gemini (Gemini dates: May 21 – June 20)

Your restless streak is fired up when the Sun is in your fellow Air sign Aquarius. Expect ideas to come thick and fast, Gemini, but you may not have the staying power or the patience to follow anyone of them through. A change of scenery will help to focus your mind, especially if you can travel or mix with other cultures. This energy is about expanding your mind so that you can, in turn, educate others.

Sun in Aquarius for a Cancer (Cancer dates: June 21 – July 21)

The unemotional Sun in Aquarius transit helps you to deal with some very complex issues, Cancer. Past emotional trauma can be usefully dealt with now, as you’ll feel slightly detached from the hurt of it all. It’s a good time to forgive others or to abandon a desire for revenge. Your wisdom is growing as you learn more and more about your personal boundaries and your moral standing.

Sun in Aquarius for a Leo (Leo dates: July 22 – August 21)

The Sun in Aquarius transit highlights your love zone, Leo, so personal relationships will be high on your agenda for this coming few weeks. However, Aquarius energy is detached and rather cool, so don’t be surprised if you don’t quite feel your normal flamboyant self. This is a good period for rationally discussing issues which are holding your relationship back. Be cool, calm, and logical about it.

Sun in Aquarius for a Virgo (Virgo dates: August 22 – September 21)

The Sun in Aquarius transit teaches you that you can’t help the world until you’ve helped yourself, Virgo. That means getting enough rest and taking care of your physical and mental health now. Attend counseling or therapy sessions if you think you would benefit, because this objective, rational energy is good for getting to the heart of the things that are bothering you.

Sun in Aquarius for a Libra (Libra dates: September 22 – October 22)

This transit fires up your imagination, Libra. If you like art, crafts, dance, music, or any other kind of creative expression, you could use it now to make a point about issues that are close to your heart. This is also a good period for taking some risks. Think things through carefully, but calculated risks are good for your mind during this transit. Explore your potential.

Sun in Aquarius for a Scorpio (Scorpio dates: October 23 – November 21)

Deeply emotional family issues may surface for you, Scorpio during the Sun in Aquarius transit. However, with this detached and objective energy, you should be able to draw a line under past hurt and to move forward more positively. On a practical note, this is an excellent time for buying or selling a home, or for renovating or redecorating your current environment.

Sun in Aquarius for a Sagittarius (Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 20)

Principles, morals and philosophy are all high in your thoughts during the Sun in Aquarius transit, Sagittarius. The intellectual vibe suits you down to the ground and you’ll enjoy gaining wisdom through education of any kind. This transit also highlights your communication skills, so take the lead in getting an important message across. You know just what to say, and when and how to say it.

Sun in Aquarius for a Capricorn (Capricorn dates: December 21 – January 18)

This transit activates your financial zone, Capricorn, and in one sense it’s good for objective financial planning and for making sure you’re getting a good deal. On a deeper level, however, the Sun in Aquarius transit is teaching you the value of less tangible things. A crisis with money may show you that other blessings are far more important than materialism.

Sun in Aquarius for an Aquarius (Aquarius dates: January 19 – February 17)

With the Sun now in your own sign, you can step into your true power, Aquarius. During this period, take the lead and get your ideas out into the community. You are way ahead of your time, but there are nuggets of genius in what you have to say and for once, you have a receptive audience. Showcase your visionary abilities now and be prepared to show us the path ahead.

Sun in Aquarius for a Pisces (Pisces dates: February 18 – March 19)

For you, Pisces, the Sun’s transit through Aquarius highlights a very spiritual time of year. Seek wisdom within instead of via education or learning – meditation can teach you a great deal now, as can dream interpretation or paying attention to signs, symbols and synchronicity. Don’t be afraid to strike out on your own spiritual path, even if others are cynical or disapproving.